Attack on Vaccine Choice Rolls East

January 19, 2016
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As we predicted, more states are following in the footsteps of California and restricting parents’ freedom to protect their children’s health. Check below to see if your state is one of them. State-based Action Alerts!
New York is considering a bill, S6017, that would eliminate all non-medical exemptions to vaccination. According to news coverage, Assembleyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the bill’s sponsor, said that parents worried for their children’s safety “have bought into the garbage that these vaccinations can cause autism. That’s a lot of crap.”
Bold statements from someone who is neither a doctor nor a scientist! Assemblyman Dinowitz also appears to be unaware of the facts. Someone should tell him about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) cover-up—revealed by Dr. William Thompson, an epidemiologist at the CDC’s National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities—of data linking the MMR vaccine to an increased incidence of autism in African American boys.
Assemblyman Dinowitz may also want to consult the data from the government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). The government’s own data show that, since 1988, the VICP has awarded almost $3 billion to over 4,000 families who were harmed by vaccines—even though the window to file a claim is so tight that many families miss it, and the system makes it very difficult to demonstrate a connection between the shot and the ensuing health issue. In other words, even after making it next to impossible for patients to make a claim and prove their case, the government still concedes that thousands of us have been harmed by vaccines—and has paid patients billions of dollars in compensation.
In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) receives an average of 30,000 reports each year, 13% of which are considered “serious”—that is, associated with “disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness, or death.” As we have noted, the government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) dismisses these reports because they are not “peer reviewed,” but then refuses to provide the peer review needed. This is not surprising since the government has become so deeply enmeshed in the vaccine industry, which has become a poster child for crony capitalism. Its ability to evaluate vaccines honestly has long since been compromised.
Want more? A law review article published in 2011 found eighty-three cases of autism among those compensated by the VICP for vaccine-induced brain damage. Of those eighty-three cases, thirty-nine of them (47%) confirm autism or an autistic disorder resulting from the shot, with the findings published by the Court of Federal Claims. Further, twenty-one decisions by VICP acknowledged autism or autism-like symptoms associated with vaccine-induced encephalopathy and seizure disorder.
But that’s just “a lot of crap,” right, Assemblyman Dinowitz?
State governments are eliminating freedom of choice in even more backhanded ways. Rhode Island’s Department of Health, for example, recently decided to mandate the HPV vaccine for all 7th graders. This is perhaps the single most dangerous vaccine and also the least scientifically justified. The Department of Health has such power because Rhode Island incorporates all CDC-recommended vaccines into the state’s school immunization regulations. The only “public” part of this process was when the state held hearings to provide information to parents and to answer questions about the new mandate.
Readers may remember our previous coverage of a former Merck physician predicting that the company’s HPV vaccine, Gardasil, would “become the greatest medical scandal of all time.” He remarked that Gardasil “is useless and costs a fortune,” in addition to being linked to Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS, and vaccine-induced encephalitis. You may also recall that the former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, actually handed this vaccine over to Merck (it had been developed by government researchers) and personally pushed and fast-tracked it—then left the CDC to become president of Merck’s vaccine division.
This is exactly what we feared—that the passage of California’s bill eliminating all non-medical exemptions to vaccination would embolden other states to follow suit. We must act swiftly to prevent to preserve freedom of choice.
State-based Action Alerts! New York residents, write to your legislators and urge them to oppose S6017. Rhode Island residents, ask your Department of Health to reverse its recent mandate to give 7th graders the HPV vaccine. Please send your message immediately.
New York residents, click here.
Rhode Island residents, click here.
Other states with pending legislation:
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153 responses to “Attack on Vaccine Choice Rolls East”

  1. Joris Hines says:

    They can’t vaccinate me. They’ll have a physical brawl on their hands. I’ll break faces.

    • Better be ready to break a lot of face. There are tons of these goons who will gladly accept a paycheck of value-less currency to turn their backs on their own species and intentionally try to poison and ruin all of life. Anyone who makes that decision is an Enemy Combatant of all of life and can One Hundred Percent Legally be Executed in Justified Self Defense of all life. The system must be destroyed and anyone who supports it must go with it.

  2. Jenna says:

    How many kids have to be harmed before people see how bad mandatory vaccines are? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind….

    • groversyck says:

      How many have to be harmed because every child is not vaccinated?
      The danger of not vaccinating is much greater than vaccinating.
      It MUST be mandatory.

      • fiftysevenchevy says:


      • blueindy1 says:

        At least some people here have a little common sense, and that’s RARE.

      • no1uknow1 says:

        bullshit. if you like vaccines, get them. mandating them is a crime.

      • TPR says:

        Total nonsense, groversyck!

      • oreocracker says:

        Grover, then why have they paid nearly $1billion for vaccination injuries if they are so wonderful? Why did the kids that got measels were the only ones that had the shots? Why did the twin that got the shots get autism? Don’t push this harmful agenda on the innocents.

        • SteveCO says:

          None of that has happened. Must be tough living in Rush Fatbaugh Land.

        • Corey Thoesen says:

          This is completely wrong in every conceivable way. First, the “$3 billion” thing: vaccines are not very profitable, and people who listen to Brownstein might be tempted to sue a drug company after getting a vaccine and having something bad happen. Serious vaccination reactions are vanishingly rare, but in order to protect the public and to protect the companies that make vaccines, the government has set up a “vaccine court.” While you may sue a drug company for causing injury through a poorly manufactured vaccine, you cannot sue them simply because you think you had a reaction. This court liberally awards money to people who feel they have been injured by a vaccine. The level of evidence needed is minimal. It is meant as a safety net both for those who are truly injured and for those who think they are, even if they might not be able to prove it in a normal court.

          • jimmers says:

            Bullcrap thats really all you post – Here’s is the truth —
            On February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies
            from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government
            when companies could have made a safer vaccine. 1
            From now on, drug companies selling vaccines in America will
            not be held accountable by a jury of our peers in a court of law. If you get paralyzed by a flu shot or your child has a serious reaction
            to a vaccine required for school and becomes learning disabled,
            epileptic, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic or mentally retarded, you are
            on your own
            Now there is a Congressional Court that is FUNDED by Taxpayers that have released funds to compensate the many injured from vaccines , but first one has to appear before the court and grovel

          • Corey Thoesen says:

            You’re referring to Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. The case was decided on February 22, 2011. The Court, in a 6-2 opinion by Justice Scalia, held that the “plaintiffs design defect claims [were] expressly preempted by the Vaccine Act.” Thus, the court affirmed laws which have established that vaccine manufacturers are not liable for vaccine-induced injury or death, as long as they are “accompanied by proper directions and warnings.
            The case presented three questions related to the
            National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (established in 1988): (1) whether the Act
            preempts all design defect claims against the manufacturer of a
            vaccine; (2) whether the plaintiffs demonstrated that the
            manufacturer failed to adequately warn the plaintiffs of the risks
            associated with the vaccine; and (3) whether the plaintiffs
            provided sufficient evidence of a manufacturing defect to
            survive the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. The
            District Court held that the Act preempted all design defect
            claims and concluded that the plaintiffs failed to provide
            sufficient evidence to support the other two claims.
            The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (“Vaccine Program”) comprises Part 2 of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (“Vaccine Act”). See Pub. L. No. 99-660, 100 Stat. 3755 (1986) (codified as amended at 42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to -34). The Vaccine Act became effective October 1, 1988. It establishes the Vaccine Program as a no-fault compensation program whereby petitions for monetary compensation may be brought by or on behalf of persons allegedly suffering injury or death as a result of the administration of certain compulsory childhood vaccines. Congress intended that the Vaccine Program provide individuals a swift, flexible, and less adversarial alternative to the often costly and lengthy civil arena of traditional tort litigation.
            Funding of vaccine claims depends on the date of vaccination:
            a. For vaccines administered prior to October 1, 1988, awards are compensated from
            Federal tax dollars allocated by Congress at $110 million per year.
            b. For vaccines administered on or after October 1, 1988, awards are paid from the
            Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, funded from an excise tax of $.75 on every
            dose of covered vaccine that is purchased.
            So since you do not get vaccinated you don’t pay for this cost.
            This is all readily available information on the The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
            In truth, you’re going to believe your conspiracy theories no matter what I write here so I’m wasting my energy. You’re wasting your energy as well. I choose to believe that vaccines do much more good than harm. Before you receive any vaccine or take any medicine, educate yourself on the side-effects even the ones that your Dr. Mercola makes millions and millions of dollars from on his website.

          • jimmers says:

            Obviously I am very well educated = No Vaccines for me or my family and we are so much healthier because of it . I prefer eating and growing organic foods , I raise chickens that eat organically ( the soup that is made from these chickens WOW ) I take health beneficial supplements , and exercise almost everyday.
            If you totally believe that all vaccines are perfectly safe , you are the one that is not educated . I never mentioned anything about Conspiracy , mentioning that is a favorite tactic of paid for trolls .

          • MendoGal says:

            “So since you do not get vaccinated you don’t pay for this cost.”
            What kind of convoluted “logic” is that?! The injured who are seeking compensation obviously paid the tax, and the ones who were vaccinated but ostensibly were not injured also paid the tax, ergo, the taxpayer and not the drug companies are footing the bill for any settlements.
            At our showing of “The Greater Good” movie last week the post screening discussion revealed that NEARLY EVERY PERSON in attendance (me included) had a vaccine injury story… and that doesn’t even count the subtler negative effects and the immune system damage that shows up years later. If I had the time I could say so much about the “more good than harm” bull that you and several others are spewing.
            Oh, and please stop using that old “conspiracy theory” saw. It’s hackneyed and about as intelligent an insult as “yo momma wears combat boots.”

          • Corey Thoesen says:

            I was talking to Jimmers directly honey. I guess calling me a troll is intelligent in your eyes though. Someone who can’t read and understand English well enough to realize that I was referring to Jimmers who stated he doesn’t get vaccinations.
            Believe what you want. Buh-bye…

          • jimmers says:

            You are such a troll , of course you also could be a brainwashed fool , but I would vote for Troll. Make sure you get every single vaccination that is offered – especially Flue Shots , Pneumonia , HPV , Hepatitis and all the other Adult Vaccinations that are being pushed these days all made in China. Proven fact – the most healthy people as a whole are the ones who do not vaccinate all races & age groups

          • Corey Thoesen says:

            When you resort to name calling, you’ve lost the argument.

          • jimmers says:

            LOL and who told you that ? You would benefit from a deprogramming
            Stay Well

          • Richids Coulter says:

            Vaccines are a multi-billion dollar market with some 300 vaccines currently in development, if they were “not very profitable” then every CEO of any pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines would be fired by the board. It’s a business, bottom line, there is no “conspiracy” when it comes to money. Vaccines may not be “very profitable” compared to the biggest drugs on the market, but they are still VERY profitable. In fact in 2009 Novartis claimed their profits OVERALL were higher than expected thanks to H1N1 vaccine.
            The level of evidence needed for VICP is absolutely not minimal, please stop lying. If it were minimal, there would be a lot more than $3 billion awarded, the time following vaccine reaction is minimal, for most the time to file a claim has passed long before they realize 100% WITHOUT the help of their doctor who is indoctrinated to believe vaccines are “perfectly safe”. In addition the first payment for many families, after proving that the reaction is documented within the vaccine injury table and it has been demonstrated that the vaccine was the cause, can take over ten years! So you think that should give people peace of mind? It’s okay if your child suffers permanent brain damage following a vaccine-induced encephalopathy because a) it rarely happens and b) after the exhausting and expensive ordeal of proving it in vaccine court we’re start covering your $200,000+/year expenses some ten+ years down the road. Oh and no, we don’t have any test to demonstrate whether or not this could happen to your child, but please…rolll up their sleeves (bend over)

      • riverstrat . says:

        lol so vaccinate you own , not mine.

        • SteveCO says:

          Then keep “yours” in that science denying craphole called home schooling. You will NOT be infecting the general population, or your kids will be quarantined and YOU will be in prison.
          Where it sounds like you belong. What a joke you are.

          • Reality of Truth says:

            You need to be incinerated.

          • 1thug banned by WORDSTAR!! says:

            why is the hep B vaccine administered at birth? the baby’s immune system is not even developed yet, so the desired effect of the vaccine will not occur. do you understand that…you probably don’t even know that you have an immune system…vaccines don’t give you immunity, your OWN BODY DOES!! now set down and eat feces!!

          • Richids Coulter says:

            Ah so school is the ONLY place where people mingle in your pea-brained world? What about Target, Walmart, playgrounds, bus stations, train stations, subways, highway convenience stops, concerts, airports, the beach, what a joke you are.

      • Jeremy says:

        This is how democracy dies. If drug makers can force you to be injected with a “unavoidable unsafe” drug (Supreme Court language) and bear no risk of being sued – we have NO rights. Legalized drugs prescribed and used as directed kill more people than illegal drugs. But go ahead and drink the kool aide. I’m sure you’ve read all the drug inserts and reviewed all the non industry scientific studies. And I’m really sure you’ve realized there are zero safety studies showing the vac schedule is safe in aggregate or one comparing the health outcomes of the vac and unvaccinated populations. But yah, they’re safe alright. And all those drug commercials are true.. Just ask your doctor. Lol.

        • U.S. was never a democracy. Pirate ships are Democracies, not societies.
          “When will America finally learn and understand that the de jure (original) “Constitution for the United States” and its government were suspended for lack of the U.S. Congress to have a quorum, due to the many States that seceded, and the fact its session ended ‘sine die’ (without day to reconvene) on March 27, 1861 during Abe Lincoln’s watch?
          Lincoln then declared martial rule which we are still under today, and as Commander in Chief kept the then unconstitutional government going by Executive Order, beginning with the Civil War. He ordered Congress to reconvene on July 4, 1861.
          The 1861 – 1871 decade was the Season of Treason during which Congress passed unratified Amendments, changed the meaning of words used in law, and sucked the people into admitting to being 14th Amendment citizens of the UNITED STATES, WHICH WE ARE NOT!
          14th Amendment citizens of the UNITED STATES are not “We The People who are born with unalienable rights”! Rather, 14th Amendment citizens are akin to emancipated slaves who had no State Citizenship and so were offered UNITED STATES citizenship “subject to” the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES central (territorial) government who in essence have no rights. They must register to vote, and be licensed or given permission to do all the things that Citizens of the United States of America do by right.
          In 1871 the unconstitutional U.S. Congress with its own look-alike version of the “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES” seated a foreign owned corporation as a municipal government under the District of Columbia Organic Act of February, 1871, named the “UNITED STATES (Inc.)”. Are you a citizen of this bogus, de facto, fraudulent and tyrannical UNITED STATES? NO! Unregister your vote! Unregister your guns.
          “It is (our)right, it is (our) duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for (our) future security” as was done on July 4th, 1776 under the Declaration of Independence. READ IT. READ IT AGAIN. Every State needs to regain its sovereign status by act of its people, and to withdraw its support from the foreign corporation that is acting as our federal government, shut it down, downsize it, clean it up, and repopulate it under chains to the original Constitution for the United States with new elections.””

        • SteveCO says:

          “Democracy dies”? BWAHhahahahaha.
          You MUST be joking. As a Kool Aid guzzler, you would know crapola as truth. Thanx for the laughs.

          • sandlynx says:

            Hey, these vaccine pro folks are all lining up for the toxic poke. They’ll be gone very soon. Then, we’ll be rid of them.

      • Richids Coulter says:

        And yet with over 100,000 cases of measles reported in England/Wales over the past 20 years there hasn’t been a single death in the 0-9 year age group.

      • Then go get injected with all of them in one go and we all hope you croak on the spot.

      • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

        It must be mandatory for you, grave-sick, and those few shills, who upvoted your sick post. No one will be able to inject me or my family with this filth, mandatory or not. I hope job requirement for pharma trolls is getting vaccinated. This solves the problem with them – they are self eliminated and unable to reproduce.

      • 1thug banned by WORDSTAR!! says:

        isn’t the vaccine supposed to PREVENT you from getting the disease, so why are you then worried about why others choose not to get vaccinated? You and your kids have immunity RIGHT?
        you’re safe!!

    • blueindy1 says:

      You’re nuts. Childhood diseases like Whooping Cough are making a come back because of ill informed, scientific illiterates like you. But I don’t care. I have no children nor grandchildren to worry about. Don’t vaccinate your useless kids. Natural Selection will weed out the losers, it’s just a shame your children will pay for your ignorance, when it would have been far better had YOU been removed from the gene pool before you could breed.

      • no1uknow1 says:

        You are quite incorrect. Science is now showing that it’s a failure of the vaccine which is bringing whooping cough back. But keep your head firmly in the sand, (or your posterior) keep believing the fluff news and ill-informed doctors who push this crap for a living.

        • Abresh Arquah says:

          Exactly, no1uknow1. Whooping cough is coming back EVEN IN PEOPLE WHO WERE VACCINATED. That leans to the vaccine is not as reliable today as it once was or that something is weakening the effectiveness of the vaccine.

          • Steph in Montana says:

            my kids are not vaccinated at all , ever. When whooping cough came through town my kids were exposed to an actual case in class but none of my children ever contracted the cough. The child who was tested positive for whooping cough had the vaccine strain and was vaccinated less than 6 weeks earlier. The whooping cough victim did live through the illness but missed a year of school. Everybody freaked out way too much.

      • Soren Mitchell says:

        You’re a zombie!

      • Richids Coulter says:

        Talk about scientifically illiterate, the CDC even disagrees with you. Vaccination doesn’t prevent transmission of pertussis bacteria, nor does it prevent infection, it seeks to lessen the severity of the cough. Outbreaks occur cyclically, regardless of coverage rates.
        Source: CDC.

        • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

          Except when pertussis occur in vaccinated (and most of affected were vaccinated) – it is more severe than in unvaccinated, whose immune system is not damaged by vaccines.

          • Richids Coulter says:

            It is more severe in unvaccinated, as it is more severe in those under 2 months old none of whom should have received any vaccines against pertussis. After 2 months old it is rarely serious, therefore there is very little reason to vaccinate.

      • kbueno says:

        My properly vaccinated kid got whopping cough last year along with 15 other classmates who were also vaccinated, so it incorrect and unfair to blame families who choose not to vaccinate. These kids, in my experience, tend not to get sick and are heathier in general. Its an established fact that the vaccine works poorly not to mention that whooping cough is not making a come back…..its always been around. It cycles around every 2-3 years, naturally. This is usually (but not exclusively) in the late winter and spring time. At least according to my doctor. Very few of the illnesses we vaccinate for are actually life threatening or dangerous for the majority of people. In some cases we are exclusively protecting preganant women (rubella and chicken pox), in others protecting babies (whoooing cough is really only dangerous to babies and very elderly). Paralytic polio and dypyheria are serious though and Im glad for the scientific advances that have been made with those illnesses. My doctor (who beleives in vaccine use) feels that it is quite possible that with a general over use of vaccines that our society is exchanging the possible prevention of certain infectious illness for an epidemic of long term chronic, degenerative and auto immune illnesses that downgrade our collective quality of life and cost a fortune over a long strecth of time. This, to me, makes sense.

        • backtonature says:

          Thanks for the thoughtful response. I believe, like anything else, whether or not to get a vaccination should be a matter of risk. Paralytic polio is also a killer. I’d get that vaccination (and did many decades ago). As you mention, so many diseases are not that deadly. Thus, the added risks with the vaccine itself, such as the adjuvant or preservative, may weigh against getting it for most diseases. And that doesn’t even take into account how likely it is to protect you anyway, like with the flu vaccine.
          Also, you make an implied distinction between public health and individual health. Public health, as a practice, decides that some individual sacrifices in the process are worth it for the good of the population. That sounds good unless you or your family happen to be one of the sacrifices. That’s where the mandatory vaccinations of health care workers and others come in. Someone somewhere has been convinced it’s a good idea (probably lobbied by big Pharma or their medical friends paid by big pharma, but not always–some just jump on the bandwagon like the low fat phenomenon pushed for decades with bad science behind it.) I also have a good friend who works at a rehab facility. They try to force her to get the flu vaccine every year. Fortunately, it is not yet at a point where she will lose her job for not getting it. But most health professionals know how to assess the risk and, when they do it, they don’t believe many vaccines will benefit them or their families.
          Sadly, from a public health perspective, the skill of evaluating risk will never be taught. We have to learn to think analytically and then research the information ourselves. Many won’t ever understand the importance of these skills. I’m convinced that big Pharma pretty much blackmailed the public health experts into a situation where they said, if you don’t mandate vaccinations of all kinds for everyone and don’t cut our liability for damages, we’ll just stop producing all vaccines, because we don’t make enough profit from them. So public health experts, again, willing to sacrifice some for the assumed concept of safety for the public in general, succumbed to the pressure, fearing a necessary vaccine would not be around when needed.
          I don’t think this is a black and white situation. It is a case of finding the information, reading it, asking professionals that you trust about specifics and then making a decision.

    • If you ask those in the U.S. government, All of them.

      • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

        They are not worth any effort to obliterate them. Nature will take care of that. Look at their children and you will see degeneration. So resist passively and enjoy your free life, do not be angry.

        • That is what I am saying! 🙂
          Unfortunately I was indoctrinated as a youth into the military mindset so…you know, the easiest way is to destroy them. I admire those who are persistent and positive, but, unfortunately, I cannot culminate that on my own for I am too broken.
          The most primitive mindset is to merely destroy those who are destroying you. I can’t fathom attempting to work with them and since I have already attempted as much with little gain, there is little other process to deal with someone ruthlessly poisoning not only you and your family, but millions of others and all of life. They refuse to stop, how else to deal with such an enemy? I certainly can’t talk to them anymore, they just repeat their talking points and collect their paycheck, business as usual. No, not business as usual because we obliterate them. We don’t have much time to spare, many species are already extinct because of this toxic monopoly and you can see my dire words as the anguish of the planet and life itself. Imagine if someone was poisoning your family members and killing them daily, but you have so many that it happens for as long until you stop those poisoning you. That is my mindset. They are ruining all of life and if we do not stop them, we are lost. There is no solution working through the system that is doing it.

    • SteveCO says:

      How many morons does it take to make a Tea Party? Don’t have any kids, honeybunch. They’ll be pariahs, while their fellow students will laugh at the kid’s idiot parents.

  3. DannyJoe says:

    Vaccines save far far more lives than might be harmed. Striking fear into parents against vaccinating their children is reprehensible! You’ve lost me. Unsubscribe.

    • Mary Mann says:

      If mothers will love their children enough to nurse them a LONG time, and learn about homeopathic alternatives, feed the kids well, etc, they should not need shots. Oh well, maybe unless we bring in lots of strange diseases from other lands with our new refugees.

      • Dust of the Earth says:

        Re: The refugees. Compared to European countries, the US is accepting very few refugees, and each one has to go through an involved background check and health check. I wouldn’t worry about strange diseases from refugees, but rather all the chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. But if you’re feeding your kids right like you say, you probably don’t have much to worry about those either. By the way, mothers who love their children can still steer them wrong simply because they believe what they are doing is right. We shouldn’t judge others too harshly for not being aware of natural health practices.

    • Dust of the Earth says:

      You must not have been subscribed long. ANH puts out articles regarding vaccines pretty often, plus vaccine choice is on their campaign sidebar. I’m here mostly for their nutrition information, but I’m surprised you weren’t aware of their position re: vaccines.

    • no1uknow1 says:

      Striking fear into parents to get them vaccinating their children is even more reprehensible! And much more widespread.

    • oreocracker says:

      You bought into the big pharma hype. Do your research, look at the other side as much as you’re looking at their side. Then make an informed decision.

      • Just let them believe what they want. If they are too blind to see the light, we can’t shine it into their face and make them see it. They will realize for themselves when their bodies go defunct and they can no longer function. They’ll just wonder “why me” of course and blame something called “God”. What a joke, these people are lost. Can only try so hard to turn a slave into an actual person before giving up when you realize they are programmed drones that will follow the system to its demise.

        • oreocracker says:

          IKR? Big Pharma has done a great job of brainwashing. They will care when their kids become paralyzed or have to deal with an autistic child the rest of their lives. Only then…..

          • What’s even worse is that even if everyone did figure it out, the system is so sick that it is just trying to replace us with foreigners who don’t know their rights and will happily work for a corrupt system and eat poison. It seems, in my mind, the only way to stop this madness is to destroy it.
            “When words don’t work…”…

          • What’s even worse is that even if everyone did figure it out, the system
            is so sick that it is just trying to replace us with foreigners who
            don’t know their rights and will happily work for a corrupt system and
            eat poison. It seems, in my mind, the only way to stop this madness is
            to destroy it.
            “When words don’t work…”…
            Honestly, destroying it really shouldn’t be seen as a problem considering that the system is made up of war criminals from WW2, our enemies. We’re still at war, only one side is participating actively, though. They learned their lesson from WW2: that invading and forcing the poison doesn’t work so they’ve been doing it slowly over the past several decades and utilizing our own words and our own system to deceive us. If you think the U.S. is some great leader of the world, they’ve got you played!
            Added some more info to the other post that got it into a moderator queue so I will repost this!
            “A few years later, the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal convicted 24
            of the I.G. Farben executives for mass murder, slavery and other crimes
            against humanity; however, in less than 7 years, every single murderer
            was released, and began consulting American corporations.From
            1950 to 1980, Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst filled their highest position,
            Chairman of the Board, with convicted mass murderers. Fritz ter Meer,
            convicted of mass murder, served just 5 prison years, then
            “conveniently” became the chairman of Bayer’s supervisory board. Kurt
            Blome, who admitted to killing Jews with “gruesome experiments,” was
            hired in 1951 by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical
            So in other words, the system that is poisoning you is ran by our enemies from WW2. No wonder they don’t care about how we feel and refuse to listen to reason and of course all the more reason to exterminate them without remorse or hesitation! Since Germany just won’t seem to learn its lesson, once I am finished with this world, it won’t even exist. You german cretins refuse to stop ruining the world, so we’ll just get rid of you instead!

    • Richids Coulter says:

      Notice no supporting evidence to back up your ridiculous claims.

  4. Mary Mann says:

    Years ago it took 4 adults w/ all their strength holding down one 45-lb, 5-yr-old who instinctively knew better than his then-uninformed-mother, to administer “school” shots. I learned a lot since that day, thanks to Harris Coulter, PhD. Good luck, Joris.

  5. riverstrat . says:

    The Government that protects the Heroin Trade and protects the poppy fields in Afghanistan that are used in it’s production are going to tell us what to inject into our children,,,,,,,I don’t think so. If you have any doubts at all to what I’m saying look up Heraldo Afghanistan Heroin on youtube…let me know what you think.

    • SteveCO says:

      Sounds like your family tree doesn’t fork, Confederate Crap.
      Your racist flag shows you to be a useless waste of human life.

      • riverstrat . says:

        You are free to turn your cowardice, fktardd’, hairy-knuckled back on 600,000 good men that were ordered by the Regent Governments of the North and South to murder each other in order that the advancement or defeat of Northern FEDERALISM might be resolved, sovereignty lost out, the ensuing tyranny is further and daily encroaching on every God given inalienable right you thought you were born with, I refuse.
        PC Liberals and our Government would prefer you do just that,
        forget your history, your heritage, your culture, and why we expelled the British from our soil, history that is forgotten is repeated.
        We need 15 or 20 states to secede soon, before the rest of your speech
        and God given inalienable rights are smashed, and forgotten.
        Piss up a rope moron….God Bless

      • Reality of Truth says:

        You don’t even have a family tree since you are not even human. Just another reptilian invader here to destroy the human species and you can’t even accomplish that very well, hah! Must be your pea-sized lizard brain (or lack of one at all!).

      • Blanche Marie Couture says:

        Steve what an idiot you are….what he says is the truth….if you don’t know anything about the truth please shut up! Spare yourself …and others.

  6. riverstrat . says:

    Do any of you think the Congress runs their children through the School Mill to get their kids vaccinated ? lol I don’t think so . Vaccines are for profit, much like Prisons for profit. The motive of Big Pharma is Money , lots of it, and the revolving door involving Congress, and Executive positions in Pharma and Pharma Lobbying is greased well.

  7. mich says:

    Lol it’s funny the brainwashed try to tell the others they are brainwashed but here are the facts. I worked for one of the largest hospital group’s in the country for 8 years. They are pretty much at the point of forcing vaccinations on employees because nobody wants to get vaccinated, it was like 23%, and this includes the entire hospital staff all the way down to the janitors, they have to threaten your job, limit your employment to certain areas. FaCT is nurses and doctors don’t want to get vaccines they see the people coming in after the vaccinations are administered there a lot of doctors that will sign off, as if the children have been vaccinated ,when they really haven’t , so believe what you want but even the most famous doctors and Scientist will tell you they don’t vaccinate their children, but will almost always tell you they vaccinate themselves because of their position, which I highly doubt because they could get somebody to sign off on their vaccination easier than somebody else not in the field. There’s no proof that vaccinations saved anybody but there is evidence that they do kill people and mame people. That’s why they have to confuse you about the information resulting on the CDC website claiming much larger numbers by using many years instead of a year. And using the news to try to strike fear in you. I always tell my clients if they’re pushing vaccines on you ask him these few questions. Every single time the people that go in for vaccinations don’t get them after asking those questions. Try not listening to the news try understanding the information you can always look up the information in the journals of medicine compare them to the CDC but most people wOnt because they’re too lazy. Oh I also want to point out that hospitals are being pressured to push and force vaccination on employees and are given funding for each vaccination I couldn’t tell you one time I got three TB tests from three places when I was applying for my job they just didn’t want to accept my previous TB test even though it was recent, and the reason is , I found out later, they get money for administering those tests as well as the vaccinations. All the correspondence I got regarding getting vaccinated was very threatening I kept all the letters to prove so.

    • MYR says:

      mich, the hospitals that mandate or force employees to vaccinate – any idea where the hospitals get the money from? CDC?
      I’m really concerned because a close friend who works in a hospital is forced to get the flu vaccine, failing which she can lose her job. #medicaltyranny

      • Autumnsong9 says:

        Many hospitals have gone to this policy. No flu vaccine = no job. It’s one of the reasons I won’t work in one anymore. Most hospitals, even very small ones, are part of managed systems that dictate rules, cut corners in areas at are bad for patients and staff and make big profits for their CEO’s. It’s sad and scary.

      • mich says:

        No they usually just refer to it as “State Funding” I have worked both State and Private hospital’s/nursing homes, the State is the worst! Worst to the employees and patients. They are state funding hungary. They would tell you out right, don’t do this, or if you do this, or allow this, we don’t get paid. The Private hospital does all kinds of fundraising but still relies on government funding plus the government is now putting all kinds of regulation and expectations on the hospitals, non compliance means $$$$ the hospital pays.

      • It isn’t as if a hospital is a good place to work anyway. Basically a cesspool of germs, viruses, bacteria and inefficiency cleaning processes which results in Legionaries, Staph infections and other problems that First World Hospitals do not have. My suggestion is stop trying to talk sense into demented freaks (such as the crooks who want to poison everyone) and either 1. poison them back or 2. find a different job and my favourite 3. obliterate the entire U.S. society and execute all the crooks who ruin the world and all of life.
        3 is clearly the only choice that matters but I know everybody is a mindless slave so you will probably choose 2 or even 4 (which means get poisoned and continue to work at an awful hospital).

    • Just tell the doctor that you will rip the needle from his hand and inject an air bubble into his bloodstream if he tries to force himself on you. Anyone who does get vaccinated is a lost cause if they refuse to fight and change their mind (if they even have it anymore). Those pushing the vaccinations should have their families forcefully vaccinated and see how they like it. All for a paycheck of a value-less currency, when will you humans realize this absurd society is not worth supporting or living in and fight it? For if you don’t, you will all be destroyed.
      I’m all for burning down the doctors and nurses homes while they sleep, they don’t deserve to exist for being the exact opposite of what they claim to be and doing the exact opposite of their purpose (“do good before harm”). All they do is harm people and poison people for their own gain, they are despicable scum just like U.S. Society and all the crooks running it.
      I will never join this society and I work every day towards its obliteration. Absolute.

    • oreocracker says:

      Some are probably trolls from Big Pharma.

  8. jimmers says:

    I see the paid trolls are here in force. So this is for them :
    Vaccines are total Bullshit – look up SV40
    Vaccines have a short shelf life , so they are filled with preservatives such as – Formaldehyde , Mercury, Aluminum, MSG , anyone of these can penetrate the brain blood barrier
    Only a dam fool would take a flu shot or the new buzz the Ammonia Shot . The active vaccine is most times way to weak to have any affect , but guess what you still get injected with all them poisons .
    So what’s causing all these huge increases in childhood diseases such as – Cancer , Autism , ADHD, Meningitis etc etc ? All to many times the child was just fine til he or she got vaccinated and there is way to many cases confirming this fact
    So the food is poisoned = GMO the water is poisoned = Fluoride the air is poisoned =
    and the poison of vaccinations = a new generation that will be the most unhealthy Americans ever
    Not sure why all these brainwashed get vaccinated sheep are worried about – if their kids are vaccinated they are protected – they won’t get the mumps , measles , whooping cough etc right LOL
    there has been no deaths for those children not vaccinated for measles since the CDC started keeping the statistics in 1996 – there have been however 28 deaths from children that received the vaccination – this info is on the CDC website
    Now freshly made vaccines with no preservatives would be the way to go and no doubt there are those who would benefit. So why are these not being offered ? Yes they cost to much money to make and the Corporate Scum Bags wouldn’t get their nickles

    • girldog says:

      ammonia shot?? Haven’t heard of that one-sounds scary!

    • Corey Thoesen says:

      There is no link between MMR vaccines and autism. None. The “link” was from a fraudulent paper published in a British medical journal by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. The paper has been retracted and his license has been revoked due to his fraud.

      • jimmers says:

        So the unbelievable increases in childhood diseases is probably caused from drinking soda? Here is the truth – Our kids from newborn to the age of 5 are absolutely nuked with vaccinations 1 series 2 series 3 series and what has happened – Autism , ADHD , Bowel Disease , Auto Immune Disease etc etc have gone thru the roof .
        It’s getting harder and harder for Trolls like you to spread your Lies . Go check out Dr. Mercola for some real truth
        Our kids are sick and un-healthy and my research says it is from all the poison that is being injected into their bodies and misinformed idiots like you should go talk to the thousands and thousands of parents who had a perfectly fine child until they got vaccinated and now they have a screaming unresponsive shell

        • Corey Thoesen says:

          Is this the same Dr. Mercola that claims that all cancer is a fungus? What, you may ask, is his reasoning? Well, fungus is white, and cancer is white; so that means that cancer is really a fungus. Sounds like some good science there, NOT!

          • jimmers says:

            Don’t ever remember where Mercola said All Cancer is a fungus. You obviously know very little about cancer and probably believe that the only way to fight it is to – Poison , Cut , Burn . If you ever get that disease , I would suggest you go the alternative treatment route and Mercola would be a good place to start

  9. jimmers says:

    I see the paid trolls are here in force. So this is for them :
    Vaccines are total BS – look up SV40
    have a short shelf life , so they are filled with preservatives such as
    – Formaldehyde , Mercury, Aluminum, MSG , anyone of these can penetrate
    the brain blood barrier
    Only a ignorant fool would take a flu shot
    or the new buzz the Ammonia Shot . The active vaccine is most times way
    to weak to have any affect , but guess what you still get injected with
    all them poisons .
    So what’s causing all these huge increases in
    childhood diseases such as – Cancer , Autism , ADHD, Meningitis etc etc ?
    All to many times the child was just fine til he or she got vaccinated
    and there is way to many cases confirming this fact
    So the food is poisoned = GMO the water is poisoned = Fluoride the air is poisoned =
    and the poison of vaccinations = a new generation that will be the most unhealthy Americans ever
    sure why all these brainwashed get vaccinated sheep are worried about –
    if their kids are vaccinated they are protected – they won’t get the
    mumps , measles , whooping cough etc right LOL
    there has been no
    deaths for those children not vaccinated for measles since the CDC
    started keeping the statistics in 1996 – there have been however 28
    deaths from children that received the vaccination – this info is on
    the CDC website
    Now freshly made vaccines with no preservatives
    would be the way to go and no doubt there are those who would benefit.
    So why are these not being offered ? Yes they cost to much money to make
    and the Corporate Scum Bags wouldn’t get their nickles

    • Another thing the crooks fail to mention is that the methods used to create vaccines are done so in a lab and not with the natural variation of the virus and thus they actually infect you with a lab created strain which will not grant life long immunity like naturally being exposed will. Vaccines are 100% poison injections and they have never worked.
      But don’t worry, the tide is turning and soon we will be the ones poisoning the crooks and their entire families against their will (I prefer to just toss them into a volcano).

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

      Do you know that it is not possible to make vaccines without toxic chemicals and preservatives. There is so much biological filth brewing on unsterilized rotting animal tissue (such as monkey or dog kidneys, or mouse brains) and cancerous cell lines (such as aborted fetuses lines, MRC-5, WI-38) at 37 Celsius – for days- that all that formaldehyde (embalming fluid), thimerosal (mercury), detergents, etc has to be added, just to get those added and contaminating viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, and fungy under control (hopefully). There is a reason why China, where most of vaccines are produced now, doesn’t allow american FDA inspectors to set foot a at their vaccine factories. And the trend is to increase amount of toxic chemicals (up to 80 are used), not eliminate them. For example, Gardasil-9 has twice more adjuvant Aluminum, than previous version. Aluminum hydroxide is added with a purpose to increase inflammation, to force the body to produce those coveted antibodies, no matter how short lived or low quality they are. More adjuvants are needed, because immune system, destroyed by previous load of vaccines, now fails to produce antibodies (complete failure in ~25%, and short lived antibodies, that require more and more boosters, in others) So do not hope for “clean” vaccines. They all are dirty or extremely dirty; poisonous, and practically ineffective. All of them put the body in a state of inflammation and cause neurodegenerative , autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer.

      • jimmers says:

        Didn’t know most vaccines made in China , but makes perfect sense as they would like nothing better then to poison our young . I believe one state has just passed mandatory Gardasil Vaccinations for all 7th graders – how can the parents be so naive ?
        You savy on that SV40 that a ytube video from the 50’s has Dr. Salk & his crony laughing over how the Polio Vaccine is contaminated with the cancer virus SV40

  10. Alan8 says:

    This is fascism: The corrupt alliance of corporate power and government power against citizens.
    Yet another reason I vote Green Party (and for Bernie!).

    • I will not be voting. Socialism is just another word for “everybody is poor except the connected/system”. All of the candidates merely use our words to their gain, they do not intend any good at all. We need to not have an election, if you know what I mean.

  11. girldog says:

    I don’t understand the fifth paragraph of this article. Why would an adverse event report need to be peer reviewed? Peer review refers to original research, not a report of an event. Why would the CDC be expected to provide peer review?

  12. jimmers says:

    thats right go ahead and censor the truth may you suffer the consequences

  13. Herb Stankyman says:

    Suggest an underground of false medical records. Pharma finds creeps like Dinowitz, pays them off and get their poisons forced on us.

  14. Herb Stankyman says:

    Or, medical records are protected by Hippa, so why do we have to be forced to show medical records to schools??? Huh?

  15. Megan MacLean says:

    Vaccines save lives, you are only hurting your children. Guarasil is not killing people, it is saving them. Wake up! Do you want to have kids suffer and die from diseases like polio or whooping cough which thanks to people not vaccinating has caused a break out of the disease? Vaccination should be mandatory! This is not about choice, it’s about preventing dangerous and deadly diseases and protecting those that are immunocompromised.

    • Soren Mitchell says:

      lol. Nothing is so simple as that. You’ve got to be kidding. Health is earned. Vaccines are toxic waste, if you spilled it on the ground at school you would have to call the Hazmat team! Don’t push your garbage on me!

    • Richids Coulter says:

      # of studies comparing overall health outcomes between fully vaccinated and never vaccinated to show following the CDC’s schedule in full results in overall healthier adults – ZERO.
      Don’t you think if you’re going to tell someone they should vaccinated their kid to protect yours that you should at least be able to provide ONE SINGLE STUDY to support the idea that they’re making a good choice for their children?
      # of studies comparing rates of autism between the same two groups supporting the industry’s talking heads’ oft-repeated assertion that vaccines don’t cause autism – ZERO.
      Measles vaccine first administered in the US – 1963
      Percentage of deaths from measles in the US in 1962 – 0.022%
      No whooping cough outbreak has EVER occurred because of people not vaccinating, you’re scientifically illiterate.

      • jimmers says:

        SInce 1996 From The CDC website
        0 deaths from measles from un- vaccinated children
        26 deaths from those that died from a re-action from getting vaccinated for the measles – and that number is probably alot more

    • Go get vaccinated then, can’t force anyone else to.
      Execution of morons should be mandatory.

    • Rob Reiken says:

      If Vaccines save lives then should go tell that to the hundreds of girls in westernized countries that have been killed by Gardasil, or go tell that to the 47,500 people in India who were left paralyzed & dead around 2 or 3 years ago & tell all those kids In china that were killed with The Hepatitus B Vaccine. 98 million AMericans were vaccinated with the Polio Vaccine that had a live cancer virus in it (SV-40) & it is said it killed almost 30 million people within 2 n a half years from getting the shot. Government with their love child corporations poison the food with GMO’s & they put rasac pesticide in the drinking water that they get people brushing their teeth with , it’s called Sodium Fluoride. ALl these measures are for depopulation it’s all about their plan called > Agenda 21 <,

    • jimmers says:

      Your ignorance is appalling , do some real research on the evils of Gardasil . I would suggest checking out Dr Mercola’s website . If you have had your kids vaccinated with this poison , start on the road to de-toxify their system and do it ASAP

  16. #NoHPVmandateRI says:

    Rhode Island citizens are doing more then just contacting RI DOH. They have already made it clear they are not reversing the mandate. Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations is a strong group working directly with state representatives to put forth a bill reversing the HPV vaccine mandate. On Facebook at — Join / Donate / & Sign petition at

    • So leave, hard to have a city/state/nation without citizens who support it. Stop paying taxes and move!

      • #NoHPVmandateRI says:

        Instead we are doing something that will make change here & for our future. Citizens will not move away by the thousands, that’s not realistic, but having legislation presented & pass to reverse the mandate is very realistic probability. Join Us & share, we will win this

        • Why work within the confines of a corrupted and criminal system that won’t convict itself? They might concede one small point to please the weakhearts such as yourself, but to change the cancer monopoly, you must destroy the system. You will not get these crooks to stop poisoning the world until you stop their heartbeats that they don’t even deserve to have.

          • #NoHPVmandateRI says:

            In order to win the war you have to win each smaller battle. Standing ground & keeping a strong force will bring us further to having our rights respected & winning the war. I do not wish to argue, we are accomplishing great things. Ban with us

          • What if the smaller battles they allow you to win are just distractions and time-biders so they can keep poisoning you? I don’t think you understand how corrupt the system is and the extent into which I am speaking. You are talking of your one state, I am talking of the whole world. Should we really play their game and allow them to continue to poison while we do or shouldn’t we just get rid of them entirely for not deserving to be on this planet that they despise so much?? I guess I will never get the answer that I want out of you, so…

          • #NoHPVmandateRI says:

            To start you shouldn’t be looking for a particular answer from me. 2nd this is a movement with a specific focus. Discouraging words do not help they hinder, uplift people where they are at. All stages of the war are worth the effort.

          • If you do not seek the solution you will not be apart of the answer.
            I’m not going to tip toe to gimped crooks who need a handicap and have to manipulate their false realm (society) to their own gain/advantage while sabotaging their “opponents/dissidents”. Asking anyone else to do so is insane. It is like me asking you to play in my sand pit, only it is lava and you’re the only one going in there.
            How else can I explain it? It is like going to your murderer/rapist as if they were the police (some prob are) and asking them to convict themselves. Not going to happen.
            At this point, trying to act like we can convince them to change through positivity is like I said before, begging your murderer to convict themselves. Stockholm syndrome would be suspect. You really going to try to “compromise” and “work with” the system and those who run it that have been poisoning you and are continuing to poison you while doubling down their efforts and propaganda? You may as well be on their side at that point. The only solution is destruction of the system and that is the plain, hard Truth.

          • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

            Reality, going on a tank is spectacular, but the tank will crush the hero. Look how evil empires self destructed – faster than everyone expected – Nazis, Soviet Union, British in India, Resistance movements (like Ghandi’s) need many people – and wins slowly but surely. Have patience, do something good for the planet and your family and wait – you may live to see some interesting developments.

          • The thing is, anyone in their right mind will be offended and fight against those poisoning them. Anyone too weak to accept the Truth will be annihilated as an enemy to all of life. It is irrelevant what they think and this also is not comparable to history because they were not dealing with a cancer monopoly that intentionally and maliciously poisons all life on the planet. They were also too blind to see that violence is indeed the answer. Burn it all to the ground, 100mi deep crater where D.C. USE to be. Haha!

  17. mich says:

    One more thing I wanted to point out most adults are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated and by the time kids are in high school the smallpox antibodies/titers is non-existent in their bodies. So maybe they should force every adult to get Their titers checked and force/ recommend vaccinations and see how well that goes. The last vaccine I was forced to get I had a mysterious cough for over 3 months, the doctor couldn’t diagnose it, my lungs were clear, I stopped the vaccine, the cough disapeared. it was a 3 stage/dose vaccine. Another fact is they don’t check titers after they administer the flu vaccine so they don’t even know if it created antibiodies or not which they know it sometimes doesn’t in younger people, n in the elderly a lot of times the flu vaccine does not take create antibodies so it doesn’t work! They know this but they don’t check the titers. Fact is most elderly people are not going to get the flu they may get an upper respiratory infection which the CDC counts as the flu, LMAO, matter fact any infection on the lungs, they can count as the flu!

  18. goddessofmusic says:

    Look to Monsanto, not vaccinations. Do we really want to go back to epidemic measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio? And by the way, this is the second flu season I have escaped catching it and the second vaccinated. The year before I got my first flu vaccine, the flu sent me to the hospital.

    • Go get injected, you can’t make anyone else though.

      • goddessofmusic says:

        From Scientific American: Adverse Reactions
        Before a vaccine became available in the 1940s, many parents learned firsthand that pertussis was a terrible disease. The bacterium that causes it, Bordetella pertussis, produces a toxin that damages the tiny sweeping hairs that coat the lining of the lungs, preventing them from clearing the airways of mucus and the microbial invaders. Following uncontrollable coughing fits—some of which are strong enough to cause seizures and brain damage—children wheeze and gasp for breath, giving the illness its name. In the pre-vaccine era, whooping cough afflicted as many as 200,000 children each year in the U.S. and killed about 8,000. The new vaccine shrank the incidence of pertussis from around 157 cases for every 100,000 members of the population to one in 100,000.

  19. MontanaMuleGal says:

    Here’s what I do not understand about those who are pro vaccine: If you and your children are vaccinated, then what are you worried about? You will be safe from the diseases you have been vaccinated for. You will come face to face with the disease and you won’t get it!! Right? Hooray for you!!
    If you truly believe in your vaccination, it is as good as armor. Right? It will protect you. Right?
    As for the rest of us, let us make our own decisions about whether we want a vaccination or not.

    • They’re unjustifiably scared of the “un-vaccinated”. That is their entire talking point. If you don’t get poisoned, you are somehow a danger to others. It is ridiculous, a non-defensible position with no evidentiary backup. It is safe to assume anyone who is pro-vaccine is taking a cut from the industry and can be completely disregarded and ignored. Let them get their injections but remind them they have no right to do it to others and the moment they try, it will always be a fight.

  20. disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

    “I had every vaccine ever invented, and was damned glad I did.” “I have no children or grandchildren”. The 2 facts are very much connected,

  21. Rene says:

    I have noticed in the last 5 years that there are a lot more of the public paying attention, and noticing that EVERYTHING is rigged for profit at the expense of people’s lives, and every aspect of there lives. This growing awareness is a beautiful thing. The medical community needs to receive the “pressure” from US the public….more pressure than the $$$ Pharma crowd is giving.
    Every stupid phone call, and notification to get your flu shot, shingles shot, mammo-cancergram, Bogus screening, for profit, Vaccine for profit, GardaKILL, and The BIG $$$ players like Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates posing as a do good humanitarian…whilst partnering with Monsanto, CIPRO…..All the pretenders, backing and pushing fraudulent science. UHHHGGG- ARRHGGG, [email protected]#$%%^&*((!#$

  22. SteveCO says:

    This is for the science denying Christian extremists here: Vaccines are science based, they work, they keep your little snots from infecting others.
    If you choose to believe myths instead of science, that’s your problem.
    Jimmers is a brainless, homeschooled hate Christian – ignorant, angry, stupid.

    • Reality of Truth says:

      If I could impale you as Vlad did, I would stake you in your front lawn. Ilk such as yourself is why the world is an awful place.

    • jimmers says:

      LOL – The Truth makes lil Stevie Boy Mad , do some real research dipshit , and then un-program yourself . Maybe then you shall step into the light

  23. riverstrat . says:

    “All laws repugnant to the constitution are null and void” Like the Muslim Terrorist’s (Obama) Forced Health Care Coverage , Forced medical procedures/vaccines are as far away from Freedom and The American Ideals and Bill Of Rights that you could possibly get, short of leaving the Universe. Obama Belongs in Prison serving a life sentence.

  24. Alexia says:

    NY also recently introduced a bill to add HPV to state mandates, and one to allow HPV to be administered to minors without consent or knowledge of parents. HPV is an STD, and NOT contagious by casual contact. There is NO public health reason to ever push mandates in absence of a public health emergency. Vaccines and other medical decisions on products and procedures should be between providers and their patients. NOT legislated!! All new shots added to the schedule since loss of product liability 30 years ago were NOT in response to any public health emergencies or epidemics… but developed in seeking market opportunities. MANDATES = PROFIT OVER PUBLIC HEALTH!!!!

  25. Richids Coulter says:

    Did you really quote IFLS with a straight face? Once thought cured? When was measles, whooping cough, mumps or chickenpox ever “thought cured”? Do you know what cured means? It isn’t synonymous with the word “eradicated”. Smallpox was eradicated by careful quarantine, not vaccination, if you understood history you’d know that smallpox vaccine was actually responsible for the first anti-vaccination leagues in the late 1800s as it was responsible for massive spikes in incidence and deaths. Look at the 100,000 strong protest march in Leicester, England, in the lat 1800s.

    • Corey Thoesen says:

      I think you have your “historical” facts wrong.
      Smallpox eradication was accomplished with a combination of focused surveillance—quickly identifying new smallpox cases—and ring vaccination. “Ring vaccination” meant that anyone who could have been exposed to a smallpox patient was tracked down and vaccinated as quickly as possible, effectively corralling the disease and preventing its further spread. The last case of wild smallpox occurred in Somalia in 1977.
      Smallpox was a good candidate for eradication for several reasons. First, the disease is highly visible: smallpox patients develop a rash that is easily recognized. In addition, the time from exposure to the initial appearance of symptoms is fairly short, so that the disease usually can’t spread very far before it’s noticed. Workers from the World Health Organization (“WHO”) found smallpox patients in outlying areas by displaying pictures of people with the smallpox rash and asking if anyone nearby had a similar rash.
      Second, only humans can transmit and catch smallpox. Some diseases have an animal reservoir, meaning they can infect other species besides humans. Yellow fever, for example, infects humans, but can also infect monkeys. If a mosquito capable of spreading yellow fever bites an infected monkey, the mosquito can then give the disease to humans. So even if the entire population of the planet could somehow be vaccinated against yellow fever, its eradication could not be guaranteed. The disease could still be circulating among monkeys, and it could re-emerge if human immunity ever waned. (The discovery of an animal reservoir for yellow fever was in fact what derailed a yellow fever eradication effort in the early 1900s.) Smallpox, however, can infect only humans. In effect, aside from the human population, it has nowhere to hide.
      Equally important is the ability to protect individuals against infection. People who survived smallpox naturally developed lifelong immunity against future infection. For everyone else, vaccination was highly effective. WHO trained vaccinators quickly, and they could immunize large groups of people in a short time.

      • Richids Coulter says:

        No I don’t have my historical facts wrong, but given you’re looking some 100 years after smallpox epidemics in developed countries (hmm, wonder why they lasted so long in third world countries) it’s no wonder you missed it.
        JT BIGGS was a member of Leicester’s Sanitation Committee for over 20 years, he documented what happened when mandatory vaccination against smallpox was implemented in the 19th century – incidence rates and deaths skyrocketed. People were being jailed for refusing to vaccinate, or heavily fined and jailed when they couldn’t pay. Almost 100,000 people in the late 1800s marched in protest against compulsory vaccination in Leicester, resulting in the first conscientious objector laws some 60 years before either Andrew Wakefield or Jenny McCarthy were born.
        The last few vestiges of smallpox some 100 years later in countries with the worst living conditions were eradicated due to quarantine, the fact vaccination is also credited is convenience.
        Historical facts –

  26. Richids Coulter says:

    Take a look at the world before vaccines? What year? Do you mean before the very first vaccine ever? That was around 100 years before the first measles vaccine. In that 100 year gap measles deaths fell by over 99.9%. Are you going to credit a vaccine for something else with that? Or changes in sanitation, food handling, sewage treatment, etc. Do you think if we went back to the living conditions of the 1700s but brought all our vaccines with us that our mortality rates and life expectancy would stay the same as they are now? Ridiculous.
    Measles vaccine first licensed in 1963.
    In 1962 measles accounted for 0.022% of deaths.

  27. Corey Thoesen says:

    Mercury is not present in most vaccines. It is present in a few in the form of thimerosal, a preservative that keeps vaccinations from becoming contaminated. Thimerosal in vaccines has been found in study after study to be harmless. No “neurotoxins” are injected into our children as part of the vaccination process. That is either a lie or profound ignorance of biology. Tetanus, on the other hand, produces a potent neurotoxin that kills people in a uniquely painful way.

    • jimmers says:

      Hello Troll
      All vaccines have very poisonous preservatives as the main ingredient MSG , Formaldehyde , Aluminum , Mercury , etc
      Sadly most of the vaccines are concocted in India & to my surprise China

      • Corey Thoesen says:

        Dear Conspiracy Theorist,
        Your “toxin” gambit uses scary words out of their scientific context. Aluminum is used in some vaccines in order to help create a stronger immune reaction. This allows us to use less of the actual antigens derived from the germ. It is not present in amounts that cause harm.
        Formaldehyde is sometimes present in tiny amounts left over from the preservation process. Your own body manufactures more formaldehyde in a day during its normal chemical processes than you would get from a lifetime of vaccines. The tiny amount that might be left in your shots is trivial for your body to deal with.
        Are you prejudice against those from India and China? What does that have to do with anything in this argument?
        Call me a troll all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that your argument is based on your own beliefs that the world is out to get you. Continue to hide in your fantasy land or better yet, take your non-vaccinated-self to Disneyland where the latest measles outbreak occurred.
        “The Disneyland outbreak is quite possibly a direct consequence of the growing anti-vaccination movement in the United States,” said study author Maimuna Majumder, a research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital.
        “Why are we reading front-page headlines about a disease once declared dead? The answer is a combination of unethical science, unfounded fear and – in some states – a very low bar for opting out of vaccination.
        The measles vaccine is proven safe and effective. The risk of experiencing a major problem from the vaccine is roughly less than 1 in 40,000. In contrast, studies show 1 in roughly every 333 people who contract measles will die from it.
        That’s what science tells us now.” – Robert Pearl, M.D.
        When you find some scientific support to your argument let us know.

  28. oreocracker says:

    I know several nurses in different states lying that they got the shots and they aren’t. They’re not stupid.

  29. jimmers says:

    I may not agree totally with Donald Trump – but when he says – ” Vaccinations should not be forced”
    but voluntary only. I agree end the Gestapo tactics of forced anything and un-like the proven liar currently in office I would trust Trump to honor what he says on the campaign trail . We need less government in all our lives and for those who have had to deal with that bureaucracy in any way know what I mean , of course if you suck from the Government Teat a guy like Trump is not for you

  30. Metinks says:

    Anyone considering mandatory vaccines is in the pocket of big pharma. Follow the money. It’s a conflict of interest, and such proponents would need to excuse themselves from governmental decisions because of that conflict of interest.

  31. Metinks says:

    HIV can be traced to polio vaccines administered to millions of Africans in the late 1950s and early 1960s, that used monkey tissues in creating the vaccines. The whole mystery of HIV was they said they didn’t know how the virus jumped from monkeys to humans. VACCINES, that how.

  32. MendoGal says:

    So by your logic, if a vaccine is forced on my grandchild and he becomes disabled or dies, then I am justified in coming after YOU and all the other thinking impaired automatons who support forced vaccination?

  33. 1thug banned by WORDSTAR!! says:

    the problem with vaccines is…what for it…there NOT JUST VACCINES!! there are a host of other toxic ingredients (preservatives, adjuvants, foreign animals tissues, aborted fetal cells, foreign DNA and RNA, and more good stuff)…so when they say vaccines, its a complete LIE!!
    if i said here take this lollipop, but its covered with LYSOL, is it still a lollipop? NO!! it’s a toxin!! PERIOD!! whats the matter? you dont like lollipops…its just sugar…its from the earth.

  34. Richids Coulter says:

    Hey look, you use third world death statistics to fearmonger people into getting vaccinated, meanwhile in developed countries where measles is still endemic, like England/Wales, there have been 100,000+ cases of measles reported without a single death in the 0-9 year age group, but we’re still told how many babies are going to die because of Jenny McCarthy.
    Measles vaccine first used in the US in 1963, in 1962 (the year NO measles vaccine existed) measles accounted for a whopping 0.022% of total deaths.

    • Corey Thoesen says:

      Let me make sure I understand your logic. You’re saying we should ignore data from “third world” countries with high rates of measles cases/deaths and focus only on data in England/Wales where vaccinations are much more common and readily available?
      You’ve just proved that vaccines work.
      And yes, as we’ve made advancements in medical treatments and medical care it would stand to reason that death rates would decline. Your argument; however, ignores the fact that preventable diseases can lead to all sorts of nasty complications aside from death.

      • Richids Coulter says:

        Are you saying that if we provided third world countries with all the vaccines they need to match vaccination coverage rates of the USA that mortality rates will fall in line with the USA?
        Are you saying that if England decided to stop vaccinating that all the flushing toilets, sewage treatment plants, food handling facilities, running water and water treatment plants will all disappear or are you saying that in spite of all those massive differences in economics and sanitation between developed counties like England and the USA vs. third world countries like Sierra Leone that vaccination is the sole difference in mortality rates?
        With over 100,000+ cases of measles in England/Wales in the past 20 years (and again, no deaths in the 0-9 year age group), were there “all sorts of nasty complications” due to diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination, the industry-friendly mainstream media would be ALL OVER IT. But nothing…sorry.

  35. Richids Coulter says:

    and what about cinemas, taxis, buses, malls, parks, playgrounds, walking around the neighborhood – you really didn’t think it through.

  36. Richids Coulter says:

    Sorry, but herd immunity is not relevant to whooping cough, the vaccine has no bearing on infection or transmission, it seeks to lessen the severity of the spasms. This is why Australia a few years ago stopped recommending vaccination for grandparents, cocooning doesn’t work. The CDC’s baboon study also confirms this.

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