American Lung Association Does Vaccine Maker’s Bidding

March 13, 2012

vaccineAnd some states want to take away your right to decide about vaccinations for your kids. Urgent Action Alerts!

The American Lung Association is partnering with Sanofi Pasteur, the largest company in the world devoted entirely to vaccines, in an educational campaign endorsing the annual flu vaccine. The two have launched the Faces of Influenza campaign with a website containing frightening stories about the dangers of flu and touting the safety of the flu vaccine.
Why is an organization that is supposed to set the standard on lung safety and health doing the bidding of a pharmaceutical company? Why are they repeating figures which have been proven to be fabricated and false? Between 1979 and 2002, data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics show an average of only 1,348 actual flu deaths per year—a mere 5.7% of the CDC’s frequent citation of 24,000 deaths per year.
Medical societies in particular are often greatly influenced by Big Pharma. They often have relationships with drug companies that are hidden from the public view. Look, for example, at the Heart Rhythm Society. Their cardiologists set national guidelines for patient treatments, lobby Congress about Medicare reimbursement issues, fund research, have disease awareness campaigns, and are important sources of treatment information for the public. But as ProPublica reported,

From the time they arrived to the moment they laid their heads on hotel pillows, the thousands of cardiologists attending this week’s Heart Rhythm Society conference have been bombarded with pitches for drugs and medical devices. St. Jude Medical adorns every hotel key card. Medtronic ads are splashed on buses, banners and the stairs underfoot. Logos splay across shuttle bus headrests, carpets and cellphone-charging stations. At night, a drug firm gets the last word: A promo for the heart drug Multaq stood on each doctor’s nightstand Wednesday. Who arranged this commercial barrage? The society itself, which sold access to its members and their purchasing power. [Italics ours]

Many medical societies don’t make their sources of funding public. Senator Chuck Grassley (R–IA) recently requested this information from thirty-three professional organizations—including the Heart Rhythm Society. (For more about pharmaceutical conflicts of interest, please see our other article in this issue!)
Conflicts of interest are especially rampant in the vaccine industry. Vaccines are extremely profitable for drug companies, and only a few manufacturers make them, which drives up the price. The real problem, of course, is the question of vaccine safety. And with it, the need for consumers—and especially parents—to be able to have the right to choose whether their family receives vaccines or not. It’s all about informed choice.
But informed choice is being threatened at the state level. A bill in Vermont’s legislature, H.527 and S.199, would threaten a parent’s right to refuse vaccination for their child using a philosophical exemption.
Many states offer philosophical or religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination. In some states, religious exceptions include personal religious beliefs, whereas other states require the individual to be a member of a religion whose written texts explicitly prohibit invasive medical procedures. Even in states with exemptions, there are generally only two options: be vaccinated on the schedule recommended by CDC, or else get no vaccines at all. These laws do not allow for modified vaccine schedules or selectively vaccinating for some, but not other diseases.


The Vermont bill, however, would remove the exemption on philosophical grounds entirely. The bill has a lot of traction—the Senate’s version has already passed, and it’s on its way to the House. If you are a Vermont resident, please take action immediately!


There is also legislation in Arizona attacking vaccine exemptions. HB2846 would require written certification signed by a guardian and a health professional on an annual basis in order to claim any exemption, whether religious, medical, or philosophical. If you are an Arizona resident, please take action immediately!
Two positive vaccine bills have been introduced.


In Virginia, HB1112 would remove the HPV vaccine requirement for school children. As we recently reported, no other vaccine lists and thereby acknowledges the serious side effects that the HPV vaccine does. One particularly alarming side effect, acknowledged by the manufacturer Merck even in advertisements, is the risk of seizure. Pain at the injection site, headache, fever—these are fairly commonplace reactions. But none of the others has the acknowledged serious side effects that the HPV vaccine does. If you are a Virginia resident, please contact your legislator today and support this bill!

West Virgina

In West Virginia, HB2119 would prohibit all forms of mercury in vaccines (including thimerosal) unless absolutely no other alternative exists. As we note in our Position Paper, thimerosal, which is 49.6% mercury by weight, is a deadly substance that remains in many vaccines, and may one of the causes of the skyrocketing autism rates. After a study in 1977 found that adults exposed to much lower concentrations of mercury than those given to American children suffered brain damage, Russia, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries banned thimerosal in vaccines. If you are a West Virginia resident, please contact your legislator today and support this bill!

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13 responses to “American Lung Association Does Vaccine Maker’s Bidding”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Vaccines don’t work, period, end of statement.

  2. lovenda garrison says:

    We live in a country where this kind of choice is supposed to be a freedom!! When did the Pharmaceutical companies start running this country?? It’s all about big money. Taking away the right to make our own decisions for our own families is just wrong!! Vaccines we know nothing about and how it will affect our children short term and long term, I don’t Trust them!!! I’m sure I’m not alone there!!! There have been too many instances where kids have even lost their lives. Not Taking That Chance even if it makes me an outlaw!!!!

  3. annie steele says:

    The constitution avlist rights as citizens. How come we are loosing them
    daily. All decisions are gradually being given to the state. As if they were
    a fount of wisdom. They don’t know me how can someone in Washington,DC
    know what color I like for my pillow cases or like or don’t like beans.
    Why are they feeling like they need to make decisions for me? I am
    reasonable healthy person and never get the flu so why should I get any
    bacteria ….virus poison injected into my body.

  4. Rett says:

    Drugs are not medicines. Drugs are toxins that the body must work overtime to get rid of. Drugs leave behind minor to severe damage and death. Food is our medicine and medicine is our food. It’s a real shame the powers that be won’t get that.

  5. PS says:

    The only vaccines I will ever allow my children to have are DPT and polio. Nothing else, period. We all realize that vaccination is BIG BUSINESS and means BIG PROFIT.. and it is at the expense of our children. the government needs to butt out and get out of our lives.

  6. Heidi Sanchez says:

    What is this world coming to?

  7. Ricky Barnes says:

    I noticed the American Lung Association Flu-Vaccine website over a year ago and was blown away. I had recently seen Dr. Russell Blaylock’s report about the dangers to the fetus upon vaccination of the mother. The placenta protects the fetus from brain inflammation during a natural occurance of the flu. The placenta , however, offers little protection from the vaccine, which will in fact greatly increase the possibility of damage to the fetus. I filmed the website for my documentary, The Trouble with Boys. If you would like an opportunity to offer donations to complete my project, feel free to visit the fundraising link below. The film documents this issue; big pharma’s influence in public-health. Watch the trailer here. Thank you for your consideration. RB (

  8. At the apex of this immense vortex sucking funds from the public stands what can without exaggeration or sensationalism be called the master conspiracy of the ages tracing to the British Crown and its allied international financiers of The Pilgrims Society to drastically reduce world population by various means in order to thin out what a member of the Royal family termed “useless eaters.” In all cases when high level government power is used to compel people to do business with any entities, the neo-feudalistic influence of The Pilgrims Society must be considered suspect. The accounts of Defense Secretary Stuart Symington wrecking Jack Northrop’s aviation enterprise after he refused merger into Floyd Odlum’s holding company is articulated in the archives of Silver Investor beginning with “Meet The World Money Power ” series. Symington and Hoodlum (I meant to say, Odlum, of Atlas Corporation) were Pilgrims Society members. Execs and directors of Eli Lilly, Warner Lambert, Pfizer and others appear in the super secret ranks of The Pilgrims Society, which exists to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world.” For that reason there is a drive to place vitamins, herbs and minerals under prescription only tyranny and boost prices by 1,000% so these worthy Crown associated aristocrats can absorb wealth from a hapless public, who doesn’t even know the Mephistophelean organization exists. They are the heirs of the British opium “trade” in China (a pharmaceutical of a sort!) Please don’t bank with HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, Britain’s old opium bank for the Far East) and a Pilgrims Society run megabank.

  9. Rob says:

    I just responded, as a resident of Arizona, to the alert about vaccine exemptions. When I went to the site and supplied my information, the recipient list was different than what I expected. I did not recognize the names as legislators from my district. Perhaps you could check and make sure your site was not compromised in some way. Thanks

    • marybeth groves says:

      I am from Virginia. I did the same as you, and like you , i got names of representatives who are not in my district. You may be right about the engine not working properly.
      I hope they fix it.

  10. Mary Gregory says:

    I have been contributing to the American Lung Assn for twenty years. In the past, I made one
    contribution a year. For the past couple of years they have been bugging me, calling all the time.
    They didn’t call in the past. They have gotten very pushy lately.

  11. Jean Leclair says:

    When will they learn to stay out of out lives and let us take care of the decisions. Its about time our government have the guts to put a stop to this gluteny of receiving payOffs.

  12. Lou says:

    The deadly fraud of “vaccination” is easily demonstrated. Many hundreds of honest physicians are repleting their patients vitamin D levels to about 50 ng/ml and reporting excellent results. The patients with the highest vitamin D levels seem to have the least serious cases of the flu.
    Now given this how difficult would it be for an honest HHS/CDC who truly cared, as they claim, about our getting the flu to set up a gold standard clinical trial of several tens of thousands with one arm getting the “seasonal flu vaccination” and the other arm vitamin D levels repleted to 50 ng/ml?
    This clinical trial would be SIMPLE and low cost. There is NO REASON not to conduct it. EXCEPT that HHS/CDC KNOWS the result which is that the vitamin D will be MANY orders of magnitude more efficacious than the toxic “flu shot”.
    HHS/CDC is not interested in saving you from the flu. HHS/CDC is interested in getting a toxic needle into your arm, dragging down your health and shortening your life. Yes this is terrible but please don’t blame the messenger, The flu facts speak loud and clear.
    It does not take long to be become fairly knowledgeable about the seasonal flu; much more knowledgeable than your average doctor; sadly. Once you understand the flu basics the horror of “vaccination” will become undeniable. We NEED each and every honest person to do this. “Vaccination” is a monster designed to destroy us.

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