Departing Mayor Bloomberg Tries to Mandate Annual Flu Shot for Children Under Age 5

December 17, 2013

Bloomberg vaccineBuried provision gives the city power to require any vaccine at any time. Action Alert!

Last Wednesday, the New York City Board of Health decreed that all children under age 5 who are enrolled in city-licensed preschools or daycare centers must receive an annual flu vaccine. This is in addition to the seven other vaccinations already required for NYC preschoolers. Tripedia for DTaP, as well as Fluzone, Afluria, and three kinds of Fluvirin for flu, contain trace amounts of thimerosal, a preservative that contains deadly mercury. This is the latest in a growing trend of flu vaccination mandates; as we’ve reported previously, many healthcare workers can now lose their job for refusing the flu shot.

By the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s own admission, the vaccine’s ability to prevent the flu in “real world settings” is just 24% to 36%. Note, however, that they greatly exaggerate this number in their press release about the mandate, using the 59% effectiveness rate attributed to ideal lab settings. The real effectiveness rate of the vaccine is lower still, based on work of the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration. As we have noted, keeping blood levels of vitamin D up can be as or more effective as a preventive, zinc can keep your body’s response under control, and vitamin A is an effective remedy.

What are the reasons behind the new rule? According to the official city announcement, city officials are disappointed that despite “active promotion,” vaccination rates have only gone up “slowly” (apparently, a 4.3% jump in vaccinations in a single year isn’t good enough for “Nanny-in-Chief” Bloomberg).

However, the city’s real motivation may lie in the rule’s very last provision: “All children shall have such additional immunizations as the Department may require.” Translation: We can make your kid get any shot we want, any time we want.

Under NYC’s new rule, no philosophical exemptions are permitted, though a religious exemption is allowed. Exemption is allowed in cases where the vaccine will have harmful health effects (as certified by a doctor licensed to practice medicine in New York) and on documented religious grounds. It’s not difficult to imagine that the crusading, anti-natural-health New York State government going on the attack against physicians who sign vaccine waiver applications.

Furthermore, school officials and daycare owners may “require additional information” to justify any exemptions. This language is intentionally broad. It provides a gaping loophole to deny legitimate exemptions by allowing school officials to make absurd demands for whatever “additional information” they’d like and to deem any evidence unacceptable. This is a likely scenario: since schools and daycares can be fined for children not meeting NYC’s vaccine and documentation requirements, they will be reluctant to grant exemptions.

Action Alert: Tell the NYC Board of Health to repeal mandatory flu shots for preschoolers! If you live in New York, please take action today. If not, please educate yourself and your loved ones about the threat of mandatory flu vaccinations—what happens in NYC today could happen in your state tomorrow. Please take action immediately!


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12 responses to “Departing Mayor Bloomberg Tries to Mandate Annual Flu Shot for Children Under Age 5”

  1. Valerie N says:

    A 4.3% yearly jump in vaccinations, is unfortunate. I was hoping it would start moving in the opposite direction.
    Children under age 5- enrolled in city-licensed preschools or daycare centers MUST receive an annual flu vaccine? This is disgraceful. These immoral thugs are trying to kill or destroy these kids.
    I hope that the “Departing Mayor Bloomberg” words, means that he is finally departing from office!

  2. Elaine says:

    How does anyone declare themselves god to decree what we must put in our bodies against our will! Let him take all the shots he wants, leave people that have some common sense take control of their own health. Keep his nose out of our private lives, and the Obamacare can do the same.

  3. Gary Lowery says:

    Everyone should be able to control their own lives , especially about their own health

  4. Robert Cruder says:

    Evidence-based medicine is actually quite recent. Professionals argue among themselves what degree of effectiveness justifies the use of a given modality. They do so knowing the effectiveness of alternate modalities, the potential harm from each and the danger of doing nothing at all.
    A physician is paid the same whether he prescribes a drug, a vaccine, a nutritional supplement or a lifestyle change.
    How is it relevant to cherry-pick the worst effectiveness numbers for one modality while manufacturing dangers for it? Mercury is present only in multi-dose packages used for group inoculation and only for vaccines that do not require refrigeration, it is NEVER in the single-dose vials used in physicians offices and pharmacies.
    How is it relevant to leave unstated the negligible effectiveness and the potential harm from the nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and ear-candling alternatives? Prayer does no physical harm but has zero effectiveness. Does its safety alone qualify it to replace vaccination?
    Those who live by “magical thinking” can and should be allowed to leave the gene pool. Some think that they should not share the penalty on their existing offspring. I won’t join that argument but know that they must not share it with unrelated members of their community.
    By analogy, should someone with TB or AIDS be allowed to remain in the community without treatment because of “personal belief” while exposing others to potentially fatal infection?

  5. Sidney Oakes says:

    We do not take flu shots because evidence shows the risk is greater than possible benefits. We do take extra vitamin D, C, and zinc to keep our immune systems strong. We do not get the flu.

    • John says:

      No one can mandate a vaccine if a croup of citizens of the city, county, or state decide they do not want this to happen. All they have to do is contact their local sheriff and file a complaint and the sheriff has the constitutional authority validated by the U.S. Supreme Court and the sheriff’s have the authority to stop the mandate!
      The Sheriff has this authority that extends beyond local, state, and FEDERAL authority! It’s in the constitution and this is how citizens of America can fight this ridiculous misuse of authority!

      • Valerie N says:

        John,– What you say is interesting.
        We know so little about local sheriffs. Do you know how to contact yours, or even how to find yours?
        I am trying to understand the WAYS an ADULT – employed or not employed (not necessarily in health institution), can obtain an EXEMPTION for all vaccination,- in the event there is some future requirement.
        We were advised to consider & be prepared for the the possibility that there could come a time when an attempt may be made to force vaccines, on everyone. (Ofcourse, that’s what they want.)

  6. Rob Reiken says:

    This goes against Humanity , It is now the States Of America for then trying to impose their ways is dictatorship tyranny, why else do you think they want to take the guns while the IRS are getting loads of them. I ask the question, how many people has Vaccinations killed in the last 100 years ? Dozens , hundreds or millions , sadly it is the last one & in the tens of millions Polio Vaccine killed the most with SV40 in it killed over 20 million closer to 30 while Swine Flu Vaccinations destroyed many lives & was a Hoax that wasted billions of $$$ for so much was thrown out cause people found out it was a scam. Seriously don’t get ya Vaccine cause there are adjuvents in them like Mercury, Squalene, & Heavy Metals that cause brain damage & Autism that can also lead to alzeimers & Arthritis & Autoimmune disorders.Aso avoid the tap water for most parts for it has RatSac in it we know as Fluoride that many unknowingly brush their teeth with.

  7. w.b. says:

    This isn’t a “TRUE MANDATE”. you can still opt out. they just voluntarily leave that part out in most news articles.

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