Support SB55! Prevent Employer-Mandated Flu Shots in Connecticut

February 20, 2013

Please support SB55, a bill that would prevent employers from mandating that their employees receive flu vaccines as a condition of their employment.

The US flu shot still contains mercury, which among other things is associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. And a recent study indicates that people who received a flu shot were more likely to become infected with the H1N1 flu virus than people who haven’t received the shot.
Residents of Connecticut should not be forced to receive an ineffective and potentially dangerous medical procedure.

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5 responses to “Support SB55! Prevent Employer-Mandated Flu Shots in Connecticut”

  1. Dale says:

    Flu shots are a big money maker at our expense. I have many friends who never had the flu until they got a flu shot. On top of that, they got a blast of mercury. How fun !! Nothing that is bad for your health should be required by anyone !!

  2. nancy page says:

    My daughter nearly died 32 years ago from a vaccine when she was 5 months old. The jig is up. Too many people know about vaccines now for mandates to work.

    • faythe says:

      Not true.. I work at a hospital in Texas and I was mandated the flu shot. Some hospitals have also enforced a no smoking policy, stating that all new hires will be drug tested for NICOTINE.
      Ridiculous if you ask me. No more power to the people

  3. Nadine says:

    We are located in the state of CT. My daughter works at a nursing home and all nurses were mandated to get the vaccine. She argued with the administrators but to no avail. This year she has gotten sick several times with flu viruses keeping her out of work. Before this using only supplements and increasing Vitamin C during flu season, she never even got a cold.
    Since she volunteers at Jesicha’s Hope, we had her detoxing and her system is responding.
    If the economy was not as bad as it is in CT she would leave that job in a moment; forcing someone to alter their body is absolutely an invasion.

  4. Allen says:

    So Typical. Govt and businesses in cahoots. F A S C I S M

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