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Forced Vaccination Coming in California?


The reality, hard as it is to imagine, is that we must fight fascist medicine in one of our largest states—and elsewhere. State-based Action Alerts!

Late last year, State Senator Richard Pan of California introduced a bill allegedly aimed at ensuring a child’s right to quality healthcare, childcare, and education. This being Sen. Pan, let’s read between the lines.

Sen. Pan, you may remember, is the lawmaker who sponsored SB 277, California’s law that removed all non-medical exemptions to vaccines. We think his new bill, falsely disguised as an uncontroversial “Children’s Bill of Rights,” is simply a stepping stone to get what he and the vaccine manufacturers wanted all along—mandatory vaccination for all children.

Remember that SB 277 applies only to children attending public and private schools—homeschooled children are not part of the law. And other children are able to get medical exemptions from doctors brave enough to endure the media frenzy or the licensing threats that ensue when they write exemptions.

The Medical Board of California is already attacking doctors who don’t toe the line. Recall that Dr. Bob Sears is facing charges of gross negligence from the medical board for daring to write a letter recommending that a two-year-old be excused from vaccinations because his mother reported that the child had serious adverse reactions to previous immunizations. The point is to scare other doctors from writing medical exemptions.

That’s one group of unvaccinated children down. What about the homeschoolers?

That’s where Sen. Pan’s “Children’s Bill of Rights” comes in. If a child has a right to basic medical care, this could very well be interpreted to include vaccinations. If the parents of a homeschooled child decide to delay vaccination, or to skip certain shots, the state could argue that the parents are withholding necessary medical treatment and force vaccination on the child.

There are few legal protections for parents in these scenarios. Adults can refuse certain medical treatments for themselves for whatever reason, but with children it’s a whole different ballgame. To refuse what the state deems a necessary medical treatment is grounds for removing the child from the custody of the parents—and turning him or her over to the state.

The zeal of Sen. Pan to impose a vaccine regime on unwilling Californians must be checked. It is shameful (and ironic) to use a “Children’s Bill of Rights” as a vehicle to stamp out the last remaining rights of parents to refuse vaccination for their children. What else will the California government determine is best for children, whether parents agree or not? This is an incredibly slippery slope.

This isn’t just an issue for California residents. California often acts as a model for other states. If a mandatory vaccination regime gets enacted in California, it will only embolden other state legislatures to do the same.


State-based Action Alert!

  • California residents, write to your representatives and tell them to oppose Sen. Pan’s legislation. Please send your message immediately!

  • Other state residents: Find your state below and click the link to oppose bad vaccine bills in your state.






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