Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective

June 10, 2014

injection or immunisationBut instead of acknowledging the vaccine’s problems, the CDC and mainstream media blame people who don’t vaccinate. Action Alert!­­
Mumps is a nasty virus—it can cause fever, headache, and painfully swollen glands. In serious cases, it can cause meningitis, deafness, and even testicular inflammation. Mumps is also easily spread through mucus: if an infected person sneezes, coughs, or even talks, they can pass it on.
For these and other reasons, most Americans are vaccinated against mumps through the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) shot, which is also one of the more dangerous vaccinations. But in the early 2000s, researchers began to notice an alarming pattern: those vaccinated against mumps were still becoming ill with it—at alarming rates.
This worrisome trend is accelerating: in April 2014, the New Jersey Department of Health warned of an outbreak of mumps at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Eight cases of mumps were confirmed—yet all of those infected had been fully vaccinated with two documented doses of the MMR shot.
What’s going on here? Is the vaccine losing its efficacy—or was it never effective in the first place? There are a number of explanations:

  • The effectiveness of the MMR vaccine in preventing mumps is—according to Dr. William Schaffer, a pro-vaccine researcher at Vanderbilt University—“not so good.” A CDC study of a 2009–2010 mumps outbreak in the northeastern US found that a full 77% of those sickened in 2009 outbreak had been vaccinated.
  • The effectiveness of the mumps vaccine depends heavily on the strain contracted. According to a 2008 FDA study, the vaccine is “0 to 33%” effective on the Rubini strain. Even so, this study, like other government studies, blamed outbreaks on low vaccination rates instead of on low vaccine effectiveness.
  • A whistleblower case unsealed in 2012 suggests that Merck, the producer of the MMR vaccine, might have misrepresented the results of research on the vaccine’s efficacy from the start. The case, initiated by a pair of former Merck researchers, claims that Merck manipulated the results of clinical trials in order to keep its exclusive right to manufacture the vaccine. By claiming a fabricated 95% effectiveness rate, Merck allegedly defrauded the US government, causing it to buy 4 million doses of “mislabeled and misbranded” MMRs vaccines. The suit also claims this helped spark two major mumps outbreaks, and that “the ultimate victims here are the millions of children who every year are being injected with a mumps vaccine that is not providing them with an adequate level of protection.”

The Justice Department refused to pursue the case.
Conventional medicine openly acknowledges the dangers of the MMR vaccine, yet still decrees that its benefits outweigh its risks. When the evidence clearly dictates that there is less benefit to the mumps vaccine than thought, the usual arguments at least need to be revised.
Some observers believe that the risks from this vaccine are magnified by giving three shots in one rather than individually. That idea deserves more attention. The usual reason conventional medicine prefers to give a lot of shots all at once is that they worry they won’t be able to get parents to come in more often. This is not a proper justification for exposing kids to unnecessary risks.
When too many vaccines are given within a short period of time, the body may experience an immune system overload, as discussed in J. Barthelow Classen’s evidence review of vaccinations published in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular and Genetic Medicine. In his review, Dr. Classen discusses the data supporting a relationship between an epidemic of inflammatory diseases and vaccine-induced immune system overstimulation, as well as the evidence linking immune overload with epidemics of diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) and obesity. Government officials simply ignore these legitimate concerns and keep adding more vaccinations all together at ever younger ages, as revealed by the CDC’s busy vaccine schedule.
Despite all this evidence, the government still refuses to comment on or conduct further research on the vaccine schedule or the ineffectiveness of the MMR vaccine for mumps. There’s no way to know why for sure, but one possible reason is that—after spending millions on a multiyear contract with Merck—they’re attempting to avoid another embarrassing repeat of the Tamiflu scandal, where the government spent $1.5 billion on flu treatments that were found to be no more effective than aspirin.
Of course, those who choose not to vaccinate their children are still the laughingstock of the mainstream media. Just this month, The Daily Show aired a scathing segment mocking parents who choose not to vaccinate.
Action Alert! Contact the Centers for Disease Control and ask them to do more research on mumps, the MMR shot, and the vaccine schedule.


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32 responses to “Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective”

  1. Medea says:

    About the “nasty measles virus” (quote from your text):
    According to the WHO, it’s MALNUTRITION however (which is becoming more and more prevalent even in industrialized nations, with junk food on the rise) that seems to be the real key for measles complications. See here on this website of a charity that gives supplements to children in developing nations in order to lower the danger of measles complications drastically:
    Quote: “The World Health Organization regularly issues a series of updated position papers on vaccines that have an international impact on public health. A few weeks ago, in their weekly epidemiological report, WHO issued a revised position paper on measles vaccines. In the report, vitamin A deficiency was recognized as a factor that increases the risk of developing severe or fatal measles in children under five. (…) Providing two high doses of vitamin A is a common means of treating both measles and vitamin A deficiency. According to WHO policy, a high dose of vitamin A is given immediately upon diagnosis. The report notes that vitamin A should be given in all cases of severe measles, even in countries where measles is not usually severe.”

  2. Linas Muliolis says:

    Removing myself from this anti-science list. Gimme a break. Mumps was no longer a problem until anti-vaxxers made it a problem again!

    • Danchi says:

      Please explain how the current mumps outbreak was caused by anti-vaxxers. In scientific terms explain how the below outbreaks occurred.
      *Mumps outbreak at Ohio State a threat despite vaccinations
      Jose Rodriguez, spokesman for Columbus Public Health stated:
      Rodriguez said those who have received two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine still have a 10 to 20 percent chance of being infected. Rodriguez called the group of cases in the outbreak “highly vaccinated,” meaning most of the people had their vaccinations. “Even within folks that are vaccinated, they are still at risk of illness,” Rodriguez said.
      Rodriguez said one-third of those infected with mumps are just carriers who don’t show symptoms of the disease. “(Carriers) don’t get a chance to isolate,” Rodriguez said.
      *Mumps Outbreak Involved 97% Vaccinated Children: The New England Journal of Medicine has recently released the conclusions to the media manufactured mumps outbreak of 2009 which occurred in New York City, two upstate New York counties, and one New Jersey County. There were a total of 3,502 cases of salivary-gland swelling and other symptoms clinically compatible with mumps of which 1,648 were confirmed with clinical specimens. The results indicate that 97% of the cases tested involved students who have been previously vaccinated against the mumps and even more overwhelming is that 89% had receive two doses of the MMR vaccination which is claimed to provided immunity from the mumps.
      *U.S. Mumps Outbreak: After two vaccine doses, 89% still contracted disease: An outbreak of mumps in the United States between 2009 and 2010 occurred mostly in children who had been vaccinated, according to a study published today in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). During the outbreak, 3,502 cases were reported over a one-year period. The outbreak began in June 2009 in New Jersey, New York City and New York State’s Orange and Rockland counties. The source of the mumps outbreak was a camp in the Catskill Mountains
      *Mumps Outbreak in Orthodox Jewish Communities in the United States (2010): A large mumps outbreak occurred among highly vaccinated U.S. Orthodox Jewish communities during 2009 and 2010. Of the teenagers vaccinated -89% had previously received two doses of a mumps-containing…

  3. Loran says:

    Any of you people ever HAD mumps??? I have. I had both sides at once. I was six. Even if the efficacy of a med is 33% I would use it and hope that would give my daughter enough of a boost to help her fight the disease off. You present some good data, but you blow your position and show yourselves to be rather silly with your last paragraph (the one above the action alert). Had you not really annoyed me I’d forget about all the info you provide and skip over the asking the CDC part. Instead, all I remember right now is the annoyance factor. Then again, skip your immunizations and see what getting these diseases is really like. I’ve had them all except polio and rubella.

    • Kathy says:

      I got the mumps twice in my life. Once when I was 6 and again when I was 26. I was fully immunized. I also have had chicken pox and measles. Vaccines did me little good.
      Why is the fact that those who don’t vaccinate their children being ridiculed so offensive? If that is your biggest complaint, I’d say the article was a complete success.

  4. Anthony says:

    This is a little off-topic but I have an important question …
    While I see no causal link between thiomersal and autism, as someone who practiced Natural Medicine for 10 years, I did see a link between vaccines and a host of other conditions, usually allergies and cancers later in life.
    However, these issues can be entirely removed if a vaccine is applied through oral drops or a nasal spray. The problem seems to be injection, not the vaccine itself.
    Following up oral/nasal vaccination after 4 days with homeopathics (mumps vaccine=mumps homeopathic) and immune enhancing herbs seems to get he body the antibodies it needs with any of the negative side effects.
    Am I the only one to make these observations?
    Have other people seen a problem not with the idea of vaccination itself but rather how it’s delivered?
    What problems with vaccination have other people actually observed?
    Basically, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let’s talk about bathwater!

  5. Sam says:

    Not only mumps but also chickenpox. First hand knowledge of this; one of the children living next door to me, who was fully vaccinated against chickenpox came down with it last week. Problem is, parents assumed he was just covered in bug bites “because he had been vaccinated” and continued to let him run around the neighborhood playing with all the other kids. Finally they took him took the doctor who confirmed it was indeed chickenpox. And thats the other problem with vaccinations; parents assume they work and are late in taking action. Now if that had been my daughter (not vaccinated) I probably would have had her seen straight away.

  6. John Sefner says:

    Parents who don’t vaccinate their children are endangering their own as well as other children. In my opinion they are guilty of child neglect and endangering the health of all the children that theirs come into contact with. You all know that the original British study linking accines and autism was fraudulent. I’m not a doctor or an employee of any medical or pharmaceutical firm. I’m a handyman, and I had my daughter vaccinated to protect get and her friends.

    • Abby says:

      Parents who are choosing not to vaccinate are statistically degreed professionals with annual incomes greater than $75. I am a highly educated individual and I am choosing to protect my child in the BEST way I see fit, through stellar nutrition. My child has never had a chicken mcnugget or a hot dog. I cook all his 100% organic meals from scratch every single day of every single week, three meals per day. I can guarantee you that your child is no where as properly nourished as mine. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to raise a healthy child!

  7. NativeGrl59 says:

    Parents who disagree with immunizations or believe their children have been injured by immunization are more than laughing stalks, they are ridiculed, threatened and called conspiracy theorists. The media has created an all out war against Mothers with autistic kids who want answers. No one wants to listen, just blame Moms. Science is not static. What we do not know today may reveal itself tomorrow, so for immunization corporations to demand a blank check on all vaccines without question sets precedent against any future revelations of medical malfeasance.The unfortunate Tamiflu incident is nothing compared to the Anthrax scare which was created by the anthrax immunization corporation because the US government was going to discontinue their Anthrax bid due to poor immunization results and evidence that the immunization caused injury and death to our military. No one is allowed to discuss that. Scientists who whistle-blow or provide evidence against these multinational corporations are ruined, blacklisted and threatened.

  8. My husband’s family has incidences of M.S. .I am interested in finding out if the governments around the world are still investigating mumps for a connection to M.S.
    I never knew there are different types of Mumps. My daughter as her father before her has M.S. and she does not take vaccines of any type. She is presently taking Glyenia for M.S. and is doing better on it than the Beta Seron that she took before it. She is still able to work and is in Nutrition. I read that she should be vaccinated because of patient contact. Is this an answerable question?
    Should she be vaccinated for her profession?
    Yours Truly, Joanna Econoamkos

  9. David Teague says:

    The CDC says:
    During mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated communities, the proportion of cases that occur among people who have been vaccinated may be high. This should not be interpreted as meaning that the vaccine is ineffective. The way to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine is by comparing the attack rate in people who are vaccinated with the attack rate in those who have not been vaccinated. In outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, the relatively few people who have not been vaccinated against mumps usually have a much greater mumps attack rate than those who have been fully vaccinated. During the outbreak in 2006, most of the mumps cases occurred in those who had received 2 doses of the MMR vaccine because most of the affected population had received 2 vaccine doses. However, the attack rate was much higher in the unvaccinated people, and 2 doses of the vaccine were estimated to be 88% (range: 66-95%) effective in preventing mumps.

    • Anthony says:

      A clear definition of what the CDC means by “attack rate” would be useful.
      Why is “attack rate” such an important factor from “infection rate” or “death rate”?
      Are people “just sick for a while” or is long-term physical damage a factor?

  10. Kurt says:

    “By claiming a fabricated 95% effectiveness rate, Merck allegedly defrauded the US government, causing it to buy 4 million doses of “mislabeled and misbranded” MMRs vaccines.” George Washington compared government to fire, he called it a dangerous servant and a fearful master. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the US federal govt. is something way beyond a master at this point in nearly every way imaginable. I mean, god, they smash people’s doors down over a little marijuana for godz sake! I’m not saying that what Merc did is a moral thing to do, but by way of comparing degrees of immorality, I think the thieving, murderous deeds of the federal government are just a LITTLE more serious than what Merc could do. Just a little perspective.

  11. Grover Syck says:

    If is only 50% effective, it is worth it.
    The negatives are minimal, and the positives are great.
    Every child MUST have the vaccinations.

  12. Carol Tench says:

    Thanks for yr work! Sent sublink to some medical professionals, & wondered if there’s info available about developed EU nations handle vaccine issues, from both mfr level, scientific research, & monitoring changes in disease vectors, etc over time.
    Happy to do a little digging, if desired, but would like to see that info comparatively, if they’ve done better. (While I favor socialized medicine, I don’t care for obamacares’ solution, at all.)
    Will take action on this issue after a bit more digging, but believe big pharma, CDC, the NIH are failed.

  13. Danielle Vela says:

    How or why is this allowed to happen? Not the mistake but the failure to fix said mistake. Who is safeguarding us and our children? Who’s interests are being served? Not the publics, that’s for sure. If we are so advanced then why aren’t we able to not rely on a vaccine as old as the mumps vaccine? Enough is enough. If this truly a democratic society and the voice of the people actually matters, then prove and for once in a very long time take care of us and ensure our survival at the most basic level.

    • LKK says:

      “Who is safeguarding us and our children?” – YOU should be. By reading articles such as this, plus medical journals/etc. and coming to YOUR OWN conclusions. Do what feels right for you, and respect that anyone else is doing what feels right to them.
      “Who’s interests are being served?” – politicians and their cronies. as you said, not the public’s.
      “If this truly a democratic society…” – “The United States is, indeed, a republic, not a democracy. Accurately defined, a democracy is a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly–through town hall meetings or by voting on ballot initiatives and referendums. A republic, on the other hand, is a system in which the people choose representatives who, in turn, make policy decisions on their behalf…” ( – our voices are no longer heard or respected. our government bows down to corporations and our elected officials are quickly swallowed up into this disgusting cycle.
      “… take care of us and ensure our survival at the most basic level.” – we are not entitled to this within our democratic republic. what you seek is a welfare state which is “…a concept of government in which the state plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of its citizens. It is based on the principles of equality of opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public responsibility for those unable to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life. ” (

  14. David Teague says:

    Further, those who fail to vaccinate put at risk children who cannot be vaccinated and those who through genetic abnormalities the vaccination is useless. This is unconscionable. There is a preponderance of evidence that vaccinations works, and only slight evidence that vaccinations cause harm.

    • Kath says:

      There is no preponderance of evidence that vaccinations work, There is a preponderance of evidence that vaccinations cause harm. How do people who refuse vaccinations put anyone at risk? That is not how vaccination theory works. This has become a political issue and science is not involved anymore.

    • Anthony says:

      I HIGHLY disagree. In my work, I’ve seen vaccines contribute to an overall weakened immune system.
      This leads to allergies, rashes (i.e. eczema, psoriasis), joint pain/disorders especially later in life, cancers (later in life).
      This break down in immunity tends to lead the body to be unable to resist parasitical infection as well.
      This seems to be due to how the vaccine is introduced … through injection. Oral drops or nasal sprays do not seem to have this effect, especially if they’re used in conjunction with immune boosting herbs.
      In short, vaccine concerns are nuanced. There are NOT simply 2 camps: for it or against it.

  15. Kevin says:

    This is a despicable twisting of the truth. The 2008 FDA study that you cite which you said ““0 to 33%” effective on the Rubini strain” when shown in full context paints a different picture:
    “The effectiveness of prior vaccination with 1 dose of vaccine ranged from 72.8% to 91% for the Jeryl Lynn strain, from 54.4% to 93% for the Urabe strain, and from 0% to 33% for the Rubini strain. Vaccine effectiveness after 2 doses of mumps vaccine was reported in 3 outbreaks and ranged from 91% to 94.6%.”
    The conclusions of that 2008 FDA study? Read for yourself:
    “Although vaccine effectiveness during outbreaks was lower than that reported during controlled clinical trials, there is no doubt that mumps vaccines confer protection. Compared with attack rates of 31.8%–42.9% among unvaccinated individuals, attack rates among recipients of 1 dose and 2 doses of the Jeryl Lynn vaccine strain were 4%–13.6% and 2.2%–3.6%, respectively”
    The Forbes article you cited in regards to the whistleblower case? This says it all:
    “But the suit also serves to remind that vaccines are essential to preventing disease and that any drop in their efficacy is likely to result in disease resurgence and endanger the public’s health.
    Unfortunately, what should be a clear distinction between scientific truth and a single alleged case of scientific misconduct is all too readily muddied by anti-vaccination advocates who conflate the two in order to advance their particular kind of dogma.”
    The funniest line in the article?
    “it essentially argues that had the vaccine been more potent, the outbreaks might have been averted – in the same breath that it boldly declares on its website that ‘vaccination is an unacceptable risk to every member of society.'” hahaha!!!
    That Classen article is a FARCE. His whole case is based on a single trial. In summary, his conclusion is:
    “The author believes that the sum of the data described and reviewed in this paper supports a casual relationship.
    Then he goes on to show his conflicts:
    “The author has patents pertaining to methods of testing vaccines for their ability to cause diabetes and methods of preventing diabetes.”
    Really? A bunch of BS with Classen citing his own previous studies, conclusions based on one clinical trial and finally he admits that he’s trying to sell his BS link. This is an advertisement rather than a legitimate scientific article.
    I could go on and on but I think the point is clear. The…

  16. Mary Watkins says:

    Vaccines devastate natural immunity and erode the success of mother to baby immune boosting transfers via womb and breast milk. This results in diseases lingering longer than their natural life span and mutating–thus further undermining the ineffectiveness of specific strain vaccines Our immune systems are divinely designed to be individually unique, and to constantly evolve through natural exposure. Diverse immune systems better guarantee the propagation of humanity to better states of health. The Vaccine Schedule homogenizes immune systems, thus increasing risks of mass eradication of populations. Vaccines are devolving the health and wellness of mankind. Further side effects result from the heavy metals, poisons and foreign toxins in vaccines injected directly into the bloodstream–including chronic illness, cancer, extreme allergic reactions, autism spectrum disorders, diabetes, obesity, infertility, inability to lactate, and death, among others. When the harms–individually and evolutionally–associated with vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases vaccines fraudulently claim to affect, the system is broken and illogical, fraught with greed and false science, mass illness = big profits for the corrupt. Take back humanity’s Divine Design! Wellness, happiness, natural balance and true prosperity is Mankind’s default setting! Our Freedom, our right, our religion of Natural Evolution.

  17. sarah says:

    This article twists everything. Awful. First off yes the doctor said the mumps vaccine was not so good, but in context he was comparing that to the measles which has over a 90% efficacy in clinical trials. The Rubini strain is 0-33 % effective yes but we don’t normally use that strain. The Jekyll strain is what we use and it’s efficacy is normally in the 80s. The outbreaks according to that study had been mostly attributed to using the Rubini strain. Those are only two examples of how this author twists the truth. Read the links that the author points you too and interpret the facts yourself instead of reading this twisted mess.

  18. Jean says:

    How many have had side effects of vaccines. For the second time in my life I was giving the vaccine DPT. The first one was given in 1947. I had a bad re-action to the Pertussis part. I came down with (Whopping Cough) Just a year and half ago, when I had my physical the Nurse Practitioner asked when was the last time I had a Tetanus shot. I didn’t remember so she decided to give me one. Not quiet a week after I came down once more with the Whopping Cough, it took me almost a month to get over it. Once again I got the 3 in one. I will never take a vaccine shot again.

  19. Martha Sluder says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but I think I have what’s called an Immune System. We were a family of 7 children, and 2 or 3 had the mumps. I never got it. We all had the chicken pox, lived through it just fine, and have never had it since. Yes we dutifully lined up and got our polio vaccines back in the 50’s. Interesting, because 2 of my brothers had light cases of polio, and the rest of us did not. And several years later we received the vaccine, when polio cases were on the decline. There’s just something confusing about this whole thing.
    Just for my part, I don’t and never will trust big pharma. I try to take care of my immune system instead. Oh, and by the way, my husband is a survivor of Guillain-Barre, and his neurologist (mainstream medicine) recommended that he never receive any type of vaccine. Now whom should we listen to?

  20. Marcia says:

    My family and I have suffered from the system wide brainwashing that has been going on for almost a century! My grandmother went around her community helping people suffering with the 1918 Flu. The flu did not kill people – other conditions aggravated by the flu – pneumonia, etc. did! No matter what the CDC and other lying gvt. agencies say – flu does not kill all the people they want to say – it is other conditions – maybe connected with the flu infection, maybe not.
    I was a guinea pig for the first polio vaccine. Thankfully, did not get polio but it wasn’t the vaccine – we learned years later it was not effective for a serious number of folks. I had the “usual” childhood diseases – measles, chicken pox, etc. but never mumps. Then when my 10 year old son got mumps – AFTER the full doses of the mumps vaccine – I caught them from him! Not a pleasant experience, but I would have undergone it in a heartbeat instead of the serious allergies both older sons had from infancy – AFTER the awful number of vaccinations they were given! At least their brains were not (seriously) damaged as my friend’s son, who has suffered serious autism since his vaccinations! And the previous writer was correct – it has not been the disease strain as much as the toxins like mercury, aluminum, etc. in the vaccines that are deadly!
    NOW – what they are doing is “weaponizing” flu strains in vaccines – adding strep, staff, ebola, etc. – so they WILL KILL people ! because that is the plan of the “elite”, illuminati, one-worlders like Bill Gates who want to KILL 90% of the earth’s pop.! You don’t have to believe me – go check it out – search the internet – the proof is there.

    • Shirley Lumsden says:

      You got that right! And it’s also been pointed out that vaccine-acquired immunity is not indefinite like immunity derived from having the actual disease. And when you look at the plans spelled out on the GA Guidestones (maintain the population at 500,000,000 or less) that sums it all up!

  21. Miller M. says:

    We are all being legally poisoned by our federal government. Pesticides, bisphenyl-A, fluorides, bromines, chlorines, fungicides, antibiotics, chemotherapies, preservatives and on and on are being forced into your body, food, water and air. Our bodies were not designed to detoxify all of these manmade chemicals and it takes what little nutrition you are getting to help detoxify those substances nevermind building a healthy body with a strong immune system given the GMOs, devitalized, and toxic foods most people are eating.
    It’s a win-win situation for the medical industry. Forced vaccination schedules that are so ramped-up an infant may be required to to have a vaccination schedule of over twenty in their first year against childhood illnesses when their immune systems are not mature enough to handle the immune stimulation and systemic inflammation. The thimerosol and other chemical preservatives are a burden on the infant’s immune system. This is why children have autism now at a rate of 1 in 52 instead of 1 in 10,000. Our infants are being injured by all of these legalized poisons and Big Pharma has washed their hands clean of all recourse with the gracious support of our government. Wake up people.
    Smoke, Mirrors and the “Disappearance” of Polio by Suzanne Humphries, MD

  22. d says:

    Still glad I got my shot!

  23. Barb Williams says:

    Back in the 1960’s I read an article published in Good Housekeeping magazine about the new Mumps vaccine. The article stated this vaccine was suspected of an association with Diabetes and was not recommended. Therefore I would not allow my children to receive this vaccine.

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