Fascist Medicine from California

November 7, 2016

A doctor in California faces criminal charges for giving a vaccine medical exemption. Action Alert!
Dr. Bob Sears is facing charges of gross negligence for daring to write a letter recommending that a two-year-old be excused from vaccinations based on his mother’s description of serious adverse reactions to previous immunizations.
ANH-USA is following this case closely, because it is clearly intended to intimidate other doctors in the state and thereby shut down any medical vaccine exemptions, the only exemptions left under law. This case will also set a legal precedent for when a medical exemption is acceptable, at a time when states are increasingly threatening to eliminate all other exemptions.
The attack on Dr. Sears is also another example of how vaccine supporters in California will stop at nothing to push their agenda on everyone else. The sponsor of the bill revoking all exemptions other than medical, Dr. Richard Pan (D-CA06), promised that medical exemptions would be left alone. So much for that promise!
Due to the importance of this case, ANH-USA is encouraging members to donate to Dr. Sears’ legal defense. The case is likely to be protracted and expensive. We need to support Dr. Sears.
Action Alert! Take action at donation page to support Dr. Sears’ legal efforts. He’s fighting for the right of doctors to provide their patients with medical exemptions to vaccination. Please visit our donation page and take action now!
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12 responses to “Fascist Medicine from California”

  1. Sam Sam says:

    Dr. Sears is to be applauded for his efforts to act on behalf of his patients health. The gov’t is telling doctors how to practice medicine. There is a valid specific medical reason and a law to cover it, but the gov’t, FDA,AMA and others don’t care about our rights. Guess who ought to be on trial here! Why do you think some places have a crash-cart on stand-by when they give these toxic vaccines to toddlers.
    This is an outrageous, illegal violation of our personal choices and rights not to mention the laws as they exist for exemption for obvious specific medical concerns. But, this scenario been happening for a very long time. Most folks have never heard of the story about Royal Raymond Rife and how his cancer cure has been suppressed and the technology associated with it. The man was a genius. His treatments for cancer were working.
    All this for greed!……..For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil!!

    • NoCoincidences says:

      It’s called 0bamascare…

    • eyesandears says:

      ALL of these people and agencies will continue to violate our ‘rights’ until sufficient numbers of people stop listening to, believing, and complying with their agendas, then ignore them and withdraw from all services. No audience, no show. It’s simple disempowerment.

      • Sam Sam says:


      • Sam Sam says:

        That part really is simple. But how do we cure apathy and complacency. I know you can’t cure stupid – can you?
        I spoke with a girl today at the bank who actually listened for about ten minutes. Great conversation. I mentioned Mercola’s website and she wrote it down. Since she was 7 months pregnant I mentioned some health issues to pique her interest. It’s rewarding to talk to people who care about themselves and seem willing to investigate. Sometimes the ‘battle’ occurs one person at a time. Then, if you think about having a penny and doubling every day for a month, it seems very worthwhile.
        On another topic… I just read a completely fascinating article about the dangers of root canals and the related latent infections they can produce. Of all the articles I’ve come across recently, this one really got my attention. If you read anything about health, read this. Then consider supplements to help maintain your immune system like true colloidal silver and eliminating sugar (in all forms), from your diet.
        Strangely enough it referenced Dr. Mercola…titled
        I believe you can look up this article at Mercola’s website.

      • FJ Theurkauf says:

        The problem with this approach is that the reg agencies are becoming much more intrusive and punitive.

    • FJ Theurkauf says:

      It is getting clearer every day that this current regulatory government must be eliminated. The only question is how to proceed.

  2. eyesandears says:

    How does a medical board come off violating the doctor-patient privilege when, in fact, no harm has resulted from the doctor’s decision? Yet this same board allows physicians who have wrought great harm to patients – over and over – to continue practicing unimpeded. Furthermore, the law does provide for the personal physician to exercise his medical discretion based upon his knowledge of the patient. When did the California Medical Board become psychic?
    This type of behavior falls in line with the reactions of physicians who have treated patients – particularly those with cancer – to no avail and, upon learning that the patient was able to completely himself utilizing other methods, becomes angry that the patient healed and survived! “I declared you would die in 3 months and you didn’t follow my directive to do so.” Psychotic!
    Time for everyone to exit this trillion dollar Circus of Horror and Death!

  3. DAOWAce says:

    First action alert to not actually be an action alert.. but a donation one.
    Mislabeled or was this intentional to attract more traffic?

    • Sam Sam says:

      It was meant to alert you to the dangers of gov’t trampling down your freedoms. If you feel inclined to support someone putting his credentials and profession on the line to protect others, especially children, then feel free to do so. This incident is a travesty. It acutely demonstrates how the gov’t and others care nothing about your rights or your health. Dr. Sears does. I wish all docs had his conscience and fortitude.
      I guess there’s all sort of people out there…and you’re one of them. At least give the guy credit where it’s due. Or-you can just sit back and wait till they come force you to take a toxic vaccine..If you’re not in Cali you still have a choice – for now.
      Also, to the lurkers that review these sites to see how Joe Q. Public feels and reacts, know this, – we will never submit to your totalitarian globalist agenda.! Only an evil coward hides in the shadows and attacks the innocents – especially children. You will be judged by the Ultimate power – a righteous God. You should be terrified!

  4. TeeJae says:

    Removing the medical exemption would make the state liable for future lawsuits when injuries or deaths occur as a result of vaccination. I can’t imagine a state would risk being charged with murder.

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