Global Treaty Will Nix Mercury—But NOT in Vaccines!

January 29, 2013

mercury-vaccineWhy is one of mercury’s most dangerous applications—human vaccines—exempted from the ban? An update to our recent report.

A week of complex discussions in Geneva ended with governments from around the world agreeing to a global, legally binding treaty to limit mercury use. The Minamata Convention on Mercury, named after the Japanese city where thousands of residents fell ill with mercury poisoning in the 1950s, bans the production, export, and import by 2020 of a wide range of products and processes where mercury is used or released.

Products include implantable medical devices, switches and relays, certain fluorescent lamps, soaps and cosmetics, and some medical devices such as thermometers and blood pressure devices. Mercury-added dental amalgams are also to be phased out.

What’s exempted? Products used for military and civil protection; those with no mercury-free alternative; those used in religious or traditional practices; and vaccines in which the organomercury compound thimerosal, about which we have written about extensively, is used as a preservative.

Countries will be invited to ratify the treaty, which took four years to negotiate, at a meeting in Japan in October, but it is not expected to come into force for another three to five years.

A 2009 study published in the journal Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry found that thimerosal induces neural damage similar to that seen in autism patients—even in low levels. According to the study, “Thimerosal was found to be significantly more toxic than the other metal compounds examined.”

Thimerosal is touted as being an important preservative for multi-dose vaccines, which are needed in developing countries because they don’t require constant refrigeration or as much storage space. But as noted by Dr. Russell Blaylock, multiple vaccines given close together may overstimulate the growing brain’s immune system and destroy brain cells.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola points out, in 1983, before the autism epidemic began, children received ten vaccinations before attending school. Today they receive twenty-four vaccines before the age of 1, and thirty-six by the time they attend school. And that’s not including the recommended seasonal flu shot each year.

Although mercury is not used in most vaccines in the US now, it is still used in the flu vaccine. And if it has been phased out in the US apart from the flu shot, why should it be used on Third World kids?

In 2005, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., wrote a searing exposé of the government cover-up of the news that mercury in childhood vaccines had been linked to autism in thousands of children, and tried to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic. It comes as no surprise to learn that once again, vaccines in general are exempted from the mercury ban.
Apart from vaccines, it will also be interesting what effect the treaty has on the light bulb industry in the US: the treaty says that by 2020 the production, export, and import of certain types of compact florescent lamps (CFLs) (aka energy efficient lights) will be banned. However, until we have the full report, we won’t know the specifics. When Congress passed a ban on traditional light bulbs, we pointed out that the replacement fluorescent bulbs were more energy efficient but also contained mercury. Most people wouldn’t know that. If a bulb broke, they wouldn’t take care in disposing of it. And how would society as a whole safely dispose of masses of used, mercury-contaminated bulbs? Our more thoughtful friends in the environmental movement agreed with us, but Congress proceeded with the ban on old bulbs anyway. In the long run, this will stimulate the development of bulbs that are both energy efficient and mercury free, such as LED lights—but in the meantime, will the new treaty lead Congress to reconsider?

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17 responses to “Global Treaty Will Nix Mercury—But NOT in Vaccines!”

  1. Ron Miranda says:

    I would like to make a comment in regards to the flu vaccine containing mercury. Living in the United States Of America we have certain safegards in place to protect the citizens of this country. Although it seems that the interests of drug companies prevail in keeping certain information from the public in an attempt to cover up the side affects of mercury and how it can potentially cause Autism in children. This time the safegards did not work in this case, like the Food and Drug Administration. If statistics show that there is a high risk of Autism, through the use of mercury being in the flu vaccine. It should also be banned from use in the United States. Too many children suffer from Autism and it is still on the rise in this country.

  2. Ariane says:

    Please REMEMBER that reading on a monitor is very different from reading off of paper.
    With static light, a monitor is very challenging for the human eye.
    Dense paragraphs, small font sizes, anything with light text against a dark background (unless it’s a title or simple bullet points) — all these make it harder for us to read.
    Online paragraphs do NOT follow standard English protocol because reading what people put online is more important than following old rules.
    Break up your paragraphs – even if it’s not technically correct English to do so.
    This format is followed, with great success, by fund raising letters – which people often read to the end even when they don’t think they will.
    This email is a case in point.
    Love you work, btw!!!

  3. Barry Klein says:

    using any mercury is unconscionable…your duty is to protect the people, not the corporations! thanks!

  4. you mention 24 vaccines then 36 by school time ,,,,,way too many toxic or not . but here in new jersey i thought i read somewhere that we were up to 60 something can you tell me if this is true and if it is why are we forced to get this many ????? we have drug manufacturers in this state is it cause they are buying our state rules ???? shouting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please inform me if you can. thank you for your service to the american people

  5. Barbara says:

    Are these pharmaseuticals deliberately trying to cause
    autism and other dis-eases in children so that these children
    can be more easily controlled, the resources of such
    countries more easily accumulated resulting in no
    adult resistance?

  6. Mana Iluna says:

    Mercury is toxic. It must not be injected in to any body. Thank you.

  7. SandraLouise says:

    What about mercury in amalgam dental fillings?

  8. Laura Berben says:

    I understand Mercury is very difficult to get out of the brain, even with long-term IV Chelation Therapy and that it is implicated in learning difficulties in children.
    It’s appalling that the issue of the dangers of all Heavy Metal Toxicity is not an URGENT topic in the mainstream media.
    It looks like Big Pharma and Mainstream Medical Community rules and it is up to the citizens to force change. First, though, they have got to be educated and that’s where the Alliance can be a leader in this effort.
    Please uncover more research that has already been done, but stifled, on the devastating health impact of Heavy Metals in Humans, which range from headaches to cancer, and let’s get that information out there.

  9. anothernonymous says:

    … For the answer to those questions.. Follow the money. Nothing in congress gets attention better than paper images of dead presidents.. We can protest and sign petitions till the cows come home but without green backs to lead the way, these numbskulls will have no incentive.. Not to say forget the protesting and petitions. If we could conjure up several million signatures then they’d be forced to avert their attention, but when was the last time you heard of a multi-million signature petition? Only if we stop drawing lines in the sand, quit fighting amongst ourselves and focus on causes that are good for this nation could this ever come about and this dangerous issue is the perfect place to start..

  10. Raven63 says:

    Don’t get vacines, don’t let your kids, don’t let your pets. Problem solved.

  11. Sarah Cook says:

    The local municipal council where I live in the UK have no safe disposal method for domestic fluorescent bulbs even if I could get to a refuse or recycling facility. I work in an indoor market and all the stalls have fluorescent lamps and they all get crushed in the crusher and go to landfill.


    Omg…even after I presented and won my federal genocide case in the United States Court of Federal Claims. Everyone…I’m sorry but it appears my genocide case has stoof on deaf ears. I cry.
    Eleanor Catherine Clifford v. The United States 2011. The honorable George W. Miller presiding. Opinion and order are in fact on-line at their website. Please read. I won.

  13. Kassandra says:

    I’ll believe it when they stop putting mercury amalgams in everyone’s mouths.
    I think the Europeans have pretty much banned it, but dentist in the US still think it’s A-OK.
    The difference between Europe’s attitude to tooth/dental health is like night and day compared to the US where dental health may as well be on another planet…not tied to the health of the rest of the body at all.
    That’s the difference when you have national healthcare as opposed to privatized; in NHS they WANT you to stay healthy, in privatized they treat you as prey.

  14. Dave says:

    Its always been fascinating that as long as mercury is in your mouth it just fine, but if the dentist has to remove this same mercury (amagam) filling, it is treated as the most hazardous of waste!

  15. Maria De says:

    @ Kassandra
    The reason it’s allowed in the US is corruption between gov’t. pharma , monsanto and FDA. Under NHC in Europe, you are nominally taken care of, as long as you can work and pay taxes. If you are too old or born too handicapped, you are left to die or are helped into the next world. Try getting them to give you a joint replacement if you are past a certain age, or replace a heart valve if you are over 65 (MY AUNT). If you are born preemie and don’t weigh a certain amount, or severely handicapped, you will be LEFT TO DIE NO FOOD , NO WATER FOR TEN DAYS,. or “helped” to die. If you are seriously ill and of a certain age you will receive minimal care for ten days and if you survive 10 days, only then will they consider any other intervention. I know this, it happened to my own mother. Most people who can afford it, get private insurance anyway, until age 70, so they can get decent timely medical attention. Then you are dropped, and must buy a new insurance at exhorbitant prices, which only the few wealthy can afford. There’s a shortage of doctors, the good ones go elsewhere where they can earn a decent income, you have too wait months while your condition worsens and many people die before they get treated, that so it’s cheaper in the end. This is the reality. And the most innovative care is in the USA. It doesn’t exist in those countries.

  16. Jana says:

    What about light bulbs? “Certain fluorescent lamps,” but are light bulbs included?

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