Compounding the Problem of Opioids

September 7, 2017

Big Pharma creates the problem, and now wants to sell us the vaccine “solution.”
With the opioid crisis getting even worse, researchers are scrambling to come up with a treatment for opioid addiction. That treatment could come in the form of a vaccine.

At a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers reported that they’re making significant headway in developing a vaccine against the effects of opioids. There has been initial success with this approach in animal studies, though it has not been tested in humans.

Here’s the kicker. The challenge with a vaccine of this kind would be generating enough antibodies to counteract an entire dose of opioids. This means that an opioid vaccine would require multiple shots a year—music to the ears of pharmaceutical industry executives.

In summary,  Big Pharma, with the FDA’s approval, creates opioids that are up to 100 times as powerful as heroin. This  fuels an opioid epidemic  killing more people each year than traffic accidents—it is  now the largest single contributor to deaths among those under 50 years old.  A forthcoming vaccine could be sold at exorbitant rates without solving the underlying problem.

There are, of course, natural alternatives to pain management, such as fish oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil, but the government is making moves to take affordable CBD oil off the market. It’s the same old, same old in our crony capitalist health system.

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