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Forced Vaccination Moves Forward in California


The state has sent a clear message: legally mandated medical exemptions to vaccines will not be respected. State-based Action Alert!

Dr. Bob Sears, a California pediatrician, has been placed on a 35-month probation period by the state medical board for daring to write letters recommending a medical exemption for a toddler from childhood vaccinations.

Dr. Sears will still be able to practice but will be supervised by another physician. He is also required to take an ethics class and forty hours of medical education training for each year of probation. According to a Facebook post from Dr. Sears, the medical board is preparing four more similar cases against him—all for medical exemptions to vaccines.

As we reported at the time, Dr. Sears made the recommendation for a medical exemption based on the mother’s description of serious adverse reactions to previous vaccinations.

It seems clear that this case—along with the other accusations the board is preparing—is clearly intended to intimidate other doctors in the state and thereby shut down any medical vaccine exemptions, the only exemptions left under California law. This case sets a legal precedent for when a medical exemption is acceptable, at a time when states are increasingly threatening to eliminate all other exemptions.

By initiating legal action for recommending medical exemptions, California is in effect banning all exemptions to vaccines. What kind of country are we living in, when parents have no choice about what gets put into their children’s bodies?

Action Alert! California residents, write to the state legislature, and tell them that the medical board is intimidating doctors who are recommending medical exemptions to vaccines, and thus eliminating all exemptions. Please send your message immediately.