ANH-USA and Others Sue to Overturn CA Vaccine Law

July 5, 2016
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California’s law eliminating all non-medical exemptions to vaccines went into effect on July 1, but there’s still a chance to roll it back.
On July 1, ANH-USA and allies filed a lawsuit seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against California’s recently approved law banning personal belief and religious exemptions from childhood vaccination, SB 277. The plaintiffs are Education 4 All, the Weston Price Foundation, Citizens for Health, six parents whose children face exclusion from school, and ANH-USA (suing on behalf of our 73,800 members in California).
The complaint asks that the state of California be barred from implementing this law in advance of the 2016–2017 school year, arguing that the state is failing to provide a constitutionally mandated public education system open on equal terms to all children, and is reneging on its broad responsibility to ensure basic educational equality.
The basis of the argument is that there is no public health emergency to warrant the drastic action of eliminating vaccine exemptions. According to the state’s own health department, 97% of its students are fully vaccinated. Upholding the basic right of parents to make health decisions for their children poses no public health threat grave enough to eliminate those children’s right to an education.
The push to eliminate vaccine exemptions arose when a few dozen children contracted measles at Disneyland in 2015. Although many of these children had actually been vaccinated, a media circus ensued in which one narrative prevailed: even questioning the safety or efficacy of vaccines puts you in the tin-foil hat club. Never mind the very real evidence that vaccines in some instances are neither effective nor safe. Those asking questions about vaccines—and the relationship of vaccine makers to government—were denounced as exponents of “silliness,” “nonsense,” and “know-nothingism” who have been appropriately “blow-torched” by a “global opprobrium.”
This is the spirit behind SB 277: either scorn and vitriol for anyone who dares question the safety of vaccines, or else patronizing lessons about how the “science is settled.” Real scientists do not talk this way. Moreover, they agree that science is never “settled.” If vaccine science is settled, why did the CDC keep recommending FluMist for children year after year until their latest announcement that it is not effective and should no longer be used, a new development reported today by Dr. Mercola?
As we’ve said before, science is about examining all the currently available evidence dispassionately before reaching a conclusion, and that evidence is clear: some vaccines are simply not effective, are dangerous, or both. And above all, too many vaccines are being given at the same time to children who are too young. There is no science to support this, just a fear by the medical establishment that parents won’t comply if too many visits are required. This is not an acceptable reason to gamble with an infant’s health.
We will keep you abreast of any developments as the case moves forward.
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11 responses to “ANH-USA and Others Sue to Overturn CA Vaccine Law”

  1. simonts says:

    Great news, I hope the lawsuit succeeds rolling back this abomination.

  2. kaunas8 says:

    I absolutely agree.

  3. TeeJae says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m not in CA, but hopefully this case will prevent such a terrible law from coming to my state!

  4. MarkDonners says:

    Get psychotic criminals out of government. Stop giving those psychos public positions. They are murderers and thieves.

  5. Wally Emerson says:

    I realize that this organization is by its very nature anti-pharma and anti-establishment–but why align yourselves with a totally discredited and universally condemned study on vaccines? I realize that we’re not talking about all that many children suffering and dying due to lack of vaccination. But what if it were your child or grandchild being exposed to a potentially deadly contagion based on patently disproven science? Without apology I side with the preponderant and robust evidence. To the best of my knowledge you cannot name a single reputable study even marginally supporting your views. You’re being unprofessional and Trumpish. Last, I could be wrong, but I could swear that those who object on religious grounds should make the sacrifice for the sake of their neighbors–isn’t that what Jesus is supposed to have taught Christians, or was he just the stupidest human being who ever lived? I do know for a fact that there is a mortality risk with non-vaccination. It might be minute, but like I said, what if it were your child or grandchild? Failing that, I have no problem expecting such parents to put their money where their beliefs are. It’s about time. Our whole civilization is being threatened with disintegration from within–in spite of there being a church on practically every block of every village, town, and city, and at nearly every crossroads in rural areas. Are the faithful helping their country. . . or hurting it??? The vaccine controversy is yet another instance of the latter.

    • Jon says:

      Hey Wally, you got it upside down and backwards! The real scientists are those who demand real world evidence and are open to the possibility that long standing views might be either wrong or in need of modifications, e.g. , Einstein, Darwin, Tesla, just to name a few. Too many of the know nothings claim that there is no danger from vaccines. Try telling that to a parent whose healthy baby died merely hours after having multiple vaccines! You’ll be lucky to escape with a nose still intact!. One can affirm the CONCEPT of vaccines, but denounce the manner in which they are given and the toxins that are often included (for unknown reasons–aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury for starters). Get off your high horse and read some real science, not the Big Pharma propaganda!

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

      Why should I inject myself with a mixture of known neurotoxins and carcinogens, called vaccines to satisfy your brainwashed attitude? In a year 1986 Supreme Court gave dishonest pHARMa companies full protection against lawsuits for vaccine injuries and deaths, and in 2011 Obama deprived people of opportunity to sue poisoners for “faulty design” of vaccines!. No sane and informed person will ever inject these mixture of live, dead and contaminating viruses, brewed in China on unsterilized blood of unhealthy CAFO animals and then mixed with up to 80 toxic chemicals, including mercury, aluminum hydroxide, and embalming fluid formaldehyde!
      You can inject this filth in yourself, if you are so ignorant and believe concocted pharma studied on vaccine effectiveness, but you have no right to demand others follow your uneducated lead, and you have no right to bring Jesus name to demand other people poisoning their children with it.
      Before you post, think, or go to CNN and post there if you do not want to think.

    • Eric Durak says:

      Wally – I know you posted this a while ago – but here is my take. I have been involved in the vaccine issue for over 25 years. Did not vaccinate my kids – and they are fine now as adults. Your premise that the unvaccinated carry disease is not true. You have to be exposed to a disease in order to carry – and the research is clear that MMR, flu and other vaccines “shed” meaning that recently vaccinated expose others to the disease. Vaccines don’t confir immunity – you can still get the disease even if you’re vaccinated. Vaccines are not safe – as tens of thousands have reactions every year – only to be turned away by the vaccine court. With over 1.6 million people with autism – and over 125 studies directly linking autism to vaccines, it’s time for parents and health professionals to stand up and not take them. We have the highest vaccine rate in the world – and the highest level of chronic disease, allergies, and behavioral issues (not to mention childhood cancers). I can name over 400 studies in the recently published book – Miller’s Guide to Vaccine Safety – found on Amazon. Neil Miller has published many books, and a recent study showing the higher number of vaccines = higher levels of chronic disease. The report you cite from Andrew Wakefield and John Smith (Lancet, 1998) was an example of the media and medicine destroying a good scientist’s career. The paper which was retracted in 2009 was actually “unretracted” in 2016 when Dr. Smith won his law suit of liable against Lancet and the London Times. I’m not even going to go into your statement about Jesus – as that is just nonsense. The evidence is clear that vaccines have many issues – so I suggest that you continue to read, and discuss with people outside of mainstream medicine – it is an area of fraud and abuse (CDC committed perjury in 2011 when they lied about data in the 2004 MMR study) – so you have some reading to do. I hope you can move your compass forward on this issue.

      • Wally Emerson says:

        Did you actually read the “unretraction” court finding? There is not one fact presented that the MMR vaccine causes autism or bowel problems. The “unretraction” is based solely on issues involving “ethics approval,” etc., not findings of fact.
        Under item 152: “It is important to note that the present study does constitute proof of an association between MMR and the syndrome described: detailed viralogical studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue….If there is a causal link with the MMR then a rising incidence might be anticipated following its introduction in 1988. Despite an impression of a rise in autistic spectrum disorders, published data are inadequate to determine whether there is a rising incidence or a link with MMR. The diagnosis of autism is usually made on symptoms starting in the first year of life, when children receive MMR. Despite the striking temporal association with MMR in many of these children, this factor must be taken into consideration when examining the apparent association described.”
        And: “Conclusion. . .the data are not proof of a causal association between measles virus and this syndrome: however, they are significantly provocative to merit further detailed study, in particular, to either establish or refute the possible association with MMR vaccine”.
        Maybe you can reference a more definitive study among the hundred or so you said have been done. This one ain’t it.

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