Glyphosate in Vaccines as Well as Food?

September 20, 2016

New evidence says yes. Action Alert!
report published last week found glyphosate in a number of childhood vaccines. Now more study is needed to learn more about the presence of other weedkiller ingredients in both our vaccines and our food.
Keep in mind that absolutely no studies have been done on the toxicity of weedkiller when injected into children. The US Environmental Protection Agency analyzed Monsanto’s self-serving safety studies on the potential toxicity when glyphosate is ingested, but not when it is injected. EPA documents studying how the body metabolizes glyphosate (that is, how it moves through the body)  found that glyphosate shows up in bone marrow thirty minutes after injection.
We are also starting to understand more about why glyphosate is linked to so many health problems. Glyphosate is chemically very similar to glycine, an essential amino acid. This is important because glyphosate may be displacing glycine when our cells create proteins. This would result in proteins not being formed properly and not being able to perform their usual functions. Researchers think this mechanism may be a factor behind the modern world’s explosion of disease, including obesity, diabetes, autism, mitochondrial disorders, liver disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.
Glycine is a critical component of bone, cartilage, and collagen, which helps explain why glyphosate shows up so quickly in bone marrow and in gelatin products.
Glyphosate may be changing the biochemistry of our bodies, and this may happen at very low concentrations. One part per billion of glyphosate is 3,561,000,000,000 molecules of weedkiller, and each one of those molecules is capable of altering a protein’s structure.
The report finding glysophate in childhood vaccines was sponsored and released by Moms Across America. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup and other herbicides. The results showed that a DTap vaccine, a flu vaccine, a Hepatitis B vaccine, and a pneumonoccal vaccine all had levels of glyphosate. The MMR II vaccine had levels up to twenty-five times higher than the other vaccines.
These findings were corroborated by Anthony Samsel, a researcher who works with Dr. Stephenie Seneff of MIT. This team has been researching the effects of glyphosate for years. Not only did Samsel find detectable levels of glyphosate in vaccines, he also found it in products containing gelatin, such as gummy vitamins for children, protein powders, and Jell-o.
Top scientists questioning GMO, such as professor of molecular biology Gilles-Eric Séralini, have also pointed out that so-called inert ingredients used with glysophate are anything but inert. The government has ignored them because of the manufacturer’s claim that they are inert, but some of them may be much, much more toxic than even glyphosate. If glyphosate is getting into vaccines and foods, what about these other, barely studied ingredients?
As our own testing of common breakfast foods for glyphosate showed, this weedkiller is increasingly permeating our entire food system. How much more evidence must accrue for regulators to do some credible testing of their own?
Action Alert! Call on the CDC to check vaccines for glyphosate, as well as for other ingredients used with glyphosate noted in the EPA’s study. Please send your message immediately.

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48 responses to “Glyphosate in Vaccines as Well as Food?”

  1. Robert Cruder says:

    I am now so afraid that I’ll have to switch to those more expensive natural organic vaccines or maybe even kosher ones.

  2. CW says:

    I can’t wait to get a substance similar to agent orange shot directly into my body. Hopefully more than one! (sarcasm)

    • Truth4All says:

      Oh, like 30 or more before all is said and done.

      • oreocracker says:

        Oh yes. And I’m sure they’ll say it’s an insignificant amount, and won’t consider the amount of it on the food ur eating, nor add in the cumulative amounts of it, (from what I’ve heard), from 52 shots by the time a kid is 17. Disgusting.

  3. Dennisito says:

    Write to the business partner of the company and government that decided to plant bombs in our bodies? Good luck with that one.

    • Truth4All says:

      The CDC is getting reamed out and it’s a must to pass along alert messages like this to our Representatives. Sending it to the President would be worthless. Programs like, The Drs. and OZ and everybody I know will also receive this from me.

  4. Abresh Arquah says:

    In vaccines? Are these at levels that would say “This was intentionally put into the vaccines!” or are they at levels that show “This is incidental exposure from glyphosate on skin!”
    I’d want some very very good studies and investigations on the source of the glyphosate before I would come to any conclusion on this subject.

    • hyperzombie says:

      It looks like it is far below the detection limit.They are just measuring noise.

      • Truth4All says:

        Awww it’s just one more thing found in vaccines that also contain aborted babies DNA, mercury, monkey virus, formaldehyde….the toxic untested soup just keeps getting better and better.

        • hyperzombie says:

          aborted babies DNA, Mmmm so tender.
          mercury, my favorite planet. (a bit warm in the day, but nice and cool at night)
          monkey virus, one of my favorite German rock bands.

          • Truth4All says:

            Shoot up!!! Please!!!

          • hyperzombie says:

            Really? Explain how DNA can harm me, no matter where it is from?
            How could a monkey virus hurt me, i am not a monkey (contrary to popular opinion)
            How could a tiny amount of formaldehyde hurt me, everyone has a small amount of formaldehyde in them already.

          • Truth4All says:

            So that’s why you’re a hyperzombie. Pickle yourself with it, then. You’re expiration date is already on your toe tag.

          • Dudley Martin says:

            Sv40 simian virus40 was in polio vaccine estimated to have killed 100 million people

        • Dudley Martin says:

          Don’t forget sv40 which is estimated to have caused over 100 million cancer deaths since the 60s read Dr Mary’s monkey the Salk vaccine was only used for a very short time when it was discovered.

    • Truth4All says:

      Abresh, you are obviously uninformed. Glyphosates and other persistent herbicides (those are toxic weed killers) and persistent pesticides (those kill insect pests who ultimately develop immunity to them) are being sprayed all over the world and are added on purpose to crops effecting everything we eat. Glyphosates have been measured in breast milk, urine, blood, and in every other bodily fluid as per the WHO after extensive testing in extensive area research. I’ve posted it before. Combined with the contaminated animal supply, who are giving GMO grain, Atrazine, Dicamba, and billions of tons of other toxic sh! it takes to grow their massive mono cropping, it’s toxic soup. Don’t bother arguing with us. Your education is lacking, so if I were you, I would do something about it.

  5. Sheri says:

    I live in a small community and I have never seen so many strokes & cancer cases in people aged 45 to the later 60’s. And so many with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s! I grew up with an older brother with cerebral palsy but he was the only disabled kid we knew of out of thousands of families (we were military) and he went to a special school in San Diego County and there were only about 12 kids in his whole school. Now our family has 2 more, autism and downs syndrome, never seen before in our family. And the miscarriages! My daughter lost 6 healthy unborn babies at 6 months and I know several other young ladies who have had 7 miscarriages each. That’s genocide! Something is up and it’s not good.

    • hyperzombie says:

      I have never seen so many strokes & cancer cases in people aged 45 to the later 60’s.
      That is because you are getting old, sorry for the bad news.

        • hyperzombie says:

          Nope, observations are age dependant.

          • Truth4All says:

            No they are not. You are living in the past. Update and upgrade your mental status

          • hyperzombie says:

            No, I am living in the present and they are as well. The reason they see far more illness caused by old age is because they are now old. You don’t hang with 50 year old people when you are 15.

          • Truth4All says:

            You know nothing of the update in early strokes, you know nothing of early onset anything. You have no real knowledge.

          • hyperzombie says:

            you are sick, bringing up cancer kids for your propaganda. That is just sick seek professional mental health help. BTW the cancer rate is down.

          • Truth4All says:


          • hyperzombie says:

            Oh, so you want to be childish…
            I am rubber you are glue
            whatever you say bounces of me
            and sticks to you.

          • Truth4All says:

            Your paid troll bum has nothing better to do, you poor thing… sad and alone…. we’re heading out to a game! You lie, you know it, you don’t have any proof for your lies. You lie!

          • hyperzombie says:

            Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening

          • Ken Gallaher says:

            zombie is a Monsnato $hill. Best not to feed them.

          • Truth4All says:

            Oh, I know. They want to know who I am. I love They can’t help but expose themselves… lying and becoming indignant when they’re exposed. They have no leg to stand on. MonSatan’s profits are down. We’re fighting the mergers with Syngenta and ChemChina. Dow etc. they’re all scrambling to pull together to keep their cash cows.

          • Dudley Martin says:

            MIT professor predicts by 2035 1 in 2 children will be autistic then you sir will have all the peers you need who will listen to you when that hole in your head opens and the nonsense it spews out will be respected like idiocracy except worse!

          • hyperzombie says:

            MIT professor
            In computer studies, nothing to do with health.
            predicts by 2035 1 in 2 children will be autistic
            LOL, and by 2050 2 in 1 childern will be autistic….Double autism..
            then you sir
            Hmmm, I like that. Sir hyperzombie, of the frozen north hyperzobies…

          • Reality022 says:

            I thought you were Steve Carlson of the frozen north Slap Shot hyperzombies.
            Great movie and the “Hanson brothers” were key.

  6. barbarakelly says:


    • hyperzombie says:

      I know that you are a crazy person, but don’t you think that if the Gov wanted to kill you that they would just use a gun? bullets cost about 10 cents.
      if they wanted to increase health care costs they could just shoot you in the knees and shoulders..

  7. Mark Mathews says:

    Glyphosate in vaccines? I’m not surprised, nor do I care since I don’t get shots. I tell everyone vaccine/immunization hype is just the healthcare industry’s way of keeping robust business. Who knows, maybe America will wake up someday.

    • Tess Lewerke says:

      yes. i agree that vaccines are part of the problem. people are too afraid both for themselves and their pets

    • Cheryl Mallon-Bond says:

      You should cats bc children r gonna b forced vaccinations even if their parents object. Also, if u have pets u should cats bc if it’s in human vaccines then it’s in animal vaccines too! & it’s really hard 2 get away w/out getting rabies vaccines if u have a dog, little easier to avoid if u have cats.

  8. Rene says:

    The European Tribunal that is being put together at the Hague is to be a focus as “crime against Humanity” Please get involved with providing your support to end this madness. Amen.

  9. Margalo says:

    Glyphosate in vaccines is a very serious issue, but the EPA has no jurisdiction over it. The appropriate agency is the FDA. I realize that they are hostile to such issues, but EPA will do nothing.

  10. Bradley James says:

    I cannot believe someone would take a beautiful farm and destroy it with Glyphosate. As a 40 year builder developer i consider any land near glyphosate sprayed fields not fit for investment.

  11. Bradley James says:

    Everyone should be growing their own food. Trade and barter with neighbors. Boycott the pesticide food GMO economy. Wakem up time. A losing big agriculture business is no business. Together we stand. We have the power. Be strong . We are approaching critical mass.

  12. Dudley Martin says:

    Are they trying to immunize us against the poison gmo food and water they push on us glyphosate in like 80 % of American’s urine and then in California mandatory vaccines come on war on drugs war on poverty war on terror time for a real war against this crap when is enough enough !

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