Fix Your Toxic Wagon
  • Title: Fix Your Toxic Wagon
  • Author: Tim Reihm
  • Website:
  • Bio: We have a mess on our hands! Our healthcare system, environment and regulatory system are a giant toxic wagon. This podcast looks at how real people are creating practical solutions for these problems— from ANH's Director of Marketing and Communications Tim Reihm, with scientific analysis from Robert Verkerk, PhD, ANH's Scientific Director.

Latest Podcasts

  • Title: I'll Fix Your Toxic Wagon, Episode 3: Dr. Joseph Mercola on Stopping COVID Cold
  • Published Date: 2020-09-10
  • Description:

    Doctor Joseph Mercola, a pioneer and hero of natural health, has a new campaign- Stop Covid Cold, which empowers all of us to ascertain our vulnerabilities to the virus and maximize our resiliency to it. Visit to test your susceptibility and create a plan to minimize your risk.

  • Podcast Entry Link: here
  • Title: I'll Fix Your Toxic Wagon, Episode 2: David Brownstein, MD on medical censorship in the time of COVID
  • Published Date: 2020-08-11
  • Description:

    Dr. Brownstein serves on the frontline of the COVID pandemic. His protocols have shown great clinical success in helping patients bolster immunity against this virus. Yet, despite his documented success our regulatory agencies have prohibited him from discussing his results. We breakdown the reasons and the science in an attempt to find a way back from this toxic wagon.

  • Podcast Entry Link: here
  • Title: I'll Fix Your Toxic Wagon, Episode 1: Gretchen DuBeau on our broken drug approval process
  • Published Date: 2020-06-24
  • Description:

    For as long as folks have been getting sick, which means throughout all of human history, there have been those who tried to develop and sell cures for diseases. That, of course, means that wherever you find disease, you find charlatans, looking to make a buck. To combat the sale of ineffective and sometimes dangerous ointments, elixirs, drugs and straight up quackery, the FDA was created and implemented guidelines for the safety and efficacy of claimed cures, which is a good and practical idea. But today, we have an environment where science is being ignored and even common-sense treatments are being blocked by that agency. In other words, we’ve got a toxic wagon.

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