Are We Being Lied to about Vaccine Efficacy?

December 6, 2016

Gary Null, author of Death By Medicine, says we are. He argues that little evidence exists to support the notion that vaccines actually work to protect us from disease. Action Alert!
Take the flu vaccine. Null writes that a “study has yet to be undertaken that evaluates the long-term progress of both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated children of comparable biochemistries, ages, and lifestyles.” The government won’t even report on how many vaccinated kids got the flu. Even so, there is evidence that the vaccine is not very effective, as we have reported previously. There is also evidence that supplemental vitamin D is at least as effective as the vaccine in preventing the flu.
Real scientists acknowledge that these issues are complex. For example, Null notes that many biological factors influence immunity, such as quality of the diet, levels of vitamins A and C (as well as D), exercise, stress management, and exposure to environmental toxins. Why are we suddenly so immune-compromised that we have to be vaccinated for everything under the sun?
Null also points out that we should be skeptical of claims that vaccines alone are responsible for the eradication of diseases such as smallpox. He argues that epidemiological data show that such diseases began declining well before mass vaccination. This suggests that other factors—increased sanitation, proper sewage disposal, cleaner water, improved diet, less crowded living conditions, etc.—have played a major role in the decline. Why don’t hear about this? More importantly, as we have discussed at length, Null shows once again that the herd immunity argument simply doesn’t hold up.
Action Alert! In one month, state general assemblies will reconvene. Some of them will be considering Big Pharma-supported bills to severely restrict exemptions to mandatory vaccinations. Contact your state legislators and ask them to oppose any bill that would restrict a parent’s fundamental right to protect his or her child from a mandatory vaccine. Please send your message immediately!
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  1. Maliyka A. Muhammad says:

    To clarify, no one should be thinking that the flu vaccine prevents one from getting the flu. Rather if acquired, the severity is lessened.

  2. Emma says:


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