Readers’ Corner: Nanotech and Vaccines

May 8, 2012

We address readers’ questions and comments on nanotechnology and the HPV vaccine for boys.

On Nanotechnology

A reader says:

I just read some research showing that nanotechnology is destroying plant life. If that’s the case, to what extent is it harming human life?

Research by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has found that materials produced through nanotechnology can enter plant cells and damage their DNA, stunting the growth of the plant. The study looked at copper oxide nanoparticles, and found that certain levels of copper, especially if it enters the cell’s nucleus, can irreparably harm DNA. Damaged DNA in plants make them susceptible to diseases like rot and mold, killing the plant.
Copper oxide is used in sunscreen and cosmetics, and scientists have found that these materials can enter the environment through industrial runoff, contaminating the water system and damaging beneficial microbes. Moreover, the particles could be toxic to aquatic life. This will absolutely affect our food supply.
Moreover, if nanomaterials do this to the DNA of plants, how are we being affected by the nanomaterials we absorb directly in sunscreen and cosmetics, or might consume in our food? The fact is, we simply don’t know. And we find it outrageous that our government would look at a technology that is proven to damage plant DNA and say, “Well, there haven’t been any illnesses we can directly attribute to it, so we assume it’s safe.”
At a minimum, engineered nanoparticles have no place in organic products. If you haven’t taken action on this issue, please do so now.

On the HPV Vaccine for Boys

Rob writes:

Please remove me from this list. I had no idea that this site was an anti-vaccine site. Boys have the right to be protected also! Your reporting is heinously unacceptable!!!

We are not “anti-vaccine.” We are, however, decidedly pro-vaccine-choice. We believe it is difficult for consumers to get accurate information about the potential dangers of vaccines when the vaccine industry is such a powerful force and is so completely in bed with government.
Vaccines are a huge money-making industry, one that is concentrated in the hands of just a few big companies closely allied with, and subsidized, mandated, and legally protected by government. Sales are rapidly rising, and companies are largely immune from any competition from generic drugs—for example, it’s hard to get generic versions of biologic drugs on the market. In addition, the vaccine industry is largely shielded from liability and lawsuits through the vaccine courts.
We believe boys should receive equal protection with girls. But you seem to be assuming that human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine provides protection in the first place, whether for girls or boys. We question that assumption:

  • It is not certain by any means that the vaccine actually works. We only know that the vaccine causes a strong immune response to the strains of the virus in the vaccine; this may or may not prevent the cancer from developing, and only time will tell. A normal immune response to infection is much more muted. This may be a good or a bad thing—no one knows for sure. We don’t even know if the vaccine provides long-term immunity.
  • The vaccine is primarily for cervical cancer, so this is not primarily  about boys being protected—they are mainly vaccinating boys to protect the girls, despite references to other cancers that are tossed in. Of course, “protecting” girls by giving boys the vaccination is a rather circuitous route, especially when there is no indication that it works. The only benefit we know for certain is that it increases pharmaceutical industry profits.
  • And does it really “protect” boys when the vaccine itself has such a high number of Adverse Event Reports (AERs)? The National Vaccine Information Center compared AERs for Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, with those for Menactra, the meningococcal vaccine. Gardasil had three times the number of life-threatening incidents, nearly twice the hospitalizations, nine times the disabilities, and nearly five times the deaths as Menactra. We have compared the possible side effects of Gardasil, as printed on the information insert provided by Merck, to twelve other vaccines commonly recommended by the CDC for children, and found that Gardasil causes far scarier reactions, including the risk of seizure.

At very least, the CDC should pay closer attention to these AERs before they recommend such vaccines for girls or boys. At the moment, the CDC says that the AERs are not “peer-reviewed” research. This is of course just an excuse. The CDC should do the peer reviewed-research itself.

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7 responses to “Readers’ Corner: Nanotech and Vaccines”

  1. William Awe says:

    Since vaccinations have increased ten fold when I was a kid, so have autoimmune diseases as well as many others. Many, many diseases such as asthma, diabetes, autism, high blood pressure, cancer, & others are at EPIDEMIC LEVELS! Deaths from properly prescribed medications are through the roof. And the FDA & CDC are still letting the pharmaceutical companies do their own investigations. (the fox guarding the hen house) Would you have Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi investigate the Democratic party for corruption? Would you have John Behner & Mitch Mcconnel do the same?
    List the ingredients in these awful drugs & then let people decide if it’s worth possible paralasis, or DEATH!
    If ONE person in this country dies from the flu, it’s news. No one knows about all the death & serious health issues from vaccinations. (no one except those who practice natural health that is)

  2. AnneOnymous says:

    As far as nanotechnology, we need to start making the FDA to become responsible for their actions.. Open the door to law suits from people who will be affected by their half-hazard recommendations. At present they are immune to any and all repercussions in relation to their decisions. And not just the EPA but each and every individual who is associated with it. Maybe then they will stop working for big pharma and start working for the individual citizen.
    Last time I heard, this was a free country.. How can a free country dictate what you can and can not do? Immunizations are only the beginning of this type of tactic.. Telling us that it will lessen insurance costs and make for better medical care.. This will not deter the insurance premiums and the medical establishments will not veer from the profit expectations that they now salivate over.. the only one’s it will affect is the citizen both financially and medically.

  3. wvhillbilly says:

    Business as usual for the drug industry.

  4. Robin Taylor says:

    Since I and my daughter are past the age to receive the vaccine, we don’t have the choice to receive it! Fortunately, we are both sero-negative. I will encourage my son to have both his daughters vaccinated against HPV when they reach the age, and hope that his pediatrician will vaccinate his boy. I do know what HPV can do to a woman: my sister had to have a hysterectomy at age 23 due to cancer caused by HPV. Fortunately for her, it was an early stage in situ lesion, and she had an astute doctor who realized what it was, so she has survived and has been healthy for some years. She was infected by her husband. What could she have been spared had this vaccine been available decades ago? My main problem with it is the ridiculously expensive cost!

  5. teri says:

    I am decidely pro-choice, and also anti-vaccine.

  6. digger says:

    spend a few hours researching adverse effects for this drug and you will see the destruction of young peoples life by a drug which one of it inventors says may or may not work,visit dr mercolas site and educate yourself research means looking at other evidence than statements released by the pharmaceutical companys who peddle this poison.

  7. B Laura Lim says:

    Do you have any information or sources for food labeling re: GMO or non-GMO that you can send me please? Would sure appreciate it. Thank u very much!
    PLEASE do not sell my personal info to anybody too.

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