Mumps Outbreak: The Real Cause

January 10, 2017

Surprise! It wasn’t unvaccinated kids. Action Alert!
A recent article in Scientific American upends the conventional wisdom about what caused the recent spike in mumps in the US. In 2016 there were about 4,000 cases across the US; in 2010, there were about 2,000.
If you followed the mainstream press and a number of opportunistic politicians, the answer was clear: unvaccinated kids were the cause. Parents who didn’t vaccinate their kids according to the government’s schedule were vilified and derided in the opinion columns of newspapers and magazines, and state politicians like Sen. Richard Pan of California used the hysteria to enact legislation (SB 277) that eliminated parents’ right to decide whether and how to vaccinate their children.
The idea that unvaccinated kids was the cause of the uptick in mumps cases doesn’t hold up. According even to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a staunch supporter of the government vaccination schedule, most mumps patients said they had received both shots of the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. The states with the most cases of mumps had vaccination rates of 90% or higher—a threshold where herd immunity should exist if it is ever going to exist. (The herd immunity hypothesis states that a very high percentage of a community must be vaccinated in order to protect everyone (the herd) from a disease.) This is supposed to work because there are not enough vulnerable individuals to allow the disease to spread. The hypothesis does not hold up.
Mumps has occurred in schools that have a 98% vaccination rate. It is also spreading among vaccinated kids on college campuses. At the University of Missouri, there were 193 reported cases of mumps, and all patients treated by the university had received two MMR shots.
If it wasn’t unvaccinated kids spreading mumps, then what caused the outbreak? Some scientists—including Dr. Paul Offit, who wants to expand the government schedule of vaccines even more and who has a notorious conflict of interest—are suggesting that the reason for the increase in mumps cases is due to the waning effectiveness of the vaccine. Some think that the vaccine may not fit the current strain of mumps. Of course, those who think, like Offit, that kids could get 10,000 vaccines at once and be perfectly fine will see this evidence and suggest that kids should get an additional MMR shot! Note that the MMR has been considered perhaps the second riskiest shot. Note also that the mumps vaccine might be safer if it weren’t combined with the others, but no one in the medical establishment wants to acknowledge that point.
Without the false herd immunity argument, the case for forcing all kids to get vaccinated collapses. If the underlying assumption is false, then there’s no rationale for removing non-medical exemptions to vaccination—unless the true goal is not to increase public safety, but to guarantee profits for the vaccine industry!
Action Alert! Write to your state legislators and ask them to protect important vaccine exemptions. Please send your message immediately.
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10 responses to “Mumps Outbreak: The Real Cause”

  1. Jeff says:

    The conclusion is wrong. If the vaccine is incorrect for the active strain, then one would expect the herd immunity argument to be invalid. The herd immunity argument holds only for those cases in which the vaccine and active strain are the same.
    More investigation is required before jumping to that conclusion.

    • Mike G says:

      So even though they “..don’t know the level of antibody required to stop a case of mumps in a
      person, so that question of knowing if the vaccine works less well over
      time is something we’re still working to investigate”, we should still force people to get vaccinated? Even though they know full well that vaccinations can, in fact, be harmful to some people. Let’s just force vaccinations when it’s quite clear they still don’t fully understand how they even work, let alone the effects of the often toxic ingredients in them? Sounds like a great plan.

    • eyesandears says:

      The ability of organism strains to mutate is but one stumbling block in vaccine theory; there are many others.
      More studies? Really? All one need due is explore the FDA and CDC sites to confirm that vaccines infect the recipients and make them carriers of the contagion for three weeks, or even longer. One is better served by exploring the thousands of studies on PubMed instead of calling for expenditures on unnecessary, additional, repetitive studies simply in the hopes of achieving a differing, desired result. We know how Einstein categorized this type of repetitive behavior.

  2. Laurie J. Willberg says:

    Herd immunity only exists among the survivors of a disease. It’s a natural human adaptation. The next generation also becomes less susceptible. Herd immunity has never been shown to exist in vaccinated populations, it’s a hijacking of the term. There is also evidence to show that mild childhood illnesses such as mumps and measles prime the innate immune system to be able to fend off worse illnesses in the future. Before the advent of vaccines there were far fewer cases of debilitating chronic illnesses, especially those that are termed “immune-modulated”. It’s a no-brainer that vaccines are the underlying cause of immune system damage.

  3. Ken says:

    That’s pretty amusing, different perspectives are blocked. Tiny minds….

  4. Lisa O. says:

    There is much scientific evidence out there proving that herd immunity is a myth. The Chinese have upwards of 98% of the population vaccinated and have not been able to eradicate any common diseases. The herd immunity myth is used by Big Pharma to coerce people into believing in vaccination for every disease possible. For each new vaccine, they make a BILLION dollars in one year!!! Follow the money, not the hype.

  5. Lisa O. says:

    Also, if you are referring to the outbreak that caused Richard Pan to be able to force through SB277, which takes away any right to opt out of vaccines for all children in Ca., unless they can get a medical exception, which is almost impossible to get, that would be a measles outbreak, not mumps. I am suing the state with a group of people right now, because taking away the right for children to go to public school is against the law, and on top of that, they are knowingly poisoning the population with vaccine ingredients like mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. The attorneys/judge are doing everything possible to shut us down. I hope our cause is heard and makes a difference.

  6. SandraM says:

    I always felt that the Mumps are coming from illegals and legal immigrants, who are not required to come in with proof of having been vaccinated.

    • Stephen Simac says:

      legal immigrants must show proof of vaccination or titer levels of antibodies. I know this because a friend of mine immigrating from the Netherlands had to. Illegal, obviously don’t need no stinking papers.

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