The Art and Soul of Healing
  • Title: The Art And Soul Of Healing
  • Author: Jeanne Drisko, MD
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  • Bio: Hi! This is Jeanne Drisko, a medical doctor with a different focus. For over 20 years, I was the director of KU Integrative Medicine. I worked with a remarkable team! We helped people heal, we taught students,  and we conducted integrative medicine research. This type of medicine - integrative and functional medicine nutrition therapies - took me all over the world.

Latest Podcasts

  • Title: Leigh Wagner
  • Published Date: 2020-05-14
  • Description:

    Leigh Wagner, RD, PhD is an integrative and functional dietitian with a PhD in dietetics from the University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Dietetics and Nutrition. The focus of Leigh’s research for her dissertation was centered around the G.I. tract and irritable bowel syndrome. Leigh currently has a virtual private practice where she helps clients solve complex health issues using personalized nutrition. She also teaches graduate-level course work on the principles of integrative nutrition. I have worked closely with Leigh over the years and most recently we co-edited with Diana Noland the textbook, Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices. Leigh not only co-edited this textbook but wrote chapters as well!

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  • Title: Brandon Horn
  • Published Date: 2020-04-30
  • Description:

    Dr Brandon Horn is well-regarded in the Los Angeles area where he has been tapped to give lectures at Columbia University UCLA and USC. He also has lectured at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. What I am most thankful for is his recent contribution to The Textbook Integrative and Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapies where he contributed a chapter on reproductive medicine.

    Brandon has had positions at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles as the clinical supervisor and deputy director of the acupuncture program. Brandon was also a professor at Yosan University where he taught reproductive medicine in their doctoral program.

    I’d like to thank Brandon for joining us today and sharing some of his insights and reproductive health. Welcome Brandon!

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  • Title: Sarah Astorga
  • Published Date: 2020-04-16
  • Description:

    Sarah is a medical doctor and graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed a family medicine residency followed by an integrative medicine fellowship. Currently Sarah is practicing integrative medicine at Essentia Health in Duluth Minnesota where she focuses on using food as medicine, stress management, gastrointestinal health, and integrative medicine for the underserved.

    Sarah and her husband Juan are enjoying Minnesota! They have engaged in winter camping, hiking, fat tire biking, and backcountry adventures. She keeps her two cats close by as her personal therapists.

    You may find Sarah at:

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  • Title: Episode 10: Leah Hechtman
  • Published Date: 2020-03-19
  • Description:

    Our guest is Leah Hechtman, a naturopathic physician in private practice in Australia. Leah is an expert in fertility, pregnancy, and reproductive medicine. She is the director of The Natural Health and Fertility Center in Sydney Australia where she has helped thousands of couples conceive often in very difficult situations where they have been told there was no hope left.

    Leah is currently completing her PhD Through the School of Women And Children’s Health at the University of New South Wales. Her research focus is on identifying important ovarian biomarkers in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome and premature ovarian failure.

    Today we will explore with Leah her understanding of the role of environmental toxicity to the infertility epidemic.

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  • Title: Clayton Bell, MD
  • Published Date: 2020-03-05
  • Description:

    Clayton Bell is a medical doctor and family medicine physician with special training and passion in integrative medicine. Currently, Clayton is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Tennessee Medical Center and an integrative medicine physician for the UTMC Cancer Institute. His special training in integrative medicine creates a blend of the best of Western medicine with the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of patients. Clayton has interesting medical experiences that weave a common thread in his approach to caring for people that empowers healing from the inside out.

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  • Title: Rob Verkerk
  • Published Date: 2020-02-20
  • Description:

    Dr. Rob Verkerk is the founder of Alliance for Natural Health, or ANH-International, established in 2002 in the United Kingdom. Rob is internationally active and an expert in agricultural and health sustainability.

    ANH International supports our passion in the pursuit of optimal health and healthcare sustainability worldwide and Rob works internationally to protect our rights. Rob and his team undertake campaigns, activism, research, and education globally to fight for freedom of choice in healthcare.

    He works tirelessly to promote healthy eating and lifestyles, the interpretation of recent scientific evidence in these fields, and the effect of technology on health and the environment.

    Rob is a proponent of using foods and natural products in the management of our health and resilience. You may find Rob at

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  • Title: Tim Reihm
  • Published Date: 2020-02-13
  • Description:

    Tim is the creative genius behind the entertaining and brilliant videos found on the Alliance for Natural Health USA website. The Alliance for Natural Health - USA is a sponsor for Reclaiming The Art and Soul of Healing and an important organization protecting integrative and functional medicine health freedoms.

    Tim’s inspired communication skills keep our understanding of the challenges we face fresh and up front!

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