Government Says This Year’s Flu Shot Is a Dud—But Still Won’t Allow Any Discussion of Natural Alternatives

December 9, 2014
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Flicking syringeThey’re also telling doctors to supplement with drugs that don’t work and have terrible side effects. This is the same government that wasted billions stockpiling these very drugs.
The flu shot is not a static formulation. It changes each year based on the World Health Organization’s assessment of which flu virus strains (usually three or four) will be the most prevalent that season. The CDC is admitting that the flu shots distributed this year may not be a good match for the viruses currently in circulation.
This year’s vaccines protect against two types of influenza A viruses (one H1N1 and one H3N2) as well as one or two influenza B viruses. But so far this flu season, the strains most active in the US are versions of H3N2 viruses. And in seasons when H3 viruses predominate, says Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC, there tend to be more hospitalizations and more deaths from the flu.
Of course, as we have pointed out previously, when the CDC speaks of deaths from the flu, they really mean respiratory illnesses in general including the real killer, pneumonia. They like to speak of “flu deaths” because that promotes the flu shot.
Although this year’s vaccine covers the H3N2 virus, there still isn’t a match. Fewer than half (48%) of the 103 samples of the H3N2 flu virus tested since October 1 are closely related to the strains the government chose this year. The CDC’s explanation? The H3N2 strain being targeted by the vaccine has mutated (called “drift”).
That’s right: this year’s flu shot will provide no protection whatsoever against more than half of the deadliest flu viruses currently in circulation. The CDC’s solution doesn’t help matters. They advise doctors to supplement with Tamiflu and Relenza —and the earlier the better, as soon as you become ill, if possible.
There is so much wrong with this scenario that it’s hard to know where to begin. Even in a good year, with better matches, there are arguments why the vaccine doesn’t work:

  • Influenza A (including H1N1 and H3N2) and B represent about 10% of all circulating viruses. Only 2.7% of all non-vaccinated adults get type A or B influenza each year. As noted above, the CDC wildly exaggerates the number of hospitalizations and deaths that result from flu.
  • According to The Lancet, the flu vaccine in any given year is only 62% effective in preventing type A or B influenza, and doesn’t protect at all against norovirus and whooping cough.
  • At best, the vaccine will fail 38% of the time—which means it really benefits only about 1.8% of the population. This is in an average year, not a year with poor matches such as this one.
  • This year’s flu vaccine won’t even touch 52% of the H3N2 strains in circulation this year. Add this to the vaccine’s usual failure rate and it becomes an epic fail.
  • The CDC recommends supplementing the vaccine with Tamiflu and Relenza as soon as you become sick—despite the fact that Relenza has been shown to reduce rates of infection by only 8%, and Tamiflu’s manufacturer withheld vital data that suggested the drug is no more effective than aspirin. Billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted because the US stockpiled over 37 million doses of the useless drugs—and they still have a lot to get rid of.
  • A recent analysis found that both drugs are mostly ineffective: when taken at onset, they shorten the duration of symptoms of influenza-like illness (unconfirmed influenza or “the flu”) by only half a day, and have no effect on hospitalizations for flu. They have no effect on asymptomatic influenza, so taking them before symptoms appear, as the CDC urges, would seem to be useless.
  • The same study showed that Tamiflu, when used as a preventive measure, was associated with nausea, vomiting, headaches, renal, and psychiatric events. Its effect on the heart was unclear: it may reduce cardiac symptoms, but may induce serious heart rhythm problems.

Even some mainstream media outlets are beginning to recognize that the flu vaccine simply doesn’t work very well. NBC reports that people who get vaccinated each year may actually have less protection than those who don’t: a University of Michigan study found that people vaccinated two years in a row didn’t seem protected against the flu at all. And Bloomberg recently reported that the Novartis flu vaccine was linked to one serious illness and three deaths in Italy. The country has suspended use of the vaccine.
The flu vaccine in the US also notoriously contains mercury (thimerosal) and other potentially toxic ingredients. It is routinely given to pregnant women and to infants, despite the mercury content.
Maintaining proper levels of vitamin D in your system is easily the most effective way to prevent the flu. We discuss this at length in our White Paper on vitamin D. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that schoolchildren who were given vitamin D3 supplements were 42% less likely to get infected with seasonal flu than those who had taken a placebo.
The nonprofit Vitamin D Council says adults should take between 5,000 and 10,000 IU of D3 daily for optimum health. The organization offers a home test kit to make sure your blood serum levels of vitamin D are in the proper range.
Vitamin A is directly antiviral and is an excellent treatment for the flu at onset. The sooner you take it, the better. This and other remedies are discussed in our earlier article on natural antivirals.

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10 responses to “Government Says This Year’s Flu Shot Is a Dud—But Still Won’t Allow Any Discussion of Natural Alternatives”

  1. I have not had a flu shot in 20yrs.

  2. Obiwan says:

    As per usual, Vaccines never have, do not, and never will work. The safest vaccine is one that is never used.
    Now for some Vaccine damage News. …
    Yesterday afternoon I went to Wexford General Hospital in Wexford, Ireland to fetch my Mom who had suffered from a fall a few days ago. The Lady in the Bed next to my Mom had a heart attack. So, while my Mom was waiting in the Assigned room waiting to be discharged, I went out into the passage as one of the relatives of the heart attack patient and asked what has happened.
    So I asked politely if her Mom had been given the Flu Vaccine. She said yes. So I said that this is the cause of the heart attack. I then asked if she was aware of what is inside the Flu Vaccine. She replied that she knows that Mercury is in it. I then gave her a more detailed account of just some of the other nasty ingredients, including live Viruses, Aluminum, Monkey Cells, aborted Fetal Cells, etc. She was quite shocked. I also mentioned to her about the recent death of a young Girl who had been given the HPV Vaccine. She was shocked.

  3. Charlotte Braun says:

    Let’s face it,money is the most important thing. People do not matter. The Government and the FDA work together. Doctors find it easier to write a prescription than do any research to find a better way.

  4. Austine Wallace says:

    Yep, I knew the flu vaccine wouldn’t work. And this year as in a few previous years I chose not to get a flu shot. I do use alternative medicine, herbal home remedies which I make for myself [not prepackaged stuff], I actually buy the herbs and brew my own tea and I fill my own capsules. For awhile I was seeing my doctor on a regular basis and had their own word of advice on herbal medicine too, herbal medicine is as good as anything they could prescribe for me; they said. Years on down that road of self-medicating I am quite healthy and happy that I chose to use my herbal medicine.

  5. Susan Cross says:

    Thank you for such direct and current information. Having lost all respect and trust for our government representatives, I try to read more than I normally would to attend to my physical needs myself. We are in a mess!

  6. Erin says:

    It is exhausting and sad seeing so many people in support of these vaccines and so fearful of viruses that used to be normal and that people usually only suffered from every other year or so…unless you had a weak immune system. I can’t help but shake my head when people brag about getting their families vaccinated, then end up chronically sick all season…then do it again the next year. I get flu-like illnesses every two or three years, usually only for a day, maybe three. It’s miserable, but then I’m usually good for another two or three years–without a flu shot. My mom worked at a hospital for 20 years and was one of the only in her department who never got the flu shot and NEVER had the flu once…seriously, the woman never gets sick, when most of her coworkers were obedient, then had to take a week off because they got a flu a week or two later, and passed it around their families. Not everyone is that healthy or lucky, but we’ve seen people blindly follow the hype and suffer for it year after year, yet still swear that it is in no way connected to the immune suppression and, therefore, indirect exposure that can be caused from the vaccine itself. Then those who show a hint of distrust are mocked for being unscientific.

  7. Hank says:

    I never had a Flu shot. However this year I was forced. I offered to volunteer for a local Hospice.
    Contacted them, had to answer lot of questions, needed a background check etc. To top it off, I had to get a flu shot. Told them to never had one before, cannot remember when I had the flu last time, 78 years old, did not like to get one. Answer was: We agree with you, most of the time the Flu shots are not working, wrong strain etc. But it’s the government who comes with all those rules and regulations,
    Every year you hear the same thing, Once was at the Dr’s office, a man of around 90 years old asked if the Flu shots were in yet. Girl at the desk said, sorry not yet. Answer: I’LL be back. The old guy, health looking survived so many flu periods in his life, why is he still insisting to get one? My Dr agreed, but it’s the brainwashing who makes many people asking for a shot every season.

  8. Felisa says:

    I never take the flu shot or any vaccines. I never had the flu or anything that they have vaccines for. I worked in hospital and schools. God put everything on this earth for us to be healthy. We got away of the old ways and that is what is killing us. Don’t trust the money and power hungry government.

  9. Michelle says:

    So when are the places who employ workers like hospitals and nursing homes going to get this info?? Where I work, I have to get a shot or I lose my job!! I used to be able to waive it and I always did and never got sick! Where I live there aren’t very many job opportunities so I have to get the shot or I lose my job! What can be done about this? What are my rights?

  10. Barb Eaton says:

    I haven’t taken the flu shot for 4 years. Hmmm I never got sick in all that time while all my co-workers get the shot and are hacking away for weeks. My boss even said to me when she was hacking her lungs up “I don’t know how you didn’t get sick, I tried my best to get you” HA Well my answer is – I eat organic foods, no gmo’s, I eat organic meats and drink raw milk. I take organic Vitamin D with organic K2 every day, I take organic Vitamin C too. I am 62 yrs old and type 1 diabetic. I have to see the doc every 6 months and all we do is shoot the breeze as I have no medical “problems” to discuss. She put in my records “No Chemicals, No Vaccines, No Statins” because I refuse to take crap just because the Gov’t says so. They don’t know me, they don’t know how healthy I am – they only want to get rid of all the excess crap they contracted. Well they aren’t going to unload it into my body. No way.

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