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The FDA Drug Approval Process Is Deeply Flawed


The FDA does no safety testing—says drug companies’ own studies are good enough. The supposedly independent, objective research given to the FDA is conducted by pharmaceutical industry insiders and academics on the payroll of the drug companies. And this provides many opportunities for deceit and manipulation. In addition, drug companies are not obligated to provide all of their data—or even any negative findings. They are allowed to cherry-pick the studies they like, and bury the rest. Read more….

The FDA and industry conspire to suppress drug trial safety concerns. Drug research, even from clinical trials sponsored by the federal government, is routinely suppressed. Industry can keep secret studies that show adverse effects of drugs—and the FDA has previously hidden safety information when it uncovers scientific misconduct in clinical trials of pharmaceutical drugs. Read more….

The FDA often approves drugs it knows are dangerous. Even when pharmaceutical companies submit studies showing the danger of drugs, the FDA will likely approve them anyway. This fact has been proven over and over again by a steady stream of scientists fleeing the FDA for reneging on its mission to protect public health. These whistleblowers have revealed the frightening extent to which the FDA does the bidding of the drug industry, including approving drugs as safe when the evidence reveals them to be unsafe. Read more….

The FDA approves mind-altering, violence-inducing drugs. Antidepressant drugs carry a black box notice warning that young people may want to kill themselves when first taking these FDA-approved medications. But there is also a shocking risk of increased violence against other people—and these drugs are responsible for a shocking number of school shootings, spree killings, murder attempts, and other violent actions. Worse, antipsychotic drugs are being given to children with no psychiatric symtoms. Read more….

The FDA gives the pharmaceutical industry lucrative protections. Patent protection and market exclusivity, schemes to reclassify existing drugs as specialty drugs with twelves years of exclusive marketing rights, an expedited approval process, pay-for-delay schemes to delay bringing generic versions of their drugs to the market—all are tricks of the trade when it comes to the FDA’s lucrative support of the drug industry. Read more….