AMA Pediatrics Group Wants to Keep Mercury in Our Vaccines—Action Alert!

January 15, 2013

mercury-vaccineWould you be surprised to learn that vaccine makers are among their corporate donors? And that their recommendations influence the FDA? Take Action!

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), together with the US Public Health Service, jointly recommended that thimerosal, a vaccine preservative that contains mercury, should be removed from vaccines. In response, the FDA removed thimerosal, or limited it to trace amounts, in all vaccines except flu shots. Now the AAP has reversed itself and says it wants the mercury left in.

In January, the UN Environmental Program will be working on a global treaty to reduce health hazards by banning certain products and processes that release mercury into the environment, and thimerosal in vaccines is one of those products under discussion.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that thimerosal should be left in vaccines and should not be banned. They argue that the mercury compound helps control the growth of bacteria and fungi in multi-dose vaccines (though not necessary for single-dose vaccines). In the developing world, multi-dose vaccines are a mainstay because single-dose vials would cost far more and require new networks of cold storage facilities and additional capacity for waste disposal, according to the WHO statement.

In a direct reversal from their previous position, AAP has endorsed WHO’s report. This could shift the FDA’s stance on the issue, and might even bring back thimerosal into other US vaccines.

Nor is this the first time the AAP has done something that strikes us as hard to explain without looking at their donors. The group previously said that boys should receive the HPV vaccine, which is dangerous and offers few benefits for boys relative to the risks; advocated that children receive cholesterol screenings, which could lead to big business for the drug companies selling statin drugs even though statins are the last thing growing bodies need; and recommended sports drinks for kids that are full of sugar and questionable additives, and expensive for consumers but that are very lucrative for the sellers. We worry that all these decisions were influenced, not by the needs of children, but by the funding needs of the organization.

Consider also AAP’s stance on organic food. While recognizing that there are lower pesticide levels and a lower risk of exposure to drug-resistant bacteria in organic food, the AAP is still unsure whether organic food is beneficial! They made the following ridiculous statement about organic milk:

The AAP found no individual health benefit from purchasing organic milk, but emphasizes that all milk should be pasteurized to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. Raw milk increases the risk of serious infection with bacteria including Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter and Brucella.

The truth, of course, is that raw milk bought from a reliable source (not an industrial farm) is usually healthier that pasteurized milk. As we noted last year, the CDC determined that pasteurized milk products cause nearly twice as many illnesses as raw milk products; moreover, the pasteurization process destroys delicate proteins, enzymes, immune factors, and vitamins, and inhibits mineral availability. The very healthiest milk would therefore be raw, grass-fed—and organic.

Why would AAP take such an illogical position on organic food for children? Many have noted the presence of drug, vaccine, and junk food companies at the AAP’s annual conferences. IRS docs show that AAP received large contributions from drug companies with ties to statins. Is that why the group recommends statins for children?

Is all of this a coincidence? Not likely. We believe such conflicts of interest within the AAP directly affect their recommendations—and this, in turn, harms children, because some pediatricians and other health professionals blindly accept those recommendations. The organization actively solicits sponsorships from industry. And while they list some of their “corporate friends”—Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer, Pediatrics Insurance Consultants, Abbott, Mead Johnson, Nestlé—this is not a complete list, nor does it reflect funding across all their program areas.

Action Alert! Contact AAP and ask them to reveal the names of all their donors—particularly the drug companies, vaccine manufacturers, and junk food companies—together with the amount of each contribution and which program area it was for. We’ll also send a copy of your message to the American Medical Association—and Congress. We need to know who is influencing policy that directly affects your children’s health! Please send your message today!

Take Action!

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34 responses to “AMA Pediatrics Group Wants to Keep Mercury in Our Vaccines—Action Alert!”

  1. Roni Jo Patterson says:

    Mercury does not leave a person’s body. I think it better to not have a flu vaccine than ingest mercury.

  2. Janet Martucci says:

    There is convincing evidence that mercury in vaccines is the cause of many health problems. IT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM VACCINES IMMEDIATELY.

  3. The last I heard was that mercury was a deadly poison to living creatures? WTF are they trying to do here, protect us or kill us (slowly). With friends like them (AAP) who needs enemies.

  4. I am truly shocked at your revelatory insights and information.
    Is there sany way to resolve these disputes?
    It seems as though medicine is in chaos. Are there no resarchers that are unbiased?

  5. is there no research capable of resolving these distubing disclosures???

  6. Malissa Haslam says:

    Mercury does not belong in any product that comes in contact with any body (human or otherwise), either internally or externally. Mercury is a dangerous poison.

  7. margo devine says:

    keep mercury OUT of vaccines!

  8. Phyllis Denison says:

    Why in the world, other than a monetary perk, would a group of physicians dedicated to caring for the health of children continue to approve an additive so toxic. Surely, there are other preservatives that do not pose the serious threats the Thimerasol does??? If I had small children, I would go against my nursing back ground and refuse to have multi dose vaccines administered to them. Single dose may well cost more, but isn’t that cost worth the future well being of a child???

  9. Owen Johnson says:

    Why am I not surprised that the same business interests that have “bought” Congress, the FDA and USDA also “own” the AAP? Disgusted, but not surprised. I’m appalled by the idea that pediatricians aren’t in business to keep our defenseless kids healthy, but instead violate their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm in favor of dollars. Thanks for the report.

  10. Jeff says:

    When I was in high school, I drank raw milk all the time as my family had two milk cows. One day I told my biology teacher about that. He said drinking raw milk wasn’t safe. So, we conducted an experiment. He got a carton of “pasteurized” milk from the cafeteria. I brought in a sample of raw milk, one day old. He set both of the samples in a controlled bacteria incubator. At the end of two weeks, we checked the samples. My raw milk had far fewer bacteria in it then the pasteurize milk did. He said he didn’t understand this. I told him the answer for this was simple. My milk was only one day old. When the dairy farmer milks the cows, the milk goes into a big tank. That tank isn’t always clean out between the times the milk company takes the milk from the tank and pasteurizes it. Another thing is that the milk might set in the tank a few days before it is picked up. So, the milk has a lot of bacteria in it before it is ever pasteurizer to begin with. Then, when the milk is at room temperature, the age of the milk and the bacteria count of the cartoon milk create a much better growing environment for bacteria then the fresh milk which still has the cow’s bacteria fighting stuff in it. He said it made sense and never question me drinking raw milk again.

  11. Brad Roon says:

    And in Europe, food grade H2O2 is put into warm milk and left on a shelf for months.
    Must be impossible.

  12. Karen says:

    Please for health of people and our earth kee mercury out of shots blessings

  13. Karen says:

    no mercury in shots blessins

  14. I haven’t had the flu or a cold simce I STOPPED getting flu shots in 2007. Prior to that, I got flu shots–and came down with the flu and colds at least 3 times per year. You would have to be crazy to accept even a free flu shot. My med tech friend said the Big Pharma DOES NOT TELL US WHAT EVERYTHING IS THAT IS IN THE SHOTS. Avoid them to stay alive, and NEVER, EVER trust your government or what it and Big Pharma say.

  15. Craig Garcia says:

    Like Congress / US government, doctors and the AMA get “kick backs” from the pharmaceutical companies. Incentives $$$ from the big pharms drive the medical industries’ standards NOT the Hippocratic Oath!!

  16. Karen Simons says:

    Isn’t there something else they coulod use that would be less destructive/controversial? How long have vaccines contained thimersol? What is its actual track record? These things I want to know.

  17. S L Miller says:

    They’re trying to kill us! It’s called Agenda 21. Check it out on You Tube. They want to reduce the earth’s population from 7 billion to 500 million. That’s the number they have come with as being “sustainable.” And of course, while they’re at it the drug companies, the FDA and then AMA want to steal all our money and anything else of ours they can get a hold of. Money is why hospitals will let you die rather than use something that really works like colloidal silver. It’s all about money and control.

  18. Barbara says:

    There are some people who are making different decisions concerning their children,
    but until enough parents and people begin to READ ALL LABELS OF THE THINGS
    THEY BUY and STOP EATING WHAT THEY LEARN thereby, then the pharmaceuticals
    will continue to fool the people so their investments remain ludicrous. SOME BODY SAID
    Oranges,apples, broccoli, carrots, Ezekiel Bread, kale, chard, collards, etc. for example.
    I do notice that
    everytime the people start to become aware, the medical companies just change thename of their products. Robatussin is a case in point The name didnn’t change in this case, however.
    They just waited until the fuss died down,so now they are advertising again.
    Nevertheless, we do have people like you who try to keep us informed and those of us
    who are not so absolutely persuaded by the doctors do listen.. The more they tell us
    we need to take something or be vaccinated, the more we should know they are trying to save their

  19. Lou says:

    “We believe such conflicts of interest within the AAP directly affect their recommendations—and this, in turn, harms children, because some pediatricians and other health professionals blindly accept those recommendations.”
    Yes this appears to be only logical.
    However I fear a deeper, darker truth may also be revealed in the AAP’s actions. How can it be that an organization supposedly advocating for children, infants, fetuses and pregnant women will almost always take a position in opposition to the good health of their supposed clients?
    We used to call such organizations fifth columns. The term is appropriate for the AAP today IMO.

  20. Doug Gross says:

    The FDA says 1 Drop of Mercury is enough to contaminate a 20 Acre Pond!! Look it up! Thimerosal IS Mercury!! You Can’t have it both ways!! I Don’t know what planet you guys live on!

  21. paul henne says:

    Here is a link( to an article by Robert Kennedy Jr. about the dangers of mercury to human health. Mercury is contraindicated for a disease free body

  22. Hi I am a mother with a butiful doughter, who has been Vaccine Damaged, I am not suprised that they dont wont to take Mercurey out of Vaccines, after my doughter recieved oll imunasation up to date, sofia regressed, yery badley. After the MMR and she has never been the same. We have done oll kinds of therapey, to help my doughter in every way, and we will keep doing as much therapey, that one can do so that my 11 year old doughter couled try and lead a normal life as possible. Please visit my doughter website, and read, whot has happened to my butiful, doughter.

    • Sedona says:

      You did not give us the website. I have suggestions but don’t want to post it online due to fear of the fda going after the company who makes the product that removes the heavy metals.

  23. BS in BS out:
    Vaccines are Perfectly Safe and More BS from the Medical Past
    1. Smoking does not cause lung cancer
    2. Mercury, aluminum, squalene, in vaccines is perfectly safe
    3. The earth is flat
    4. Autism does not exist in part from vaccines
    5. Oswald did not kill Kennedy (oops maybe that is true)
    Need I go on!!!!

  24. John Graham says:

    ~ZERO~ …is the amount of mercury that is safe in the human body.

    • JoJo says:

      When you read the list of ingredients in these vaccines, the one name that pops up over and over is Formaldehyde. It is common in many vaccines, as noted by the CDC. When you add formaldehyde to mercury I wonder what happens. It can’t be good.

  25. Some time ago, Autism Facts or some organization of similar name, displayed mercury poisoning symptoms along with autism symptoms. They were identical. Anyone that believes autism can not be the result of thimerasol/mercury, is a fool or makes money from its use in vaccines. When will the insanity stop?

  26. Trent D. says:

    Of course they do.
    They should close the pediatrics profession, it does very little to enhance the health of children and much to harm them. In a typical wellness visit at these cretins, they pump numerous poisons into neonates. In many instances they cause irreparable harm.
    They refuse to acknowledge their own criminality, which is replete in the internal documents of the CDC.
    They have tortured and abused families of autistic children.
    They have little to offer by way of health.
    They are a blight on humanity.
    They should shut them all down.
    We must save our children from these creatures.

  27. Louise Esther Rothstein says:

    I am 70 years old and I have an impaired immune system.
    Although just about any conventional doctor might try to make me take flu shots I am so mercury sensitive that I feel safer fighting flu at home than I would feel if I either went back to doctors like that or permitted any flu shots because my reactions to supposedly “safe” exposures to supposedly “insignificant” concentrations of mercury were just too terrible to risk repeating.

    • Kelly Clover says:

      Have you had your blood levels of vitamin D3 checked? Many people with weakened immune systems have
      low blood levels of vitamin D3. For some people just taking vitamin D3 supplements can make a big difference. If this is your situation, you will probably need somewhere between 2000 IU to 10,000 IU daily
      depending on how low your vitamin D3 levels are.
      The CDC and the FDA are both severely corrupted by special interests and conflicts of interest. The government can’t be trusted to tell the truth on medical issues. I believe they are lying when they try to assure
      us we have nothing to fear from thimerosal. Modern medicine is severely corrupted by the profit motive. You
      can’t trust doctiors or government agencies to do what is right. There is too much greed.

  28. k.stoute says:

    It s the same old crap all over again. Profits before the health of the people. The FDA is leading the people to they deaths. check out my petition with info about the FDA

  29. Tyranny says:

    “Boycott The American Academy Of Pediatrics”

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