Effort to Kill New Vaccine Studies Fails

May 26, 2017

Despite false claims, the studies have not been retracted, nor their evidence that vaccines can be dangerous.
Recently, we covered two studies that looked at the health differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated homeschooled children. The results were compelling: they found that vaccinated kids were, on the whole, sicker than unvaccinated kids. Vaccinated children were more than three times as likely to have allergies, six times as likely to have pneumonia, about three times as likely to have neurological developmental disorders, and almost twice as likely to have any chronic illness.
Hours after we published our article, we learned that the studies had been taken down by the publishing journal, the Journal of Translational Sciences. This was followed by reports from skeptic blogs that the studies had been retracted.
Was this a rejection of the data as Big Pharma would hope? Absolutely not. The studies have not been retracted and are back up online. In fact, they can be found here and here.
Here’s what happened.
In 2016, Dr. Anthony Mawson (the lead author of both studies) submitted one of the studies for publication to the journal Frontiers for Public Health. The paper was rejected for publication at that time, a routine decision that does not imply inaccuracy of data. Dr. Mawson then submitted the original paper as well as another study to the Journal of Translational Sciences in March of this year.
Skeptic bloggers falsely reported that Frontiers had retracted Dr. Mawson’s study, which would have indicated a finding that the results were questionable. This led the Journal of Translational Sciences to pull the studies pending an inquiry. When the journal saw evidence that the paper had in fact been rejected for publication rather than retracted, it restored both papers.
Having a paper rejected for publication, reworking the material, and resubmitting it to a different publication is a common occurrence in the academic world. We’ll let you decide whether the skeptic bloggers made an honest error or intentionally distorted the facts to try and get the papers pulled because they didn’t like the evidence or the conclusions.
There is an irony here. Skeptics are typically those who value rationality, data, and scientific inquiry. Yet any study daring to hint that vaccinations may not be 100% safe is immediately denounced as quackery. We applaud the Journal of Translational Sciences for their consideration of Dr. Mawson’s data, their search for the truth, and their willingness to publish this material that should be driving significant discussion around the country.

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20 responses to “Effort to Kill New Vaccine Studies Fails”

  1. Tim Mantyla says:

    I support all efforts to create a healthy environment and promote health in each individual. However it’s not a black-and-white situation. Not all manufactured medicines are bad, simply because they are man-made or have some side effects.
    Conversely, not all holistic medicines are healthy. Many supplements, like echinacea, have been proven to have no benefit whatsoever. Some of them such as St. John’s Wort interact negatively with some medications.
    Digitalis is an example of a medicine that was created as a holistic originally, from foxglove plant. It’s merely an extract of a natural substance that helps with heart issues. Many manufactured medicines. when taken correctly, are safe and effective for a large number of people. It doesn’t mean they will be safe and effective for everyone, since everyone’s body is unique. The costs or side-effects have to be balanced with benefits.
    But the same is true for supplements and plant and animal extracts and minerals. It’s important to take a balanced, reasonable approach, rejecting medicines and claims that are false and harmful, and accepting those that work when proven in a scientifically done clinical study.

  2. Piujuq says:

    After receiving vaccines all four of my children otherwise born healthy children regressed onto the autism spectrum. In Canada, when we went for medical help, the doctors blamed the parent and later the children. No one helped, some caused harm. One of children died. One is stable, the other two are recovering with treatment paid for solely by myself. The oldest is now 28, and the youngest is 24 years old.

    • oreocracker says:

      OMG! I am so sorry to hear what you’ve gone thru. And all probably could have been avoided. Tragic. When I was in school, there were no autistic kids, now it’s epidemic proportions and docs still say it’s not vaccines. It’s the definition of insanity.

  3. physicsandchem says:

    Of course vaccines are not 100% safe. Few things are. Do you really want to see the pre-vaccine polio outbreaks again?

    • Carroll Nigg says:

      Follow the money. Scare tactics have an intended audience – sheep. If you are a physician I for one consider you just shy of a robot.

      • physicsandchem says:

        To answer your implied question: I am not a physician. Now, will you answer my explicit question: “Of course vaccines are not 100% safe. Few things are. Do you really want to see the pre-vaccine polio outbreaks again?”

        • Faisal Khatri says:

          Dude, he had answered your question on a level you likely are not able to reach. You are looking like a fool in this discussion, not because of any info you presented (which was none), but because you are trying to save face by insisting he answer YOUR questions. The smart thing would be to not say anything and go research what he said. If you confirm what he said to have no major errors, he has a lot of good points.

          • physicsandchem says:

            You do not know me well enough to be so insulting. I answered his question. I consider that being polite. I asked a question in return. That seems fair to me.
            If he answered my question, I missed his answer. Please repeat it.

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

      Both Salk and Sabin accused each other’s vaccines for being a source of polio. Both were right. Polio vaccine was a source of polio in many countries, US included. People shed polio virus from OPV for weeks , sometimes months and years. India is suing Gates after about 50000 children were recently paralyzed or died after his polio campaign, of non polio acute flaccid paralysis. Non polio because it happened after vaccine, so can not be polio, although symptoms are the same. Also rise and fall of polio in late 40-50s suspiciously coincided with invention and ban of DDT. Production of DDT peaked in 1963 at 82,000 tonnes per year, and children were bathed and sprayed “for disinfection”- one more example of medical insanity.So if you are really physics and chem, learn real history of polio vaccine.

      • jimmy midnight says:

        A narrow focus on physics and chemistry may blind certain people 2 History. “Polio” is the example number two cited as a disease that vaccination has “eliminated.” ‘Cept it really hasn’t, as you’ve noted, with some relevant facts included.
        Example number one, of a disease that vaccination actually HAS been eliminated, of course is smallpox. My working hypothesis here is that vaccination worked for smallpox because vaccinations were given by skin scratch for many years, so that t-cells, and lymphatic systems also became involved, leading to more robust and consistent immunities.
        If the medical establishment went back to scarification, almost all of the side effect problems that we clearly ARE seeing would disappear. But that would necessitate an admission that their methods and understandings don’t constitute a truth monopoly.
        That admission will take much longer than it should to get out, on account of pharmaceutical interests.

        • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

          I once believed in small pox vaccine too, because of all brainwash from textbooks. Nobody dares to question such a fundamental fact. And then I read the story of city of Leicester. the whole city rebelled against mandatory small pox vaccinations at the end of 19 th century, so the government could not imprison or fine every citizen. The book is on internet, very interesting. They implemented hygiene and sanitation measures. Small pox in unvaccinated Leicester plummeted. Sometimes visitors from heavily vaccinated London or Glasgow would bring smallpox, but they were quarantined, and outbreaks quickly extinguished. In 19 th century every mandatory vaccination/revaccination campaign in England, Prussia, Japan was followed by epidemics of smallpox. (See statistics in Susan Humphries’ book “Dissolving Illusions”.) Only after invention of plumbing and modern sanitation smallpox numbers quickly diminished. Here came public health bureaucrats to take credit for their vaccines. Plague , cholera, typhus, scarlet fever disappeared before they could unleash vaccine and take credit. Black Death variety of plague is extinct, confirmed by DNA studies, no vaccine. I saw the article long ago that showed antibodies from small pox vaccine were detectable for only 5-7 years (research by the army, so pro-vaccine). My guess antibodies from vaccine are so low quality that not only they do not last long (unlike lifetime antibodies from natural infection), but they do not really protect. Also, only 10% of Earth population was vaccinated with small pox, so herd immunity theory doesn’t work either. Crook Jenner bought his medical diploma for 15 coins, deceived Mad King George, and got 30000 for his fraudulent “invention”. Pus from animals and humans, injected with unsterilized needles spread tuberculosis and syphilis, which became epidemic in 19 century. Jenner’s own wife, sister, and older son died of tuberculosis a few years after he vaccinated them. Looks like he never vaccinated himself. Dark story.
          Bernard Shaw said it even better,
          He was also against vaccination, calling it “a peculiarly filthy piece of witchcraft.”
          In 1944, in a letter to the Irish Times, he wrote that:
          “Within my long lifetime, its ruthless enforcement throughout Europe ended in two of the worst epidemics of smallpox in record, our former more dreaded typhus and cholera epidemics having meanwhile been ended by sanitation. After that failure, the credit of vaccination was saved for a while by the introduction of isolation, which at once produced improved figures. At present, intelligent people do not have their children vaccinated, nor does the law now compel them to. The result is not, as the Jennerians prophesied, the extermination of the human race by smallpox; on the contrary more people are now killed by vaccination than by smallpox.
          He also said that “vaccination is nothing short of attempted murder”
          So small pox vaccine is a hoax too. Every vaccine is.

          • jimmy midnight says:

            VERY interesting, will investigate further; but the important point is we’re both adamantly opposed 2 forced vaccines, now and in the future.

      • physicsandchem says:

        To answer your implied question: I am a Clinical Chemist. I have a B.S. in Chemistry and an M.S. in Molecular Biology and Biophysics. I hold three patents, have several published articles and taught Physics and Chemistry in high schools and colleges.
        I was born in 1945. I remember the fear that parents and children had toward the end of the summer, which was the start of the “Polio Season”. That fear vanished very quickly when the Salk vaccine became available [the late 1950’s, if I remember correctly.] Polio Wards and Iron Lungs soon became History. I doubt that anyone wants to return to the pre-vaccine situation, including you.

        • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

          I do not boast about my degrees on Internet, because 1. everybody can award himself with any degree on Internet, but they do not matter here.2. What matters here is ability read and think, not repeat dogmas. You probably did not read my post, did not read the article above, did not investigate polio vaccine itself, or for example, lawsuit against Gates. You were duped as a 10 year old,and preferred to stay duped. I could give you more information on what a scam polio vaccine is, but you will not read it either. Closed mind. This is the difference between degreed and really educated person. So keep vaccinating yourself, but do not expect thinking people to fall for this “iron lung” propaganda.

          • physicsandchem says:

            I was not boasting. I was replying to your implied question. “So if you are really physics and chem, learn real history of polio vaccine.”
            I lived in the era of the iron lung. I hope you are not forced to witness the return of those horrible,life-saving devices.
            I do not know why you believe I am only repeating dogma or would even consider awarding myself a degree. I believe that you believe what you, and others, are saying, but I do not understand why my questions go unanswered, except by insults.
            I wish you well.

          • disqus_k3oycamN0W says:

            Sorry for expressing my opinion in a way you found insulting. ” Iron Lung” was crude big old ventilator that looked scary, which helped polio propaganda. Ventilators are used in ICU in modern hospitals all the time, they just don’t look scary anymore. Many people with vaccine injuries are put on them, there are images and stories on utube, but fake media never shows them. Vaccine injuries with paralysis are reclassified into several different obscure diagnoses, NPAFP, and Gillian Barre are two of them. What many people do not know is that thousands of people in the 50s got polio from vaccines, were put on Iron Lungs and left paralyzed or dead. Salk even testified in Congress, accusing Sabin vaccine of vaccine-induced polio, but his vaccine did the same! DDT was also neurotoxin widely used on children, and could cause paralysis either alone or make people more susceptible to paralysis from polio. In healthy people without additional toxins polio is usually mild disease. After all, Sabin’s OPV is live virus, infecting people with vaccine strain polio, but only some people get paralyzed or killed by it, most get it as mild disease (not that I want to gamble on myself). Infamous influential Dr Ochsner put his own grandchildren on stage in New Orleans in front of a big audience and vaccinated them with Salk vaccine produced by vaccine factory he co-owned. Grandson died of polio a few days later, granddaughter survived but was paralyzed.
            Plus the hushed scandal with infecting millions of americans with cancer causing SV40 virus that contaminated polio vaccines, and may be still does. When tested for it, SV40 is found in many tumors. Plus the dark story of HIV virus in polio and HepB vaccines in the 70s. And much more.
            I understand that it is difficult and scary to start thinking after living a life of obedience and teaching the obedience to others, but now that your income doesn’t depend on spreading the party narrative, you have a chance.

          • Deirdre McHugh Dooner says:

            Fascinating! I plan to copy/paste that info about polio and smallpox and search further. Really wish this info was brought up in a debate with Paul Offit and put on You Tube!

          • AutismDadd says:

            You are repeating dogma.

        • AutismDadd says:

          So you were indoctrinated and remain so.

    • AutismDadd says:

      OMG not that worn out tripe again.

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