50,000 Expected to Die?

February 1, 2018

…why is the government hiding the solutions we need this flu season? Action Alert!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that 50,000 Americans will die by the end of this flu season. Note that this is an inflated figure, since the CDC is likely including deaths from pneumonia–even though many people get pneumonia without the flu. Taking acid blockers, for instance, is known to increase the risk of developing pneumonia by as much as 30%. Nonetheless, the elderly and children will suffer the worst consequences of the flu pandemic. Thirty-seven children have already died.

Health authorities have identified a number of unique characteristics of this flu season: it’s hitting everywhere at once; it’s persistent, as opposed to peaking quickly; and it’s affecting a broader range of older Americans than in the past, including younger baby boomers aged 50-65. Experts are comparing it to the 2014-2015 flu season, which caused 710,000 hospitalizations and 56,000 deaths.

Despite the fact that this year’s flu vaccine is only 10 to 30% effective, health officials are still pushing the vaccine as the best way to protect children. But flu vaccines in general aren’t all that effective. The Cochrane group, one of the world’s most respected analysts on medical interventions, found that, when a flu vaccine at least partially matches the circulating virus, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid one case of flu.

When faced with the reality that flu vaccines generally aren’t all that effective at preventing the flu, the medical establishment has a common refrain: Some protection is better than no protection.

Then there are the drugs used to treat the flu once contracted. At best, these drugs reduce the duration of the illness by one day, and come with a significant range of side effects. Tamiflu, one of the most popular, can cause hallucinations, delirium, and self-injury. Tamiflu was linked to twelve pediatric deaths in Japan, although the FDA claims that the evidence wasn’t conclusive as to whether Tamiflu was the cause.

In the midst of a flu pandemic, you’d think the government would want to get the word out about cheap, safe, natural, and effective medicines that can help people prevent or treat the flu—things like vitamin D, intravenous vitamin C, liposomal vitamin Cvitamin A, or garlic, all of which exhibit strong antiviral properties. The problem is that these medicines are cheap and natural. They can’t be patented, and therefore no company can afford to pay as much as $2.56 billion to take them through the FDA’s drug approval process.  Hence, they can’t make claims to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent the flu or any other disease—even if we know they do. Why does this happen?

The simple answer is money. Natural medicines can’t make money for drug companies, and drug companies fund the FDA. So, naturally, the CDC and the FDA stay silent.
When the White House doctor reported on the state of President Trump’s health, he said that the president was up to date on all his vaccinations, including the seasonal flu shot. Yet in a 2015 radio interview, Trump said he had never had a flu shot and didn’t like the idea of “injecting bad stuff” into his body. What is the truth? Were government health officials able to browbeat even the president into getting an ineffective flu shot?

It is a sorry state of affairs for medicine that people are getting sick and dying and the government is mum about treatment options that could help.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and the CDC, asking them why they aren’t telling Americans about cheap, safe natural medicines that could help in a flu pandemic. Please send your message immediately.

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40 responses to “50,000 Expected to Die?”

  1. Elevenarrows says:

    It would be a nice start for ill people to stay home! I’ve seen so many people hacking and coughing and sneezing their way around town. At the very least, cover your mouth.

    • madihwa says:

      I agree–about the staying at home. I’m 74 and I rarely go out. Well, the reason is because at the moment I don’t have a car. My husband does but I don’t like his driving. Soon I’m buying one. The reason I stay home is because I have so many hobbies. But, since I stay home all the time, I don’t catch things like a cold or the flu.

  2. d-dectiri says:

    …so the doc dodged and opined that ‘up to date’ comment on something that is not a ‘requirement’ as opposed to saying what ol Trump has openly designated as his orders… guess which one is credible in facing the hostile media…. don’t suppose the doc wins..

  3. d-dectiri says:

    According to Mercola’s digging, the deaths are really from sepsis, and the hospitals are ignoring, or have been stifled in adopting the Marik protocol of doing an IV of C, hydrocortisone and thiamin, which would drop the 50,000 down to a tenth of that when adopted at the recognition of sepsis, or septic shock… well confirmed at Eastern Virginia Medical School hospital…
    All those deaths are on CDC/FDA heads….. those heads should roll…. if the head of the CDC was forced to resign because of her failure to divest herself of conflict of interest investments, surely the heads of the vax overseers should roll as well… agreed?

    • Sam says:

      Dr. Marik’s treatment was amazing. I think it was 150 out of 150 except a couple with underlying diseases, that were cured. Dr. Thomas Levy has some fascinating videos and book about treating various pathological issues with IVC and liposomal C. Dr. Klenner’s work was also amazing. He was one of the pioneers deceased ago.
      If you refer to Gerberding, yes, her head should roll too. I would love to “vaccinate” her.
      Better yet, all of the complicit swamp dwellers should be given a good dose of Flakka.

    • Carol Early says:

      Totally agree! Thanks for posting.

    • Laurie Bluth says:

      Hear, hear! Another natural preventive measure is nasal use of hydrogen peroxide. I’m 72 and haven’t had a flue episode for 40 years, even though I have worked around ill patients/clients for most of those years.

  4. srollner says:

    I agree with eleven arrows. Too many people go to work, go shopping, and go to restaurants when they are dead sick! You hear horrible hacking, coughing, sneezing, the works. And when you live in a metro area or heavily populated area matters are made worse. If sick people are going to go to work and elect to go out, then perhaps the healthy people should stay home to avoid the flu. The least sick people could do is wear a mask. That is a very simple and helpful solution. I had the flu shot this year and still came down with the flu. I had to take Tamiflu to help, and regardless of anyone’s opinion in this article, Tamiflu DID help! In fact it shut down the cough within 24 hours. However, I stayed home the duration of this so not to make other people sick. I really don’t care if Trump got the flu shot or not. And the flu is not a partisan disease. So it has nothing to do with politics.

    • kyhamoge . says:

      Raw organic garlic cloves (Allicin) are the most effective remedy for the flu. Nature’s most potent antibiotic, it will start to work within hours, and knockout most flu symptoms within 24 hours. Cheap, effective, and no adverse side affects!

      • Do you just eat raw garlic? Wouldn’t they prove extremely difficult for someone with flu? What’s the bet way?

        • doubt4u says:

          Garlic “tea”, mush a couple of cloves in the cup and add hot water.
          It’s a tough stuff but no cures are easy.

        • dopfa says:

          I chop the garlic clove into little pieces, put it in a spoon, and swallow it with lots of water like a bunch of teeny pills. No chewing. Easy peezy.

        • kyhamoge . says:

          I posted a long and detailed garlic remedy for the flu – not sure where it went. I have personally used garlic to heal, and have witnessed quick recovery in others using this natural remedy.
          In short, 2-3 garlic cloves from a RAW ORGANIC garlic bulb should be crushed into 2-4 oz. of water, stirred, sit for approx 10 minutes, drink fast, pulp and all, like a “shot” glass. Do not take on an empty stomach…a piece of fruit or something light will help to avoid stomach discomfort or perhaps nausea.

        • madihwa says:

          You can get it in pills.

      • srollner says:

        Definitely will give garlic a try next time! I prefer nature over chemicals anyhow. Thank you for this. I have read how effective garlic can be but never have given it a try.

    • AVoiceOfReason says:

      You went out and got a flu shot and as a result you still got the flu. How can those results give you confidence that there is any value in getting a flu shot to begin with? For all we know, you may have got the flu from the flu shot. Also, masking natural symptoms of the body is not always the smartest course of action.
      Caffeine will make you think you are not tired in the brain while the body may be crying out for lack of rest. Because the caffeine is masking those feelings. It eventually catches up with you.
      I support “freedom of choice” above all. I will never choose a vaccine over natural whole foods, good sleep, sunshine, and water.
      I’m saddened by the amount of faith people place in vaccines given their ridiculously low track record of preventing the flu in spite of the shot. The roulette wheel in a casino gives better odds of success.
      God bless America for freedom of choice. Let freedom ring!

      • srollner says:

        I agree with you. I do not have confidence in the flu shot. My point was I still got the flu. So next year I will be less enthusiastic about getting a flu shot, if at all. I believe all the natural remedies being posted here are definitely worth a try.
        The garlic sounds like a great solution and perhaps I should start building more garlic in to my diet. Though I hope I don’t kill people with the smell of it. I truly believe we have a cure for every disease in the environment — somewhere to be found.
        Also my comment about Tamiflu was that it did work for me. I prefer not to come to rely on chemicals and drugs however.

    • madihwa says:

      My daughter is a doctor and always uses Tamiflu and unequivocally recommends it.

  5. Anna Van Z says:

    This flu is the same one that went through Australia during their previous winter, with the same bad results. It’s an atypical strain, not one included in the current vaccine, so there’s no way the vaccine could approach even 30% effectiveness.
    Additionally, Vaccine manufacturers could have made a vaccine for this particular strain, but then they couldn’t use the A/B vaccines they had already made up – this would mean a huge profit loss. So guess what they decide? Push the useless one, and of course, the government (now indistinguishable from industry) fully cooperates.
    Most everyone I know who had this flu got the flu shot. It is useless. The commenter here who mentioned boosting immune response, vit. C, etc, is right.. We can’t avoid every pathogen in life, but the better we care for ourselves and our immunity, the better off we’ll be.

  6. Sam says:

    The CDC,FDA, Big Pharma and gov’t are beyond corrupt. The 10-30% efficacy quoted in the article here was taken from an article from Today. That article also contained a myriad of other lies. This vaccine is just another shot of toxic crap.
    If you listen to respected natural health Docs like Mercola, Levy, Humphries and Bergman, etc, you will know that your health and wellness are in your own hands. If you take Vit D, Vit C, Vit K2 (MK-7), Magnesium and a few other basics, along with eating good food and drinking good water, your immune system will be ready to do battle. Most peoples’ immune systems are so compromised that an onslaught of a virulent strain of whatever, can knock them off their feet.
    The more I read, the less I eat. I like organic food that does not have any ‘ingredients’.
    You couldn’t inject a vaccine in my dead body!

  7. Margalo says:

    I avoid flu by using Boiron’s Oscillococcinum. If taken when the first symptoms start, it stops both chest and intestinal flu. It has no effect on cold viruses.
    If you start taking it after you have more symptoms, it will reduce them and recovery is much faster.
    I think it is unfortunate that Dr. Mercola and others ignore homeopathic remedies. I still take some herb supplements like Wellness, which is great in stopping colds. I take colloidal silver for bacteria and no longer have any side effects from antibiotics. We are all different, so we should include all the alternate modalities. Homeopathic remedies work better for me, where some herbs that are very effective for others (i.e. oregano oil, grapefruit oil) do not work for me at all. This site and others should be more inclusive.

    • kyhamoge . says:

      Dr. Mercola has acknowledged homeopathic remedies as viable options for many illnesses. He sells essential oils!

      • Lola Harris Terrell says:

        Just to make it clear to folks, essential oils are not homeopathic. Homeopathy is a whole different ballgame. Essential oils are from fruits/plants so would therefore be considered herbal I suppose, not sure. Read about the basics of homeopathy. It can do wonders, but for many issues, one needs a trained homeopath, to guide them as to which ones to use, the strengths, how long, etc.

    • Momof2 says:

      Oscill. is just the remedy Anas Barbariae 200CH, and it’s much cheaper to buy the remedy than the name brand. Just an FYI. 🙂 (And I agree, it’s fabulous for ‘flu. Dr. Mercola does recommend homeopathic treatments too, thankfully.)

    • kyhamoge . says:

      Mercola’s statement regarding homeopathy:
      “Homeopathic remedies, which some skeptics refer to as basically sugar pills, also have their place in medicine, even if their healing powers aren’t fully understood. People have the right to choose their treatment, and doctors (many of whom admit to prescribing placebos to their patients) also retain the right to offer treatments they deem useful, whether it be homeopathy or another remedy.“

  8. Bruce Stewart says:

    I looked at the UCLA hospital website and they are just raving about how great the flu shot is. Even if it is not an exact match they claim it will lessen the severity and/or shorten the duration! What is their agenda? Why are they so determined to vaccinate everyone? I think there is more here than we will ever know.

    • Geraldine Nathan says:

      Bruces Stewart
      Sadly many vaccines contain mercury which is not only poison but can cause
      insanity. Other components of vaccines are also dangerous. Many times
      when people are vaccinated they get the disease they are vaccinated
      against. Long ago people were being vaccinated against smallpox and so
      many got the disease from vaccination that they discontinued the
      vaccinations as being to dangerous.

    • kyhamoge . says:

      Raw organic garlic cloves are the most effective way to combat the flu…nature’s most potent antibiotic!
      The entire vaccine industry is evil in my opinion.

    • jaanko jennings says:

      Revenue is one. The drum beating so that the directive to achieve ‘full herd immunity’ – immunize 100 people that are needed to prevent 1 flu case goal is met. Full herd immunity paradigm ensures maximum profitability.
      That is how the game works.

  9. BarbaraCharis says:

    Many may not agree, but I believe that eating the wrong foods weakens the immune system. I learned the hard way. Went to a coffee shop for a latte made with organic milk. After i drank my 16 ounce drink (no ice); my friend could not drink hers. So, I finished it. Within 2 days I developed a horrendous cough which lasted almost a month. I overwhelmed my immune system with mucous from the dairy. It was as bad as the flu. I was wiped out. If the immune system were strong one’s resistance could prevent the flu. Dr Mercola mentions that one’s Vitamin D level is important, Vitamin C and thiamine. However, the entire B Complex needs to be taken; it works in unison. Also, It is important to eat far more fruits and vegetables than people in this country are eating. I have read that many are only eating 2 or 3 (4 oz) servings daily. People need far more than that. How about 12 – 16 (or more) servings daily. Also, sufficient sleep is ultra important. Lack of sleep is a tremendous stress on the immune system. My daughter just got over the flu; brought on by lack of sleep, lack of sun and some foods she shouldn’t have eaten. After 57 years of honing into nutrition, at 84 my Vit D level is 81, which is better than most women half my age. There are things that people can do to prevent the flu, which are far better than getting a flu vaccine with its noxious and toxic aluminum and mercury, etc.

  10. Alex Torres says:

    Just my own experience… with oregano oil… I prescribe to my patients 2-3 oregano oil drops in orange juice, just at the first symptoms of the flu, every 6-8 hours… and ALL my patients were under control of the symptoms. The oregano oil MUST be 80% carvacrol (Minimum). The orange juice MUST be fresh, not bottled juice.

  11. ddhend says:

    I see some posting about people going to work when they are sick, assuming in a high and mighty way that they do it because they want to. Certainly, this isn’t the case. Many employers demand a doctor’s excuse if you call in sick. Of course these employers don’t offer insurance so if you can’t afford a doctor visit you must go to work. Also if you work at a low wage job or 2 or 3 if you miss work you miss the pay which can cause very unpleasant problems. It’s lose lose all around.

    • ddduke says:

      You make a very good argument for a single payer healthcare system in the US. I moved to France 14 years ago and was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of healthcare available to everyone. At my advanced age I would never consider returning to the US and dealing with outrageously priced prescriptions and procedures, not to mention the sadistic, callous insurers.

    • madihwa says:

      There are even places that will fire you if you miss ONE day of work. My brother retired a few years ago from a place like that. They had this one very good worker whose skills were not easily replaced. He was very ill and had to miss work one day. He was fired! It was a very well known company. It had no union.

  12. ddduke says:

    Fortunately I don’t have to deal with infectious problems these days. Since I discovered nano-catalytic silver hydrosol supplements I have remained infection free for almost two decades. This is not conventional colloidal silver. You might want to look into it.

  13. OhZone says:

    How exactly do they know that the vaccine is effective at all? How many people got the flu from the vaccine? They got the flu plus heavy metal poisoning in their weakened immune systems. Without the vaccine, there would be no flu.
    How can the American people build a healthy immune system when all their food contains poison of one sort or another? They are encouraged to eat junk food that is calorie rich and nutrition poor. Their water is poisoned with fluoride, their air is poisoned with aerosol spraying.

  14. ddduke says:

    Preventing bacterial and viral infection is much easier than curing the infection. The fastest acting virii require at least 48 hours after exposure before symptoms present. If you can disable their replication mechanism before it can become established in the body you will never be aware that you were ever exposed. I use nano-catalytic silver sol supplements for this and it has worked for me for over 17 infection free years. This is not colloidal silver, which is a colloidal suspension. It is rather a nanosilver bonded to the water medium making it a solution. This makes it far more bioavailable than a silver colloid and able to even cross the blood brain barrier and other difficult to reach and treat parts of the body.
    A recent laboratory study of this technology against this year’s epidemic virus, H3N2, found that there was at 2 hours – 68.4% kill or reduction and at 12 hours – 99% kill or reduction of the pathogen.
    There are reports of the new Chinese antibiotic resistant Klebsi Plague that they expect will hit the US this year. It has a huge death rate. They are predicting that nothing can stop it. The nano-catalytic silver hydrosols were tested against the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria in 2013. It completely eradicated the bacteria in under 5 minutes. Pathogens cannot mutate resistance to silver which affects them catalytically, rather than chemically like antibiotics. Over 25 safety studies have found this inert form of silver to be completely non-toxic, and passes totally out of the body over 24 hours. It will also cleanse the bloodstream preventing sepsis, which is what is killing most flu sufferers.
    One would do well to learn of this new technology currently available as a nutritional supplement. Too many people are dying from easily disabled pathogens. Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.

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