Citizen Action Halts New York Assembly Bill 10942

June 23, 2008
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New York Assembly Bill 10942 threatened to take away your right to make health care decisions for your family. This bill would mandate vaccines recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service, permit the administration of vaccines for sexually transmitted infections to minors without parental consent, and requires annual influenza vaccination of certain health care personnel.

Why are more vaccinations a problem? According to the National Vaccine Information Center, meningococcal disease is recommended for freshmen college students, especially those living on campus. And even though it’s recommended for college students living in a dorm- Center for Disease Control (CDC) report found that the overall rate of disease among undergraduate college students is lower than the rate among persons aged 18-23 years who are not enrolled in college.
But even more important than the danger of vaccination, A10942 was introduced at the request of Richard Daines, the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health. That made it a priority for the legislature—BUT not for you! By attending the My Kids, My Choice rally on June 10 and by letting your legislator know that YOU will make the health care decisions for your family, you stopped the bill from being voted on before summer break.  AAHF was pleased to partner with many organizations to work on defeating this bill or at the very least slow it down.
This battle is far from over. We need to stay vigilant. No doubt when session resumes in November they will try again to pass this bill, and again we need to be ready to fight for the right of the consumer to choose and the practitioner to practice.

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