Making an Informed Choice about Vaccination

July 28, 2009

AAHF’s European partner, the Alliance for Natural Health, has published a new article that connects the dots regarding FDA’s and FTC’s clamp down on some natural products prior to the possible roll-out of a government-mandated vaccination program. If additional restrictions on supplements are put in place, they could have a chilling effect on more holistic attempts to reduce the incidence of colds and flu. Americans typically suffer 8 to 10 colds or bouts of flu each year. Those of us who eat well, exercise, modulate stress, and would prefer to take antioxidants, immune stimulants, and vitamin D instead of getting a vaccination would find our freedom of choice taken away.
Clearly, there is no valid one-size-fits-all approach regarding vaccination, despite what the government might claim. Each consumer has a responsibility to make that decision based on an individual assessment of the risk-to-benefit ratio for his or her own body or those of his or her children. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, author of Saying No to Vaccines, has prepared an excellent guide for those considering a flu shot or the soon-to-be-released swine flu vaccine.
The University of Southern Maine sent notices to 400 students that they were banned from campus until they met mandatory vaccination requirements for mumps. Yet recent outbreaks in Iowa of mumps were actually linked to the same vaccine’s ineffectiveness! As we have said many times, no vaccine is 100% safe or 100% effective. Maine’s Center for Disease Control has amended health codes on college campuses to now require two doses of the mumps vaccine.
The airwaves are full of advertisements urging parents to immunize their young daughters using Gardasil, and GlaxoSmithKline has developed a “newer and improved version” of Gardasil called Cervarix. Consumer, beware! American citizens need to assert their right to freedom of choice when it comes to vaccinations. Read the AAHF position paper on mandatory vaccination.

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