Flu Shot Being Forced on Health Workers

October 9, 2012

doctor-flu-shotWhy don’t they want it? Because some of them know too much. Here’s the whole tawdry tale.

This week we learned that hospital employees throughout Colorado will be fired unless they get a flu shot by the end of the year. New state health regulations require flu shots for health care workers to be phased in over the next several years, but nearly all hospitals in Colorado have made the vaccinations mandatory—immediately. Employees are exempt from the shot only for medical reasons; if they refuse, they will be suspended, and if they haven’t gotten the shot by the end of the year, they will be fired.
Many healthcare workers don’t want the injection. No surprise there. They know more about it, that it is not safe by any means. As we reported last month, the US flu shot still contains mercury, which among other things is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. And a recent study indicates that people who received a flu shot were more likely to become infected with the H1N1 flu virus than people who haven’t received the shot!
Far safer choices exist to keep people from catching the flu—the most important of which is to ensure an adequate level of vitamin D and thoroughly washing your hands.  Even so, mainstream medicine, the mass media, and federal and local governments all push the flu vaccine as if it is humanity’s last, best hope.
Why? It’s our old friend Crony Capitalism at work again:

  • The government has formed strong partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry. For example, the federal government has just invested $400 million of your money toward the development and manufacture of vaccines and “medical countermeasures” to be used in health emergencies and preparedness protection. Vaccine giants Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Lonza are among those on the receiving end.
  • Sometimes, as in the case of Gardasil, the government itself is involved in the vaccine’s development and grants a license to a vaccine maker for profit. The government is also subsidizing the development of adjuvants—that is, vaccine agents designed to increase the immune response—which are often very dangerous substances.
  • The government then reviews the product for safety and efficacy and—no big shocker here—approves it.
  • It then subsidizes the vaccine’s manufacture—$2.8 billion of taxpayer money in 2005 was spent subsidizing the rapid development of cell-based technology for making the flu vaccine.
  • Having demonstrated a complete lack of objectivity, the same government issues guidelines to the states about mandating flu shots for all school children and healthcare workers.
  • It then shields the vaccine manufacturer from any liability for adverse reactions to the flu shot, dismisses reports of adverse events, refuses to investigate them or even study whether the vaccine is actually conferring any immunity, which in many instances is highly doubtful.

What is especially troubling about this recital of blatant conflicts of interest and flagrant disregard for public safety is that none of the participants seem to feel the slightest shame over it. Instead they haughtily dismiss their critics as cranks or flat-earthers and go right on practicing crony medicine.
Sometimes it appears that the vaccine makers are just fronts for the government, albeit very well-paid fronts. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded Sanofi Pasteur a $77.4 million contract to retrofit its flu vaccine manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania; the vaccine manufacturer, by contrast, will be contributing only $25 million toward the project! As part of the ongoing bird flu pandemic preparation, Sanofi Pasteur received another $100 million contract from HHS to manufacture the vaccine in bulk concentrate form, plus additional fees to be paid for storage of the vaccine, and formulation and filling of the vaccine upon government request. (In 2005, the subsidies were even higher: $7.1 billion in flu preparations.) These contracts will make Sanofi Pasteur the largest supplier of influenza vaccine in the US and the world.
As for the adverse event reports, you may recall that the government has set up a “vaccine court”—the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a no-fault payout system with a $2.5 billion fund derived from a 75-cent-per-dose tax on vaccines. It is designed to protect vaccine makers from the kind of costly lawsuits that drove many out of the vaccine-making business in the 1970s and ’80s.
It is not widely known, but the program has issued decisions in favor of plaintiffs who were hurt by the flu vaccine. These included very serious complaints such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis, encephalopathy, ventricular fibrillation and cardiac arrest, transverse myelitis, or some combination of these. In these cases, they received monetary settlements, but the vast majority of the decisions mandated the stipulation that “the Respondent (the government) denies injury/death was caused-in-fact by vaccination.”
Why is the major media silent about this? Do they not care about children with Guillain-Barre Syndrome? Or does it have something to do with the drug company advertising that keeps the traditional media on life support? (Most vaccine makers are subsidiaries of drug companies.)
The CDC reports that they detected an increase in the number of adverse events last season—febrile seizures, that is, convulsions accompanied by high fevers—after children had received the flu shot, though the government made no changes to their flu shot recommendations. On the contrary, a 2011 report from the Government Accountability Office argues that if more people could be counted on to be inoculated every year, it would give companies the incentive they need to make vaccines! In other words, let’s persuade people to get more shots (and in the case of healthcare workers, let’s force them to) so that companies will make enough money on a reliable basis!
The government is also eyeing cutting-edge vaccine research. A new generation of vaccines will be using viral DNA to quickly churn out key proteins to elicit a protective immune response. Protein Sciences of Meriden, CT, has already applied to the FDA for approval to sell a vaccine made by genetically engineering flu genes into a worm virus, which then infects cells from caterpillar ovaries to produce the necessary proteins to make vaccine.
Who will test the efficacy and safety of this new vaccine when it arrives? That’s right, the same federal government that is subsidizing its creation—the one that is going to push state governments to make it a legal requirement.


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273 responses to “Flu Shot Being Forced on Health Workers”

  1. Rosemarie Russell says:

    My daughter-in-law is required to get a flu vaccine and she is an employee of an insurance company.

  2. deborah says:

    Plutocracy at work! 🙁

  3. please go to change.org and take action. It is not enough to be aware we need to have a call to action.
    Please sign my petition on http://www.change.org :Stop vaccine mandates, accept titers, stop denying Nurses & HC workers work

  4. Rhonda says:

    I am one of the Colorado “healthcare” workers that will be terminated in December because I will not take the flu shot. However, I am not a “healthcare” worker . . . according to OSHA. I work for a foundation that raises money for hospitals and I work in an office building miles from any hospital. I have no patient contact. I’ve been employed with this company for over five years with an exemplary record. But because of my religious and medical beliefs, I will be out of work in December. We are trying to raise money for a civil rights lawsuit. But it will cost $50,000. It’s a shame when those being discriminated against and losing their jobs, have to fund a lawsuit to keep their huge corporate employer from trampling their civil rights.

  5. Rose Marie says:

    So what can we as concerned Americans do about it? Are there any petitions to sign, etc. or are we all doomed to accept the Big Government and Big Pharma propaganda?

  6. eileen miller says:

    As a senior and nutritionist, I refuse to get a flu shot and have never gotten full-fledged flu. However, so many people I know who do get the flu shot every year have flu like symptoms initially and then they get a full case of flu later so the shots are not effective.

  7. my 2¢ worth says:

    Scary.. What can we do when our own g’ment becomes our greatest enemy? It can’t be for profit (except on a personal basis) because the feds are a non-profit organization so what is the agenda? To slowly do their share to reduce the population that higher up elites claim should be reduced by millions in order to preserve the rest? The g’ment isn’t in the b’ness of creating profit for capitalists but yet every day it’s reported, so why would they do this other than getting someone else to do their dirty work thus wiping their hands of wrong doing. This indeed is a screwed up, insane world and it seems this nation is joining in on the melee.

  8. I defer to the inimitable Jon Rappoport and quote an excerpt from his column today at http://www.nomorefakenews.com :
    by Jon Rappoport
    October 9, 2012
    You may not have heard the explosion, but it happened.
    A review from The Cochrane Collaboration, a widely respected research-analysis team, went over all the evidence, and entered its conclusion:
    In healthy adults, no flu vaccine delivers protection from the flu.
    It doesn’t protect against transmission of flu viruses from person to person, either.
    So all the promotion and all the pandering and all the scare tactics and all the “expert medical opinion” and all the media coverage…useless, worthless, and irrelevant.”
    Read the whole article at http://www.nomorefakenews.com. Then ask yourself why the WHO would declare a flu pandemic in 2010 and recommend flu shots worldwide, when the Cochrane report had already been released? Hmmm.

  9. Ret says:

    That’s why my cousin got out of nursing. She had been an RN for almost 40 years, has a MNEd, and flat refused to be inoculated. She retired and is teaching English as a second language. What will happen is that more and more nurses from third world countries will take the place of our home grown nurses. More people out of a job, Some cultures teach their children that they must never admit that they made a mistake. I have no problem with that if it’s a small error, but look at the errors in hospitals. Easy to make a mistake if you misunderstand because it’s not your primary language.

  10. Patricia Gula says:

    Last fall, when I told my naturopath I didn’t take flu shots, she started me on Larix powder and a homeopathic in addition to the D3 and other supplements I was already using.
    No flu that season and I have started this regimen again as the season has already started here. I am a healthy 88 year old and the granddaughter of one of the first naturopaths in the U.S. so I was ready to listen.

  11. ceil says:

    This is also in PA. I had to get it to keep my job last year. I complained to the ACLU. They could not help me. What can we do to fight this?

    • V Pasternak says:

      Take it higher. Go visit your Senators. No one should be forced to take a blood injection, a pill by mouth, a medication of any kind against their will. Ever. Anywhere. For any reason. If it were me, I’d quit and move to another state. My life is worth more than a job. An ex marine officer came to my business one day, and we had a talk about vaccines, because he saw an ‘anti-vaccine’ bumper sticker on my car. He told me that one day he was directed to send his men for a flu shot. 7 of the men died from the shot. He never regarded that order again, preferring to finally separate from the military.

  12. V Pasternak says:

    If enough people just-say-no, then Colorado hospitals would empty of medical personnel, the state will end up in crisis and the state lawmakers just might stop trying to practice medicine without a license.
    As to the answer to the question ‘Who will they test their new GMO vaccines on?’. The answer is.. US soldiers.

  13. S Nelson says:

    I question your claim of Mercury in the vaccinations.they have removed that from all injections we are having a bad run of Whooping cough because parents wont have their kids vaccinated. I do not want them to expose me and mine to their ignorance. You complain about crony Capitalism but you are doing the same thing hoping you will sell more vitamins and stuff in your stores. I do not want to see polio or other disease we have concurred get a chance to reappear. I use many supplements myself and have no problem with them but do not make out like the regulation agency’s out there should be done away with.

  14. Susan Sedia says:

    In Missouri they are forced with the threat of getting fired if you don’t comply.

  15. Debby Bruck says:

    Alliance for Natural Health has provided an important service to inform the public about present day activities for Health Freedom. Each week Alan Phillips, attorney-at-law, gets on the air live (BlogTalkRadio) as part of HomeopathyWorldCommunity waves of awareness for holistic medicine. Anyone can join the live chat, ask questions, post comments and get involved in current events as it changes day-to-day. Alan has studied the law, advises health care workers, parents, individuals, other lawyers and state governments in written documents. Everyone can tune in the live shows or the archives. Sincerely, Debby Bruck, founder of Homeopathy World Community http://homeopathyworldcommunity.com/

  16. Wendy Wyatt says:

    Religious Exemption can be used! It is your right to refuse the shot if you believe the risks of side effects are more serious and out weigh the risk of getting the flu. (usually the case today) Start calling those government 1-800 numbers!

  17. Linda Rosencrantz says:

    I don’t believe anyone should be forced to take a vaccination that they feel will endanger there health as they see fit. This is our right as an american. Please don’t force this on anyone.

  18. BimBam says:

    I wanted to be a nurse. I’m glad I didn’t go into the field because I eventually would be fired based on this article.

  19. brian says:

    I think your articcle says it all !!! The question is – what can the people do to prevent it ?

  20. Sheryl Strom says:

    So what are healthcare workers to do then if they refuse to get the shot and don’t want to be bullied into getting it? Firing is not the answer.

  21. Linda Burger says:

    And WHO will be the guinea pigs of this farce on the public. The public itself, of course.

  22. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  23. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  24. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  25. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  26. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  27. It should be illegal to make anyone take a vaccine umless it is to stop a pandemic event. These people are having their right to happiness and personal freedom stolen right in plain sight. This whole thing is ridiculous. A citizens choice to not involve himself in anything he may view as dangerous or in any way harmful to his person is his right to decide. The people that are making it manditory are the ones to be fired. Is Colorado the Fascist state of the Union? This policy must be illegal. Wonder what the DOJs views on his manic mandate ais?

  28. Jace Mande says:

    No one should be forced to use any type of Western medicine if they are taking care of themselves properly meaning, exercising, not smoking and eating properly (plant based, vegan lifestyle). Otherwise they are prone to all types of Western diseases.

  29. Royce Hamer says:

    Please do not call this Crony Capitalism, it is corruption and nothing else. Corruption fed by greed of course and a complaisant government that feels it has all the answers. this is possibly true but all the wrong answers. Maybe some of the readers should take a look at http://www.canadiananticorruptionlague,org and do the same in their country. If nothing else you will scare the he!! out of the political junkies. These are the same people that eat only truly organic but insist that GMO is safe as organic.

  30. Hello, and thanks for the update on flu shots. I have a wife with Alzheimers, that could very well be from those shots we had years ago. We have not used them for several years now. And don’t plan to ever take them. My question, How con the goverment demand you to have them.Just because they spent millions to have them made. and demand the children to have them starting at age three months to eighteen years of age. Has this to do with Obamacare? forcing people to take it
    They are treating us like cattle for the slaughter. Sure sounds like Obama Care to me.
    Sounds of the past are with us again.
    Do you see IT. I do. I remember it well. thanks for your time,
    Harold Beavan

  31. Vickie Sykes says:

    This is outrageous! It’s downright scary! Ordering us to put an unwanted substance in our bodies and our childrens bodies!!!

  32. Kathleen Hopkins says:

    This information is not surprising. It is, however, disturbing. I am personally allergic to the flu vaccine, having gotten it the first time in the ’90s after being hospitalized with pneumonia. As I was extremely ill and in the hospital for an entire week, Kaiser sent me to the pulmonologist and the allergist. I was tested (as was my four-year old son) for a variety of allergens (animal dander, plants, fungi, dust, etc.) and we were found to be allergic to most of the items for which we were tested. This included antibiotics, which we cannot take as there are none known which do not provoke a rash and swelling. The allergist put me on benadryl and the pulmonologist put me on steroid inhalers. Turns out I am also allergic to steroids. There is no inhaler I can take for my asthma, just benadryl. When they gave me the flu shot, I became extremely ill with an allergic reaction. The pulmonologist said I should never take the flu shot again because I was clearly allergic to it. This was 20 years ago, and doctors are still trying to give me the flu shot. I will never take it, but trying to explain this to them is sometimes quite difficult and they don’t want to hear it. I am extremely picky about who my doctor will be, as it turned out I had thyroid disease and thyroid cancer. It was later found that I also had celiac disease and multiple sclerosis. These are auto-immune diseases in which the body attacks itself. I am limited to extremely few medications to control my symptoms. The flu shot almost killed me, and if I were a health care worker, I would no doubt lose my job. I have personally seen injections make children extremely sick, and these children were diagnosed with autism. This is serious, these children are close to me and I know what happened and how the shots affected them. The country is in denial about all these problems.

  33. Ann Threlkeld says:

    I advise everyone working at any facility that requires employees submit to injections of any kind to quit; just walk off. Health care jobs aren’t that hard to find. There is an enormous shortage of qualified health care workers.

  34. sondra poe says:

    Well thanks alot!! I got the flu shot last week – it would have been nice if you would have notified the public by mailings to share this information. What good does your information do for me now? All I can do now is worry – which causes one to fall to illness in the first place.

  35. Mahhn says:

    Sounds like Colorado will have a serious shortage of healthcare workers very soon.

  36. J Mosso says:

    Sounds like the personnel at the FDA, CDC and all of congress should do the first testing!!!

  37. Karen Cantlay says:

    I tried to post this on my FB page in order to share … I was not able to … is there some sort of boycot by FB or whomever for allowing this type of info to be spread around , I wonder ?

    • ANH-USA says:

      Hi Karen–Thank you for your comment! Make sure you’re logged into Facebook before you hit the “share” button. You should then be able to post the article to your wall. Thanks again for reading!

  38. G. Schneider says:

    A little too much paranoia here.

  39. Joanne Cali says:

    It’s very sad that vaccines are believed by many people and doctors to be the way to health, when in fact they provide little if any benefit, but have inherent health dangers and side effects, statistically. Babies with immature immune systems are forced to have over 15 vaccines in modern times. Autism and many previously rare diseases are very prevalent now. But the government and people who accept doctors as the ultimate authorities over them, invest their faith and tax dollars into the dangerous “vaccinations are needed for everything” mind set. Unethical, profit-motivated drug companies are engineering more and more vaccines – and those such as Baxter Pharmaceutical company were caught red-handed trying to pawn off tainted vaccines on the whole of Europe. And yet more and more money and health is going down the hole, because of this practice.

  40. Robert Ehlers says:

    Another example of how government is trying to control our lives with little or no regards to our health for the profit of the drug companies. The FDA is a joke. They don’t care about peoples health. Their only priority is for the financial gain of the drug companies whom they completely support.
    This is definitely a conflict of interest.

  41. Sandra Bush says:

    So how does a citisen fight back? Oh yea, REV3OLUTION! Hit them hard and hit them fast-Take them down! I have told people for 20 years not to get the Flu Shot- Drink raw milk and allgeries go away and so do colds and Flu’s. Any questions? Look it up, the benefits of raw milk. Ignorance is Bliss. My favorite expression. However the flu shot does one thing well- lowers population density-
    Have a good life— Whats left of it!

  42. O. Ann Fuller says:

    What, CO is so much more health conscious than what this indicates. This is truly frightening. I have
    1. cared for many individuals who have had bad reactions to this vacaccine
    2. My aunt died after having received the flu vaccine and many years of being paralyzed.
    2. I have friends that have been crippled as in disabled for the rest of their lives by the vaccine
    3. Pepople that are highly stressed are more susceptable to a bad reaction from the vaccine.
    4. highly stressed is a contrindication to taking the vaccine
    5. I quite taking the vaccine when I realized that it caused a huge abcess in my arm
    6. I have had a reaction to it every year since a child when we were required to take the vaccine b/c of my father’s job. The reaction was more than localized; The localization was a huge goose egg on my arm which was extremely hot to the touch and I also I felt horrible for several days after the shot
    My point is why would you be fired when something is contraindicated. people who suffer high levels of stress are not supposed to take the vaccine. I don’t know anyone in a hospital that is not highly stress especially if they are in the patient care arena. There are many safe ways of caring for self-care than taking a toxic substance which the flue vaccine is.

  43. Angry in Missouri. says:

    OK, ANH-USA, where is the usual letter to our congressmen that you ask us to send to fight this kind of thing?
    This is disgusting and abusive on a level that I can’t even put into words!! When I see things like this, more and more I think about leaving this country! Do ANY of these healthcare workers have ANY backbone at all?
    Just like the TSA, if the overwhelming majority of US citizens would stop flying enough to inflict damage on the airline industry, we could get rid of the TSA. The same thing here. If the majority of healthcare workers went on strike against this thing, we could change the tide on the damaging slavery being inflicted on us everywhere we turn. Get a backbone, people, at least bombard Congress and reclaim our healthcare freedom.
    Yes, I am a healthcare worker. Yes, I plan on quitting my job instead of getting the flu shot. Yes, I intend to bombard both my state legistlators and my congressmen in Washington about this.
    Using one’s job to force compliance with a flu shot is extortion and duress. Forcing one to get a flu shot under these conditions is assault!
    There is a law on the public books that give our government permission to conduct experiements on us. It says that we have to give our consent and Congress has to be appealed for permission. However, one knows that ignorance of the law is no excuse and we have essentially given our consent by not contesting this law. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/1520a
    Seriously, this needs to be nipped in the bud now! What’s next? Forced AIDS vaccine?

  44. lynda austin says:

    We get Mercury in tuna and nobody seems to care. After getting every strain of flu one winter I began getting my flu shot and have been flu free ever since.

  45. VM says:

    In Illinois, more and more hospitals are requiring all employees to get the flu shot. Our facility has recently started this. We can apply for a medical or religious exemption but will have to go before a board for approval. If approved, we will then have to wear a mask throughout the multiple months of flu season. Since we are a mental health hospital, consider how this will affect patients who are paranoid, psychotic or have obsessive compulsive disorder. While the hosptial is choosing a vaccine without preservatives, I still will not get one. If I have to change jobs, then so be it. I will be one of multiple longtime emloyees withe excellent evaluations that decide to leave. I should say that it is not our individual hospital that wants to do this. They recently joined with a larger group of hospitals who are requiring this.

  46. B. Talbert says:

    Seems it is not wise to be working in the healthcare industry as they are starting with the workers.
    Forced injury.

  47. Brenda M says:

    My hospital has mandated the flu poison as well. I hired a lawyer. We have to fight and not roll over even it it costs us our jobs.Class action is next. Never give up or give in.

  48. Jean J says:

    In 2000 I was working at a Nursing Home as a CNA. It was the best Nursing Home in Mountain Home, Ar. When it came time for the flu shots I refused, and was told if I didn’t get the shot by a certain time, I can’t remember exactly when, but I couldn’t work there if I didn’t get the shot. I was a good worker, and they liked me, but it was the rules, so when my time was up I didn’t work there anymore. I got a job at another Nursing Home and worked there until I moved to California. I am 77 years old, and have never had a flu shot, and I don’t get the flu. I don’t eat junk food, or any food with chemicals or GMO’s. Thank you for the information you give us about health.

  49. Michael McLaughlin says:

    For anyone who still thinks that flu shots are safe, go and read what happened to these people. Someone made an online forum for people to report their adverse reactions to the H1N1 shot. This forum is populated by people only in Ontario yet you will be incredibly surprised just how many people have reported bad reactions, not to mention how incredibly bad some of the reactions are!

  50. concerned citizen says:

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves”. —Paul Revere, Jr, House of Commons

  51. Daryl Seltzer says:

    Does this include doctors, administrators and suppliers?

  52. Nancy Goodenow says:

    I would like to know that what you say has been proven?? I am 72 and have always got a flu shot as I have COPD. If I even get a cold, I can get very sick. I have not gotten the flu even with the heavy dose for people over 65. I am not sure what you say is real of trumped up. I would like some proof. Now they say your dogs should get flu shots and that is silly. They say dogs can get the flu from people. Where is the truth???

  53. Marilyn says:

    Flu Shots make me ill three-four days following the shot. Each time (2 times) I tried the flu shot, this happened until I got wise to it all. Now, I use preventative measures of my own design and my grandmother’s use of onions and other wise information. I would rather eat worms than have a flu shot! As for forcing humans to have flu shots, that is totally unacceptable.

  54. C. Dickerson says:

    My grandkids are forced to receive questionable vaccinations to “qualify for healthcare” and flu shots. They have gotten sick each time they are given injections. This is a requirement for entry to public school also.
    I object. Where is the Constituion and freedom of choice in this? I have many (former) nurse and doctor friends who left the profession here in CO and CA because of issues similar. Most are now organic farmers and/or raw milk ranchers and/or naturopaths, homeopaths and/or alternative health practitioners. Anything to avoid the dangerous drugs and vaccines and lethal stupidity of AMA/pharma/FDA/hospital “treatments” and drugs.
    IMNTBHO, eliminate the FDA, the HHS, Obamacare and Medicare, ConAgra and Monsanto, support organic/local farming and supplements with GMP, and thereby eliminate most health problems.

  55. Carmi Hazen says:

    Diseases are endogenous.It is the pH of our internal soil that determines the germinating properties of microorganisms that can subsequently flourish. The immune system responds far better to new arrivals of alien pathogens than those to which it has previously become familiar. The entire concept of vaccination is absurd.To quote Claude Bernard: “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”
    Vaccines can’t possibly work. Nature just doesn’t work that way. The disease arrive first, the germs are formed up later, if at all.

  56. Susan says:

    I work in a hospital in Boca Raton, Fl and just this year they are making it mandatory that we get the flu shot. Many of the employees do not want it but we have no choice. We have to show medical records that we have had an adverse reaction or there is a medical reason why we can not have it. We also have to sign a form giving them permission if they deem necessary to look at our medical records. The other reason is religious but we hvae to show prrof that your religion doe not allow and we have to show proof that we practice that religion.
    IF we do not get the vaccine we willbe suspended for one week if at the end of that time we still do not get the vaccine we will be terminated. I have many co- workers that have had the shot and have had nasy flu like symptoms and colds.
    What kind of country have we become, to be forced to take something that we do not want or need. I have never had the flu shot and the last time I ever had symptoms of the flu were over 10 years ago. This is against our constitutional rights if you ask me but unfortunately with the way the economy is we can not afford to lose our jobs.

  57. Blake says:

    I am a great believer in the potential benefits of vaccinations in theory (and certainly I maintain that we have many vaccines that are beneficial, such as those that have eliminated polio), but present policy in the US is not geared towards ensuring an impartial process to guarantee that all vaccines used are beneficial.
    In any case I never get a flu shot. My feeling is that a flu shot isn’t worth it.

    • Tyranny says:

      Most major diseases were already in decline by the time the vaccines were introduced. Ever wonder why we have a cancer epidemic? The first Sabin Polio vaccine was contaminated with the SV40 Cancer virus.

  58. sami says:

    I can decline the flu shot. Although, I then have to wear a mask if in 3 ft of someone for the entire flu season. My facial skin gets red from wearing the mask. At least I will not be fired if and when I choose not to get the injection. Red face vs who knows what??????

  59. Chuck Potter says:

    My wife works at Kaiser Permanente requested and received a flu shot without mercury. This version can have some mild flu like side effects, but no mercury at least. Keep in mind the concentrated exposure a staff person may have to ICU patients and the like. I am an advocate for alternative medicine and find your warnings useful-hope this helps in some way…

  60. Susan Swain says:

    Unfortunately, Rhode Island’s Dept. of Health just made the flu vaccine mandatory for all healthcare workers in the state. Where will it end? Eventually in order to walk out our front doors, will we be required to have all of our shots? To hear some people talk about it, that sounds perfectly reasonable, which should scare the hell out of everyone.

  61. gov-watcher says:

    Health care workers are in a tight spot, with jobs disappearing being replaced with low wage ones. Knowing too much is a hazard these days. Anyway, if you have to get the shot to keep your job, I would use the protocol of Dr. Russel Blaylock at: http://clareswinney.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/dr-russell-blaylock-talks-about-natural-solutions-to-help-if-you-are-forced-to-take-ah1n1-vaccine/

  62. Jean Leclair says:

    I would like to know just what they are thinking (course we know it all starts with money, what else)? The more we let them run our lives, the worse it will be. I try t let family, friends and others to have a chance to share their opinions also.

  63. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  64. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  65. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  66. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  67. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  68. Steven Castrechino says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but from my experience with vaccinations their dangerous and not effective. That’s why I believe I suffer from multiple sclerosis. The vaccinations I received when I joined the army caused my immune system to go haywire and attacked my nervous system.

  69. Jo says:

    Is it ethylmercury or methylmercury that’s in the shots?

  70. paula says:

    I was a healthcare worker until this past December,I was fired for refusing the flu shot,here in Massachusetts. I lost my right to choose what was best for me. I feel for those who are being faced with the same issue. They have you hostage because people can’t afford to lose their job and benefits. This is not fair

  71. Quentin says:

    Most Hospital systems in Michigan are also requiring flu shots or the job will be lost. Exemptions are available but very narrow in scope.

  72. emily says:

    I work at a hospital in Florida and they require the flu shot or you have to wear a mask the whole flu season while at work! It infuriates me, for the past 3 years for 12 plus hour shifts, I have been wearing a mask (and practically suffocating under it!). I feel it should not be a required practice.

  73. Cheryl says:

    As one who comes from a family where TWO out of FIVE biological grandchildren in the family, both born in 2001, were diagnosed with Autism by age 3 or sooner (and on opposite ends of the country), our own personal research has lead us to proceed with EXTREME caution. Unfortunately, these kids who were fully immunized are the ones who got Autism. Others in the family did not, however, there have been an increase of some developmental delays and lack of social skills, extreme sensory issues to external stimuli and large crowds, buildings, lights, music, loudness. My daughter’s refused numerous vaccines on her 2nd child, however, with the way they are now bundled, he unfortunately received flue shots and numerous others that contain mercury and have proved to be harmful. Therefore, he suffers with some issues (not diagnosed with Autism) and has enough problems and separation anxiety, speech delays, etc. to be put into pre-school for early intervention. My great-nephew in CA hasn’t been as fortunate and he, as well as us here in Ohio, live in areas with high concentrations of kids with Autism. Very sad that drug companies in collusion with our government are causing generations of disabled children and the accompanying burden on families.

  74. Bobbi Snow says:

    I have been urged to get the flu shot every year since my husband and I were both sick with it on the same Christmas/New Years week, more than 10 years ago. Gradually, over the past 5 years, my husband hasn’t had any significant reactions, but every year since 2007 I have had more “down time” from the flu shot, with each passing year. Last year I was plagued with muscle aches, sweats & fever, cramps and other problems for ten days after getting my vaccination. And now, since last year, I have developed an allergy to eggs – something I could always eat without a problem, prior to my last shot. Now that I’ve developed an egg allergy, one would think my doctors would say to never get another flu vaccination. But they’re not! They’re saying that the apparent allergy to eggs probably has nothing to do with the flu shot, and because I’m over 65, I should continue to get it. I don’t plan to do it. What’s worse? Getting a flu shot and being miserable for 10+ days again with the chance of dying, or taking a chance that I might get the flu, with the same risks? I think I’ll pass.

  75. Antonia says:

    I have always gotten sick every single time I got the flu shot, but my new doctor because she has not seen me, which she would not believe it anyways, says there is no way that the flu shot will make you sick, because it is a dead virus. I need to take her this. I am in the healthcare field, and being forced to get this stupid shot also, it is ridiculous. I could see if it actually worked and didn’t make people sick, but it doesn’t. It comes down to profit and nothing else!

  76. Quency Rene says:

    No worker should lose the right to say no to what goes into theor body for fear they might lose their job. This is a free country or at least it used to be. Pay people to get the shot if theyare reluctant.

  77. Pat Young says:

    We should have the right to decide whether we want to be vaccinated or not, and without penalty. The Government has no right to mandate flu or any other vaccinations, and it should be against the law for any business to fire an employee who refuses vaccination. A friend of mine got Guilliam Barre from a flu shot, and now she has multiple sclerosis. A patient that I cared for got Guilliam Barre after getting a flu shot from the hospital when we came to work there. He had not worked there 90 days yet, so had no health insurance. He was in the hospital for months. Many people that I worked with got sick last year after getting the flu shot. Finally, the Pulmonolgists that I work with won’t take the flu shot.
    When someone has a severe adverse reaction, like Guilliam Barre, from the flu shot, does the vaccine manufacturer or the Government pay all of your expenses? Do they take care of you for the rest of your life, if you don’t recover? No! Of course not!!!
    If more people read how vaccines are made, and understood what is in them, the majority would refuse vaccination.
    It’s my body……I should be allowed to decide whether I want vaccination or not, NOT the Government…..and I shouldn’t be punished if I don’t want vaccinations!!!

  78. John Gamber says:

    I am, unfortunately, one of those healthcare workers who is being forced to take the flu vaccine. it amazes me how few of those involved in the vaccinating of others, really know about vaccines. When you question the safety of the vaccine, you receive the same old response. “But the virus in the vaccine is dead or weakened.” “I don’t care about the virus”, I tell them. My immune system is more than capable of taking care of that. Ask them about the really dangerous stuff like preservatives and adjuvants and they look at you like deer in the headlights. Not a clue. I took care if our nations soldiers when they returned from Iraq with Guillain Barre following forced vaccination with the Anthrax vaccine so being forced to take this one concerns me.
    I am not in a position where I can quit my job so…I am taking the advice of Dr. Russell Blaylock and initiating his recommended precautions prior to receiving it. I did some research and found that the single dose vials contain >20 times less Thimerisol (Mercury) than from a multidose vial. So any others who find themselves in this position, while no vaccine is safe, would benefit from doing a little research. Visit (www.russellblaylockmd.com) for advice on minimizing your risk if forced to take the vaccine.
    The next question, I suppose, is where does this end. Today the flu vaccine. Tomorrow?

  79. Diana says:

    First, it’s that the potential employer can access all of your financial history. Then they can test you psychologically. Then they can also discriminate against you because of your age, and no one says anything. Now to add insult to injury they act as if they OWN you by forcing you to have vaccinations. ONLY THE MILITARY should force people to have vaccinations, because in the military, you are considered government property. Sorry, NO employee is the property of their job. However, the employers are more and more forcing employees to be their slaves. This is a travesty of civil rights and justice.

  80. Judith L. Smith says:

    Oh my God, these facts sound like they came from a science fiction horror story, and it’s really happening. Shame, shame, shame. I’m disgusted!!

  81. Heidi says:

    You can refuse the shot for religious reasons also. I think we should petition the vaccine makers to black box the labels of all drugs and include a list of preservatives, and chemicals along with the effects, risks and health concerns they can produce in the body, and fetus. If everyone refused the shot they would have to bend. The public needs to be protected by the truth in labeling, and stop Big Pharma who are quite adept at using the public as a cheap source for research. It gets much worse….

  82. watchmom3 says:

    This is absolutely wrong on every possible level! I am personally affected by this, as a healthcare worker in Texas. They have just begun the push to make us take it, and I am morally/religiously opposed to this. Please keep the dialogue going on this issue and maybe the public will realize something is VERY wrong! Stand up for your health freedom! If they take that, life will not ever be the same. God bless and SAVE America.

  83. Barbara Pecze says:

    I had one flu shot, and I was sicker, than If I had had the flu. My Mother had one flue shot, and suffered from ammonia for three years after that. I also have a friend that after one flu shot was sick every year, and it continues. Mercury, good grief; why are you using that poison!? And since the flu shot serum is grown on eggs, what about those people who are allergic to eggs? The three of us would not touch another flu shot with a barge pole. I have met others, who’ve had horrid reactions. I think vitamins, rest, and proper food are better alternative.

  84. Gloria Richman says:

    NtaonigI am a volunteer for a reseaI have 3rch institute that dispense information about Parkinson’s from an information.sometimes we also speak in front of a group of people about what we do. Our Research Institute is connected to the Banner Hospital chain. Last year wee were ordered to get a TB g test. Since I had given one energy year as a teacher or a substitute I did not think much of it. This year-
    2012- all medical personnel, including volunteers have to get one before the end of the year. I stopped getting flu shots about 10 years ago and only came down with it once, about 4 years ago, went to urgent care with 103 fever and got a treatment shot since the symptoms had just started
    Luckily this fall I have 3 medical procedures spread out over the fall to winter with long recoveries making it impossible to volunteer,hence, no shoot this year. But that leaves a problem for next year. How can I fight to make more people aware of information available to deal with PD?
    Btw my surgeon and one other doctor told me their failure and themselves do not get flu
    Shots because the shots don’t cover all the varieties of flu virus out there. I agree with small pox, measles & mumps vaccinations. The rumors of mercury being IBM flu shots also scare me because of the implication of dementia & Alzheimers. I already stopped taking deodorant and
    using pots with aluminum with the tie in of Al and segments. Dementia runs in the family. Why would I furthe sr expose myself? Isn’t the requirement to take a controversial immunization against my personal rights,, especially since your job, whether paid for or volunteer? I see no way out but toquit.

  85. Barbara says:

    It’s amazing how the old movies about “mad scientists” have become real.
    What we have are mad scientists and robots in the disguise of humans.
    doing experiments. Only now, instead of a village or town they have a whole
    nation of millions of people. But we must remember that there is always
    the opposite of everything. We just have to have found it.
    Notice the verbal usage in the previous sentence. We have already found it;
    We know what it is. We just have to realize and know we’ve found it
    and not despair. Deep within us we know what that opposite is.
    By the way, what happened to those mad scientists and their monsters
    in those movies? What prevailed?
    Some us will realize this sooner than others and when we do, we must
    be adamant about sharing this remembrance and not be too complacent
    about what we have to do about it. Read, reflect, redo your life.

  86. I was one of the children in 1964 who go deathly ill from a flu shot. The doctors believed that I was allergic to it. I will not get one to this day, even though the flu shots are made differently.

  87. There is an excellent book out by Stephen Harrold Buhner titled “Herbal Antibiotics, 2d edition, Natural alternatives For treating Drug Resistant Bacteria” that provides a solid foundation in understanding the body’s defense mechanisms. I now take Rhodiola Rosea daily, among other natural supplements, and have a storehouse of berberines and other things in case a bug hits. There are so many alternatives to the flu shot

  88. Millie says:

    Why are you not holding press conferences to get this word out? Just sending out ‘Press Releases’ won’t get the job done — it will have to be Press Conferences — with all the media invited to attend, and make a big deal out of it. That’s what the politicians do, and they know how to “get out the word”.
    Get this information going ‘viral’ on the social networks. Get it going on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook— that’s one way to get out the word these days. JUST DO IT ! I’ll try to do my part, but since I am 86 years old I don’t have a very large impact. However, since I learned about thimerasol (just another name for mercury), I have refused to get vaccinations of any kind.

  89. Brenda B says:

    Can’t they ask for the flu shot that is thimersol free?

  90. It’s ashame Every healthcare worker can’t walk out and quit! No one should be forced into getting these poisons!! What is going on in this Country? Pharmaceutical companies are so blinded by greed along with our government. These vaccines have done so much damage, it’s just so sickening,

  91. jaci royal says:

    I have to respond to this Colorado flu info. I used to work at Sierra Medical Center; El Paso, TX (Tenet corp) as an RN and I was pretty much forced to take the regular flu shot in one arm and the H1N1 shot in the other arm. The alternative was that I had to wear a mask into all patients rooms, etc and could only remove it in the break room or if I left the hospital floor .(Even the infection control Dr. said she and her children would not take these new flu shots because “we wouldn’t know the side effects until 10 years later”….We got written up if we were sick and maybe it is their reasoning for the mandatory flu shots but we no longer have much of a choice in the matter.

  92. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Freedom of choice: over what we ingest, eat, drink, wear, say, think, and believe: America. Money and profit cannot become god in our country.

  93. Denise Benns says:

    In 2005, after receiving the flu shot, I came down with Guillain-Barre. I was paralyzed up to my
    neck.I had to learn how to talk,walk speak, and even sit up again.I was in the hospital for 4
    months.When I first got there, they took a spinal tap, and my Blood pressure went plumetting
    down and they had to bring me back.
    All I can say now is DO NOT GET THE FLU SHOT! All my kids and their wives are in mediicine.
    Don’t we have freedom anymore?
    I am so glad someone wrote about this.
    Me, well I still shake and have some after effects with walking and talking.
    Denise Benns

  94. Jill Marie says:

    My son works in healthcare in Colorado and I find this information extremely alarming. I have never gotten a flu shot in my life and at 61 I am not on one medication.

  95. Donna says:

    This is NOT true. If employees choose not to get a flu shot, they must wear a mask in patient care areas to prevent spread of the flu to patients. They will not be fired. Get your facts straight before you post things like this.

  96. brigit says:

    This is an outrage. We donot need to inject this influenza into ourselves it is pointless and, harmful. We certainly donot need to take away a persons livelihood while risking their health!!

  97. rita butler says:

    This is so scary. Will it ever be mentioned in the dabates? Of course not, no health issues are ever mentioned accept making sure people have coverage and what type of coverage blah, blah.
    Meanwhile the FDA servant of big Pharma does everything in its power to destroy the health of the American people and raise the profit margin of big Pharma.

  98. Elaine Brown says:

    What can be done about this?

  99. cdmsr says:

    As a teenager, I worked on a large dairy farm. Four times a day, I would muck out a holding pen that was about the size of a quarter city block. Each time, it would be around six inches deep with manure.
    This article would be about a week’s worth.
    The government contracts with drug manufacturers for vaccines? Shocking! They should contract with … whom? Construction companies? Movie studios?
    There are adverse effects? Flu kills an estimated 36,000 Americans every year. What’s more adverse than death?
    My wife and I get a flu shot every year, just got them this past Friday. Happy to report that my only adverse effect was a tiny hole in my arm: same for my wife.
    Too bad they can’t immunize against paranoia.

    • kathleen croddy says:

      Dr.s mistakes kill many more than that every year and that doesn’t count medication mistakes. Numbers don’t lie. If our immune system is working we don’t need these “vaccinations”

    • Tyranny says:

      There are many different strains of flu that are always mutating and the it’s foolish to believe the CDC’s numbers. Dr. J. Anthony Morris (former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA) States: “there is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but the go on selling them anyway.”

  100. LIla Olson says:

    That shows me that Obama’s government is a dictatorship .
    It is digusting and should all be illegal . I know I will never take any vaccine and have never taken any of the modern vaccines for flu . And I feel bad for colorado health care workers and children . I would quit and move. But we better fight it as it may soon get to all the states .Or Then we will have all autistic
    children that is if they live through the fevers and convulsions and all old peop[le with alzheimer’s.
    But of course the government people will be exempt from taking vaccine’s , as they are from everything
    they foist on us ” we the people” . And by the way Im not a flat earther just not as stupid as people that have done this for their own benefit of making money.

  101. Karen Meaux says:

    Sickening (no pun intended) and really scary!!! I am a registered nurse (not employed at present) and in the past, I’ve taken Hepatitis B vaccines but I’ve never been “forced” to take anything. I’m so totally fed up with the pharmaceutical industry, their profits, & their power! In fact, if I ever go back to work in nursing, I will look for a job with a holistic or naturopathic physician. That way I can feel good about working under a doctor who truly believes in “first, do no harm.” Thank you for your continued efforts to inform the public about vaccines. By the way, I do take vitamin D3, along with other supplements, and I have not even had a cold for about 2 years now.

  102. Joyce says:

    Suggest that someone who has been hit with this threat get in contact with Dr. Rima Laibow and Ralph Fucetola of Natural Solutions Foundation, as they did an excellent job of filing charges of the same threats to health care workers in New York re swine flu shots in 2009 being unConstitutional. The threatening side backed down in a hurry, by having the judge suggest to them that they drop the charges since no one had
    actually been fired, and they could rush the suit back into activity is anyone was. As someone
    else said, it seems they can get by with anything, whether Constitutional or not, as long as no one objects to the ruling or laws.
    “We the People” had better learn how to object effectively and the threat of a lawsuit seems to be the best way.

  103. jwillie6 says:

    It is immoral and should be illegal to force anyone to take a drug whether by vaccination or by putting the fluoride drug in drinking water.

  104. Tyranny says:

    Thank you for this post. I Highly recommend the book “Vaccine Epidemic.”

  105. Laurie from New York says:

    The medical field is dominated by corruption. It has become crime syndicate that rules over us using fear, blackmail, and force. It is like some twisted religion that won’t tolerate dissent or disobedience. The doctors are either cowards or criminalsfor participating in the process of impoverishing, sickening, enslaving, and murdering their “patients”. I was persecuted and eventually lost my job at a local hospital for my heretical questioning of the criminally insane practice of injecting newborn babies with the neurotoxic hepatitis B vaccine.A month after I was “let go” for being “unsuitable for employment” hospitals around NY state began threatening healthcare workers with job termination unless they submitted to forced flu shots. What kind of sick form of “health care” do we have in the USA? When are we enmasse going to throw these criminals in prison?

  106. Jennifer Davis says:

    The feds would have to kill me first – I will not take flu vaccine or any other vaccine. Free country? I’ve never had a flu shot and haven’t had the flu in 20 yrs – how come? Because I keep my immune system intact by refusing deadly medications, by juicing leafy green vegetables daily and trying to keep chemicals, additives and other poisons out of my body. Much safer!

  107. Canino Phile says:

    I agree with everything in this article. I have been closely following the controversy of vaccines for over 15 years. I firmly believe that the motivation of having ALL humans vaccinated is money and not the concern for our health.
    I have only ever had one flu shot. At age 50, 1984, I decided to have the vaccine and became so sick with flu symptoms I almost would have welcomed death. After about 8 days I was showing signs of recovery. And, of course, fully recovered [I think]. Since that time I have refused all attempts to convince me of being vaccinated against flu, or for anything including tetnus. I have not contracted influenza or had a head cold in 25 years. I use vitamin’s and a variety of herbs. I use colloidal silver [that I make myself] and grapefruit seed extract for natural antibiotics. I try to read as many publications as possible on alternative medicine and have taken total charge of my health. Other than from an injury requiring medical intervention, I only see a doctor once a year for my blood workup so I can track any changes that could alert me to a developing health problem.
    I personally feel that taking charge of one’s health is the best way to maintain maximum health.

  108. Adele Sands says:

    My daughter is a PT at a children’s hospital in MD, and is also facing losing her job if she doesn’t get the flu shot. Is anyone taking this to court as a violation of civil rights? Is ANH interested in taking this vaccine issue on in court for the health care workers?

  109. Dennis Faulkner says:

    Absolutely not! This is America – the flu shot should not be forced on anyone! Can we guarantee with 100 percent certainty that the recipient of this shot will not die, or have severe adverse reactions? I don’t think we can!

  110. James Murphy says:

    Shame! Shame! Shame! I hope at very least that the executive officers of the FDA, DHHS, federal and state governments, and members of Congress are at the front of the line to get their shots. At least their goose should be first over the fire!

  111. hope skarupa says:

    How as individuals against vaccines can we fight this mandatory innoculation? I am a healthcare worker and am very opposed to mandatory vaccines…..I feel it is a violation of my freedom of choice. Help!!

    • CAWS says:

      Take them to court. All but two states have a religious exemption. They cannot curcumvent the law. It is discrimination. You do not have to disclose a religion on DHEC form–shot down in 5 state supreme courts. NYC health workers threatened hospital with court & had strikes. They won.
      As far as those concerned about exposure from unvaccinated health care workers; you are much more likely to be exposed to MRSA & workers will be MORE likely to contract disease & spread it esp if nasal mist innoculations .Read labels. Go to http://www.cdc.gov, upload Vaccine Media & Excipients for 2012 . Read it & weep!

      • dana says:

        the colorado board of health (6 people) passed a mandate in Colorado in October 2012. By the 2014-2015 year all hospitals must have a 90% vax rating, or they can LOSE Reimbursement.
        there is no religious objection, only a note from a doctor.
        I have a note, but not everyone is so lucky. I am supposed to be wearing a mask with all patient care, so far it doesn’t seem to be enforced too well at my hospital.
        Four years I got the flu shot, 4 years I got the flu. The last time I had the vax I had a temp of 101.7 within 24 hours, got sick, and ended up with pneumonia. I was sick for over 4 months, but the hospital would not report it as an adverse reaction.
        Never again.

    • TD says:

      Research your legal rights.

    • Lorraine Ciuba says:

      Where is your Union on “Workers Rights”??!!

      • Frank says:

        OSHA initially came out against mandatory flu shot as a condition for hospital emplowment in Colorado. Fast forward a few months and voila they change their minds. Who backed them into the corner?

  112. This same tactic was and is being used in North Carolina. Several employees at a local hospital were fired for not getting to vacine.

  113. A. Guerrero says:

    The article states; “Why? It’s our old friend Crony Capitalism at work again.” [with regards to the push to vaccinate] Sorry to say, it’s not “Crony Capitalism”, it is the “Federal Government”. Read your article again and notice that the word Government and where it is placed in the sentences. The Federal Government [which ironically is both you and I – or at least represented somewhere or another] wants to run our lives much like a Socialist State. If I were one of the hospital employees being pushed to take the flu shot I would take them to court. In addition, I would push it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court! Don’t let “Big Brother” dictate what we can and/or cannot do when it interferes with our freedoms!

    • Elliot Moss says:

      Exactly right, let’s put the blame where it belongs and it is absolutely NOT ‘capitalism’ but the opposite – this is an example of the socialist policies of the Democratic party. I checked out this website a few weeks ago to find who was attacking our freedom of choice for natural alternatives and quess what, most (~95%) were Democrats! Most true republicans are FOR Choice while the current direction of the Democratic party is to create a Nanny state that day by day takes away our freedoms. wake up America & check it out. I was a life long democrat CURED by the Obama administration. I don’t want socialism or a loss of sovereignty to the UN. USA is a gr8 nation and stands in the way of global loss of freedom!

      • Nikki says:

        The agenda for completely unregulated capitalism is what got us in this mess. That is not Socialism! It is Fascism, better known in the US as neo-consercative/tea party etc. The drive since the Regan administration (probably before that) to turn government into a puppet for corporations has never been the democratic agenda. The Democrats crime is that they are too stupid to see that they have to reign in the corporations before they can give everyone access to health care. Since the current “health” care system is for profit, not health, enrolling more people will only maximize profits and harm people.
        Our freedom of choice was lost when we bought into the idea that it was the ultimate sin to regulate corporations. Corporations are psychopathic by nature they can only consider the bottom line. They need a conscience and that should come in the form of agencies like the FDA. Lately the FDA has been too busy protecting profits to protect us from psychopaths who would force people to inject mercury into their bodies so they can make money.

    • TD says:

      The very meaning of Crony Capitalism is the government and corporations working hand-in-hand to create policy. So, to solely blame the government is inaccurate, as it is only half of the equation. BigCorporate is just as complicit.

      • Tina says:

        Ever since citizens united corporations have bought and paid for our politicians. We can’t compete with that kind of money. Lets face it we have become one of those corrupt governments and we are on our way down a very slippery slope. And Dem and Rebubs are both taking money and corporations would not be investing that kind of money if they were not getting a return on their investment! Monsanto is so big they threatened to sue Vermont if they label GMO’s. The people want labels yet we can”t get one. WHY? Because Monsanto runs the show at the FDA, they have so much money they sue anyone who goes against them, And where does that leave us? Eating foods that have never had any long term studies when countries like China and Russia even have labels on GMO’s! Please our government is run by corporate America period and until that decision is overturned nothing good will happen in this country it will only get worse.

      • tamara says:

        Unfortunately, employers can fire you for any reason – not getting the flu shot is one reason. We no longer have rights in this country. Congress passes illegal laws all the time, and when they can’t presidents push it thru under executive order! Face it, we’ve become slaves.
        Big Pharma has lobbied it’s way into our govt. agencies and turned the CDC and FDA into whores for their profit agendas. Patients and health care workers will die for it unless we stand up and protest loud and clear NOW before it’s too late!

  114. Although I share the concerns cited above, immunization of health care workers is of equal concern. So many people in hospitals, especially children and the elderly, have compromised immune systems. Imagine the havoc an unimmunized nurse or x-ray technician could wreak if treating a flu victim in the ICU, a diabetic in the next bed, and then a leukemia patient on the next floor. If a health care worker cares more about the small chance of damage from a vaccine than about the high chance of spreading a deadly disease to others then our notions of selfless service are at risk. Perhaps such a person should find other employment during the flu season

    • kathleen croddy says:

      There are no valid studies that show any of these vaccines for the flu actually prevent the flu and no valid studies showing they are safe. NO STUDIES showing safety or usefulness. I do not want to take them nor would anyone else that can read BUT there are studies showing that people are getting….. worse cases of the flu once you get the vaccine… go figure,,, it is just business as usual with the government and the drug companies.

      • Marina says:

        Thank you, Ms. Vache, for talking some sense. You are absolutely correct. As a registered nursing student and the daughter of a registered nurse, I can tell you that by choosing to be a health care professional you are (or you should be) aware of the risks you nobly face in order to provide health care to your community and fully accept them. I’m not saying that I trust the government implicitly, but medical history has demonstrated time and again that vaccinations are invaluable tools in preventing infectious diseases and protecting the health of the public at large. There are numerous scientific studies supporting this. Ultimately, whether you believe vaccines are some government conspiracy or pharmaceutical company “get rich quick” scheme (by the way, the flu vaccine is available at several clinics free of charge or at your local drug store for about 30 bucks, if you don’t have insurance), health care workers have a responsibility to uphold to their patients and to the community, and if that’s a problem for them, they chose the wrong profession. For the rest of society, the benefits of vaccines far outweigh any possible risks they may pose. People should be more concerned about what they expose their bodies to on a daily basis.

        • Marina says:

          As an aside, these stories are nothing new. I’ve held arguments with “ant-vaxers”, as they refer to themselves, before. And the majority of them cannot form an educated response to scientific evidence. They do not comprehend scientific methodology or causality. There is little to no point in debating this matter with them. It’s very frustrating. And furthermore, it’s dangerous–citizens who decide not to vaccinate themselves or their children are not only placing themselves at risk but they can (and with the rising movement, have proven to) adversely affect the public’s health as well (i.e. the resurgence of such diseases as whooping cough, or pertussis). Although vaccines are not always 100 percent effective, they are the best medical defense against disease transmission (our natural defenses cannot always meet the task). Apparently, they don’t care. If they’re all so ungrateful for vaccinations and wish for a world without them, if that’s what they truly desire most, then by all means, send them on a one-way trip to practically anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa.

          • patriciaormsby says:

            Then your experience and mine differ. I find most anti-vaccination arguments to be based on solid objective science or personal experience, while the typical pro-vaccination arguments I see rely on ad hominem treatment of the opposition as dangerous kooks and promotion of assumptions of safety and efficacy that most uninformed citizens have not examined. Please give me an example of a pro-vaccination argument that is considerate and thoroughly referenced.

          • Not a Lab Rat says:

            Marina -Where is your proof vaccines are your best medical defense against disease transmission? Humble yourself and go on youtube and search vaccine injured children. See children who have died and been injured by vaccines like hpv. Not that you may be interested in the dirty side of vaccine ‘benefits”. If you are a good nurse then you know that sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease. Why should ANYONE die when they could have a pap? And die young with their life still ahead of them? Who would think death was a correct risk to take versus having pap tests? And if you forgo paps, don’t you still live longer if one did get cancer, than if you die trying to supposedly prevent a virus with a vaccine? How about gov’t subsidized cash paid for vaccines? Is that a sound reason to risk death on a jab?

    • Andy M says:

      Marylin Vache,
      An unvaccinated technologist and or nurse would hopefully be practicing universal precautions by wearing gloves and mask for the flu patient in ICU before seeing diabetic patient on another floor. I would also hope a vaccinated person would also practice universal precautions. Flu virus can still be spread if flu patient coughed on vaccinated nurse’s scrubs and that nurse then goes into next diabetic patient room and leans over patient and and brushes up against patient with her soiled scrubs.
      Universal precautions is the key point. Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, Use gloves, gown and mask with flu patients and then strip them off before entering new patient room that is diabetic or has leukemia. Leukemia patients should wear a mask due to low immunity so they won’t pick up any germs as well.

    • Tyranny says:

      Sorry This is The Alliance for Natural Health USA, not North Korea. Perhaps those that want to mandate toxins choose another country to live in. Vaccination is Not immunization!

  115. Patricia Stuut says:

    This is a blatant attempt to keep money in the hands of the corporate elite since everyone knows that even if any given flu vaccine is untained by mercury (which it is not), there is NO GUARANTEE that the flu virus prevalent is the same flu addressed by any given vaccine. So obviously this initiative has NOTHING to do with maintaining people’s health. It is a constant ill that the pharaceutical industry wants to kill us all, one drip of poison at a time.

  116. Laura Peters says:

    We are losing the fight against “choice” of what to put in our bodies!!!!!

  117. Ralph Holsworth says:

    As a hospital/ER physician in CO, I can testify to the mandatory practices of rural hospitals in forcing employees into taking the flu injections. Several years ago, hospitals would let you opt out of the flu shot but if you got the flu then you were not allowed to take paid sick leave and loss wages. I have only gotten influenza when I was ordered to take the shot in the US Public Health Service. Vitamin D3 allowed me to see over 43 confirmed cases of H1N1 without a sniffle.

    • Concerned says:

      Not just in CO, flu shots also mandatory here in SC. Troubleling!

    • Eileen Woods RN, MSN says:

      The point of mandatory flu vaccinations is protection of the public we are committed to serve by becoming heslthcare professionals. Anyone who is not interested in carrying out best practices to care for patients should find another profession.

      • Not a Lab Rat says:

        What I am not interested in is another case of Bells Palsy after a flu shot that like the Bells palsy I volunteered for previously. I see your point. If you are a health worker injured by vaccine, the only thing that makes sense is that you should pay your dues twice. Once by violating your person health and 2 by finding a new career if you for some reason care about your own health. It’s so vain to NOT being expected to have food and fluid dribble out of the side of your paralyzed mouth in the break room. It is quite sanitary to have to blink your eye with your hand during patient care.That is what you owe your profession and your patient. If you are lucky you may regain some of your nerve function, but your neurologist cannot guarantee it.

      • Barb says:

        Yup Ellen, we are on that one, the healthcare industry is losing good nurses, they are moving to holistic health. I’m sick up to here of “best practices”. Even the industry can’t find studies proving the efficacy of the flu vaccine. Check the Cochrane Collaboration,of which I”m sure you are aware of, one quote is this:
        “The studies found that vaccinating healthcare workers who look after the elderly in long-term care facilities did not show any effect on the specific outcomes of interest, namely laboratory-proven influenza, pneumonia or deaths from pneumonia.”
        If the public is vaccinated then what threat am I in my unvaccinated state? However, when I became a nurse 26 years ago, I wasn’t forced to violate my firmly held beliefs in order to work in a profession I believed in. Now I am. Big change. Won’t do it. Luckily for me I have a very supportive family and can afford to make a career change. Not so for many of my co-workers. It is economic suicide to refuse the flu shot and get fired, so they take it against their will. Most nurses I work with would not get vaccinated for the flu if it was not mandatory. This is not a group of uneducated idiots. These are well educated and informed people. We need a to be more organized so that those of us wishing to protect our constitutional rights can do so.
        Furthermore the Nuremburg Code states that we are to be free from human experimentation. And the flu shot is one giant experiment in my never humble opinion.

      • Tyranny says:

        Of Course an oncology nurse would want to inject her patients and co-workers with formaldehyde, a known carcinogen because it’s a “best practice.”

    • barry parks says:

      now they’ll probably tell us we need prescription for d3

      • Pam says:

        Or outlaw D3…to protect us.
        Just like they did with apricot seeds that are a natural chemotherapy for cancer!

      • Pam says:

        Or will the FDA ban D3…….to protect us?
        Just like the FDA banned raw apricot kernels/seeds (Vitamin B-17) from the United States! They were discovered as a natural chemotherapy for cancer! The FDA claimed the ban was to protect us.

  118. sharon scaturro says:

    I am a health care worker and I refuse to get the flu vaccine. Its never been proven to work and vaccines should be the choise of the person. I dont want mercury injected into my body or any other foreign substances. Let the fda and big pharma stop making money at the expense of the american people!

  119. Kammer says:

    I work in a County Hospital in California. They are requiring that all employees who do not get the flu vaccine to wear a mask during flu season.
    However, what I find illogical is that they do not require anyone who got the vaccine to wear a mask, even when they are at work coughing, hacking all over the charts, the computers others use, and especially when they are seeing patients.
    The Facility HR Department / Management has stated they cannot force people to go home when they are sick, and they cannot force them to wear a mask if they are coughing. BUT they CAN force you to wear a mask if you didn’t get a vaccine, and you are not sick?
    This shows they are not out to help ensure the safety of the patients and other healthcare workers. They are out to try and force everyone to get a flu vaccine.

    • Lorraine Ciuba says:

      Excellent comment Kammer!!!

    • barry parks says:


    • Mae says:

      The irony of it all is that the required mask don’t protect anyone!!! The only effective mask (worn for TB isolation) are so expensive that the hospitals will not furnish them,,,Just a great big control issue…that’s all it is…a game.
      My suggestion is that you wear a new mask every time you enter a room…the hospital will soon run out of them…and rethink the cost.

  120. Jamie says:

    It is all about making more money for the for profit health care industry. They want to keep us sick so they can keep raking in the money.

    • Lorraine Ciuba says:

      We are the ginney pigs……………….make us sick…………and keep us sick!!!

      • Luus says:

        I’m sorry but I do NOT trust vaccines. And it takes MANY years to prove their stfeay, if they try to prove it at all. Almost ALL vaccines are mixed with chemicals that are damaging to the human body. So I’ll wait in line until years after others have taken the shot. I’m no guinea pig. Thanks!

  121. Lou says:

    “Why? It’s our old friend Crony Capitalism at work again:”
    Well of course these deadly scams ALWAYS employ the profit motive to carry out evil.
    “We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer’s disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it.” Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer’s is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the “flu vaccine” toxin.
    Do you honestly think the CDC does not KNOW the “flu shot” is WORTHLESS in preventing or mitigating the seasonal flu? The CDC with their tens of thousands of bio-science and medical PhDs?
    They know! Why is the CDC indirectly killing us?
    If you but take a little time the following will be demonstrated.
    The CDC has CONTINUOUSLY overstated the mortality of seasonal influenza often by over 100 fold. They are NOW saying they have no idea how many die from the seasonal flu. We know it is less than 700/year for MOST years, perhaps MUCH less if based on serological results. Honest figures from the UK imply about 300/year die in the USA from influenza.
    The CDC has presented a model of the seasonal flu that it totally at odds with the evidence. The CDC is pretending they do not know what is causing the flu. They KNOW. At all levels the “Seasonal Flu” information given us by HHS is egregiously incorrect.
    86% of the time during “flu season” when you come down with “flu symptoms” it is NOT from the influenza A or B virus but by some other virus.
    The “flu vaccine” only sometimes, in theory, “protects” against influenza A and B viruses. Thus even in theory the “flu vaccine” cannot “protect” you from 86% of flu episodes.
    Honest examination of “flu vaccine” testing has found the “seasonal flu vaccine” to be completely and totally WORTHLESS when corrected for testing biases. Honest independent testing shows “benefits” negative or too low to measure with any confidence.
    The “seasonal flu” and more importantly all viral flu is caused primarily by the seasonal low in our vitamin D levels. Thus the “cure” for seasonal flu and all viral flu is sunshine and vitamin D.
    Almost all forms of the “flu vaccination” contain the extremely neurodegenerative mercury most often 25 mcg. All forms include the exceedingly toxic…

  122. T.Gagnon says:

    Please tell us how to take action against our government so we will be heard. “Just say no” does not seem to work in this case or many others.

    • Leslie says:

      NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) is the strongest lobby in Washington for speaking out about vaccine dangers and spreading the word about vaccine safety issues. To take action, support their work. Barbara Loe Fisher has devoted the last 30 years of her life to this cause, after her son developed autism following a vaccination. She speaks from the heart and does good work. http://www.nvic.org

    • barry parks says:

      one way is to throw these corporate puppets out of office vote for someone that believes in the constitution thee are other candidates out there the gov’t controlled media won’t let us hear from them.the debates are a joke (just like the candidates) it’s all scripted like wrestling.they know what they are being asked before it’s asked.they choose who they want from the press it’s just a big show to make you think you have a choice.

  123. Lou says:

    “Who will test the efficacy and safety of this new vaccine when it arrives? That’s right, the same federal government that is subsidizing its creation—the one that is going to push state governments to make it a legal requirement.”
    Folks this is not only tyranny but murderous tyranny.
    We have ample evidence that the deadly MMR “vaccine” is STRONGLY associated with autism.
    “The MMR vaccine was not adequately tested and should not have been licensed.” Journal of Adverse Drug Reactions Jan 2000, Note how in heavens name are we supposed to “trust” these people?
    Forget about all the high tech new “vaccine” garbage they will not honestly test, how about testing 30 year old “vaccine” garbage STRONGLY associated with AUTISM.

    • Christine says:

      Vaccinations are horrible. I saw my little girl’s health go downhill because she was administered several vaccinations in one visit. I was always leery of vaccines, but she was entering school and so I was told she had to have her vaccines. I cannot even begin to tell you how ill she became. I would need to publish a book on everything that transpired, but I will say that after developing a neurological condition called SID I sought alternative medicine. Homeopathy, dietary changes and especially sound therapy, brought my child back. She is doing very well in school and she scored great on her state exams.
      It’s unfortunate that our country is controlled by corporate greed. As human beings we need to become informed, unite, and take action. We are poisoned on a daily basis by vaccines and the food we eat, laden with artificial colors and preservatives. At the end of the day I am hopeful that there is always that option, a different healthier solution and this is the one my family and I will take.

    • These workers need to get all evidence of the vaccine failures and begin this Civil Rights Violation suit now!

  124. Jo says:

    Is it ethylmercury or methylmercury that’s in the shots?

  125. Patti Reid says:

    I can’t believe that this is just being reported. Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC started this back in 2008. Some of us refused. How curious that we are no longer employed there.

  126. Jeff says:

    Flu vaccine only works 1.5 times out of 100
    Study shows:
    2.73% of “non-vaccinated” got the flu
    1.18% of “vaccinated” got the flu
    The Lancet http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(11)70295-X/fulltext
    The vaccine is not worth the risk.

  127. Madelyn says:

    I want to know who wrote this article. Why doesn’t the author put their name to their work? That raises MAJOR RED FLAGS in any skeptics mind as to the validity of any of the claims made here. Now all of this information MIGHT be correct. But if no one is held to account for that accuracy, then any such statement instantly lose credibility.
    I challenge the author(s) to identify him/herself and post citations for the claims made, as any academic would have to in order to even be reviewed for publication. I’m interested to see if this website has that level of integrity in the publications that it is releasing to the masses.

    • ANH-USA says:

      Hi Madelyn–Thank you for your comment! ANH-USA’s newsletter is edited by Deborah A. Ray, MT (ASCP) and Craig R. Smith. For citations, please click on the hyperlinks in the article. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

    • Pam says:

      I agree……and you are also reading a number of people’s testimonials about their own personal experiences to back up the article.
      Keep an open mind, watch and listen and read. Most lessons learned have a price tag attached. Why sacrifice your health because you are uninformed? That’s a pretty big price tag. One person has already left excellent advice about getting a homepathic safe oral flu vaccine, if you need a flu vaccine. For people interested…….Consult a Naturopathic Physician or N.D. for more information. Most N.D.’s are covered by your health insurance plan. Ask the Doctor’s office if he or she is a preferred provided under your insurance plan and go see them. Ask questions and tell them about your concerns. It won’t be the same conversation you’ll have with an M.D.
      What do you have without your health? Some people spend more time planning a vacation than they spend learning about their body and their good health. I say be proactive about your food, health, Big Pharma and your government agencies.

  128. Joanne T Becker says:

    Vaccinations are knotty problems. I was for them, before I was against them – now I’m caught in a conundrum. I got whooping cough in high school because my mandatory pertussis vacination ‘wore off’. I ended up with pneumonia and was sick for half of my senior year. Flash forward to my own child, who had the same thing happen to her at age 8. No one else realized what had happened to her, but I did. How did I get whooping cough? The neighbor’s unvaccinated kid. How did my daughter get it? No idea – by that time, everyone was vaccinated, but the efficacy of the vaccine has now, all these years later, been questioned, and with good reason.
    I worked for a General Practice office from 1961 to 1973, and in 1971, one of our patients was brought in by her husband on his way to work in a garbage truck, severely ill. She was so sick, I drove her myself to the hospital emergency room. She was diagnosed with influenza and subsequently died. A week later to the day, I awoke with 107 fever! I was so sick, I couldn’t even call to the kids to help me. Eventually, they stopped watching cartoons and showed up in my bedroom. They called the doctor I worked for, and I ended up in the hospital for over 2 weeks.
    The diagnosis was Hong Kong flu, and I had taken the flu shot, for god only knows what strains.
    I’m the kind of person who almost always got the flu every year.
    Once I stopped smoking and started taking vitamins (I always had a mostly healthy diet) I don’t get the flu, or if I do, it’s usually a very mild case. So, here you have it both ways. I still lean toward getting the shots, because an unvaccinated public will wreak havoc on those who are exposed. Think of the thousands of people who come into our country from all over the world and expose us to polio, TB, smallpox, which is still out there, and heaven only knows what else.
    Better safe than sorry, in many ways. I think if you check the stats, you will find that the incidents of reported vaccination problems are way under those that have had no difficulties. Just being pregnant in an unvaccinated society is taking a huge risk to the baby if the mother gets the measles. I think vaccines in general are for the greater good of the most people.
    I am not a fan of the government and many of its policies, so making this admission is for me, like pulling teeth without anesthesia!

    • Liz says:

      81% of all whooping cough cases occur in vaccinated children, so to blame your neighbor’s unvaccinated kid is ridiculously illogical. Plus, the DPT vaccine does not prevent whooping cough, it is only meant to prevent a very serious case of it. The bigger problem now is that the bacteria that causes pertussis has mutated faster than the vaccine, creating a super-bug akin to MRSA or C-Dificil. Surprise, surprise, meddling with the natural order of things has consequences. Chances are, you and your kid inherited a weakened immune system, hence the reason you both got so sick.
      If your kids are vaccinated and are around somebody who isn’t, logic would indicate that the unvaccinated kids would get sick but the vaccinated kids won’t. So why isn’t this the case with most children? If vaccines give the ultimate protection against disease, then your vaccinated child would never get sick and my children would constantly be ill, using your logic. My kids aren’t vaccinated for any disease and have NEVER been ill, even when they were around kids with measles, chicken pox, and yes, whooping cough. Let the immune system flex its muscle now and then, because if you don’t use it, you will lose it!
      And as far as I’m concerned, forcing anybody to take a flu vaccine they don’t want is a criminal act, and I would go so far as to liken it to human experimentation. I would quit any job that attempted to risk my health and well-being just to boost government numbers. I work in the health care industry and have seen hundreds of people who received the flu vaccine get seriously ill with, yes, you guessed it, THE FLU!! No thanks, Big Pharma, I’ll let my body do the job it was meant to do, and allow the immune system to gulp up a few baddies as they come along.

      • Not a Lab Rat says:

        The good news is we don’t have to quit our jobs, we’re fired. Good point about the healthy vaccinated always catching disease from the unvaccinated. Have been asked that question many times. Isn’t this the proof that vaccines work?

    • Frank says:

      Just read an article on how women who did not have the mumps because they were vaxed have a higher risk for developeing utering cancer. And the whooping cough in California this last year turned out to be a different strain than the one vaxed for. It was NOT from unvaxed kids. And lastly, all new polio cases are a result of vaxed people shedding.
      These reports of “healthy” people dying from flu?…Apparently “healthy” has a new definition.

  129. Terrence Logue says:

    I do not wish to force anything on anybody. But, let’s face it. I believe it is part of the job and it’s resulting requirements. If you work in the health care industry, flu shots are required. I do not want to be treated by someone who has not had the flu shot and who is running the risk of infecting many patients. I never got the flu shot, because I don’t seem to catch the flu. My wife had open-heart surgery several years back. My doctor suggested that I start getting the flu shot to help protect my wife. When it was put on those terms, I gratefully complied. I believe health care workers are in a similar situation. If you are going to see patients, get the shot. Otherwise, find another field of employment.

    • Indira says:

      not buying it. the article even states that a recent study revealed that recipients of the flu shot demonstrated a highly-increased likelihood of contracting H1N1. a few years ago, i worked in an office where a nurse came in and gave everyone free flu shots if they wanted it. every single person in my department but me got the shot, because they were too gullible to question the fact that it’s being shoved down our throats. within a couple of weeks, there was a bit of a swine flu outbreak there and pretty much everyone got very sick. i eventually caught it too, from my boss, because she was practically wiping her germy hands all over my stuffs. gross. i was ill for a just few days and got better very quickly. it took her, and everyone else who had gotten the shot, several months to fully get over it. the VP was sick for like 8 months, no joke. so screw that shot and whatever those monsters put in it.
      here’s the way i see it: basically, you can either not get the shot and MAYBE get the flu at some point, though you probably won’t if you take good care of yourself. or you can get the shot, probably get swine flu soon after AND probably end up catching the flu at some point down the line anyway. i say find a cool doctor that will forge a note that says you’ve already gotten it.
      and before you say that that’s illegal and sketchy and all that jazz, it utterly pales in comparison to the unconstitutional forcing of this shot on healthcare workers. this shot has been proven to do far more bad than good, i just cannot see why an intelligent and morally sound person would opt to enforce this policy, ESPECIALLY in the healthcare industry – because of its clearly detrimental effects on the immune system, it’s creating swine flu-spreading liabilities out of its recipients instead of making anyone healthier. so now you have a bunch of sick healthcare workers catching swine flu and spreading that around the hospitals. good job!

      • Allen Luddite says:

        “and before you say that that’s illegal and sketchy and all that jazz, it utterly pales in comparison to the unconstitutional forcing of this shot on healthcare workers.” This is a VERY crucial point and one I believe should not be passed over lightly. The illegality, the corruption, the greed, the power seeking is wholly on the side of Big Pharma and their government lackeys. I have NO MORAL OBLIGATION to them whatsoever. I can lie to their face, forge documents or anything else I need to do to make sure my body remains inviolate, and IT IS MORAL. One has to be careful because of the consequences, but I feel exactly ZERO guilt in dealing with these practices in this way. If more people just ignore, work around, obfuscate, pretend, lie or whatever, eventually this structure will fail. It is largely because We The Sheep still follow along no matter what that we see these kinds of outrageous practices. An no, I have not gotten a flu shot in 20 years, am surrounded by flu sufferers and rarely get more than sniffles if that much. It’s called Vitamin D3…use it.

    • barry parks says:

      injecting mercury into your veins is a part of job?

      • Not a Lab Rat says:

        Think we will be encouraging youth to go into healthcare for their yearly mercury injections? Think the young folks will be on board?

    • Mae says:

      Healthcare workers should 1st of all be allowed to call in sick when they have the flu and not be required to come in sick!!! That my dear …is the big problem!Noone wants to face the fact that healthcare workers are also humans and have RIGHTS. Take care of yourself first if you want to be able to take care of someone else.

    • Healthy Solutions 4U says:

      Well I hate to inform you Terrence, but it is NOT “part of the job” and the flu shot has been shown time and time again to NOT protect anyone from the flu. The vaccine does not even have the right strains of virus in it. This is a fraud that is being exposed as we speak. If you feel insecure about your natural ability to fight off the flu then YOU go ahead and get the vaccine. (Although recent studies show that you are better off without it) Don’t spew this BS that it’s everyone else’s responsibility to get vaccinated.

    • Frank says:

      When the efficacy rate of the flu vax is only 37% at best, you’d be a fool to rely on it to protect you. You have nothing to fear from me. Heck I do not want to get sick either, nor do I want to infect anyone. Workers WILL get sick WITH THE FLU. If the hospital etc would just let them stay home until better, that would go a long way to protect others. Forcing workers to report for work when they are ill is what spreads illness
      I fear the situation will get worse before getting better because our water and food are toxic and void of much needed nutrients. Can’t get/stay healthy with that scenario. And no amount of vax is going to fix it.

      • Len says:

        I first had a flu shot in Nov. 1989 as my wife was a healthcare worker and required to get one. I complied and faithfully received one as well, and every year thereafter until 2001. Just before Christmas ’89 and over the winter of ‘90 I came down with a skin rash and didn’t feel well. By about ’95 my skin rash had become permanent, and by ’97 I had a mass of skin infections & by 2000 I was spending Christmas and much of everyday soaking in the tub. I have omitted all the doctors’ appointments, all the wrong guesses, all the money wasted on medicines of all kinds, and the many $$$$ of lost work time. I was very sick, and very broke. In 2002 my dentist asked if I took flu shots; my answer rewarded with a lecture. I did not get a flu shot that year, or any year since, turning to herbal medicines to boost my damaged immune system and protect myself from both flu and colds (successfully). My skin infections took over two years to heal, but I am left with bad facial and back scars, rather nasty neuralgia, and possibly a few other medical issues. My experience suggests flu shots can be dangerous for anyone with a depressed immune system, just the very folks being told they should get one. I am angry over what happened to me, but there seems nothing much I can do about it except warn others.

  130. jwillie6 says:

    It is immoral and should be illegal to force anyone to take a drug, whether it is a vaccination or is the fluoride drug in drinking water.

  131. Cranston says:

    Homeopathy has a safe, more effective, low cost ($0.10 per dose) ,oral flu vaccine. Why don’t you here about it? Washington Homeopathic tried to advertise it but was given a cease and desist order from the FDA.

    • barry parks says:

      where can this product be obtained?

      • Don says:

        make your own as I do buy these : 1/2 oz each, echinacea, astragalus, cats claw, olive leaves, ginger, lemon balm, dried garlic, and onion. place each into separate 950 ml bottles 1/2 full and fill with 100 proof vodka, let soak 6 weeks shaking each every few days. after soaking strain through cheese cloth and blend all together. you can skip the onion and garlic in the blending if you have a problem with them. once blended put into brown bottles, when you are exposed to people with colds or flu take 10 ml. if you come down with flu or cold take 10 ml 3 times a day. it tasts great in OJ or V8.

        • That’s a good herbal tincture, but we’re talking about homeopathy, not herbs. I’ve used the homeopathic flu “vaccine” for years and it appears to work. Statistics I have read on it look like its efficacy is better than that of the traditional vaccines. WHP is a good source. The remedy is called Influenzinum. The typical potency used for prevention is 9C, given once a week for a few weeks.
          Influenzinum can also be taken if you do get sick with flu or flulike symptoms. Herbs like those recommended by Don are definitely quite helpful for both prevention and treatment, though I use and prescribe Chinese antiviral herbs myself, as well as astragalus for immune support.. Gan Mao Ling and Yin Qiao are two of the commonly available traditional formulas.

          • Frank says:

            When the Mexican pig flu was (intentionally) released a few yrs back the FDA demanded that Dr. Weil remove from his website any reference to herbs/ remedies /nosodes for preventing the flu. Reason: How can the gov’t convince the public to submit when there are safer alternatives available!

      • Cranston says:

        Washington Homeopathic Products: 1-800-336-1695 Or Luyties: 1-800-466-3672. They will ask what potency you want. 30th needs to be taken once a month thru the season, and 200 take two doses about 4 to 6 weeks apart.

  132. To be forced to inject something into your body or be fired?! BULL!
    This is SO unconstitutional. It’s disgusting.

    • lk says:

      I work in the medical field and this has been happening for many years. The large majority of medical workers I know support and encourage forced vaccinations. Now many companies are forcing employees to disclose there yearly blood work and biometric screening information and price they are receiving the recommended medications when they decide it doesn’t meet there ideas of normal. For cholesterol and other lab values, mployee will in the near future will have to bring there values into the very distorted ” normal” values or risk losing there jobs.

      • Not a Lab Rart says:

        Honestly, I have been working helping and serving people since I was 6 years old when I starting delivering newspapers with my brother. I do not have to live under the oppression of a system who FORCES ME to become their patient. If I am forced to take the medicine, well then that makes me the patient. In my state I am allowed the right to refuse treatment. This IS NOT the last of your rights “they” are planning to take. I HAVE ALREADY been harmed by flu vaccine having had Bells Palsy after a shot. As far as I am concerned I VOLUNTEERED for Bells Palsy and have paid my dues. I am not interested in further nerve damage for a vaccine that is not proven to work and has already hurt people. I feel I AM an asset to the company where I work as an RN. But if FORCING ME to take “the koolaid” is now a job requirement. Best they fire me. So I can use my talents serving people, like I have always done, IN A PLACE I BELONG. Which is not against MY HEALTHCARE BILL OF RIGHT AS A FORCED PATIENT. Just think of the influx of pure health minded, educated people into the open market no longer working for the system WE ALL KNOW IS MESSED UP. In the middle of difficulty lies opportuntiy – Albert Einstein Not sure firing a bunch of people with a lot guts, and intelligence isn’t going to be the best thing that ever happened to them and healthcare. Smiles. Good Luck.

      • Frank says:

        Pray tell which companies are these! Don’t tease.
        My sister’s healthcare management provider –not insurance (provided by employer) has a similar requirement but she has opted for the “bargain basement” plan where this is not required.

    • Lorraine Ciuba says:

      So where are the Unions on this issue??!! NOT protecting Worker ‘s Rights!!

      • Pam says:

        Unions represent the workers. In reading the workers experiences and opinions about this issue, it seems a super majority of health care workers go along with the belief that a flu vaccination is fine. Or they may be afraid they will lose their job. Probably, a combination of both beliefs.
        The union is the workers. They need to talk to each other and educate each other and go to their union representatives with this issue before it spreads too far across the nation and then to the general public. It’s interesting that Arizona is a Right-to-Work (for less) state and Colorado is a modified Right-to-Work state. When the public in each state vote the in Right-to-Work Initiative, it is designed to weaken unions, or “worker’s rights.” Thus a good place to start infiltrating. How effective is a weakened union with laws designed to tie their hands that they approved themselves?
        In my opinion, Big Pharma and Hospital Administration see health care worker’s as a captive audience that normally believes in big Pharma. In their eyes, it’s a natural place to start spreading the mandatory flu vaccination. An RN or other health care worker will encourage their friends, family and patients to get the vaccine because they believe in it.
        To think that CDC, FDA or Big Pharma who brought us GMO (genetically modified organism) foods without any testing, DDT and Agent Orange is watching out and cares about our health or anyone’s health is foolish. If they believed in their products they would list it on the food packaging label and not spend millions of dollars, fighting the public’s wishes to label GMO’s as they are doing in California right now. It’s all connected.
        Big Pharma should be expected to be accountable for their actions and vaccines and the side effects…not immunity!
        I applaude this website for bringing the issue to the forefront.

    • barry parks says:

      welcome 2 1984 brought 2 u by the rep. & dem. parties.why are there only 2 candidates in debates there are other candidates out there.why aren’t they allowed 2 participate?i would like 2 hear what they have 2 say.maybe they could do better.the dems & reps sure have f****d things up.they belong 2 an elite club & we ain’t invited.they’ve been telling us what we can or can’t put in our bodies,while they demand we inject mercury into our body & poison our food & water.sound like a police state?

    • Frank says:

      Recall back in the Pres. Clinton era when the whole gov’t/ single payer healthcare insurance issue was introduced: The idea of an ID card was suggested on which would be noted your vax status. If you were not vaxed you would be denied access to federal venues, ie court houses, museums. Next step would have been venues that received federal funding, ie schools, colleges, hospitals, etc.
      I did not vote for Mr. Clinton then nor his wife yrs later for this reason, since she was a main proponent of this plan.

  133. Lorraine Ciuba says:

    I believe that when we have a healthy Immune system by eating healthy and taking the PROPER nutritional supplements,vitamin D being one of them, we can avoid many illnesses.

  134. Michael says:

    What is happening to our freedoms? If we do not stand up now, we will always be slaves.

    • Anne Martindale says:

      I am really getting scared of being American these days. The government needs to get out of the pocket of big pharma…how can that happen when the same people making recommendations and laws are on payrolls of pharma co’s. what has happened to our country!

      • I am an RN with 37 years experience. I HAVE NEVER HAD A FLU SHOT AND I HAVE NEVER HAD THE FLU! I flatly refuse to have the Government/Corporations/Hospitals decide what is good for me. If I understand the law correctly, if you touch me and I don’t want you to do so, then you have committed simple assault. I consulted a lawyer regarding mandatory injections and he duly reported that it is indeed legal for your employer to fire you for refusing to receive the injection. I contacted the Texas SBN and, of course they have not answered. How about the ACLU or NLRB? I refuse to give up one more right, the right of self-determination of my own health needs and future.
        Charles R Fish, RN, BSN.

        • Barb says:

          Good for you Charles! I am in CO and an RN with 26 years experience. I do not, will not take the flu shot. Which also means it looks like this old gal will be looking for an office job in a nice holistic health practitioner’s office soon.

          • Ramo says:

            Dear Barb,
            I do admire you very much. I am on the process to try to bring together nurses who refuse the flu shot in CO. They are way more then it is published. All what is happening is outrageous. My email is [email protected] Please write to me and see what can we do. Ramo. RN, BSN

        • Marina says:

          Mr. Fish: “I flatly refuse to have the Government/Corporations/Hospitals decide what is good for me.”
          Really? You should know better. They’re not concerned about what is good for you, per say, but more so what is good for your patients. After all, you are there for them. You took an oath, remember? You made a conscious decision to be a nurse. And after 37 years, you should be well aware of and have already accepted all the risks you face as a health care worker, including a measly flu vaccine.

          • Frank says:

            “measly”?! really? have you looked at the ingredients? it’s not the flu ingredients per se but the ADJUVANTS.

        • royce says:

          I am with you there, before I decided taking care of my family was necessary I contacted the president’s office, never did get a response and the mayor’s office gave me the run around. Now I have had so many issues since taking the vaccine I wish I had just left.

      • Richard says:

        We’re collapsing into a Communist police state, that’s what. I refuse vaccines. Better be hoarding ammo and weapons!

      • Frank says:

        Our American economic policy is entwined with the pharm business. If the gov’t disengages it’s quite possible that a severe financial decline will ensue, worldwide. We are in the thick of it now. Waiting for it to implode might work if we can stay alive long enough.

    • Rob says:

      Too late my friend.

    • Mary says:

      This is not just happening in Colorado. In Arizona, they are doing something similar. The only difference is that one may decline the immunization either for medical or religious reasons. If you refuse to get the immunization, you must wear a mask during the entire flu season when you have contact with at patient.
      Most definitely, what has happened to rights. We don’t have to look at other countries, it’s at our door, no longer at the back door.

  135. Genevieve says:

    As a nurse here in AZ, I am also getting forced to get mine for the hospital system I work for. It is horrible, yet I stand alone in this. I am often mocked for taking a holistic approach, yet my holistic approach has been working better.

    • theresa says:

      I agree, and as a nurse who shoses holistic PREVENTATIVE care, i have not ever takent he shot, worked in ER’s for years and did not get the flu, despite being around it all day, every day.
      There is a better way, and i am not happy to hear i will be forced to take the shot? this is a dealbreaker for me.

    • Mike C. says:

      I too have been forced to take this years trivalent flu shot. I work in Cleveland Ohio at our county hospital. Refusal will lead to termination. My Union will not fight it ! I am within 3 months of retirement and have never before taken a flu shot. All inpatients who are on government assistance must be vaccinated against the flu and pneumonia or they will not be treated. All contractors coming into the hospital must be vaccinated. This is MEDICAL FASCISM and you and I are paying for it. Good luck to you!

    • sonny put says:

      if our goverment thikns this soooo good let then get the shot first and wait for 6 month to see the effect, let them and all of their families do it first

  136. maria says:

    I don’t understand why we will be forced to have a flu shot, but no one is forced, because of Hippa Laws, to let the establishment know if they have hepatitis before moving in! If we are talking about protecting people – how do you figure?

  137. William Geoghegan says:

    I would just love to go to a hospital and catch the flu from a nurse when I am there for another reason. Doesn’t that just kill you?

    • patriciaormsby says:

      If she has just received a vaccine with live attenuated viruses, that is possible. I read a year or two ago that the Japanese government does not allow farmers to vaccinate their chickens against bird flu because one farmer doing that can cause a pandemic in surrounding flocks.
      At a hospital, you will be exposed to all kinds of bugs from patients and possibly less than sanitary practices. You can make choices that boost your immune system to help protect you from that. Vaccination impairs your immunity overall.

    • Barb says:

      Well if you are so worried about the flu from a nurse, get YOUR flu shot William. And while you are bashing nurses for not taking the flu shot, do a little reading up on MRSA. Makes the flu look like a walk in the park, and many cases of MRSA are nosocomial.

  138. Mark Helten says:

    A female RN has a right to choose to end a pregnance but not a right to refuse what goes into her bloodstream. Our patients have a right to refuse treatment including the flu vaccine, but an RN faceses constraints and possible loss of employment for not taking something against her will.

    • Marina says:

      What a ridiculous comparison, Mr. Helten. If a female nurse were to choose to have an abortion–not only would that be none of anyone else’s business–that would not affect her patients’s health; conversely, if a female nurse were to be infected by influenza, that would very likely affect her patients’ health. The flu vaccine is not a hundred percent effective against influenza infection, but it is the best known medical defense. And along with proper nutrition, exercise, and other efforts to boost your own natural defenses, the flu vaccine can greatly decrease your risk of infection, thereby decreasing the risk of disease transmission (i.e. from RN to patient) as well.

      • Frank says:

        I have worked as an unvaccinated RN for 25yrs and have never had the flu and a cold fewer than one per three to five years!. How is it that being injected with a slew of toxic ingredients is going to improve my health or that of my patients? One would think that if I was a carrier then my unvax patients would become ill. This has not been the case either.
        It would be incredibly irresponsible, not to mention stupid, for me to subject myself to these vax considering the many possible IRREVERSIBLE side effects.
        Continue to count me out.

    • Kam says:

      Yes, having a HealthCare employee who is sick taking care of a pt would put the pt in greater harms way. However, not getting a flu vaccine doesn’t make a Nurse sick.
      In fact, where I work (at a County Hospital in Northern Ca) the ‘Vaccine Nurse” came to our office and the majority of the workers received the vaccine. I did not and chose to have to wear the mask.
      Now, there have been 4 HealthCare professionals in our Office (who got the vaccine) who are sick with the flu.
      They are not wearing masks (and are not made to). So they go about coughing, hacking, complaining of how bad they feel, all the while infecting others.
      The question is: why are these HealthCare workers allowed to come to work sick and there is NO outrage (or demand) from Management at the Hospital, or from the Public Health Department, that THEY wear a mask??
      It all goes back to forcing peole to get a flu vaccine. It has nothing to do with concern for patient health and well being, or other HealthCare workers heath and well being…..
      Following the trail of money will always show what it is all about…..heatlh and well being is not at all the forefront of why Hospitals / Public Health Departments are forcing HealthCare workers to get flu vaccines.

  139. Let me get my two cents in…two cents worth of colloidal silver

  140. steven says:

    big pharma has big money to lobby big government. The gov pays big money for the vaccines and forces it down our throat…I mean into our blood stream. Really, .. you will allow someone to force a needle in your arm and believe it is the ONLY way to prevent the flu. Count me out please….I will get some sun, eat right and keep the pollutants out of my body….especially the ones my government will force me to absorb!

  141. JustAnotherJoe says:

    If I am going to be forced to take a flu shot against my will, then by God every last non-health care hospital worker, and every last visitor should be forced against their will to take this shot, just to even enter through the hospital doors. Also, every last patient should be forced against their will to take the flu shot, as well. We may as well inoculate everyone! As for those here who think that I am being selfish, YES, by God I AM! I do not want a shot that will give me far more health problems for the long term than the flu ever could. As one cannot sue the pharmaceutical companies for damages, I think a health care worker should be allowed to sue the hospital they work at for damages. Problem is, once ones health is ruined by this vaccine, no amount of money will repair the damage done. And firing every last health care worker because they do not want to take a shot? How much sense does that make when there is already a shortage of nurses in the profession already? Those who think that nurses should be forcibly vaccinated may find there will be few nurses to take care of them when they need it most. And all for a stupid flu shot.

    • royce says:

      I agree, no one at all should be forced. I was told do it or lose my job as a health care worker. I asked if something happened to me would they accept responsibility. They countered well what happens if you don’t take the shot and get sick, I told them then I have accepted that responsibility. Was taken in 2010. I am since disabled with a list of neurological disorders and recently diagnosed with MS. Had no health issues prior. And of course now it is oh you can’t prove it. Well by GOD I hope my lawyer can.

  142. For a truthful and comprehensive narrative on this topic, read the new book, “Which Poison Will Change Your Life?” – available through Amazon and B&N online – also as an e-book!

  143. Brenda M says:

    Also it’s not just about the health implications but about our first Ammendment and Constitutional rights to freedom of religion… life life and liberty (freedom of choice).

  144. Brenda M says:

    I contacted the ACLU in email and left a voice mail no response. We all must call and email to get action.

  145. Vaccines implant nanoparticle-size parasites, termed “viruses”, and adjuvant to deplete liver copper. The parasites settle, thrive & replicate in the presence of iron deposits and copper deficiency, and accelerate the destruction process by increasing the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being an increasingly defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, and CANCER.
    I encourage you to read:
    C.A. Bouthillier

  146. jking says:

    Very articulate responses to this situation. It is gratifying to see that many have an open mindset and I am grateful to all those sharing valuable information so others may make informed decisions. It is very liberating and very difficult to overcome the notion of a doctor’s ‘authority’ in these matters. What seems to be playing out is the right of self determination versus community, yet what is community without each individual as part of the whole, but the debate continues due to pressure put on the individual to succumb to the majority (as in ‘take the shot or take a hike’ for RN’s). This way of getting compliance is more sickening than the flu, especially when the evidence has not sufficiently shown overwhelming value for most of us. I have had to be overtly defensive, to the point of being rude in my interactions with medical staff. Stay strong and willful, all is not disclosed honestly and we are still searching for true knowledge in all matters concerning health. We are, after all, stepping into a place of business (hospitals) where we have to weigh the pros and cons of the services offered.

    • jking says:

      Hopefully you are seeking greater understanding. All I can pass on to you is research chlorophyll. Every doctor I have talked to looks at me strange when I explain the benefits even after their standard tests show I am in exceptionally great health. Proof behind my suggesting chlorophyll (in particular the type distilled from nettle) is that I have a tremendous, sustained amount of energy, my blood pressure and pulse are that of a cyclist, which I am not. Also, whenever I get sick it is very mild, gone within a day or two, partly because I give my body the resources needed to subdue any invasion of funk. Welcome life and all of it’s less than ideal moments. Nurture your body’s natural ability to be in a state of good health. Hint… hint… simple unadulterated whole foods. I am by no means a ‘saint’ but if the people of authority were upfront, they would admit they are still trying to sort all this out instead of bringing this vital matter to a decision of vaccinate or vacate the premises.

  147. Lauren says:

    Where have you been?? Aurora in WI has forced flu vaccine on it’s employees and volunteers since last year. They’re reasoning was JohnsHopkins is doing it so they can too. The email that went out to employees was basically flu vaccine or look for another job. Nick Turkel (ceo) tthinks he is doing something good. There will be a whole generation of dementia patients, that’s one way to keep the medical profession going.

  148. Joanne Proudfoot says:

    I work as a Medical Social Worker at Kaiser, Southern California. All medical staff are REQUIRED to get the flu vaccine by Nov. 1st.
    If we do not we have to sign a form and wear a mask in all patient areas. I will attempt to keep my job and learn to live with the mask. I was hesitant at first b/c it is uncomfortable and gets hot, etc., but after much soul searching, I REFUSE TO TAKE THE VACCINE.
    I have never taken it and, like others, will continue to support my immune system through prevention. To deal my anger, I will try to take the attitude that wearing a mask is better for me anyway so that I won’t get any other illnesses at work.
    If I lose the option to wear a mask in the future I will find work elsewhere. As a healer, I know that there will always be work for me and my spiritual faith keeps me strong.
    I feel less alone knowing that there are others of you who feel the same way I do.
    In Solidarity,
    Joanne Proudfoot,
    Southern California

  149. Joanne Proudfoot says:

    As a Medical Social Worker at Kaiser, S. California. All medical staff are required to have the flu vaccine or where a mask and sign a form.
    After much soul searching, I have decided not to get the flu vaccine. I have never gotten it and use holisitic approach to prevention and healing. I am angry that my rights are being taken away. My code of ethics says that all have a right to self determination. Even at the hospital all patients have a right to refuse treatment. Yet I, as an individual, human, am not afforded this right!
    I am choosing to keep this right and will wear a mask. To better cope I am taking the attitude that the mask may help minimize any other exposure I may have when working with patients, including the horrible MRSA.
    I am glad that I am not alone in this lone wolf stance. My spiritual faith keeps me strong. Thank You.
    In solidarity,
    Joanne Proudfoot
    S. Cal.

    • Hi, Joanne! Just wanted to say, good for you for not taking that flu shot! We truly are losing more and more of our freedoms and rights here in the USA. I used to work for a healthcare system, and I know how they pressure you. I’m currently a caregiver and a housewife, and so far, I’m not being forced to take that flu shot. Take care!!

      • Free to speak says:

        Here is the truth for America! It has begun this year with the Flu shot. Every day there are new regulations that are not being publicized and are being passed as laws in the effort of public policy. Our rights to make choices are being taken away one by one. I am a healthcare worker, but it is my choice to take the flu shot which I do, but I don’t think everyone in healthcare needs to be forced to take the flu shot. The policy saying that you must wear a mask during flu season if you have not taken a flu shot is another way to force the issue. Really, lets just think for one minute! What is this really solving or causing?
        Here are some more issues to think about.
        Basic rights are slowly being taken away.
        Tax laws are making it where eventually no one will be able to afford the American dream as our founding fathers worked hard to ensure we had our freedom.

        • Anonymous says:

          To Free to speak: the thing is, if the if you don’t take the flu shot, and do wear a mask, wouldn’t people, (patients, in this case) be afraid to go near this person because they have a mask on, and that doesn’t sound good. This is only my opinion.

      • A F says:

        I am working in San Diego CA as a staff RN our hospital mandated flu vaccines this year. I have hired attorney because I believe that they are violating our human rights. I am not alone! There are many more nurses against this mandate. And the mandate makes no sense! Check the insert from Fluvax it states that in the best case (perfect match between vaccine and flu virus) the vaccine is 73% effective! This results can only be achieved in the lab because flu viruses mutate very quickly! Check the Cochrane Library they reviewed available research and concluded that flu vaccines are useless. I hope we can get together to protest this in greater numbers so that our voices can be heard. This is the only way to stand up ot the corporate forces.

    • Rudonna Kelly says:

      Hello, I am an RN and have been a nurse for 30+ years and have never had a flu shot or worn a mask to “protect my patiens”. Please – give me a break! And now I just found out I am required to get a shot, but am declining. I am angry because my rights are being taken away – as someone else mentioned. There ought to be something we can do? Anyone know?

    • rebecca says:

      I encourage everyone to google search the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. it says it protects 60% who were vaccinated. I can’t even find the data as far as how many percentage it dropped the infection rate. Why govaernment promoting it? then you can read articles on how money played here between the pharmaceutical company and the government.
      The vaccination would encourage the variation of the virus clone which will be more lethal each year, in my opinion.
      I am frustrated by the mandate of wearing mask. I feel violated. I am never vaccinated. I am less sick than those who are vaccinate each winter.

    • Malcolm Maclean says:

      The Lancet shows some startling news regarding the true effectiveness of the flu vaccination. The study involved a control group of 13,095 adults who were not vaccinated. The group were watched to see if they caught the influenza virus, but 97 percent of them did not. Only 2.7 percent, or 357 people, of the non-vaccinated group ended up catching the virus. Another group of adults whom were vaccinated with a trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine ended up with 1.2 percent of them not catching the flu. The difference between the two outcomes is 1.5 people out of 100 which shows that the flu vaccine only prevents the flu in 1.5 out of every 100 adults injected with the flu vaccine.
      Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/a-flu-vaccine-timeline-the-recent-history-revolving-around-vaccine-dangers/#ixzz2AoLB9vpr

    • Brianna says:

      Your actually lucky you still have the choice to refuse. were i work there is no choice its either you do or your fired . Why cant we just form a “rights group” and stop this “illegal” crap there making legal for them to force on us a choice we can not choose from. that there allowed to inject us with something we know that could be a danger?! this is total BS. . . i cant afford to loose my job and that’s were they get you.

    • Marcella says:

      Hi Linda, I am an RN that is a fellow mask wearer. I got horribly sick after my last flu shot so from that point on my doctor told me I could not take a flu shot ever again. So, I can tell you that the flu shot does not cover every cold or virus that goes around infact it only covers a minimal amount… thus the mask protects me from all sorts of ills while the ‘flu shot takers’ that surround me at work get sick off and on all winter long. I was teased in the beginning but now after going thru a couple years of giggling at their colds and such no one any longer makes a comment at all to me. I, with my mask, stand in front of them as the healthiest of them all! hahaha, nurses who were masks get last laugh!

    • Dan Carter says:

      IU Health in Indiana is forcing all of it’s employees’s to get the toxic flu vaccine fall of 2012 unless a Medical or Religious exemption is filed. This is all about the corruption of the CDC, big Pharma and the healthcare providers getting kickback from the Feds to poison their workers, and shorten their lifespans. Any one with a brain knows the flu shot provides no protection and only destroys the immune system at the time of year it is most under attack. All healthcare workers need to UNITE and fight this invasion of civil liberties or the government will attack everyone with toxic flu shots that actually lead to the destruction of health and provide no real protection.

      • Cam Gild says:

        I was a medical/clinical social worker at a free clinic until I lost my job due to refusing to get a flue shot. The St. Johns Mercy healthcare system is mandating the flu shot. I have lost my right to self-determination and my clients have lost their therapist. I have never had the flu in my life but my medical history doesn’t matter. I don’t see how this is helping the patients or demonstrating proper control over one’s life decisions.

    • furious says:

      You certainly aren’t alone. My daughter is a nurse in Utah and doesn’t get vaccines. So far she still has a job but what if they mandate it here? Her son was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and the drugs are so expensive, if she lost her job then what? There has to be something we could do about this!!!! I am a preschool teacher and work with 22 children from 2-6 years old, all but 8 received the flue vaccine this fall and all 22 children have gotten the flue! What good is it? One girl got it within 12 hours and was sick for 5 days.

  150. Jill Culwell says:

    Do you know the current Tx state requirements for hospital workers regarding the influenza vaccine. Have not been able to find it anywhere, but am being told it is now required by law.
    Thank you

  151. Mist says:

    Good articles to look through regarding why flu is seasonal in the first place – a vaccine isn’t needed to cure this. A herd immunity through serum vitamin D levels elevated to normal (via proper diet and UVB radiation) would devastate the vaccine industry.
    CDC would never cite these of course 🙂

  152. lily lamoore says:

    when i was a cna in2005. it was offered. of course i did not get it. now its a violation of rights to force and fire ppl who refuse. patients rights apply?

  153. Grant Edwards says:

    Check out the other ingredients besides mercury…..other carcinogen causing heavy metals, Ethylene glycol (the scientific name for antifreeze),Formaldehyde, nicknamed “the embalmer’s friend,” Aluminum, a known carcinogen with links to Alzheimer’s disease,besides Thimerosal, a form of mercury, the most toxic of all the heavy metal.
    Seesm to me lawyers would be all over a class action here with these fired workers? Where is Morgan and Morgan when you need them?

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  155. Arthur says:

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  157. leonna middleton says:

    I have a flu story for you I have a friend whos daughter took her daughter to the dr. and the daughter told her doctor not to give her child a flu shot,dr. took the father out in the hallway and asked him if he wanted his daughter to have a flu shot. dr. came back in room,gave the daughter a flu shot while the mother of the child asked him what he was doing? he said he was giving her daughter a flu shot, your husband said it was alright. of course the daughter got mad. her daughter was sick for three days. the mother called the dr. up and told him and said if anything happened to her daughter she would look him up.

  158. ozlem says:

    I have a pandemic story for you. After many epidemics, the US takes action to provide vaccination for the public at large and as a result of small risks affecting some patients severely, many become opponents of vaccination. Following that, we observe that people are hesitant to get themselves and their children vaccinated, for fear of adverse effects (not really fearing that the industry is making a profit, but fear for themselves). The disease shifts form and mutations in the viral agents take place in these vulnerable hosts that come into contact with the virus. They might survive this, however the contact ensures higher risk for others that come into contact with the host (i.e. other kids in the playground, grandparents taking care of the children). Epidemics have the weird shape where when it’s visible, it’s too late to take action. You’re already sick, you might try to save others from contacting you. But taking preventive action requires some serious thinking.
    For instance, I see that this article uses statistics as evidence, but shares only the part that is relevant to their point. (eg. “people who received a flu shot were more likely to become infected with the H1N1 flu virus”)
    1. Do you have evidence that people who get the shot are NOT already at higher risk ? People usually get the shot when it’s ‘almost’ too late (we kind of wait until the last minute, which can be when you see others catching the disease on the news, in your city bus, at work…)
    2. Do you honestly believe taking dietary supplements is NOT an industry-relevant decision?
    3. Would you rather expose your child (and everyone getting into contact with them) to your virus? (cause that’s the risk you take when you decline getting influenza shot)

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