Runaway Vaccine Schedules

Runaway Vaccine Schedules

******** Action Alerts for This Campaign ********
stop Tell the Pediatricians and the CDC that the HPV Vaccine is Dangerous for Boys AND Girls!
The American Academy of Pediatrics has followed the lead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is recommending the HPV vaccine for pre-pubescent boys. No other vaccine lists the serious side effects that the HPV vaccine does—side effects that include blood clots, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and death. The vaccine is of dubious benefit. It only targets 13% of the HPV viruses that might potentially cause cancer, and even then the vaccine’s effectiveness is completely unproven.
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Protect Vaccine Choice in Vermont
Vermont law allows parents and guardians to choose whether to vaccinate their children or not based on personal beliefs. Two pending bills in the Vermont legislature, H. 527 and companion bill S. 199, will take away this choice.
Parents, not the government, should have the right to choose whether to vaccinate their children. Please contact your state legislators and express your strong opposition to these bills!
New Vaccine Legislation In the States
We have a number of new state-level Action Alerts on vaccine-related legislation for you—some bills expand your freedoms, some restrict them, and one even wants to vaccinate your food!
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Defeat the HPV Bill in New York!
In New York, AB 699 requires that all children born after January 1, 1996, be vaccinated against HPV. Ask your legislators to defeat this new bill.
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Tell the Media: Stop Ignoring the CDC’s Data on HPV Vaccine Dangers!
Major media outlets from the Associated Press to the New York Times —say the HPV vaccine has “an excellent safety record.” They are all blindly parroting statements from so-called “experts” like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Cancer Institute, which claims that “no serious side effects have been shown to be caused by the vaccines.”
The fact is, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has received tens of thousands of adverse event reports after administration of the Gardasil HPV vaccine.
Please send your message to the media, and let them know that the HPV vaccine has very serious side effects, and more attention needs to be paid to the government’s own data on its dangers.
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Tell AAP to Reveal Their Donors!
Contact the AAP and ask them to reveal the names of all their donors—particularly the drug companies, vaccine manufacturers, and junk food companies—together with the amount of each contribution and which program area it was for.
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Why Bloomberg Is All Wrong about Vaccines
flu-shot February 19, 2013
We don’t need more crony capitalist solutions.
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Not Sure the Flu Vaccine Works?
flu-inserts February 5, 2013
Some vaccine manufacturers seem to agree!
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Vaccinating Newborns Is No Longer Enough
vaccination-whooping-cough_171x200_CPM8TP February 5, 2013
Now they want to vaccinate pregnant women with potentially dangerous vaccines. Where will this lunacy end?
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Global Treaty Will Nix Mercury—But NOT in Vaccines!
mercury-vaccine January 29, 2013
Why is one of mercury’s most dangerous applications—human vaccines—exempted from the ban? An update to our recent report.
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Flu “Epidemic”: The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up
Flu January 15, 2013
Should the government be recommending mercury-containing flu shots to everyone, especially if they are useless for 97.5% of adults?
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Flu Shot May Be GIVING People the Flu!
Woman Checking Her Temperature September 18, 2012
Flu season is just around the corner. Better think twice before visiting your local drugstore for that little shot!
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Readers’ Corner: Nanotech and Vaccines
May 8, 2012
We address readers’ questions and comments on nanotechnology and the HPV vaccine for boys.
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Vermont Legislature Battles over Vaccines
The philosophical exemption will likely be revoked if we don’t take action.
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Autism Diagnoses Have Risen by 78% over the Last Decade
vaccine-baby-cry April 10, 2012
How many children must be sacrificed before we get honest answers?
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A Vaccine to Prevent Heart Attacks? Or a New Frankendrug?
vaccine heart April 10, 2012
We can hear it now: “Give it to your children before they get fat!”
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American Lung Association Does Vaccine Maker’s Bidding
vaccine March 13, 2012
And some states want to take away your right to decide about vaccinations for your kids. Urgent Action Alerts!
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Is the CDC Deliberately Hiding the Truth about the Link between Autism and Mercury in Vaccines?
thimersol October 31, 2011
The latest scandal to hit the CDC is explosive: what appears to be a deliberate cover-up of damning scientific data.
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Readers’ Corner: Are HPV Vaccine-Linked Deaths Bring Overstated?
October 31, 2011
With all due respect, the question is not the number of reported deaths, but why they are not being investigated.
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BREAKING NEWS! CDC Has Just Recommended Routine HPV Vaccinations for Boys!
vaccine-boy October 25, 2011
In a shocking move, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that the HPV vaccine Gardasil should be given to 11- to 12-year-old boys as well as girls.
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HPV Vaccine Victims Speak Out—Will the Media Finally Get it Right?
Speak Out October 18, 2011
For people who do not believe the HPV vaccine can have devastating side effects, here is living testimony. The victims who have themselves been harmed by the human papillomavirus vaccine will address the nation this afternoon, hoping to inform the GOP candidates’ debate tonight.
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Rick Perry and Major Media Openly Lie about HPV Vaccine
Will This Hurt? September 20, 2011
Do Perry and most of the media think they can get away with a complete cover up of the government’s own CDC data?
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HPV Vaccine Debate – Facts Also a Casualty
September 16, 2011
Presidential candidates and media alike have said a great deal recently about the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of misinformation and hyperbole from all sides of the vaccine issue. When conversations about personal healthcare choices—such as vaccinations—turn into debates, people become entrenched on their respective sides, and the facts usually become the first casualty.
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New Vaccine Legislation in the States
Vaccine state bills April 26, 2011
The vaccination question is a hotly debated topic, even in the natural health community. It doesn’t help when vaccine companies have blatant conflicts of interest and the studies supporting their safety may be fraudulent!
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Vaccine Mania
Money vaccine April 26, 2011
The vaccination question is a hotly debated topic, even in the natural health community. It doesn’t help when vaccine companies have blatant conflicts of interest and the studies supporting their safety may be fraudulent!
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The Vaccine Firestorm

June 8, 2010
Last Friday’s shocking news—the revelation of hidden financial ties and influence-peddling behind the World Health Organization’s declaration of a worldwide H1N1 pandemic—is only one of our articles this week on the controversial issue of immunization. We’ll tell you about flu vaccine deaths, fetal death and injury from mercury, a high government official formerly in charge of vaccines who now works for a drug and vaccine maker, and yet another tragic miscarriage of justice in the case of a pioneer of autism research.
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Send A Message To PBS Frontline! What Frontline Covered Up In Their Biased Report On “The Vaccine War”
May 4, 2010
Accomplished pediatrician, author, and teacher Dr. Jay Gordon has a commonsense approach to vaccinations– and an unwillingness to be coerced into either the “pro” or “anti” vaccine camps. PBS Frontline recently interviewed the noted pediatrician at length for a show called “The Vaccine War.” Although Dr. Gordon spent hours interviewing with Frontline, PBS producers omitted not only 100% of his interview but the entire “third camp” approach to vaccinations. It is obvious that PBS wanted to create a simple tabloid news piece with the all-knowing doctors on one side vs. crazed parents on the other.
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Vaccinations for Children Are Back in the News. Do You Know All the Facts?
August 18, 2009
With children now heading back to school and the supposed threat of swine flu still here, the media is once again talking about vaccinations but do the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks?
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Making an Informed Choice About Vaccination
July 28, 2009
New FDA and FTC restrictions on natural products prior to the possible roll-out of a government-mandated vaccination program could have a chilling effect on consumers who rely on supplements rather than vaccines to stay healthy.
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“Vaccines Court” Protects Drug Manufacturers
March 3, 2009
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and other manufacturers of childhood vaccines are being shielded from many lawsuits, while lawmakers complain that drug companies are pushing for even more immunity. Critics believe that this “buffer zone” prevents vaccine makers from having to exercise greater oversight and quality control.
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National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Fails our Children Again
February 24, 2009
The families of three autistic children who pleaded their cause before the National Vaccine Injury Program have lost their cases. But thousands of dedicated parents continue to press for answers—and compensation.
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Bye-Bye Mercury, Hello Aluminum in Vaccines
February 10, 2009
Aluminum salts have been routinely added to childhood vaccines, as well as vaccines against hepatitis, influenza, and pneumonia. Mercury has been phased out while aluminum has been phased in, yet aluminum has a long documented history of neurotoxic effects. Babies who are treated according to the CDC immunization schedule have received 5 milligrams of aluminum by eighteen months of age.
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Is the Flu Shot the Answer to Keeping Your Children Healthy?
October 7, 2008
The government now recommends that fully 84% of the U.S. population have a flu shot each year. Savvy consumers have learned to ask questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines before they and their families have a vaccination. In this article we discuss the safety, efficacy rate, and lack of sound science behind the blanket CDC recommendations for flu shots for every child between the ages of 6 months and 18 years. There is emerging evidence of vitamin D deficiency as a factor in the incidence of the flu in the U.S.
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Update On Merck
September 16, 2008
Merck’s Gardasil vaccine is supposed to prevent young women from getting cervical cancer. Now the FDA has approved a claim for two less common cancers as well.
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More news about HPV vaccine
August 5, 2008
In a previous Pulse issue, we reported on how Gardasil, the vaccine created and marketed by Merck, is causing one death per month and numerous, serious reactions according to a recent FDA report.
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FDA Reports One death Per Month Related to Gardasil
July 7, 2008
Gardasil, the vaccine created and marketed by Merck, is causing one death per month and numerous, serious reactions according to a recent FDA report.
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Vaccines: One Size Fits All?
question-mark May 5, 2008
We are seeing an increased number of bills being introduced that require school aged children to be vaccinated against a variety of illnesses.Is this a good idea or a bad idea? You decide.
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