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The FDA Supports “Big Farma”


The FDA tramples on small food producers. The agency always shows preferential treatment of large producers, whether of drugs or of the agricultural and dairy industries. The FDA has been particularly hostile toward raw milk and artisanal cheese producers. Although Congress has never banned raw dairy products directly, the FDA has been aggressively targeting small family producers of raw milk for years—fallout from the government’s close ties to massive dairy companies and “Big Farma.” The FDA’s harassment of small dairy producers has almost nothing to do with consumer safety, and a great deal to do with guaranteeing the profits of large dairy producers. Read more….

The FDA pushes for irradiated, processed food. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) became law in 2010, and was problematic from the word “go.” One of the first rules the FDA created to implement this law concerned standards for “raw agricultural commodities.” The reasoning behind the exclusive focus on raw foods is that processed food is less likely to be contaminated—never mind how unhealthy processed food is so long as the food is not contaminated. Read more….