Autism Diagnoses Have Risen by 78% over the Last Decade

April 10, 2012

vaccine-baby-cryHow many children must be sacrificed before we get honest answers?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a new report that says 1 in 88 American children has some form of autism spectrum disorder—a 78% increase compared to a decade ago. Boys are five times more likely to have autism than girls.
While some of the rise in autism rates may be due to greater awareness of autism spectrum disorder and therefore more diagnoses, this alone cannot account for the huge jump.
What most mainstream physicians and most autism specialists seem determined to ignore is its likely link to administering so many vaccines to children at a very young age. The CDC recommends twelve different vaccines be given to children before their second birthday, many of them starting at birth.
The human brain develops most rapidly between the third trimester and through two years after birth. Fifty years ago, when the immunization schedule contained only four vaccines (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and smallpox), autism was virtually unknown. Autoimmune disorders are also seeing a dramatic rise in children—from type I diabetes (it afflicted 1 in 7,100 children in the 1950s; now it affects 1 in 400), to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and bowel disorders.
Health officials consider a vaccine to be safe if no acute bad reactions occur—like seizures, intestinal obstruction, or anaphylaxis. The CDC has not done any studies to assess the long-term effects of its immunization schedule. Besides autism and ADHD, Dr. Joseph A. Mercola lists a number of neurological disorders associated with vaccinations: encephalopathies, epilepsy, convulsions, mental retardation, depression, anxiety, central nervous system disorders, paralysis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, nerve deafness, blindness, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
The blood–brain barrier, or BBB, is a semi-permeable network of blood vessels with closely spaced cells that makes it difficult for many substances to leave the blood and cross the capillary walls into the brain tissues. But this barrier, which might protect the brain from the toxic effects of vaccines, is not fully formed at birth, making very young children especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of some vaccines.
The age at which the BBB is fully developed is open to some debate, though most experts believe it matures somewhere between six months and two years. Even if it is fully formed, the BBB can be broken down by high blood pressure, a very high concentration of a substance in the blood, microwave and other forms of radiation, infection, physical trauma, and inflammation.
Children may show signs of autism before the age of 2; it becomes most noticeable when children start to develop communication skills (speech, babbling, gestures, or social skills) and then regress. NIH has published a list of the signs of autism, some detectable as early as 12 months.
Not surprisingly, doctors working to update the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association and considered the psychiatry “bible,” have proposed significant changes to the definition of autism. If the changes are carried out as expected in 2013, this could reduce the number of children being given a diagnosis.
The reason this is important is twofold. First, the media will note the drop in the number of autism diagnoses, and will no doubt trumpet the change as a significant reduction in the number of children actually afflicted—which of course is nonsense. And second, many of the authors of the DSM-5 have ties to the drug industry. In an analysis of DSM workgroup members’ financial disclosures, most of the conflicts of interest were in groups where drugs are the frontline of therapy. These also happened to be the groups whose proposed changes to the diagnostic categories were the most controversial.
A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is usually followed with treatment that relies heavily on a pharmaceutical approach. SSRIs, tricyclics, antipsychotics, stimulants (like Ritalin), and anti-anxiety medications are the most common drugs prescribed.
You may recall our previous coverage of British physician Andrew Wakefield, the author of the controversial British study published in The Lancet linking autism and vaccines. As celebrated investigator Tim Bolen has revealed, the controversies seem to have started because of one man, a freelance journalist named Brian Deer. He wrote a series of articles in the London Times deriding Wakefield’s scientific work. After that, he wrote a similar crop of articles in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The BMJ then accused Wakefield of perpetrating an elaborate fraud, and the Lancet retracted his paper.
Since last October, many of the individual elements in the case against Dr. Wakefield have started to crumble. Here is the story as reported in the online newspaper The Age of Autism: Wakefield’s colleagues have been exonerated; the charges of the General Medical Council (which removed his right to practice medicine) have been mostly eviscerated; and the BMJ seems to have been caught in a lie when they said all their allegations against Wakefield had been externally peer-reviewed, which was not the case; moreover, very little fact-checking took place, and one of the editorial’s co-signers was a member of a company backed by a large pharmaceutical company.
Brian Deer may have been dropped by mainstream media in Britain—again according to Tim Bolen. Last year Deer submitted a proposal for an article to Nature magazine—an attack on the British medical hierarchy for not treating Andrew Wakefield harshly enough. Nature responded with a simple contract offer, requiring Deer to legally and personally stand behind his writing, indemnifying them against any legal actions that might arise from Deer’s article. (They were understandably skittish after the Wakefield affair.) Deer not only refused, but attacked Nature publicly, and waged a public war of words with the magazine.
Dr. Wakefield has moved to the US and has now filed a defamation suit against Brian Deer, the BMJ, and Fiona Godlee, BMJ’s editor and the writer of the two editorials alleging fraud. The suit claims that Deer’s article and the two BMJ editorials “contained unfair, incorrect, inaccurate and unjust criticisms of findings previously reported by Dr. Wakefield and twelve other co-authors” and made “false and defamatory allegations.”
Last year, Tim Bolen ran a searing three-part exposé about what the CDC knew, and when they knew it, about the devastating side effects of thimerosal in vaccines—and how they covered up that information. It is long, but well worth reading. Part One shows that in 1998, an internal CDC study on vaccines clearly pointed out the dangers of the autism vaccines, but CDC management changed both the data and the findings. Part Two discusses the lawsuit that biochemical scientist Brian Hooker (who has an autistic child) filed against the CDC, while Part Three offers a shocking timeline of events regarding thimerosal in infant vaccines.

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32 responses to “Autism Diagnoses Have Risen by 78% over the Last Decade”

  1. blue heron says:

    It is becoming more evident that Dr Wakefield and his collegues may have been correct all along, as traditionally, in Asia and India, the gut is the root of all health issues. Dr Wakefield is a gastroenterologist; therefore, he could assess damage just doing his regular job.
    It may be important to note the US Government indemnified vaccine makers, in order to proceed with these massive number of early vaccines. This preemptive action points to dangers vaccine makers are well aware of, yet the US govt. moved full steam ahead on an entire generation of kids.
    These actions shoot big holes in any trust placed in big Pharma and the FDA.

  2. Carolyn Mordecai says:

    My medical doctor is a homeopathic physician. When you look at the government’s CAM web site they say it hasn’t homeopathic medicine hasn’t been proven to work. Another coverup for the drug companies. All you need to do is try it for yourself. It’s safe, effective, and could be used by experts in homeopathy to help people be resistant to disease, instead of using vaccines. All it is is ENERGY.

  3. Jim H. Stevens says:

    I have read where some people testified before Congress that they saw their kids turn Autistic after they got a vaccine shot but Drs. everywhere are saying this is not true. How can they say that when they tell us they don’t have any reason that kids beocme autistic. I have been asking a lot of people to check out the Amish population and see how many of there kids are autistic? I know they don’t believe in vaccinating theirs. Go to google and see the difference in Their kids and ours. Thank you Jim

  4. Robert Cruder says:

    I suffered from childhood Asperger’s syndrome which affected both my sisters to a lesser extent but not friends/relatives with the same childhood immunizations and the same amalgam fillings. I also suffered from inattentive ADD. Both are more common in males, premature births and fathers over 35, all of which apply to me. I was NOT diagnosed with either condition as a child but would be diagnosed today. Better diagnostics explain increased rates.
    When Brian Hooker’s filed FOIA requests in March 11, 2005 he was surely aware of a broad study in progress and presented to the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition: Plenary Session on Oct. 11, 2005.
    That report considered the California ecological study that showed an apparent connection between children with autism in special education classes with estimated mercury exposure from vaccines and found no cause beyond change in diagnostic practice.
    That report included a National Institutes of Health and Harvard study that compared the features of children with autism and nonautistic children with mercury poisoning. That study found few similarities between the groups in motor function, vision, speed, sensory perception, and psychology.
    It referenced a contemporaneous study conducted in Sweden and Denmark that did not find a link between thimerosal and autism. When thimerosal was removed from the vaccines in Sweden and Denmark, there was no correlating change in the rates of autism reported in either country, he said.
    Of seven studies examined in detail, three which showed a link between thirmerosal and autism did not meet any of the eight established epidemiologic study quality criteria, while four showing no link met between five and seven of the quality criteria. It also considered a similar analysis by the Institute of Medicine that reviewed over 200 studies covering over 50,000 children.
    It noted that in 1971 Iraq imported grain that had been fumigated with methylmercury which became the worst, single-source, mercury poisonings in history. Pregnant women who ate the bread delivered babies with epilepsy and mental retardation but no increased risk of autism.
    Andrew Wakefield fraudulently manufactured the vaccine/autism link to support equally fraudulent billing for autism treatment and expert-witness fees. He received $300k per year from just one anti-vaccine group. After Wakefield lost his medical license, one may assume the $300k went to Brian Hooker.

  5. Rosemarie Russell says:

    Public Health Threatened By Rapidly Increasing Exposure To High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation
    The Issues:
    1) Radically increasing everyday exposure to radiofrequency radiation, including the very high frequency radiowaves known as microwaves.
    • The increased exposure comes from two unrelated sources.
    o One: transmitted radiofrequency radiation from devices such as WiFi, cellphones, wireless baby monitors, DECT cordless phones, and cell towers, none of which were present in the 1970’s and are unavoidable today.
    o Two: high frequencies, or electrical pollution, into the radiofrequency range present on building wiring from poorly engineered electronics and energy efficient lighting which only began widespread use in the late 1970’s.
    2) Lack of adequate safety standards.
    • EPA does not protect the public health.(1,2) There is no true safety standard due to political pressure from an industry group in the 1990’s.
    o Radiofrequency radiation threatens human health and our bee, bat and bird populations and the EPA does nothing. (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17)
    • There are no comprehensive conservative safety standards designed to safeguard the public health during the continuous exposures to radiofrequency radiation experienced in daily life. (1,2)
    o Our current FCC “safety” standards are designed solely to protect a 6 ft 185 lb man from tissue heating during a short (6 minute) exposure.
    o Our current FCC “safety” standards are not designed to protect even a 6 ft man from biological effects during a continuous exposure.
    o None of the transmitter technology has been subjected to rigorous health studies as is required for drugs, in spite of its use resulting in involuntary exposure for an uninformed non-consenting population.
    o Nor has any post-marketing public health surveillance been implemented.
    ● There are NO safety standards to safeguard the public health from exposure to high frequencies on building wiring, resulting in widespread availability of dangerous consumer products including:
    o Compact fluorescent light bulbs and other fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts.
    o Dimmer switches, variable speed motors, etc.
    o Inverters, including those on wind turbines and solar systems.
    • Safe electrical devices could be engineered if the proper standards were in place.
    3) Everyday exposures to radiofrequency radiation threaten our public health.
    • Since the 1970’s many disease…

  6. Our 3rd child was born June 1955, normal delivery,in hospital. As he developed we noticed very
    different behaviors in him. First was difficult feeding,he fought the bottle feeding, I had to hold his
    head firmly and hold his bottle. He did not show any advance as my other 3 children did he chocked
    often. He crawled later then the others did, he doid not wallk till almost 2 years old. He did not try
    to talk till way after his first birthday. He used sounds to make his needs wanted. In those days
    the doctor said he was lazy and was able to get what he wanted by his means of communicating. I
    had such trouble excepting her explenations. He was definately different. He would sit at the sand
    box and just watch other kids play and he did not participate. As he grew older he had touble walking
    any distance and I was told he was just lazy. At age 6 years old he was diagnosed as having
    polymyosiadis. Things advanced till he became wheelchair bound. He died at age 43. He was on a
    ventolater. I have some medical records still from all the tests he went through. To this day I have
    always wondered if he had too many inoculations in a very short time in his first year of life.
    There are many other details……..too many to list here. All the doctors he had seen etc.

  7. Carla Montagno says:

    Is anyone looking at the prevalance of ultrasounds… age of fetus, frequency…. etc as a contributory factor? I have a 33 yr old autistic son , from the days of autism rarity. I know 1 mom who claims she did all the medical stuff (tests, etc) when pregnant…. 2 out of 3 kids appear autistic. She says her friends who did not do medical stuff when pregnant had no problems with their babies. Also we travel worldwide frequently and have come to suspect autism may be rarer in underdeveloped countries because that is where people approach us and ask what my son has.

    • Jim West says:

      Thanks for mentioning ultrasound. See the Ang et al ()2006 study, Yale Univ., on ultrasound mouse study that was designed to replicate the human experience. It is appears to be downplayed publically. The study is downloadable PDF.

  8. Lou says:

    “How many children must be sacrificed before we get honest answers?”
    Clearly there is NO limit. The totally corrupt Medical Industry has proven with the Simpsonwood coverup they KNOW “vaccination” causes neurodegenerative problems. They covered up this evidence/knowledge at the expense of many millions of dollars and years of work. It was not easy to redo the work on the VAERS data base that had exposed the link between “vaccination” and neurodegenerative disease.
    IMO COMPLETELY forget about help with autism from HHS and the Medical Industry.
    I feel MOTHERS are the ONLY ones who can solve this plague of apparently Medical Industry induced autism. MOTHERS can do this by becoming informed about the EVILS, not only the dangers. of “Vaccination”. MOTHERS can do this by REFUSING to allow their precious flesh and blood to get autism by being injected with “vaccination” toxins proven to CAUSE autism and MANY other problems.

  9. Dale Must says:

    I’m not a doctor, but can relate a story that I’ll never forget. A Hollywood producer had a son that had constant seizures.He took the son to the best West Coast hospitals. Because of medications, the son was like a zombie. The dad was going through the library one day and noticed a book titled “The John Hopkins Diet” He took the book home, read it,and was impressed. He got an appointment with the physician that wrote the book, took his son. His son was put on a diet that ended seizures and need for pharmacy drugs. I’m not sure if this will work with autism. I click daily to help those afflicted with autism and there are other causes. You click, the sponsor donates. The site is http://www.the autism Do a search for it. I’m an activist and believe there are ways to achieve goals.

  10. Richard Pawley says:

    I have long been convinced that the excessive vaccination of American children is a contributing factor to Autism (Japanese children receive half the vaccines of American children and the death rate of Japanese children is half of that of American children, not more) but there is one area that is seldom mentioned, and that is what their mothers ate and what their children themselves ate before the onset of Autism. Could it be a combination of these two things?
    This would be very hard to prove but I find it interesting that the children of the Amish have almost no autism, about what all had before genetically modified foods were quietly introduced into the American food supply. Processed foods contain many things from sugar beet sugar to Canola oil, all created in labs. Soybeans are now 93% GMO including soy protein, soybean oil, and soy meal. Corn is in many foods in many forms, corn meal, corn starch, corn oil, corn syrup and HFCS, and American corn is now 86% genetically manipulated. Cotton too is over 80% GMO and cottonseed oil is in many foods. Now the interesting thing is that the Amish who grow their own foods eat none of these things because they don’t use chemical fertilizers and chemical sprays and GMO require far more of these and more dangerous ones at that (Round-Up). Some Amish work outside the farm and eat what we all eat so they do get some Autism in their children, but for the Amish as a whole, the Autism rate is about what we all had before GMO foods were introduced. Sadly no law makes manufacturers tell people what they are buying, unlike in Europe where citizens are warned and can avoid them if they choose. Proof I cannot offer you, but logic would seem to indicate that this is more than some fortunate coincidence that only blesses the Amish. As for me, I do all I can to avoid both vaccines and GMO foods.

    • kevin madson says:

      Richard, thanks for a well written response. My wife is a chiropractor/naturopath healer. She did not vaccinate any of her three children at all. Amazingly they are all very healthy. There is so much the pharmaceutical companies and monsanto do in order to keep us sick and keep their profits up.
      If people just took care in what they eat, we would have far less sickness in our society. I believe it is all a part of population control as well.

  11. George R. Costich says:

    I’ve been doing research on diabetes related diseases and developmental disorders since 2003.
    Autism, like most of the more than 6000 other profound developmental disorders, is most likely to occur in women who give birth after age 32. The National Down’s Syndrome organization is trying to tell all American Women not to give birth after age 32,; the risk is 1 in 2000, for a twenty year old mother, 1 in ten for a forty year old mother. Women who intend to become pregnant need to keep their A1c at 5.5 or below, get an adequate supply of Omega-3 in their diet, and eat pro-biotic acidulous with each meal to prevent leaky gut syndrome, which makes pregnancy far more uncomfortable.
    I’ve come to realize that all of these disorders result from the eggs being poisoned with sugar before they become pregnant. The children usually appear to be normal at birth, and then the disorders grows faster than the children.
    Prevention requires that the A1c be kept between 4.5 – 5.5 during pregnancy – something that simply is not happening yet. Healthy children -with an A1c between 4.5 – 5.0. who have an adequate supply of Omega-3 in their diet – which few now do – will tolerate vaccination for contagious diseases very well.

  12. Jon Olsen says:

    Educate to Liberate! Keep it up! Occupy the Truth! Jon

  13. Laurie LaGoe says:

    The biggest hypocrisy of all is being dictated to to stay away from alcohol and illegal drugs but forced to take toxic mental health drugs. I am so sick of a society that tells me what I can do with my own BODY!
    I am an autistic adult. I found it a great burden to be forced to worry constantly about what people think and whether I am acting appropriate or not. That is why I found the job search the worst form of psychological torture.

  14. Mel Smith says:

    I read a report from Dr. Blaylock in 2007 and had it on my computer for a couple of years and then put it on my website as it is 29 pages long, and the report is about Dr. Verstaeten, who was head of the CDC in 2000 when they had this discussion about Thimerosal and what Mercury does to the brains of children.
    The Doctors and scientist decided they would not publish their findings. So they stamped it private and not for publication. Well here it is and you can read it on my website
    So the CDC knew all about the damage Mercury did to the infants brains and Dr. Verstaeten never published his findings for four years and then said just the opposite of what the findings were.
    It is all there for you to read in the transcript of the meeting In Georgia

  15. The high concentration over time of immunizations–in one episode of immunization, even–of early immunizations should, I believe, be researched by appropriate professionals. I suspect that Dr. Wakefield was honest when, in a report that I believe, he admitted falsifying data in his famous report. As a worker with persons diagnosed with autism, I look forward with high interest to comments from persons more informed than I am. David Whitney

  16. Isabella says:

    Thank you for sharing this info!!!! For many years I have been doing my own “homework” on the subject of vaccines. As a child I almost died after receiving a vaccine and as an adult I have felt driven to know more so as to make informed decisions on behalf of my own children! I have an 18 year old step-son who is within the autism spectrum. He lives with my husband and I. It has amazed me at the amount of pressure and emphasis that there is in this society, to medicate these kids and young adults. We have successfully been using homeopathics and nutritional approach when any issues have come up. These methods have worked extremely well for our son and there are no negative side-effects!!!! To any person reading this………you owe it to yourself and those in your sphere of influence to become informed! Also, research the many different integrative and preventive health approaches to supporting those within your lives!

    • RM says:

      Yes, I agree too many people overmedicate their kids. But when you have tried everything else- supplements and homeopathy, diet changes and special school programs and the kids are still suffering and struggling, medication can do wonders. It should be a last resort and should be used in conjunction with therapies, but it can improve their quality of life. Parents must also be fully aware of the potential side effects and alternative medications before making a careful decision on this.

  17. Barbara tenWolde says:

    LUCKILY, my pediatrician cancelled my daughter’s vaccination program when she had a strong reaction to the first. “What might have happened?” I asked. “Either death or permanent disorder,” was her answer. Can you get more clear than that? I might not have reported the problem… I have two friends that didn’t. They both have severely damaged children.

  18. erika says:

    While I think we are over vaccinating our children (the chicken pox vaccine is RIDICULOUS), I think there is also a connection to what we are feeding our children. The lack of saturated fat and the over abundance of grains are causing terrible problems with our children. Those who blame it all on vaccines aren’t seeing the whole picture.

  19. jb says:

    Thank you for this great article!
    Question re: the last paragraph:
    “… an internal CDC study on vaccines clearly pointed out the dangers of the autism vaccines…”
    Do you mean to write “autism vaccines,” or “… autism dangers from the vaccines…”?
    Please advise, thank you!

  20. Mary DeForest says:

    It’s all about medicine-not about health- I believe in DPTs and polio, but I’d never give more shots. The navy was forcing DPTs on newborns-they threatened to take my other 2 children away if I didn’t comply. My son was dead by 5 months. I kept going into pediatrics and saying, “look how sick he is” During the autopsy, he was clean and healthy- the Navy went back to the normal schedule-4 some reason, his doctor was the chief of pediatrics. He felt guilty.

  21. Dad Fourkids says:

    It is misleading to suggest that autism diagnosies are up over the last decade. The studies which the CDC conducted to determine the estimated rate of autism were conducted in the last decade (2002, 2004 and 2008), but the children they counted were born in the previous decade (1994, 1996 and 2000 respectively). In addition, there has been a significant delay in publication, for reasons only the CDC could adequately explain. If we assume that autism is caused by environmental exposures (yet to be determined) either in utero or shortly after birth, it is clear that whatever it is that has sparked the dramatic increase must have begun occuring 15-25 years ago.

  22. RM says:

    It is not just vaccines that are a problem. I agree there are way too many and we need to space them out, and we shouldn’t be vaccinating babies so much, or even until after 6 months to one year unless there is a pandemic outbreak or they are at high risk of getting a certain illness. A huge percentage of these children have latent infections: things like Lyme disease, strep (PANDAS is a great example- my autistic son has this), viruses like Epstein Barr or the Human Herpes virus 6- roseola virus, and these have led to damage of the immune system and encephalopathies. Many have primary or secondary immune deficiencies or immune dysfunctions. By treating these latent infections with things like antibiotics, IVIG and also plasmapheresis, as well as antivirals and immunomodulators (LDN, DMG and Immunovir), this children can get better and lose their symptoms. My son is on antibiotics right now and his autistic symptoms are pretty much gone. Explain that? He has been a strep carrier since age one. In France they took 200 autistic individuals and found latent infections like these in most of them. With long term antibiotic use, 1 in 2 completely recovered from symptoms. This is not antibiotic overuse- it is necessary for extremely ill individuals who’s immune systems can no longer fight off illness. They did use probiotics in many of them as well.
    We need to push for awareness of this in addition to demanding the vaccine schedule be reduced significantly and spread out. I firmly also believe that vaccines can eradicate disease, but there is a huge, huge risk of autoimmune disease because of them. Maybe we need to access this risk before vaccinating. If there is a heavy risk of autoimmune disease or autism in a family, those children should not vaccinate or maybe should get a reduced vaccination amount in the shot. They should be evaluated for use of immunomodulators after getting vaccinated, and if they qualify, they should get them for free. Low Dose Naltrexone costs pennies to make.

  23. Susan Dedo says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you have all put into my recovery. I finally got my injection appointments. Thanks again for everything. Taking recovery one day at a time.

  24. Sherry Moore says:

    My son was treated by a holistic practitioner and myself from info I read in a book. He was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome and tourettes syndrome when he was 8 after he became very anxious and hard to work with. Before that he was a little hyper and kind of shy. By the time he was 11 he was like the rain man who cussed when he was anxious. His only medicine was zoloft.
    When I switched to holistic, I did candida yeast cleansing first for 6 weeks. In the 7th week he became NORMAL. There wasn’t any brain damage, just protein deficiency. After a recurrence in yeast overgrowth which brought back all of this symptoms, I started looking at heavy metal detoxing.
    A Counselor of Natural Health (mail order degree) told me that iodine therapy was the best way to do a heavy metal detox. So I bought Lugol’s tincture online for $20. He symptoms have never returned and I’m sure his yeast levels got up there again even after removing high fructose corn syrup from his diet. He takes garlic and probiotic 3+ times a week to keep the yeast down.
    Western medicine doesn’t allow yeast cleansing/leaky gut healing or iodine therapy (also used for low thyroid and problems with reproductive organs) or other kinds of heavy metal detoxing (including pharmaceutical) because the big money is in REFILLS FOR 50 YEARS! Make no mistake about that.
    Iodine was removed from bread supplementation in the 1960s and 1970s after the World Health Organization fear-mongered it. There is some information about a Rockefeller engineering this in order to sell more synthetic hormones for low thyroid. He got alot more than he bargained for. Iodine kills pathogens in the blood as the blood travels through the thyroid, without iodine we started having problems with AIDS and Lymes and cancer which is caused by pathogens which free-radicalize. Iodine fulfillment is a great cancer preventive, but you won’t read that from Susan B. Cohen Race for the Cure. They must be getting money from big pharma.
    The real solution to all of this is to eliminate mandatory participation so that we can drive the health care market by taking our money where we want to. That is in the constitution to prevent this kind of mess. Also the FDA needs a complete overhaul, they are corrupted with pharmaceutical money.

  25. Abe says:

    I don’t question the vaccines as a major cause, but I’m starting to wonder if GMO’s are in the mix some where, especially considering the alarming rise in autism and the rest?

  26. Pharmaacist bob listecki says:

    My adivce for a new successful birth of a healthy baby:
    Prenatal with DHA, Vitamin D at least 4,000 to 8,000 IU daily through breast feeding, Mom probiotics during or at least a month before delivery (95% FOS and Florajen3 daily) and baby vaginall born, breast fed and Florajen4Kids for first 2 months (immune system formation) and for 3 days before and after the immunizations with 1,000 IU D and a dose of tri-vi-sol or generic for the vitamin A. Sleeping in a totally dark room and hold any sugar in the diet. Hopefully no antibiotics needed but supplement with Florajen4Kids during and for 2 times after the antibiotic was taken. We cut off the use of Florajen4Kids if needed after 2 months of age at 1 year and then if probiotics are still needed we go to the Synbiotic Therapy which is the 1/4 tea of 95% FOS and 1 to 6 caps of Florajen3 daily.
    More info can be emailed ask at 630-469-5200 or [email protected]

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