Autism-Vaccine Cover-up Snowballs as Whistleblower’s Identity is Revealed—LATEST UPDATES

August 26, 2014

Vaccine-Autism link whistleblower revealed
Rumors are swirling as the world learns of the government’s deception. Here’s what we know for sure.

William W. Thompson, PhD—an epidemiologist at the CDC’s National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities who received his doctorate in biochemical engineering—has been revealed as the CDC whistleblower. Thompson broke a decade of silence over the government’s deliberate concealment of the link between the MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps, and rubella) and a dramatically increased risk of autism, particularly in African American boys.
Thompson is alleging criminal wrongdoing on the part of his supervisors, and has expressed deep regret about his role in helping the CDC hide data: “It’s the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper.”
Here is a quick timeline of the scandal:

  • In February 2004, a study of the MMR vaccine was published in the journal Pediatrics by three CDC scientists working in the National Immunization Program; one of them was Dr. Thompson. The study, in which vaccine data was gathered on 2,583 children in metropolitan Atlanta born between 1986 and 1993, concluded that there were “no significant associations” between the age at which the vaccine is administered and the incidence of “developmental regression” such as autism. This study has been used for the past decade by the those seeking to say there is no link between autism and vaccines. It should be noted that Pediatrics receives financial support from vaccine makers through advertising and direct donations, according to a CBS News report.
  • That same month, Dr. Thompson wrote to Dr. Julie Gerberding (then director of the CDC, now director of Merck’s vaccine division). In this letter he discusses his intention to present, at an Institute of Medicine meeting on vaccines and autism the following week, “several problematic results” that the Atlanta study had produced.
  • For the next ten years, Dr. Brian Hooker, of the Focus Autism Foundation, tried to obtain the original data from that study. This year, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, Dr. Hooker received much of the data. He was also allowed to view several highly sensitive documents related to the study thanks to a request from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
  • After the FOIA was filed, Hooker was contacted by Dr. Thompson at the CDC, who at that time spoke on condition of anonymity. Thompson guided Hooker to evidence that there was a statistically significant relationship between the age at which the MMR vaccine was first given and the incidence of autism—particularly in African-American boys. Thompson revealed that CDC researchers did not include any children who did not have a valid State of Georgia birth certificate, thereby reducing the study’s sample size by 41%, which dramatically skewed the statistical findings. Thompson claimed this manipulation was intentional because of top-down pressure to promote a pro-vaccine agenda, and because of the CDC’s reluctance to address the vaccine-autism connection.
  • Hooker presented his own research—a re-analysis of the original data—in a paper published August 8 in the peer-reviewed journal Translational Neurodegeneration. In African American boys who received the vaccine at 24 months of age (that is, “on schedule,” as opposed delaying the vaccine until 36 months or later), Hooker said the raw data shows the incidence of autism to be 340% higher. Dr. Hooker suggests the extraordinary vulnerability of young African American boys to autism from vaccinations may result from their low vitamin D levels, given their dark skin pigmentation. The prevalence of autism in African Americans is nearly 25% higher than that of whites. “The CDC knew about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003,” Hooker says, “but chose to cover it up.”
  • This week, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the Autism Media Channel published a powerful nine-minute video revealing Dr. Thompson’s identity. “We’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism,” Thompson says. “They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.”

No statement has been issued either by the American Academy of Pediatrics on whether the original study will be retracted or not, or by the CDC about Thompson’s statements. There are rumors that Thompson has been escorted off the CDC “campus,” though this has not been verified by independent sources. There is also a rumor that a class-action lawsuit is being readied by the parents of autistic children who received the vaccine.
Earlier this year, Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) demanded that the CDC be investigated, highlighting “the incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and public officials,” the manipulation of data, and the swinging door policy between the CDC and vaccine maker Merck—all of which ensures that the autism link is never thoroughly explored. We reported on the CDC’s manipulation of data earlier this year when they greatly exaggerated flu hospitalization figures in order to push the flu vaccine.
Pharmaceutical companies pay enormous amounts of money for websites to promote vaccines. According to Merck’s website, at least $3.5 million was paid to Medscape LLC, a subsidiary of WebMD Health, from 2008 through 2012. You’ll note that WebMD downplays any adverse reactions to the vaccines or their ingredients. We mentioned Dr. Gerberding as one who went through the swinging door between the federal government and the drug industry, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that courageous whistleblower Thompson once worked at Merck and Co. as well.

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103 responses to “Autism-Vaccine Cover-up Snowballs as Whistleblower’s Identity is Revealed—LATEST UPDATES”

  1. Cheryl Treu says:

    What an utter disgrace.
    This must be rectified immediately

  2. Constance Jackson says:

    McFranken Food Is NOT 4 Me. Let The Market Decide. Label it.

  3. Nicholas Karant says:

    We will join the class action suite when we discover the people who have started the suite against
    the FDA and any other entity being responsible for this.
    I would like to know the propel with the class action suite to join for my child .
    After my child had the MMR vaccines I new we made a horrendous mistake.
    After the injections my child was listless for several days and my wife called the Doctor to giver the
    report. The Doctor’s reply was ” it’s your imagination . There is nothing wrong with your child.
    The same Doctor pronounced my child autistic when she examined him at three years old.
    We have spent over $800.000 all out of pocket to give the child a normal life.

    • Irene says:

      My son has vaccinated induced Autism. I was told there was nothing wrong too. Then we were later told he has Autism How do we get infor on the suit.

  4. Peter Straw says:

    This is criminal and now answers why the manufacturers went for immunity. If they are immune from civil liability I feel that criminal charges should be brought and It treated at the minimum as grievous bodily harm. This also should serve to have legislation passed to separate “church and state” no corporate money or promises should be in the same time zone as CDC and FDA personnel. Medicine should not be advertised like cars – witness all the late night ads for Humira and the consequences of all this should be a deep commitment to keep it from ever happening again .All involved, except Dr. Thompson should be vigourously prosecuted and drug companies should not be allowed to serve as doctors education.

  5. This is a small part of a huge business backed by big money and politics.the big picture would include vaccines drugs dental amalgams and food additive with mercury in them as well as a multitude of prducts with mercury in them.yearly flu vaccines are not valid operation white coat done to addventist youth who objected to viet nam is not mentioned in abuse of vetrans and the big picture of mercury use medically. Now add the same dynamics to other drugs and medicine and you have a picture of a big dysfunctional medical model that has nothing to do with what is taught in pre med and medical schooland more with what is pushed by drug reps. I have worked in critical care areas in hospitals and now am a Naturopathic physician for 25 years we did not build the organism in regular medicine we build large drug companies. In the 1920s cancer ha a 100% cure which would cure aids but not use drugs so forget it. DrC

  6. Finally the truth comes out. The soon the lies are retracted, the better it will go down.

  7. I would like more information on the link between Autism and the R vaccine and if a study hd been done linking african american children to other learning impaired or disabilities, i have two sons born during this time frame who both are special neefs children
    Special day class we are African American

  8. Mimi Burns says:

    I am so grateful for your bravery Doctor. Thank you for coming out and speaking up. Thank you for looking inside yourself and helping to end deception. Now, with a new perspective, this can end and we can find a way to create healthy ways for children to grow and prosper without poison.

  9. Bea says:

    So does this mean the original statement by a doctor in England was correct and that the pharmaceutical companies deliberately went into denial about testing results? Isn’t this a case of manslaughter for every child today who has received the vaccine and is walking around with autism? How do the figures compare with children who haven’t been vaccinated and have died as a result? Are they significant? Is it the timing of the vaccine given that is the problem, or the vaccinations themselves? Please respond.

  10. Tom Thayer says:

    This is just another example, among many, of a government institution working on behalf of commercial interests rather than doing their real job of protecting the American public.

  11. Kevin says:

    someone definitely needs to cover mr.Thompson’s back

  12. Kevin says:

    He could end up in the same hole that received Lois learners e-mails.

  13. Jonathan C Allen says:

    This is just another story of the pharmalogical states of America, which have been having their way with Congress for the past decades. It is truly sickening to search the web for similar stories.

  14. Tavarish says:

    Once again we see where corporate greed and graft has bought a government agency to the detriment of “we the people” for the sake of corporate profit. Merck seems deeply involved in this matter and I strongly feel the pending lawsuit against Merck should include a death penalty for the corporation if they are found guilty. Shareholders, board of directors, and CEO all should be hurt financially and personally since all profited from the apparently illegal manipulations. I feel dissolving the corporation and forfeiting all it’s patents would be just for such actions if found guilty Prison time for the CEO and responsible board members should also be considered..

  15. S Moore says:

    If autism is not linked to vaccines where is the data showing how many children who never recieved vaccinations due to their parents objection, or were home schooled to avoid mandatory vaccinations, but are autistic? Haven’t virtually all autistic children recieved vaccines?

    • Med Student says:,+mumps,+and+rubella+vaccination+and+autism
      This is a study of every kid born in from 1991 to 1998. The relative risk of vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids of developing autism was not significantly different.
      Also, read basically every study from this article in the American Academy of pediatrics shows the same types of data.
      There are tons and tons of studies showing this stuff. The one study wakefield did covered 12 people, which is not anywhere near enough to get real data (see the 500,000+ in the linked study) AND he had to falsify data to make his study show the results he did. It already wasnt a good study, and he had to mess with the numbers to make it say what he wanted. This guy has lied in the past. He will do it again. He is right now. Autism numbers are “rising” because diagnoses are rising. Diagnoses are rising because we have been learning more about autism. We just didn’t know what it was 20 years ago, so of course the numbers now are bigger, now that we know how to spot it. Look in at ICD 10, then look at the older versions and check out all the differences in the diagnosis codes in the autism spectrum. We diagnose more because we know way more. Not because some shot is causing it. It’s not. We literally have tons and TONS of studies showing the safety of vaccines, and they have to make up false stuff about a study they did along time ago, then do the same thing again with this study today to prove their point. Seriously, it’s not like every doctor and researcher in America is all in on some big scam to make money by giving us dangerous shots, that usually are covered by insurance anyway. You can’t believe that every doctor except like 1% is more greedy than loving. Most doctors get into the field to help people. If this was happening, we wouldn’t have to go to websites that most people will never run across to find the info. Websites that have constant mispellings. Websites that had posted that the supposed 3.4 fold increase they found in this study is a 340% increase, when that would actually be a 240% increase. They can’t even write well or do basic math or statistics. This would be a mainstream thing if it was happening. But it’s not. Really doctors are scared for the kids who aren’t getting vaccinated,…

    • Med Student says:

      because they have seen how terrible these diseases can be, and in general, the public has forgotten because they have not been causing huge problems in America lately. Go to the World Health organizaiton and see how many people died of measles this year. We are blessed to have been born in America where we have clean water and great health care and are generally wealthy, and there are people all over the world that would love to have the access we have. Look and see if they are more concerned about the supposed link between vaccines and autism or about the fact that their kids are dying from preventable diseases. There is no link. These guys have a history of falsifying data, and now they are demonizing someone else for allegedly doing the same thing, but in fact, it is looking like they are the ones falsifying data again. What’s sad is they are doing everything they are accusing the government of. Falsifying data. Lying to us in detriment to our health. And they are making money. I guarantee you they are making serious money off of these websites and off of their channel. Just go look at the objective data. You dont have to go to a “antivaxxers are the worst ever” website, but also don’t come here. Go to objective data, and you will see the truth. Their only argument against the truth is to try to say those researchers are lying, which they are currently trying, yet they cant come up with data to prove what they are saying. So 1 they cant prove their point and 2 if others do they accuse them of lying. That is not how you do science or prove something. They are wrong. Please vaccinate your kids.

      • Therese Brown says:

        Do your own research, Med Student. Don’t tout the “party line,” just becausr you’re being fed it at school. Vaccine damage is real. Thesr are simple childhood diseases. Vaccines don’t work. In any outbreak, 80% have been vaccinatrd. Vaccinesdo not confer immunity like having the illness itself. Acute infections, that’s it.

    • Grandma says:

      That’s a GREAT point! I would love to see the data for the rate of autism in children who have not been vaccinated!

  16. Ron Weiss says:

    Somebody should be doing some serious prison time for skewing the facts; actions that resulted in permanent damage to numerous infants whose parents were, they thought, acting to protect their children.

  17. rene says:

    Well Well Well, If it slithers like a snake,and whispers in your ear that all the power & riches are yours you can be sure it is the devil himself. A liar, a thief, who come to steal, kill and destroy. This is called evil all the day long. This business of profit off the lives of the public, our kids, and brothers & sisters makes is a disgusting scourge.
    Just as the cover up regarding Fluoroquinolone Anti-biotics. Chemotherapeutic Drugs that break the DNA strand, inhibit the bodies ability to detoxify, and injuring the CNS, Peripheral, Autonomic Nervous Systems…tendon, ligaments, and production of Collagen.
    Fluoroquinolones are very popular, casually over prescribed like candy, and Chemotherapeutic. Flouroquinolones inhibit the action of DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV and kill bacteria by binding to these enzyme-DNA complexes, thereby disrupting DNA replication & they also inhibit the Cytochrome P450 Enzymes. CYP1A2, CYP3A4.
    For the many in the population, who also have an existing CYP1A2, CYP3A4 gene mutation in that detoxification pathway, Fluoroquinolones have proven to be extremely dangerous & life threatening. Those individuals reach overdose levels rapidly. One tablet can and has set a cascade of destruction. Starting within 1-2 hours or 48 hours after ingestion. Seemingly unfathomable yet the occurrence is all too real.
    For others without the CYP1A2 , CYP3A4 genetic mutation, repeated exposure will ultimately damage the Cytochrome P450 Enzymes ability to detoxify other chemical exposures found in the environment, food supply, & medications. The deleterious impact on the body manifests slowly over time as inflammation & mitochondrial damages systems throughout the body. This speaks to why for many, their first exposure to Flouroquinolones appears to be without signs of an Adverse Drug Reaction. However the accumulative effect of repeated prescriptions is actually putting individuals at great risk for the systemic injuries described in the Black Box Warnings that have recently been issued in the last 3 years. Those Black Box warnings do not however include the injuries to the CNS, & gut etc.

    • rene says:

      The most popular in this class of antibiotics are Cipro & Levaquin & Avelox, but there exist several more, including prescription eye drops and ear drops. The dangers associated with Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics have been well established for over 20 years. In fact they were only to be given as a last case resort for life threatening conditions, such as Anthrax in 2001. In the 1980’s modifications of this drug were made. It had been discovered that a fluorine atom on the number 6 carbon and a piperazine ring at the number 7 carbon greatly enhance the spectrum of activity.
      However the true nature of what these drugs are, that information is withheld from the medical community and the public for 20 + years. Therefore the mysterious damaging injuries to musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, endocrine, auditory, ocular continue without a direct link or connection made. The threshold of seeming tolerance can vary from just 1 tablet, to 3- 5 bottles taken within a 4 -6 year period. Accumulative, and destructive. Symptoms can and do often manifest weeks or several months later after cessation of the drug. The manifestation of systemic problems that arise are baffling to the physicians who have prescribed these drugs, and there is nothing in their knowledge that confirms that such is thing is possible never mind that it is common and pervasive. Unless they take the time to find out. Hundreds of thousands is a low estimate of those that have been poisoned, but told they have MS, Parkinson’s, IBS, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, etc. The medical community has no knowledge or patience for this and simply prescribes steroids, and pain medication that often worsen their condition further. Which is hard to fathom since they are already in pain from head to toe and functionally disabled.
      Fluoroquinolones are also used in the food supply, chickens, fish,…etc. & had been given to Gulf War veterans who returned mysteriously ill. This connection was recently stated in an Air Force news publication but received no traction of course in main stream media.

  18. Peggy says:

    Not that I believe them but claims this is PROBABLY FALSE. Of course, both them, the CDC, and pharmaceutical companies HAVE to say this because as soon as someone finds out that it is TRUE, they will be mega-sued.

  19. Patricia Valiquette says:

    You will have to empty the prisons , to receive all dishonest criminals in the higher up positions, that we have for years believed them to be instated to take the best care of the population they are the real criminals

  20. Merck executives and CDC officials should all go to jail for these crimes. Period.

  21. Gerald Kerr says:

    Thank you Representative Posey!

  22. Victoria Hay says:

    How sad that they wouldl hirt children for their bottom line. Too many cruel and greedy people with no heart. The big ceos should be fired from whatever job they are in. Dr .Thompson as a dr is dispecable. These people work the sysrem. They don’t care whogets hurt

  23. Ana Gutierrez W says:

    My niece, aged 18 , became autistic after her MMR shots at age 2. She was developing quite normal
    was a happy active vocal child until she was injected with the MMR vaccination shortly thereafter all hell broke loose, she lost speech, walking was impaired and would cry and whine for hours much to my sister’s dismay . My sister has 5good friends in her immediate circle of friends whose children also contracted austism or some form of it at the same age and around the same time.What does this “coincidence ” spell out ? ! C
    Children are being systematically poisoned all in the name of Profit. Barbaric.
    Shame on all the Pharma companies and lobbyists dispensing and promoting these unnecessary vile poisons.

  24. chemfreemom says:

    I hope this is the beginning of the end of the systemic poisoning of people, especially our babies and children…Maybe people are finally waking up!

  25. Steve Denton says:

    I’ve been saying it for years, that the FACT the CDC and the FDA, by way of PLANTING high, decision making positions in both agencies, with employees of the very manufacturers they are suppose to be policing, REEKS OF A TOTAL SCAM ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ENDANGERING OUR HEALTH…..ALL AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TAX PAYER. This is NOTHING SHORT OF CONTINUING A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

  26. Debra Onessimo says:

    my son Dean had the mmr shot at 12 months and immediately began a rapid regression followed by autistic behaviors. he is now 30 so you can imagine how long it took for a diagnosis. i had no knowledge of autism. I just witnessed the loss of my son.

  27. Michael E. Mizell says:

    Well, it’s nice to see that a few congressmen have a genuine concern about the revolving door that exists between the CDC and industry. Congress could very easily put a stop to the revolving door that exists within the CDC, FDA, DOA, and many, many other government agencies if they really had the desire and the guts to do so. It is certainly not a secret, but it is a disgrace and needs to be dealt with. However, we all know that money buys influence, and Congress long ago sold its soul to the Devil.

  28. David Shelton says:

    The lengths to which people will go for money never ceases to amaze me.

  29. Nora says:

    Julie Gerberding was also involved in the Morgellons disease coverup, and part of the reason she left the CDC was because of pressure large groups of Morgellons sufferers put on her and the CDC, asking her why she didn’t organize the study which was handed off to Kaiser in California. Nothing ever came of the study–it was a waste of tax dollars. Angry Morgellons disease sufferers were led to believe they would get answers which of course they never did, at least from Gerberding.
    Someone who claimed to have worked on making Morgellons disease in a laboratory as a bio-weapon came forward and claimed the government used the people in this country as a guinea pig to test Morgellons ability to debilitate populations and render them too sick to function. He had participated in developing the disease he claimed, because he was told it would only be used on adversaries, never the U.S. population. Obviously, that was another government lie, and the fact that Gerberding seems to be connected with cover ups and outright lying leaves little wonder why she went through the revolving door to Merck. These vaccine manufacturers are dirty, and we need to amend the law to make sure they are held accountable for the suffering they’ve caused.

  30. As a physician I know that is utter MENDACITY!! If what you tout is true there would be many, many, many more people my age and younger with autism!! And besides, the truth about this entire issue came out several years ago!! Remember the doctor in England who eventually confessed to “doctoring” his study’s findings in order to gain world wide attention??? You should be very ashamed of yourselves and publish a retraction, it is not only totally irresponsible in regards to the health of our children and nation as a whole. You folks are egregious for spreading this fabrication prior to having un-adulterated, unequivocal proof, which you will never find. And yes, we all know that the “diagnosis of autism” has increased at an amazing rate recently but there are two very basic reasons that this is occurring, which of course people such as yourself omit entirely during your “news” release publications, they don’t make “good copy”, they aren’t volatile enough!! Reason number one: As in most diseases/illnesses there is a spectrum of signs and symptoms generally diagnosed under the diagnostic code Autism and then sub-delineated within the Autistic spectrum. i.e. a person with minor sensory sensitivity falls somewhere near the lowest end of the spectrum, then perhaps a couple of major sensitivity issues but not debilitating, then a lot further down the line Asperger’s Syndrome and at the very top/last station of the spectrum is full blown Autism. So everyone of these cases are then diagnosed as being autistic but then are sub- categorized with much lesser signs and symptoms with little to no disability etc. If one simply looks at the number of patients diagnosed with Autism without looking/publishing the differentials the “statistics” are staggering, provoking and yadda yadda dah! Number two, as we learn more about the illness and the spectrum of illnesses within it, we physicians are more capable of recognizing it. So Shut up or put up!! If I were you, I would be very concerned about impending lawsuits. You certainly have it coming.

    • Ken says:

      I feel your pain, doc. I’ve been monitoring and writing about the anti-vaccine movement for nearly ten years, and one thing I’ve learned is you can’t reason somebody out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into.
      The UK doctor who started this nonsense back in 1998 is Andrew Wakefield. He’s the face on the video that “outed” the CDC scientist.

      • Therese Brown says:

        Vaccines are a poisonous soup of mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, animal animal RNA and DNA, mutated germs, etc. Just the kind of stuff I want injected into me, le alone my newborn baby’s immature immune system. Read the research: Vera Shreibner, Neil Miller, Harris Coulter, etc. It’ not just about autism. It!s about ALL the damage vaccines cause. Why are kids so unhealthy today? Why are their so many instances of cance in kids, for one example?

    • its very easy to be a fool. Ask any parent who has to deal with the damages of these poisons and you will realize the devastation is real. “wake and smell the coffee”

  31. This type of information keeps showing up in different formats. It is hopefully making the public.
    More informed and should help in making everyone aware of the unholy alliance of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA and their ability to influence the government with flawed studies.

  32. Anne says:

    THANK YOU for covering this important topic! This should be covered on the front page of all newspapers/news media sites. The silence of virtually ALL of the largest news networks is deafening (and very telling). Parents have known for several decades now that the current vaccine schedule is likely the driving force behind the autism epidemic for years. All three of my children experienced adverse reactions to almost all their childhood vaccines, with the MMR being the one to really set off the damage. I am so thankful this information is finally coming out. The CDC’s claim that all these reactions have just been a “coincidence” all these years has been frustrating, to say the least (it’s criminal, really).

  33. Ana Vila says:

    You guys are so beautiful when you report all this stuff. God Bless you all for your reporting and TRUTH. God Bless you all!!!

  34. Emma Weltner says:

    Well, I suppose some people’s fears were right. Still, plenty of kids are autistic due to genetics and/or other environmental factors.

  35. I work with my dreams a lot. I had one recently of particular interest. A voice stated “Pharmaceutical companies are committing ‘Crimes Against Humanity’!” So true. Evidence is profound also, reference statin drugs and the cholesterol scam. Many significant medical experts so state that fact.
    Linus Pauling stated that cholesterol accumulation on the interior arterial wall is the result of typical scurvy. Inadequate Vitamin C, (standard problem in this country, contrary to the government’s opinion), causes weakened arterial walls, i.e., bleeding by scurvy patients then result, and cholesterol is used to strengthen the arterial walls…and of course statins try to prevent that action, which is unbelievably insane. Pauling took 20,000 mgs of ascorbic acid per day-as do I, and Pauling lived until 92. Others have done likewise. A “noted physician expert” criticized Pauling, and died at 67. Who is right? If it makes money, it does not seem to matter how much damage is done to our population.
    Evidence is profound that we have the sickest population in the world, second only to Latvia! And yet we have the most expensive country in health matters in the entire planet. Sixty-seven percent of bankruptcies in our country are associated with astronomical medical bills. Obama care has apparently solved such a dilemma, despite all of other criticisms blamed on it. Political medicine and the Pharmaceutical companies, with the federal government, should be curtailed and brought to justice. The MMR vaccine and autism is another typical covered up failure..- of recent news-.and the nation continues to decline economically and financially!

    • H J Dez says:

      Obama is a snake in the grass. He has replaced hundreds of people in agencies and institutions to do his dirty work while his appointees do the dirty work keeping his hands clean. His backers are the Corporations like Monsanto. The Banksters and the Drug Cartels that are poisoning us and our children. The unions are big supporters of Obama so they can control and steal from the members with has blessing. Wake up America!

  36. Mark Swann says:

    Behind the scenes cooperation between drug companies and government regulators makes our so-called democracy look hollow. The net result is that we suspect the motives and words of both. It sure doesn’t make me more patriotic!

  37. Dan Golay says:

    Congratulations to Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL – Rockledge) who demanded that the CDC be investigated, highlighting “the incestuous relationship between the public health community and the vaccine makers and public officials.
    Finally we have a courageous house member who’s not your typical scumbag politician like Nelson, Rubio or Yoho.

  38. In tandem with this monumental disgrace is the matter of local and national TV news channels scaring the public with stories of mosquito borne illnesses, justifying the dispensing of poisonous fumes all over residential neighborhoods on millions of streets. Note that the media never, ever advises people to shut off their air conditioning systems during these gas bombardment periods. The conspiracy to poison the public from many angles rages on.

  39. David Getoff says:

    I have heard Dr. Andrew Wakefield at many conference presentations over the past 15+ years and have spoken to him a few times. He is one of the most honest caring autism researchers I have ever met. His whitewash infuriated me and not enough people will read his book – Callous Disregard. The video of his, that you link to, will be embeded in my web site as soon as my web master can get to it and I hope everyone uses the link in your article to watch it. I love you guys and try to get all my patients and students to subscribe and donate as I do.

  40. James taylor says:

    I have 3children with autism my last 18 years have been a prison sentence for myself and my children will never have a life free of difficulties , no children of their own more than likely, and I could go on forever will greed and the selfishness of the rich ever have a limit , a line they won’t cross this world is a place that would be better of without them!

  41. Karen Bracken says:

    Once again the greed of big pharma and its associates are exposed. But we the common folk already knew they were lying. Any parent that subjects their children to ANY vaccine is totally irresponsible.

    • MotherofAutisticSon says:

      It is awful that the drug companies and CDC/Government were dishonest with something as precious as people, especially children.
      I take as much offense to calling parents irresponsible. That judging statement places you in the same category. Where is compassion and if you know so much after it is all said and done~ how bout you set up programs and help the children and families affected. You call out irresponsible~ put your self out and FIX it. And since that is not an option, have compassion, love and acceptance for those who are doing the best they can. Find Faith and try being more Jesus like.

  42. Elisabeth says:

    Here is a link that might clarify the story

    • Elisabeth says:
      Here’s another article. Hooker’s paper has been taken down “because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions.”

    • Lisa says:

      I think this link might clarify how trustworthy snopes is as a source:

      • Dave says:

        Whereas no source can be considered truly infallible, this article at no point finds any instance where Snopes has been wrong. They’re offering criticism of Snopes’s sources for information, which is fair, but it is far from being an indictment of the site.
        At the end of the day, I find Snopes to be far more reliable than quacks like Mercola who are pushing this stuff.

      • Stephen Cherniske says:

        Lisa, you need to understand that truth is not determined by who states it. Something is either true or false. The post from Snopes lays out a carefully referenced refutation of the Wakefield article, by pointing to specific places where Wakefield either does not understand the science, or intentionally distorts it. On the other hand, you would ask us to rely a website with a history of bizarre conspiracy theories. I’ll take Snopes any day.

      • Ria says:

        You honestly expect me to take a site that has an article about “feds arming for the impending war on white people” on their front page seriously? Try another site that isn’t so overwhelmingly biased and determined to report actual crap (proven by a simple click through some of their “top stories”), and you might be taken more seriously.

    • tania says:

      The report stated to give the mmr vaccine at a later age then 24months not dont vaccinate so all those people saying its wrong not to vaccinate read it first!

    • john says:

      The Snope’s article of refutation hosts an ad to the side for Walgreen’s Flu vaccinations…
      how can you possibly take Snopes seriously when they host conflict of interest so flagrantly?
      Snopes is a joke.

      • neversink says:

        No – you are a joke and irresponsible and all the anti-vaccination people are basically murderers. I had many vaccines as a child, thankfully. So did all my friends and family. I grew up in a mixed-race neighborhood. All of friends grew up healthy. No autism, and most importantly no polio; and smallpox was irradicated. All my kids and their friends have had all their vaccines and not one case of autism have I seen among them. Why is everyone on this site so gullible? These vaccines protect everyone from deadly diseases like whooping cough and polio. Why in the world do you believe all this hype.

  43. Cheryl Blake says:

    To: parents of autistic children
    There is real help, and cure chances in a book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I found it on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website: in the library. She describes how through nutrition, including fermented foods, higher levels of vitamin D can reverse, yes reverse the symptoms of autism. The earlier the better the outcome. Good luck and prayers.
    Grandmother of autistic grandson.

    • Cheryl Blake says:

      I forgot to mention, Dr. Campbell-McBride describes with the fermented foods in the diet can help ADHD, & other illnesses like schizphrania ( sorry about the spelling) as well as prevent Autism!

    • Therese Brown says:

      Homeopathy works wonders in healingvaccine damage. I love Dr. Mercolas website but he only deals with nutrition.

  44. Elisabeth says:

    What about the parent that doesn’t subject their child to the polio vaccine, and the child gets polio? Is that irresponsible? Every drug comes with its owns risks, and the risks must be weighed with the possible benefits. Unfortunately, some people do have reactions to vaccines.
    As far as autism goes, why don’t we look further into the research that shows that pesticides may be responsible, and go after Monsanto.
    I’m not absolving pharmaceutical companies, as I still believe they are hugely responsible for other health problems and contribute to poor medical care, but I think this issue needs to be analyzed responsibly and in an unbiased manner.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Not to mention that the study was performed on a single population, so there may have been another environmental factor leading to the high rate of autism.

      • Autistic father says:

        If you ever had a child, and so the change that happens to them after they have the vaccine, you would retract every word. My daughter is autistic and was doing everything normally till she received her 2 year vaccinations, within a few weeks she changed dramatically, from speech to actions, it is something that I wish that no child or parent has to every go thru

      • Therese Brown says:

        Research the polio vaccine, which is problematic. The only cases of polio in tge U,S, come from the vaccine itself The article is talking mainly about the MMR vaccine . Get educated

      • Kim says:

        And why was the study done on “black American boys”? Yes, “a single population” discredit this study? I am white and am concerned that all this testing is done on “other” races. It is not surprising that most of the “other” races are uprising against us with “comments” above.
        That being said, I have also attributed to administering vaccines..and the coverup goes deeper than one imagines. There are more than just “black” children who develop this condition. In addition to autism, how about permanently altering the immune system – crippling it? Then turning the whole mess into autoimmune because it cannot get rid of the squalene or mercury? To those who want to vaccinate – move to the East. I am still free in the United States and have the right to “non-vaccinate”.
        Furthermore, it amazes me that my children don’t get sick at all…and all the others do. Most Americans don’t buy into the lies of the Gov’t profiteers anymore, why would you believe their BS now? So that being said…buy into your “Gods” of the pharmacy with the elixir of “life. The bible says to place no other “God’s ” before also says we are to die once. Has anyone forgot that?

        • John Reiche says:

          You need to re-read the article. The study was done on a mix of races. It was found that the black males had a much higher incidence of autism. That’s why they were pulled from the study.

          • Sxxxx Wxxxx says:

            And further reading flushes out that the issue became one of a reduced accuracy, based on the reduced population, so that was the study sponsor’s supposed excuse for excluding the data.

    • Denise says:

      The risks are high, there should be genetic testing prior to receive vaccines.

    • forever mom says:

      sorry, Elizabeth, but you obviously don’t have a normal toddler who regressed dramatically due to an encephalitis brain injury after immunization shots. a once normal child with a healthy immune system, who had never been sick up to that point- who was born with the highest apgar score of his 3 older siblings, and who had progressed actually a bit better up to his toddler age than his siblings had. his sibs aged to all become honor students, a radiologist, nurse, and physical therapist/hippotherapist. he lost the ability to talk, walk, breathe on his own, and to have a normal life. his parents and siblings lost their normal lives as well. his mother now cares for him 24/7 and is unable to work during the week. she works all weekend while he is cared for by his father. they are amazingly still married, but never get to see each other. his father, a hospital administrator with a great paying job, works extra hrs. teaching on the side to help pay for his care after insurance. that amounted to an xtra $10k the first month of his disability, and has run in the $30-50k range/yearly since. the family had to file medical bankrupcy. the father makes too much salary to qualify for the few services available, but not enough $ to actually afford to live normally & pay medical bills. no vacations, new clothes, selling as many housegoods as possible unless they can be used to make $ . going to Goodwill is a real treat for the family to buy “new” clothes yearly. he is now 19 yrs. old and will never drive, go to college, marry, etc. his family enjoys the status of a family in a leper colony. brain injury/damage from vaccines is very real to families like ours. for those who still drink the Kool-aid from the pharmaceutical giants, why would a vaccinated child’s family get all uptight about an unvaccinated child if they are so certain that those vaccines do infer immunity? we certainly hadn’t done our research before his brain injury, and we believed the pablum being fed to us by those in power. now we know better, but it’s too late for our son. he will not have a shortened lifespan from this. his siblings and their spouses are well aware that they will inherit their brother when we are gone. he enjoys many things in his life and is happily unaware of “being a burden”. watching our grandson progress normally, so therefore quickly surpassing our son’s functioning level, was heartbreaking for us. someday, our grandson may actually end up being his uncle’s caregiver…

    • James says:

      ON YOUTUBE Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines – Movie – directed by Gary Null

    • Matt says:

      I’m not anti-vaccine, per se, but I’m against some of the substances that are put into vaccines in the United States, as well as what I call the “over-vaccinating” of children. Kids today are vaccinated (at a very young age) for diseases that they never had to before – chicken pox, hepatitis B, etc. I had chicken pox as a kid and instead of killing me, it boosted my immune system! What 3-year-old is at risk of getting Hepatitis B? In Europe, the ingredients in a vaccine are a lot safer than those administered in the United States…yet I keep hearing that “money” is a factor, and that Europeans “live in poverty” compared to the U.S. Somehow Europeans manage to spend enough money to take care of their children….

    • H J Dez says:

      What they did not tell you could kill. Vitamin ‘C’ both, prevents and cures almost all virus, and many other diseases.
      Vaccinations are one of the worst thing ever foisted on the human race.

    • Asia says:

      In actuality, 94% of children who come in contact with the wild polio virus will suffer from mild flu symptoms or show no symptoms at all. It is only 6% that may result in permanent side affects. The main problem with the polio vaccine is that the original vaccine was created with a ‘live virus’ and was causing paralyzation as the virus was activating inside the bodies of the children being vaccinated. In the 80s, a law was passed stating that the polio vaccine needed to be made as a deactivated virus which is what is used now in first world countries. Unfortunately, it is more expensive to make the deactivated vaccines and therefore, the ‘live virus’ polio vaccine is still being used today in third world countries. Recent studies from India in 2013 showed one reported case of paralyzation that occurred from wild polio and 40,000 cases of paralyzation that occurred in children who were vaccinated.

      • neversink says:

        I was vaccinated for polio when I was a child and so we’re all my friends. Guess what? None of us got polio and we all had a healthy, happy childhood.

    • FACM says:

      Why take a vaccine, that has the live virus in it, like the polio drops they used to put on sugar cubes? That is basically giving yourself the virus. No need to take the vaccine – might as well just wait and get it naturally – and you may just as well never get the disease. And my pediatrician agreed with me on this.

  45. Valerie says:

    I thought 12 to 15 months for the MMR vax was “on schedule”?

    • John Reiche says:

      Absolutely it’s on schedule. However, children that were vaccinated at 3 years or later had almost no chance of becoming autistic because of the vaccine, Quite possibly, some children’s immune systems are not ready for that kind of assault. Making sure that your child’s vitamin D levels are at least at 60 and preferably higher, ( the latest recommendations I’ve heard are levels between 60-100) might give them more of a fighting chance. Do your own research, and be skeptical of research presented by drug companies. They all have an agenda.

  46. CS Symington says:

    I am amazed that ANY of the commenters here would defend the actions of a truly criminal act by the CDC. What madness to try and rationalize away an act that has ruined the lives of millions of people. Shame on those who ignore the suffering of others because they think they have a point to make.

  47. Tom says:

    Vaccines are not generally effective anyhow, quite outside of the autism link. Witness all the measles outbreaks where over 85% of the patients had been vaccinated according to schedule. The entire idea of “herd immunity” is incorrect.
    “Vaccines are designed to trick your body’s immune system into producing an immune response that includes making protective antibodies that are needed to resist future exposure to the infectious viral or bacterial microorganism. However, your body is smarter than that. The artificial manipulation of your immune system by vaccines containing lab altered bacteria and viruses, as well as chemicals and other ingredients, simply does not exactly replicate the response that your immune system mounts when naturally encountering the infectious microorganism. This is one reason why vaccine policymakers say you need to get “booster” shots because vaccine acquired immunity is only temporary and wears off, sometimes rather quickly.”

    • Deeply annoyed says:

      Oh- circular logic! I love it! Large numbers of people begin not vaccinating their kids. Subsequently, diseases which had been almost eradicated, cases of which had not been seen in this country for decades, begin to reemerge, and your position is that this is “proof” that “Vaccines are not generally effective anyhow,”
      That is akin to claiming the smoke alarms and the Fire Dept are worthless after you pulled the batteries and refused to call 911 once the flames broke out.

  48. Mich says:

    It seems, the combination of the measles, mumps and rubella, (MMR) coupled with the presevative used, can cause a reaction. The vaccines taken in a singular fashion don’t pose a problem—-this is an option. But from what I understand, BigPharma, is heavily invested in this currrent application

    • Susan Gaiero says:

      Wake up people this is just the start of +government” enable all the poisons are so serious that this should make them and get rid of the engineers which is same of what they are doing. How can I help, please let me know. I’m trying to get rid of bear baying and it’s a fight. What happens to the people that don’t think or read about the poisons are so unfair. Why doesn’t someone form a bill to end this? It’s like Halliburton killing 750 fish washing in the earth. Halliburton has a clause that prevents them for cleaning cause”and that is unfortunate . I will do what I can to help. Thank you for letting us know about the dumping.
      Sincerely Susan Gaiero

  49. Ginger says:

    I had 2 children who were normal until we took the over load of shots at 15 months which is no longer done and after that they started changing and both became autistic. God will get all of those who make dumb rules that do this to people and they lie and take no responsibility for it; you will answer and God will show you what it did to people.

    • Barbara says:

      My son Santiago was completelly normal until he was given the MMR vaccine. The MMR he received was manufactured by the Serum Instituite of India. Here in Argentina the MMR vaccine is scheduled at 12 months. 15 days after the shot Santiago progresivelly lost eye contact, stop responding to his name, Six months later he tip toed continually and developed stereotypes. After the diagnosis of Autism he had lots of studies and labs that showed he had poor defenses, vitamin D defficiency and that he is allergic to Polysorbate 80, present in almost every vaccine. Thanks to the study that showed this allergy, both Santiago and his sister and younger brother are exempted of being vaccinated. In our country vaccination is obligatory and the pediatrician is forced to report children that are not vaccinated to the Health Ministery. Fortunately biomedical approach and therapies are having wonderful results in Santi, who is a hard worker. Today is his 7th birthday.

    • Sandy Nokes says:

      WDDTY has highlighted this and many other connections to autism; you may want to get check out their UK website Also helpful in the US would be Hippocrates Health Intitute – loads of people to talk to. See gut connection in those with autism, Crohn’s, etc. There appears to be an connection between impaired digestion/malabsorption of vitamins/minerals and other important nutrients which the autistic person is unable to utilise through sensitivities or lack of essential digestive enzymes and increased requirements of specific nutrients. We have to be sensibly aware of our own and children’s health requirements and not to believe blindly in the pop a pill brigade. Our bodies are highly sensitive organisms and there is enough stuff in this world to battle against i.e. impure water, air, chemicals in crops and most all foodstuffs, radio waves, the list is endless! So be wise, be aware, forget pills, grow your own and become organic where possible.

  50. JoAnn Melton says:

    Ah yes, Merck. The same wonderful folks who brought us thalidamide.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Minitab, which makes a statistical software, did a statistical reanalysis of the De Stefano/Thomspon and Hooker papers. Their analysis, which anyone can do, shows no problems with the data, and that Hooker’s analysis was wrong. Read them here:

  52. imsharon says:

    When the video came out, I contacted my State’s Rep. asking them to look into this. Did not receive acknowledgement nor any response from any of them.

  53. Daniel Martinovich says:

    Wait a minute now. No one gets to talk about the “greed” of “Big Pharma” at the exclusion of the even greedier big government.

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