Label GMOs

GMOs—or, genetically modified organisms—are increasingly becoming part of our food supply. They are largely unregulated, despite the fact that no long term safety testing has confirmed that GMOs are safe. US regulators have relied on data provided by the biotech companies that show these products are safe, despite a growing amount of peer-reviewed research that demonstrates the dangers.

We oppose government agencies that greenlight these lab experiments, trusting the likes of Monsanto that these products are safe. We oppose introducing genetically modified animals into the world with unknown consequences.

ANH Victories

  • Together with a coalition of organizations, we successfully repealed the Monsanto Protection Act from a must-pass funding bill, which would have stripped federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of potentially dangerous genetically engineered crops.
  • We worked on the Steering Committee to pass California’s Prop 37. After pouring unprecedented amounts of money into the ballot initiative, the food industry won and Prop 37 failed, but the work in California prompted more than 20 states to introduce GMO labeling legislation over the next several years.
  • We helped draft the GMO labeling bills that became law in Connecticut and Maine. Our activists submitted thousands of messages in support of the bill.
  • We supported Vermont’s labeling law, the first unrestricted GMO labeling law.

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