Bombshell Studies: Vaccinated Kids Sicker than Unvaccinated

May 9, 2017

Two recent studies underscore concerns that science has been abandoned in order to promote Big Pharma’s pro-vaccine agenda. Action Alert!

The first study, comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children, looked at the link between preterm (i.e., premature) infants, vaccination, and the development of neurological development disorders (NDD) such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Preterm babies are already at increased risk for NDD, but the study found that vaccinating preterm babies—which is standard medical practice—significantly increases that risk. Preterm birth combined with vaccination was associated with nearly seven-fold increased odds of NDD.

That’s not all. The second study, which surveyed more than 400 homeschooling mothers with 666 children (39% of whom were unvaccinated), found even more causes for concern. It found that vaccinated kids were, on the whole, sicker than unvaccinated kids. Vaccinated children were more than three times as likely to have allergies, six times as likely to have pneumonia, about three times as likely to have NDD, and almost twice as likely to have any chronic illness.

Additionally, the study also found that vaccinated kids were far more likely to use medications and other health services. They were more likely to have been prescribed antibiotics, allergy drugs, and fever medications; fitted with ventilation ear tubes; visited a doctor in the previous year for a health issue; and been hospitalized. Readers can consult the study for the specific numbers, but we can extrapolate that the healthcare costs of vaccinated children are at least twice that of unvaccinated children—not counting the real costs of caring for children with NDD and chronically sick children for a lifetime.

Like any study, these papers have limitations. The sample size (666 children) is relatively small, and self-reporting surveys can be unreliable. These findings indicate that larger studies comparing the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated kids should be done.

As the authors note, this is not a radical view: the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), which advises the federal government on health issues, has recommended further study of vaccines. The Academy specifically recommends focusing on the health outcomes of both vaccinated and unvaccinated children, the long-term cumulative effects of vaccines, the timing of vaccinations in relation to the child’s age, the total number of vaccines given, the total number of vaccines given at one time, and the effect of vaccine adjuvants.

It is shocking that such studies have never been done, considering that the childhood vaccination program now includes forty-eight doses of vaccines for fourteen diseases—all administered between birth and age six—compared to three vaccinations for seven diseases in the 1970s. If those who wish to force vaccinations on the US population are so confident that vaccines are safe, why not do the studies?

The likely answer: Big Pharma makes Big Money from pumping the most vulnerable among us full of vaccines.

Science is about examining all the currently available evidence dispassionately before reaching a conclusion—and that conclusion is always open to further evidence or analysis. Sadly, those claiming the mantle of “science” in the vaccine debate are actually rejecting science.

The question is not just whether we vaccinate, but rather how and when we do so. The biggest questions concern the use of adjuvants such as aluminum, which we are injecting right into our bodies where the liver cannot protect us; the use of preservatives; and the appropriateness of the schedule of shots. We need an honest, fact-based discussion of these topics.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and tell them that they must study the long term effects of vaccination. Please send your message immediately.

Editor’s note (5/9/2017):Within hours of publishing this article, we learned of reports that the Journal of Translational Science has retracted these studies. We will keep you updated as we work to confirm these reports and discern the reason for the retraction. It wouldn’t surprise us if special interests are behind this, since industry has used its clout to exert pressure on scientific journals in the past. 

Update (5/18/2017): We can now confirm that the studies have not been retracted, and are back online.

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113 responses to “Bombshell Studies: Vaccinated Kids Sicker than Unvaccinated”

  1. rhoneyman says:

    This is utter bullshit. You folks are nuts.

    • Liz says:

      Your disrespectful and lewd response is indicative of ignorance and perhaps a psychological disorder that should be treated immediately. Is there a vaccine that prevents this type of response from spreading to the herd?

    • holisticpoet says:

      You are brainwashed by the media.

      • Karen says:
        This is me as a child. I missed the polio vaccine by 5 months. I guess I was not a part of the ‘sharp decline’ of polio. In the real world, the sharp decline of polio happened as soon as the vaccine was available!

        • JZ says:

          I am sure this is probably true, but you can’t extrapolate that experience to all vaccines.

          • Karen says:

            True, and I’m not meaning to.

          • JZ says:

            Good. It’s a complicated issue. All the very best to you, Karen.

          • Karen says:

            Thank you! I am not entirely pro-vaccine for everything but the polio killed virus vaccine (injection) is very safe. I would hate to see any child have to deal with the paralysis I deal with when there is a vaccine.

          • JZ says:

            I truly appreciate that. I am for better research and safer vaccines that have less to do about Big Pharma’s bottom line and more to do with children’s lives. I would hate to see …and actually have seen…any child suffering the way I did. An autoimmune disease is dreadful and limits your life beyond courage. Especially when the disease is little understood. The polio vaccine is the only one to which I never had a bad response. I think that we are on the same page.

        • Hi Karen, Just curious… how old are you? The polio vaccine has been around since the 50s, and this childhood photo looks like it’s from the 30s or 40s, yet your avatar is that of a 30 or 40 year old woman. You would have to be closer to 70 to be the girl in this picture…

  2. underledge says:

    Total crap article! Polio, chickenpox, mumps, tetanus, whooping cough, rubella and measles are a few diseases vaccination prevents. Parents who choose to have their children acquire these diseases really should not breed!

    • Liz says:

      What kind of parent would ‘ choose’ for their children to become ill? Oh, you mean like the ones who allow their children to sit in front of the TV, sleep with a device under their pillow and consume pounds of GM products,sugary and fatty junk as if it were food. I agree. I think it’s absolutely disgusting that people make babies and don’t care about what their children are ingesting, breathing and receiving in their medicines.

      • holisticpoet says:

        According to this and other studies vaccines are part of what is making children ill.
        I have seen it in my own children and decided not to vaccinate my grandson and he is a picture of health.

    • holisticpoet says:

      Do your research! All of these were on a sharp decline from better sanitation before the vaccinations became available.

    • killshot says:

      Actually, vaccines in fact often do not prevent these diseases. Also, you seem to suffer the misunderstanding that “vaccination” = “immunization”. Often, that is not the case. As a board-certified internist for the past 30 years, and still practicing, I can tell you that adverse reactions to vaccine are almost universally understated. And the actual “protection” is overstated. For example, in the Disneyland measles outbreak of a couple of years ago, the majority of those cases were actually previously vaccinated. The whole concept of “herd immunity” is actually a myth. Most of these vaccines, in terms of the antibody production, fade after about five years. If we really wanted to claim herd immunity, all adults would need booster shots every five years or so for most all of these things. Such is not the case. I wonder why. Also, there is not a single shred of scientific evidence that the tetanus shot does almost anything at all. It is based on very sketchy World War I and World War II epidemiology that itself was flawed due to the fact that the major source of Clostridium tetani, the bacterium that causes tetanus, is horse manure. Better wound care, the absence of horses, and the introduction of antibiotics had more to do with the 10 fold reduction in cases of tetanus during World War II and not the tetanus vaccine. The case has never been made for the amount of tetanus vaccine that is administered. This is one simple example of how the vaccine industry has its way by mandating administration and insurance coverage. Another scam is the meningitis vaccine.

      • underledge says:

        The pharmaceutical industry is interested making a profit by any means. However, when is the last time you heard of children contracting polio or whooping cough, measles or mumps in this country? The reason isn’t because we now have running water and no longer dump our sewage in the streets.

        • killshot says:

          We can start with safety. You do know, of course, that the oral polio virus vaccine actually causes the disease and about one out of every 500,000 vaccine recipients, don’t you? So, in 1987 it was replaced with the inactivated polio virus vaccine. This vaccine remains on the childhood vaccination schedule presently despite the fact that wild poliovirus has been basically eradicated in the Americas for more than 20 years. And, finally, I am sure you are aware of the fact that the effectiveness of the inactivated polio vaccine HAS NEVER been tested
          Also, I am sure you understand that any number of Coxsackie, echo, and other enteral viruses also cause “polio” all of which are not protected with the oral polio vaccine, yes? These illnesses still occur.
          The graph below shows that “acute flaccid paralysis” includes many diseases other than the poliovirus. As you can see, this disease still occurs, even though “polio” has seemingly been “eradicated”.

        • Beth says:

          Children contract these diseases ALL the time. Just get on some vaccination pages on facebook and you will see this everywhere. Why do you think they push vaccines like they do and they are trying to mandate them? Fear tact used cause children do still get these diseases. Polio – at least wild type is basically gone, however, you still have GBS which is basically polio with a different name. Then you have many children coming down with whooping cough – however this can easily be treated with high doses of Vitamin C. Measles, I see headlines about measles out breaks all the time the last few years (as the MMR is a LIVE virus, it sheds and causes the host to contract the disease, therefore they can spread it). Mumps, I don’t hear about this one AS often but I do get stories here and there. Again, this can be treated holistically with vitamins, minerals etc. Vaccines havn’t eradicated anything. Good nutrition, hygiene, and other things like proper sewage systems and what not have caused diseases to plummet. Do some searches online for headlines of disease out breaks in other countries, especially Africa and other 3rd world countries. You will find them a lot.

        • Beth says:

          Here –
          Mumps –
          Polio –

          Whooping cough –
          Measles –
          Its kinda of funny… they ALWAYS blame measles out breaks on unvaccinated children, some how people believe that a child never injected or exposed to a diseases somehow has the disease in them already spreading it around… The use of common sense tells you they would have HAD to contract it from someone else. Since the MMR vaccines is a LIVE virus that can shed to the host and cause measles, one would have to believe they can then infect other people after coming down with the disease – which is how unvaccinated children get it. But they refuse to test this route so its not “proven”…

        • eyesandears says:

          The contraction of whooping cough is alive and well, the numbers continuing to rise, and confirmed by the FDA who, in response to this puzzling fact, performed their own study. The results were posted on the FDA site three to four years ago as “FDA study understanding rising rates of whooping cough and response to vaccine.”
          The FDA release stated that the dTaP vaccine infected the recipient, making the recipient actively contagious for three to six weeks, accounting for the continuing rise in whooping cough cases. Further stated, in such manner which seeks to avoid the clear conclusion of their own study results, was that it APPEARED that the vaccinated MAY be infecting the unvaccinated.
          The FDA has removed this page from its site. Not a surprise from an agency with a history of ignoring undesirable study results and refusing to admit its errors.

  3. Me says:

    This really is a bad article. It’s quoted studies are bad links and the article is written in hysterical tones.

    • holisticpoet says:

      I raise a grandson who is not vaccinated and in the last 7 years he has missed just 5 days of school from being ill. This is a good study.

      • Karen says:

        I was not vaccinated for polio and guess what? I GOT polio as a child and was paralyzed from the neck down. I cannot walk or stand and live from a wheelchair. All it will take is one polio carrier from another country to cross paths with your grandson……why would anyone be willing to take this chance with a loved one?

        • kibitzer3 says:

          I am very sorry to hear about your affliction, Karen. However, two things:
          1) The polio vaxes both had/have terrible side effects to them, causing untold damage in their own right; and
          2) You were deprived of hearing about/being treated with massive doses of vitamin C, a proven treatment for polio (see Dr. Klenner), because of the power of the medical-pharmaceutical-media-government complex keeping such information and natural treatment from you. No body should have such power over our lives. We have become the guinea pigs of this complex. It must stop. Not be listened to.
          There are natural treatments for ALL of the childhood diseases, that don’t have the damnable side effects to them that the vaccines have. It’s time for a major change in how we approach health and dis-ease. It’s a shame that such an approach to this general subject wasn’t understood and followed in your childhood.

          • Beth says:

            Not to mention the polio vaccine back in her day CAUSED polio… the huge rise in polio cases AFTER the vaccines came out were caused BY the vaccine.. still happens today. Places in Africa are currently seeing high rises in polio cases after huge vaccine campaigns there. They recently told the WHO no more polio vaccines cause it is spreading rapidly. I wonder too if Ms. Karen had her tonsils taken out as a kid before getting polio… And polio is still around, they just re-named it. GBS among others..

          • Karen says:

            I still have my tonsils, Ms. Beth. And in my day the polio vaccine was only the INJECTION which does NOT cause polio. Not to mention I got polio BEFORE the vaccine was available.

        • Pierce says:

          Did you get the fecal screening to confirm it was polio? In primate studies polio was found to be difficult to transmit. Many children were paralyzed by DDT and mistakenly diagnosed with polio.
          The other problem is that there is no studies that prove the polio vaccine impart immunity. No proof stands towards the efficacy of any vaccine.

          • Karen says:

            Polio was diagnosed via spinal fluid sample (spinal tap) where the poliovirus is clearly seen.

        • holisticpoet says:

          It is a proven fact that right now in the US the only way you can get polio is from the vaccination itself. Why take the risk?

          • Karen says:

            First, a person can only get polio if they receive the ORAL or SABIN vaccine because it contains a weakened, not killed, virus. This vaccine is NO LONGER GIVEN IN MANY COUNTRIES including the U.S. The injection or SALK vaccine is the only one given in our country and most others.
            So you are not correct when you say the only way one can get polio in this country is from the vaccine.
            Second, if someone from another country that still has polio comes to our country and is a carrier of the poliovirus, any unvaccinated child here can get polio. Why take the risk, indeed.

          • holisticpoet says:

            As of a few years ago the only cases of polio in the US were from those who had been vaccinated. There were zero cases of polio in persons who did not get the vaccine. Besides taking the vaccine with all the toxic noxious substances used that are injected directly into the bloodstream bypassing the immune system defies common sense. I believe that this is why the US ranks 174th in infant mortality. There are only a little more than 200 countries in the world. We also have the highest vaccination requirements of all nations. Common sense should tell you something is wrong here. I believe it is the vaccines. If it is not them please explain what you think it is.

          • Karen says:

            “As of a few years ago..” Why still try and use this as relevant today? I notice that anti-vaccine love to talk about getting polio from the vaccine. You cannot get polio from the killed virus/injection/Salk vaccine. That is the ONLY polio vaccine used in most countries including ours.
            There are many, many reasons for infant mortality.All babies wear diapers so maybe that’s the cause…yes, ridiculous. Apply to vaccines.
            There are many children whose parents cannot afford healthcare…that, common sense tells me, is much more likely!

          • Beth says:

            In 1979, Dominick Tenuto changed his daughter’s diaper after she had received the live oral polio vaccine (OPV). The vaccine-strain virus passed through his intestines and he was infected with vaccine poliovirus, becoming paralyzed and wheelchair bound.
            After a long, 30-year legal battle, Tenuto was awarded $22.5 million in 2009 after a jury determined the Orimune vaccine his daughter had received was “unreasonably dangerous” and its maker Lederle Laboratories was 100 percent liable for his injuries.
            The jury also found the company failed to warn doctors of the vaccine’s risks.10
            Tenuto’s case wasn’t an anomaly, either. While OPV was still used in the US, it was estimated that nine people contracted vaccine-strain polio each year as a result of mass, mandated use of the live polio vaccine by children.
            This included some of the vaccinated children as well as people with weakened immune systems who came in contact with the children (the cases were dubbed “contact cases).11
            Former Lt. Gov. John H. Hager of Virginia was among them. As noted by the Washington Post:12
            “Hager has used a wheelchair since age 36, when he contracted polio from an oral vaccine that had been given to his 3-month old son.”
            At the time, many doctors would not warn parents of the risk of contracting “contact polio” so parents would not be reluctant to get their child vaccinated.13
            However, even though the live oral polio virus is not used in the US today, the new PLOS Pathogens study provided evidence that adults who received the vaccine as babies could still be shedding the virus in their fecal matter.
            The authors noted:14
            “Our results show that the [polio] viruses are excreted at high titres, extremely virulent and antigenically drifted, and raise questions about how the population may best be protected from them, particularly in the light of possible changes in vaccine production which are being encouraged to increase capability and reduce costs.
            The study has implications for the ecology of poliovirus in the human gut and highlights the risks that such vaccine-derived isolates pose for polio re-emergence in the post-eradication era.”
            Plus, the live oral vaccine is still widely used in many parts of the world, so the possibility of global ongoing transmission of vaccine-strain poliovirus and circulation in the US is really only a plane ride away. Dr. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine in the 1950s. It contained an inactivated virus, but there was a problem: Swedish scientists tried to tell the US scientists that formaldehyde inactivation was not going to work as planned.
            Their warning, however, fell on deaf ears. This was unfortunate, as they turned out to be correct. Live poliovirus, which was put in an injectable vaccine, would appear to be inactivated right after it was made, but sometimes the formaldehyde did not kill off the polioviruses in all of the batches of these vaccines, which led to live polio viruses being injected into children and adults.
            As a result, more people developed paralysis from being injected with incompletely inactivated polio vaccine in 1955 than would have developed it from coming in contact with natural wild type poliovirus. On a side note, despite failures of early inactivated polio vaccines and the transmission of live vaccine strain polio virus via widespread use of oral polio vaccines, the polio vaccine is widely credited for eradicating polio in the US.
            The health authorities at the time knew something had to be done to make it appear as though the vaccine was working. So what they did was change the diagnostic criteria for polio, which originally was diagnosed based on two examinations within 24 hours. This was changed to two examinations within 60 days.
            This was helpful in cooking the books, because within 60 days most people recover from their bout with polio. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, explained: “All those people who were formerly called polio were no longer categorized as polio because they recovered from their paralysis within that time.” Also, prior to the vaccine there was no testing done on blood or stool samples. After the vaccine came along, there was an epidemic in Michigan around 1958. About 2,000 people were diagnosed with polio.
            There was disbelief among doctors and health officials over the outbreak and, after serological testing was done, they discovered that the polio virus was identified in only a small minority — about one-quarter of those who displayed symptoms of infection. Interestingly, in the remainder they discovered a different virus or no virus at all! And, subsequently, those patients were no longer “counted” as having polio.
            “So simply by doing the diagnostic testing and changing the diagnostic criteria, the rates of polio plummeted, whether or not there was ever a vaccine. These were the kind of things that were going on back then,” Dr. Humphries said.
            Further, according to Dr. Humphries the only thing the injectable polio vaccine theoretically does is to give you some blood (humoral) immunity, similar to tetanus. And once vaccine makers realized just how difficult it was to inactivate poliovirus, and many people ended up contracting polio from the vaccine, they decided to abandon the injectable polio vaccine and create the live oral vaccine instead, which is more similar to the natural route of infection.
            Unfortunately, while the live oral vaccine (OPV) did interrupt transmission of the wild type virus, it propagated transmission of the live vaccine strain virus instead, as discussed. In the 1990s the US quit giving OPV to children and switched back to an updated version of the inactivated, injectable vaccine. To address the risks of injecting improperly or inadequately inactivated poliovirus, certain adjustments were made to the ingredients and production process.
            Polio vaccines today are propagated on cell cultures and inactivated differently from earlier versions, and different countries also use different strains of the poliovirus. Older polio vaccines used to contain three strains of the poliovirus. Today, some countries will only use one or two strains.
            According to Dr. Humphries, at one point, the only polio cases in the US were vaccine-induced. Yet even though there are no indigenous cases of wild type polio being reported in the US, the polio vaccine remains part of the US vaccine program. As Dr. Humphries pointed out:
            “Even today, you can just go on to the CDC website and the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). You can see that cases of polio in this country by and large occur when people get the oral vaccine in another country and then come here. When they say that polio is only a plane ride away, the truth is that disease from polio vaccine is also a plane ride away… Like I said, the injected vaccines do not interrupt propagation of the virus. If somebody comes to this country who has recently had an oral polio vaccine and he’s shedding a highly virulent strain, people in this country can start passing it around.”

          • holisticpoet says:

            The real reason is that my son when he was 18 years old got the third booster for the hepatitis vaccine. He became ill the next day and wound up in the hospital for two weeks. When I told his pediatrician I thought it was from the vaccine she told me that was impossible. This child has almost never been sick. I believed her to be wrong so I started digging. What I found out was incredible. Pediatricians are paid huge sums of money I think it is like $400.00 for every child if they maintain a certain percentage of their patients vaccinated. This defies logic. If a pediatrician has several hundred patients they collect a huge windfall. I will tell you there are very few doctors that care more about their patients than that bonus, especially when they are protected by “the standard of care protocol.” You obviously have done little research on your own and have just gone alone with what mainstream medicine touts. In reality all diseases stem from toxemia. When the body is not toxic it is not ill. Vaccines are all loaded with toxins. I have done too many hundreds of hours of research on this subject for you to convince me otherwise. I can tell you have done little to none!

          • Karen says:

            I have never said that all vaccines are safe. I am in favor of the polio Salk (injection) vaccine which is the only one given today in this and many other countries. It is a killed virus and has been proven to be safe. There is a tendency to group the polio vaccine with all vaccines, which is not appropriate. You need to talk to more people who had polio and see if you want to take a chance on any child getting it today when there is a safe vaccine available.

          • holisticpoet says:

            I respect your opinion but do not agree with it. I believe that vaccination should be an individual choice. Given the poor track record of the pharmaceutical and vaccine industry I believe it better to avoid all vaccines. You say it is safe but there have been many mistakes and blatant fraud in these industries and I would rather take my chances with the disease than to trust entities that are known to be corrupt and known to put profits before the health of humanity. Quite simply I do not believe these people can be trusted with my most valued possession, my health.

          • Beth says:

            You do not believe vaccinated children can get a disease they have been vaccinated for?

          • Karen says:

            I am talking only about the killed poliovirus which is the only polio vaccine given here and in most other countries.

      • E. M. says:

        This argument is nothing more than anecdotal evidence and displays a gross lack of critical thinking skills. My son has been vaccinated and he is rarely sick as well. So who is right? Which is why anecdotal evidence is so weak. In science and logic there is something called causation. I won’t explain it to you because I believe Americans need to educate themselves and learn how to think critically. If they won’t they are just lazy.

    • E. M. says:

      Agreed. Amazing people are willing to accept information with a complete lack of empirical evidence and believe the studies referenced in this article were “lost.” Confirmation and attentional bias at work here…meaning…people already believe something so their brains notice and lock onto info that confirms what they already think and ignore any evidence to the contrary. Americans are intellectually lazy…give me some empirical evidence instead of conspiracy theories and maybe we can have a logical conversation. I am willing to listen to the other side of any argument if one uses sound reasoning and evidence.

  4. TheBangingMan says:

    Why haven’t these safety studies been done? Why, in the middle of the last Swine Flu “crisis”, did the CDC decide to stop counting the incidence of this brand-new pandemic when the projected numbers fail to materialize (Look it up). Why did CBS’ Special, on this topic, air once, and was squelched, without follow-up. (Coincidently, ALL the CDC’s Medical Advisors are on Big Pharma’s payroll for one “project” or another.

    • Liz says:

      If every American knew how scientific research was conducted in this country, they would think twice about vaccinating their children and they would make certain that the vaccines were necessary and safe. The supreme court rules in 1980 that biotech companies could patent organisms and or the parts of the organism. Since then, when a single organism like a bacteria or virus is discovered, a land-grab occurs among the biotech companies and they all rush to own/patent the different parts of that organism. A single virus or a bacteria can have hundreds of different patents on the different anatomical parts of those organisms by several different biotech companies and as a result, you can bet that it’s a serious gamble as to whether a vaccine is safe and whether it’s effective and whether it is created at all due to all the patent gridlocks. Biotech research companies put secrecy ahead of anyone’s welfare and don’t share research. This is the very reason why many cures are not ever released to the general public and why so many drugs today are so unsafe.
      No one is saying that we should eliminate ALL vaccines but a young child today gets more than 12 times the number of vaccines I received a a child.

      • jaanko jennings says:

        As a former insider, I will say the general public has no understanding of how efficacy and safety studies are done in drug and vaccine research.We are playing the odds, there will be adverse events, there will be morbidity and deaths due to side effects or adverse reactions against the drug or vaccine – in a proportion of the population. This is rationalized by the public health, medical and pharma industry as what they are doing is ‘for the greater good’. Its looked at always at the population level, NEVER at the individual level. This is why there is ‘no debate’.

        • holisticpoet says:

          My personal belief is that US citizens would be much healthier if they were not vaccinated. Just look at how many people have died from prescription medications every year. According to Dr. Barbara Starfield it is over 100,000 every year and this is only for the right drug taken as prescribed for the right illness. This does not count the over 1 million emergency visits each year from drug side effects. Natural medicine has only a tiny fraction adverse events.

          • E. M. says:

            An ignorant argument based on no real evidence. use death from prescriptions to back up your claim that Americans would be healthier without vaccines…two completely separate issues. Anyone with any understanding of formal logic, reasoning, and argument would not do this. Use evidence about vaccines to back up you claim about vaccines. Stop being intellectually lazy…use some critical thinking skills…and present a sound, evidenced-based argument. Help end ignorance and bad information on the Internet.

          • holisticpoet says:

            I can understand your skepticism. All my children were vaccinated for everything because that is what I was taught. After doing my own research I will never believe them to be safe or effective.
            I can assure you I am not lazy having done several thousand hours of research on health and healing. But if you consider that if one person or a few dies from herbal medicine such as what happened when ephedra was abused by people trying to get high, it was taken off the market. Yet when people were dying left and right from vioxx it took over four hundred people dying before it was banned. If you learn to see patterns you can clearly see that if it benefits the pharmaceutical industry it doesn’t matter how many people die or become ill or injured. After it is common knowledge that the pharmaceutical industry spends far more on lobbing congress than any other entity.
            If you talk about no real evidence then you are talking about the vaccine zealots who only parrot that vaccines are safe and effective. If you do not believe me do your own research. Try Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Dr. Susan Humphries on youtube. There are many more. Have you seen the movie “Vaxxed”? Or the documentary “the truth about vaccines”? I will never be able to convince you of the truth, but if you wish to find it you need to look deeper than the main stream media lies.

          • eyesandears says:

            The train of thought goes this way: Over 100,000 people die each year from taking one pharmaceutical product as prescribed. How do I know my child statistically won’t be one of those harmed or killed by taking not just one, but multiples of such products made by those same companies? A valid ensuing and pragmatic question when common sense is applied.

          • jaanko jennings says:

            You are taking that risk every day of course. What if there were other things you could do to prevent, cure, or alleviate an illness/disease but you just don’t know about it? What if you did and there are ample studies backing up less risky and invasive means? Would you opt out then? This is the case of the HPV vaccine. Routine screening for cervical cancer followed by early treatment if a precancerous lesion is found, will prevent cervical cancer deaths. A vaccine in the US is not warranted.

          • eyesandears says:

            There are always options, in this case, options other than prescription medications and allopathic ‘care.’ However, self-responsibility is key, and its implementation does require adequate education. There are other things I’ve done to prevent, cure, or alleviate illness/disease independent of the most widely accepted ‘medical paradigm.’ The results go beyond the simple short-term alleviation of symptoms to long-standing cure, as in for good. And yes, I have opted out of it all; no one shall ever again view the results of one test, proceed to then tell me how I feel, and base ‘treatment’ on such a philandering crap-shoot. Life-long learning in the name of self-responsibility brings amazing and unbelievable results – unbelievable because most believe themselves to be helpless in a system that feeds on helplessness. ‘Know thyself.’

          • Truth Seeker says:

            I’ll use evidence! How about the hundreds of girls that have died from the HPV Vaccine and the countless others that have neurological problems. How about the tetanus vaccines given to women in Brazil that sterilized 1000s of women.

          • jaanko jennings says:

            Cervical cancer has been effectively brought to nearly standstill through quality screening for precancerous lesions and early treatment with cryotherapy without the HPV vaccine. The added value of the vaccine has been challenged medically. It will only be a matter of time before the vaccine is put on the shelf because it will be shown that the risks outweigh the benefits. This is already being called out by leading vaccinologists.

          • jaanko jennings says:

            It is also the most expensive vaccine that has ever been put into the market. Japan has taken off the mandatory vaccination schedule for children after extensive research on the safety, efficacy, and cost of the vaccine relative to overall health benefit. Its only a matter of time that other wealthy countries follow.

          • James Peters says:

            Back in 2013 they did. But many at the time criticised this move (PMID: 23993189). Then in January, 2014, the same government agency which suspended recommendation concluded that there was no evidence to suggest a causal association between the vaccine and the reported adverse events after it, but they still didn’t reinstate proactive recommendations for its use (PMID: 24951864).

          • James Peters says:

            Do you citations for the things you claim?

          • jaanko jennings says:

            Sure do! I would cite myself for example. I am a research specialist with nearly 18 years of scientific research on this subject. But you can independently, check out the history of cervical cancer in the US and Europe, well before the HPV vaccine came on the scene. Even people who get the HPV vaccine are still encouraged to get a pap smear or HPV screening test. Say what? Yep it is so.

          • insightz says:

            Two separate issues, you say? Unfortunately they are not, as explained by @disqus_5pbmq0cPCU:disqus above:
            > A single virus or a bacteria can have hundreds of different patents
            See? They own your illness. Chronic illness is a good business. No one wants you to be healthy, except perhaps for your family. You are a much better customer while ill: less likely to save your income, more likely to spend all of it — and if you have “insurance”, all the better: the payouts to Big Pharma are guaranteed for as long as they manage to keep you both SICK and ALIVE. This is the ultimate business model if you ask me.
            That’s why they have to keep vaccinating as many people as possible: it’s called a distribution channel. Grow up.

      • jaanko jennings says:

        You are getting it Liz…… that is the beautiful logic to keep the ‘vaccine as a prevention’ tactic and hunt for more vaccine preventable diseases alive and well, and, biotech stocks at high valuation…………. Beautiful isn’t it!

        • Liz says:

          If being immoral is beautiful, I suppose it is. Do they make eyeglasses that blind us to that beauty? I know they make complacency pills – another big seller.

  5. rakuspirit says:

    Experience has proven otherwise on raising my children and observing friends and family children. Although I tend to go for more natural alternatives in health care I would never put my child at risk by failing to vaccinate. It makes me wonder if you are just trying some form of population control by allowing some of these life threatening diseases to take hold. Also does not give you much respect for your information. Taking my name off the list.

    • Shelby Mills says:

      Unfortunately my son getting 6 vaccines before 6 months old has affected us for the last 20 years. He has a methylation problem like many other children do(we never would’ve known this if he hadn’t had so many problems from the vaccines) and cannot get rid of toxins from the vaccines. Knowing what I know now, I would only allow one vaccine a year (if that honestly). Our lives are forever altered because for my son at least, I might as well have just slowly poisoned him. My brother-in-law has the same methylation problem. He didn’t receive as many vaccines as a child but he received a ton when he entered the military and went overseas. The toxins built up with no way to release them and turned on a gene he was born with. (More complicated than this of course). Now he has ALS with no quality of life. He is 38.

      • holisticpoet says:

        Shelby, I believe that there is a way to eliminate the toxins from the vaccines. The proper gut bacteria is the most important thing to correct. I would look into bravo yogurt along with a diet of natural whole foods.

    • holisticpoet says:

      Please give your observations because my grandson without vaccinations is the healthiest person I know.

    • Pierce says:

      There is no scientific proof that vaccines do what is claimed they do. To believe that vaccines build immunity is superstitious.

    • tarbella says:

      rakuspirit, have you at all read what they put in these vaccines? If you say, your children and family members and friends have had no problems, then have you ever considered the fact that they already have a terrific immune system? If that is true [ and most likely it is ], then that means their bodies are a lot more likely to fight off diseases without shots and just need more natural ways to heal. I’m not saying that all medicines are bad…some really help others, but we have got to look into things better before we jump into something we don’t need when there are other ways to cure.

  6. Timdog says:

    I was looking for some scientific study to back up the claims in the article. None to be found. It undermines what they are trying to prove. There are a lot ignorant people posting on hear. Not ignorant in the sense of being smart, and that may be true also, but ignorant in the responses they offer. Name calling and accusations do not convince anyone of anything, only reinforces their beliefs. Surely there is some good studies that are not paid for by big pharma and the CDC. It is the problem with trying to arrive at the truth of the matter.

    • CJ66 says:

      No, why would they do studies that show the true risk? How would that benefit them? The true risks are not known because they have hidden them for years for just that reason: money and greed. Look into it more and you will be unpleasantly surprised.
      People have been duped into believing something that is not true. So, since they will NOT do real studies to say what the risks are. And they DO suppress the truth, its up to each of us to find out ourselves. So, you either want to find the real truth out, or not. There is no one stopping you …

  7. jaanko jennings says:

    Please post a copy of these articles somewhere – I would hope that whoever reviewed the articles downloaded or saved a copy. We need to know in order to decide whether this article has any merit – otherwise heresay, unfortunately.

  8. Mark Morningstar says:

    Curious that these are the only 2 articles on the Open Access Text site that are ‘unavailable.’

  9. tarbella says:

    I really think they need to stick with their oath…”do no harm.”

  10. Caroleen Thompson says:

    Big Pharma is Huge money and they can take down anything that contridicts their “products”…which they probably did here. One shot does not fit all and the reall science needs to be done and very separate from the parties that sell those meds. My son changed the day he got the MMR shot, changed dramatically. And there are no do-overs. What if each generation needed a different formula, or doseage… no one is even looking at this. But I do believe the article above, and mainly due to talking to so many other parents whose child/ren made a dramatic turn after one shot. One while getting my son vaccinated, I had to sign two forms and then they brought in three shots. I asked them about the third shot and they quietly left the room with that shot…. what in the world were they going to dose my child with? I no longer believe the hype that we need all of these formulas…. I am watching my niece slolwy wither away from the Gardasil vacination. Her life is ruined. No do-overs. She cannot work or do much of anything anymore…..

  11. KEN says:


  12. KEN says:


  13. KEN says:

    ignorant people touching one another

  14. JZ says:

    I was vaccinated before the vaccinations got so complicated and there were so many. I developed Childhood Lupus and suffered from it most of my life, until it went into regression in middle age. I still have some symptoms, just not as bad. I have know others who have suffered in the same way…and younger people. There aren’t two sides to this situation. We should all be demanding the clear safety of vaccinations for our children. And, we should be working together in this.

  15. Arimathean says:

    “The question is not just whether we vaccinate, but rather how and when we do so.”
    This needs to be emphasized again and again in order to overcome the resistance to research on vaccination. We all know that vaccination is good in some abstract sense, but that doesn’t mean that every possible vaccination under any possible circumstance is good.

  16. Arimathean says:

    The links to the two studies are broken, so I did a little digging. You can find these articles by Googling the titles.
    The first study, which was censored, was leaked to a journalist, who wrote an article about it: “Censored Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated sees Daylight”.
    The second study can be found on-line: “Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports”.

  17. Malori Mayor says:

    That “study” comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated homeschoolers is NOT a study!! The title of the email I got was extremely misleading: “bombshell” studies?? Give me a break. It was merely a survey. No one should be basing their decision on vaccinations on this. Please, get your information from reliable sources!!

    • Arimathean says:

      Larger studies would require larger funding. So far, that funding does not exist.

      • CTGeneGuy says:

        Larger studies have already been done, and they differ in that they:
        1. show the opposite findings as the two in this article,
        2. are not based on unverified outcome data from an anonymous survey, and
        3. have not been retracted.

        • Arimathean says:

          Assuming such studies really exist (call me skeptical), who funded them? Did the results coincide with the interests of the funders?
          The studies being cited here are attempting to look at overall outcomes. Most studies just look at one or two particular variables that may or may not be closely related to overall outcomes.

  18. wired says:

    This is just population control brought to you by big pharm ! We are letting them us our children as guinea pigs

  19. Andrea K. says:

    Why are they showing kids on TV who were NOT vaccinated & are very sick with measles, etc! I am 74 years old & remember how very sick I was with the measles & other childhood diseases… vaccines then except for polio! My sons, grandchild & great grand-kids….all vaccinated or in the process. I believe in getting kids vaccinated!

  20. Nora Watts says:

    The reason for this result may not be healthier kids. It could also be that parents who vaccinate tend to view Western medical care as good so there are more visits to the drs office. I personally think it is because parents who don’t vaccinate feed their kids healthier foods too.
    In any case I tend to hope that there is a look at which vaccinations are really necessary and which could be skipped or put off until the kids are older.

    • djanick says:

      This is an excellent point, Nora. In statistics we call that a “confounder”, a variable which is different between the two groups and which also affects the outcome variables. In this case, “attitude toward conventional medicine” could be a confounder. Non-vaccinating parents may also be parents who (as a generalization) eat healthier and are less quick to rush their kids to the doctor’s office for minor problems. So when the results turn up as “vaccinated children had more doctors’ visits”, this may be a redundant way of saying “parents who go to doctors more were found to go to doctors more”. In a more sophisticated study one could ask about attitudes but then one enters a world of nuance where one would first have to study what is meant by “attitudes” and how to measure them, then validate the measuring instrument, and then seek correlations with outcome and “correct” for them. That turns a maybe $20K study into a million-dollar effort with little guarantee of a more definitive conclusion. In this case, I do not believe that confounding accounts for most of the discrepancy because the groups are overall similar (all having chosen to home-school), and there are many outcome variables for which “attitude” would be unlikely to cause huge variation. If you read the full paper, you will see the authors include a section where they discuss confounding, but they do not get into diet and attitude.

      • Liz says:

        I agree that attitude certainly plays a significant role in medicine. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that when I deliberately canceled my insurance policy, I became incredibly healthy. I canceled the policy because it was driving poor quality/high profit health care and medicines that were making us sick. I knew there had to be a better way and I found a doctor that focuses on preventive/functional medicine and he doesn’t accept insurance even though he’s board certified. He changed our lives in every way- we began eating a very healthy diet, exercising and supplementing with his professional guidance. We quit eating in restaurants. Once a year we visit this doctor for a thorough 2-3 hour examination for 125.00-200.00. We all noticed that we felt more responsible for our own health and we lost our desire to visit the doctor for any petty discomfort like we did when we had insurance. In other words, I realized that having insurance subconsciously influenced me to make frequent visits to the doctor just so I felt that I was getting my money’s worth for those high premiums. I remember when I went to the doctor for a sore wrist and he gave me a huge bag of Vioxx samples. Thank G-d I didn’t take them. It wouldn’t occur to me to visit a doctor for a sore wrist today. Oh and what the insurance companies and gov’t consider ‘ preventive care’ is a bunch of malarkey. A mammogram doesn’t prevent breast cancer, a colonoscopy doesn’t prevent cancer and vaccines rarely if ever prevent the flu and health insurance doesn’t prevent disease or bankruptcy.
        If you want to avoid getting sick, then simplify your life to reduce stress and increase self awareness and value, end toxic relationships and replace them with healthy ones, don’t eat junk or restaurant foods, exercise outdoors and laugh a lot.

  21. underledge says:

    The second study the author cites came from a survey of “more than 400 homeschooling mothers”.
    I guess it is just me but I somewhat question the motives and beliefs as being of a religious nature. Let god solve the problem.

  22. Tim Reihm says:

    Thank you, Carol! So much happening very quickly in response to the studies’ publication!

  23. mathildamoon15 says:

    Please relink the studies in the article. “First study” and “second study” show the pages ‘Not Found’. I always prefer reading the actual studies. Thanks!

  24. Maritimer1 says:

    Isn’t it funny that the links to BOTH “studies” are broken…..

  25. Sally Oh says:

    The studies have been taken down.

  26. James Peters says:

    Retraction has happened.

    • CTGeneGuy says:

      Indeed, retracted again. What garbage journals will they recycle these “bombshells” into next year?

    • Arimathean says:

      The article was accepted, peer reviewed, and scheduled for publication. It was withdrawn under industry pressure AFTER it had cleared all the legitimate academic hurdles. As someone who has published dozens of journal articles and peer reviewed a few, I can say this sort of thing is extremely rare – and extremely fishy. The retraction tarnishes the editors and their journal, making them look like industry stooges.

  27. Vaga Bond says:

    guys…. stop. please stop. “big pharma” has a lot of flaws but vaccines save lives. please don’t be irresponsible. this is all uninformed and or misinformed garbageee please be smart.

    • Arimathean says:

      You write as if vaccination were an all-or-nothing proposition. It is not. Just because some vaccines have saved some lives does not mean that other vaccines have not destroyed other lives.

  28. Rejoove says:

    The links to the studies did not open up for me. Anyone else have that problem? Thanks

  29. Rusty Writer says:

    Anti-vaxxers are creating non peer-reviewed studies to bolster their beliefs, but they are killing children.

    • Tammy Ritchie says:

      I think that our Cro-Magnon /Neanderthal ancestors should have just died out thousands of years ago since they didn’t have vaccines and that nature is out to kill us at every turn. Today, humanity is a total and COMPLETE disgrace to all that came before us.
      BTW, take 10,000 of these and you’ll be fine. You have the word of Dr. Paul Offit… https:// /vaccines /schedules/hcp/imz/adult .html

      • Rusty Writer says:

        Our Neanderthal ancestors did die out. And we homo sapiens had horrible death rates. Lifespans since medical science came into being have increased many times over. It used to be that most children never made it to be adults. Now it is rare for a child with access to medical assistance to die. Humanity today is far healthier than the imaginary paradise you reference.

        • T.H. Ritchie says:

          Deaths stopped when we started having proper sanitation practices. How is polio spread? Oral to fecal route so therefore, we must wash our hands in order to stay healthy. Even the CDC acknowledges this. So, how many vaccines are you willing to undergo in order to achieve their idea of “herd immunity”? Our children have to endure six to seven every single visit over the course of two months as babies. Are you willing to take 10,000 vaccines or perhaps twice that since Dr. Paul Offit once declared that babies can handle that amount in one visit? Have you even noticed that every single vaccine packet insert says that they “have not been evaluated for carcinogenic, mutanogenic, or impairment of fertility”? I’m sure that you believe that the rates of cancer in babies and children are just “coincidence”. I believe that this is one of the reasons why we have a problem with pediatric cancer. Speaking of which, you probably never have laid eyes on a packet insert so I will help you with that…. www. immunize .gov /fda/
          Back in my childhood BEFORE the Vaccine Act of 1986 we had less than 72 vaccines for babies and we had the DTP, which was pulled off the market in first world countries. We also did not have fear of the chicken pox (1982 was the year I had mine at the age of six. No hospitals were involved in my recovery). Yes, this makes me over 40 years of age. Now, thanks to the varicella vaccine we have children with shingles and teenagers that will need boosters. My husband had shingles as a 48 year old and even though I was around him 24/7 I never came down with shingles.
          https: // www. nytimes. com /1986 /11 /15 /us/ reagan-
          signs- bill- on- drug- exports- and- payment- for- vaccine- injuries
          What I see in the future is this; people will be fitted with these devices that were once called “insulin pumps” but they won’t be there just for insulin but for the daily vaccine dosages. Why? Because the vaccine will continue to wain, just like antibiotics are in our lifetime we will be in a far greater fiasco. Does this sound like a wonderful utopia that you would wish to come true? Here in the States we have more vaccines listed as “needed” than any other country. Our kids need 72 vaccines to be called “fully vaccinated” while my generation only needed eleven. I think that we are going overboard just like we did with antibiotics (which vaccines contain).

          • T.H. Ritchie says:

            Yes, I was “fully vaccinated” for my generation and never had any more after 1999 (Rubella vaccine only). I’m an EX-vaccine taker and have done well without boosters for years. Now they’re saying that we should have more boosters. They used to tell us as children that only one MMR will make us immune for life so now they’re telling us we should have three. Ridiculous, this means that it is failing and not succeeding. If I have had a natural occurrence of all of those I would have been immune for life. Sufficient vitamins would have been needed to combat all of those illnesses. Just like the weeds that we spray Round Up on they come back stronger and that’s exactly what is going on with Mumps and pertussis. They are mutating and fighting harder due to our meddling. We need balance within our bodies in order to keep things in order. Eat too much sugar you end up with an increase of yeast within the body, you have thrown candida albicans out of balance with other bacteria that keeps yeast in check. Like all things in nature, everything is about balance but most of mankind doesn’t seem to understand is that WE ARE a part of nature. Throw off the balance in nature you have hurricanes and tornadoes but plant a forest in the plains and over time you would have less tornado alleys and hurricanes due to temperature increase on land and in the ocean. Yes, this means that I do believe in global warming and I also believe that the Earth is round (the Sun is round as well as the Moon (we have visited the moon in 1969)- I can’t believe that some people think that the world is flat, insanity running amok if you ask me).

        • T.H. Ritchie says:

          How is it that the United States have the highest infant mortality rates if less babies are dying thanks to modern medicine? We are far healthier, you say? Look at the cancer rates in comparison to the past INCLUDING pediatric cancers and tell me that “Humanity is far healthier today” with a straight face.

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