Child Who Was Hurt by a Vaccine Entitled to Government Compensation, says Federal Court of Appeals

July 14, 2009
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In a reversal of a Special Master Judge’s ruling, a federal Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that Enrique Andreu, a boy who was vaccinated at eight weeks of age, is entitled to compensation. The plaintiff claimed that the DPT vaccination (diphtheria, whole-cell pertussis, and tetanus) caused a seizure disorder that led to a low IQ, and developmental delays including language.
Sherri Tenpenny, DO, author of Saying No to Vaccines, urged those who attended the Health Freedom Expo recently in Chicago to make personal plans (each plan may be different for each person) for how they and their family members will deal with the possibility of forced, mandatory vaccinations for influenza. As the case of Enrique Andreu shows, not all vaccines are safe or effective. Healthcare choice is key when confronted with the decision about vaccination.
The Alliance for Natural Health, our affiliate in Europe, launched its Vaccine Choice Campaign earlier this year. Their website explores the dangers of multiple vaccines. But what is the truth behind official denials of adverse effects? Research funded by pro-vaccination government agencies and vaccine manufacturing company grants is likely to be biased. Vaccinations net the multinational, Big Pharma drug companies over $10 billion per annum, so why would they want to stop doing it?
Take a moment to read the AAHF position paper on mandatory vaccinations.

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