Send A Message To PBS Frontline! What Frontline Covered Up In Their Biased Report On “The Vaccine War”

May 4, 2010

Accomplished pediatrician, author, and teacher Dr. Jay Gordon has a commonsense approach to vaccinations– and an unwillingness to be coerced into either the “pro” or “anti” vaccine camps. PBS Frontline recently interviewed the noted pediatrician at length for a show called “The Vaccine War.” Although Dr. Gordon spent hours interviewing with Frontline, PBS producers omitted not only 100% of his interview but the entire “third camp” approach to vaccinations. It is obvious that PBS wanted to create a simple tabloid news piece with the all-knowing doctors on one side vs. crazed parents on the other.
This is disturbing. It is even more disturbing given the level of financial support provided to public television by drug and related companies. You won’t easily find information about drug company support for public television on the internet. But you can find some of it on a fundraising website run by WGBH, the public station that produces Frontline:
ANH-USA reprints Dr. Gordon’s letter to PBS Frontline in its entirety for your review, because it provides excellent information on whether to vaccinate your children, and it serves as a reminder that the media cannot be trusted to report accurately on this issue. PBS’ actions are inexcusable. Please join us in telling PBS Frontline that the show’s biased presentation on vaccines is totally unacceptable and that the show has an obligation at least to put Dr Gordon’s information on the website. Take action now.
Shame on PBS Frontline, ” The Vaccine War”, by Dr. Jay Gordon

“Last night, PBS aired a show called “The Vaccine War.” I was interviewed at great length and in great depth about vaccines and my point of view and expressed my ambivalence about the polarization of this issue and the need for more calm reasoned discussion about the number one question that new parents have. I told Kate McMahon, the co-producer of the show, that there was a large group of doctors and others who cannot be dismissed with the facile label “anti-vaccine” because we still give vaccines and see a place for them in the practice of medicine, but we do not agree with the current vaccine schedule nor the number of vaccines children receive all at one time.
A few days ago, Ms.McMahon emailed me to tell me that the decision had been made to omit my interview from the show. There would not be one word from me. She didn’t tell me that she had also omitted 100% of Dr. Robert Sears’ interview. And that any other comments from physicians supporting the parents on the show in their ambivalence about vaccines or their decision to refuse all vaccines would also be omitted.
She left this as a show with many doctors commenting very negatively, very frighteningly and often disdainfully and dismissively about vaccine “hesitation” as they called it.”
Below is my email response to Kate McMahon.
Dear Kate,
The “Frontline” show was disgraceful. You didn’t even have the courtesy to put my interview or any part of the two hours we spent taping on your web site.
You created a pseudo-documentary with a preconceived set of conclusions: “Irresponsible moms against science” was an easy takeaway from the show.
Did you happen to notice that Vanessa, the child critically ill with pertussis, was not intubated nor on a respirator in the ER? She had nasal “prongs” delivering oxygen. I’m sorry for her parents’ anxiety and very happy that she was cured of pertussis. But to use anecdotal reports like this as science is irresponsible and merely served the needs of the doctor you wanted to feature.
No one pursued Dr. Offit’s response about becoming rich from the vaccine he invented. He was allowed to slide right by that question without any follow up. Dr. Paul Offit did not go into vaccine research to get rich. He is a scientist motivated by his desire to help children. But his profiting tens of millions of dollars from the creation of this vaccine and the pursuit of sales of this and other vaccines is definitely not what he says it is. His many millions “don’t matter” he says. And you let it go.

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223 responses to “Send A Message To PBS Frontline! What Frontline Covered Up In Their Biased Report On “The Vaccine War””

  1. Mara Williams says:

    Vaccines have dangerous Adjuvents that cause serious illness. It is time to stop giving our children so many vaccines in the first few days fo their lives which disrupts their imune system, and cause such long term effects. It is time to tell the truth about this..

  2. Vicki MCManus says:

    do not cover up the truth

  3. Beverly Stone says:

    I am very tired of behind-the-scenes financing covering honest reporting. Everyone deserves THE TRUTH, not biased reporting that makes parents who have watched normal, healthy children turn into partial vegetables because of vaccines, look like maniacs.
    I usually trust PBS. Please don’t violate that trust with this kind of dishonesty.

  4. Stephen Rebello says:

    Some of us remember when the content of PBS projects wasn’t bought and paid for.

  5. Heath Watts says:

    The PBS report was as balanced as it could be. Giving time to anti-vaccine, anti-science radicals in the discourse would be the same as giving equal time to intelligent designers in a science classroom. There is no foundation for the anti-vaccine movement, and the movement is a danger to human health.

  6. If Frontline continues to be so blatantly biased I will not watch it nor support it with funds usually donated to PBS programs.
    I refuse to be caged into a camp of popular thinking. I will go my own way and support knowledgeable professionals who look at all sides.

  7. Normally I know I can count on PBS and Frontline for unbiased coverage of current events and issues. I was disappointed by your coverage of the “Vaccine Wars”. Why did you edit out Dr. Jay Gordon’s interview? Was it not shocking enough?
    When I see such biased reporting on a subject I know, it makes me question if that is your standard practice.

  8. Karen Sulprizio says:

    Thank you! The government has an arrangement with the pharmaceutical companies. No matter what they put into the vaccines, whethere necessary, tested, toxic or not – they are not responsible and cannot be sued.
    My son was a happy baby, until he got his first vaccination. After that he was irritable, fussy, crying all the time…that led into figiting and lack of focus….and that eventually led to a diagnosis of ADHD. I believe there is a reason so many children of the past 25 yrs have been diagnosed with these disorders: the vaccines. I believe some children have an innate ‘allergic’ reaction to the toxins and at such a young age, it changes their neurological make up.

  9. Patrick O'Meara says:

    I was surprised anddisappointed that the reporting was so one sided. You should rerun the program and include the whole story so everyone can see it.
    I knew there was something different in the slant on public television news. I guess you are in big money’s pocket just like the others.

  10. R.H.Girshick says:

    Twisting the truth creates a lie, stop lying to us!!!!!

  11. What an unfortunate shabby piece of TV journalism! I thought PBS was above and beyond the fray of politicking on issues, especially one so mired in misinformation as the pseudo science of vaccines and the vested interest research that discounts neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. and other species DNA being injected into pregnant mothers, infants, children, and teenage girls. May I request that PBS apologize for such misinformation by producing an hour-long program regarding the real, unvarnished facts about vaccines.

  12. I have been an avid NPR listener for years, but this kind of biased, irresponsible journalism has made me rethink my monetary support. I see the pharmaceutical industry, from whom you receive a good portion of funding, has comprimised your integrity. I’m really disappointed. You are no different than the other commercial interests that are out there pitching their preconceived agendas, rather than having a well balanced discussion. Please present Dr. Gordon’s interview accurately, honestly, and openly, and rectify your biased presentation.

  13. Lois Hutson says:

    to consider that PBS can be bouoght and sold like any other hack news caster is very disappointing….I had considered PBS to be a last hold on ethics and fairness in this country …. I am withholding a final
    opinion on your handling of this information ….. but I will need a flat denial of claims … not an excuse for behaviour.

  14. cat gertz says:

    I was also disappointed with the usually stellar reporting on Frontline, and the other PBS documentary and news programs on PBS. I believe hat Big Pharma is bringing their immense and formidable power and lobbying to bear on the so-called ‘supplement’ industry – in order to own natural foods and ingredients that have been used since time began by folks – they are making too much progress towards owning basic ‘seed’ and the DNA of any plant or animal they can get their hands on. As well, they are making inroads towards the censoring of information, and food and other product labelling around the world. India has just criminalized the identifying of ‘non-GM’ food in markets for example.
    I find it horrrifying – and very sda that Frontline expose chose the easy path on this one. I am lamenting the ‘corporatizing’ of Public TV – one of the – if not he final – bastian of intelligent free speech.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    PBS you know that the way you presented this important subject was wrong! Through taxes we pay a portion of your salaries! You want to stop and think about that! Here is something else for you to stop and think about. Growing numbers of Americans, those people that help to pay your salaries, are learning about the Franklin Cover Up. You know that special you pulled after receiving threats from Congress! By pulling that show you helped to cover up horrible crimes committed against children, by people in powerful positions. I wont forget you did that! I intend to let as many people know about that, as I can! Thank God we have the Internet to let people know too!

  16. Karin Rada says:

    I grew up without any of the vaccinations. I am 76 years old and healthier than most people my age
    despite the fact that I had all the childhood diseases including polio.

  17. I too was electrified by the intensity of the slant to portray intelligent, experienced parents who saw their children change after receiving vaccines, as uninformed and a ‘problem’ for the all-knowing doctors who refuse to look at the vaccine issue in its totality. The middle ground must be presented because the ‘war’ scenario leaves us unable to stop the destruction. Our children are at stake for heavens sake. I totally agree with Dr. Gordon and his approach to slow down and possibly reduce the rate and numbers of vaccinations. Our children are individuals versus cattle to be inoculated.

  18. Jordan Sparks says:

    Just do what is right.

  19. Seth Snapp says:

    Please limit the number of vaccines that people are required to take. There are serious side affects.
    Seth H. Snapp

  20. Alobar says:

    I have read many allegations that non-profits are willing to sell out their ideals to please their corporate sponsors. It sure looks to me that is what is going on here.

  21. Christina Sollenberger says:

    It’s truly upsetting to learn that PBS ihindered the public from learning the full truth about vaccines which may cause medical problems including autism. I’ve spoken to too many parents who’ve seen their children become disabled after vaccines not to take this seriously. The public deserves to hear the full truth. It is now impossible to believe what PBS promotes. What a shame when you could have helped many by reporting ALL the facts.

  22. Veronica says:

    Kudos to Dr. Gordon, and Dr. Sears. PBS has betrayed the PUBLIC trust. Fix it. Post the interview and the letter.

  23. David Bonello says:

    I watch PBS because of it’s thoroughness. Censoring Dr Gordon’s interview was wrong on just too many levels. I’ve done my own research and science is on the side of those who find fault with our vaccination schedules. Pro Vaccination camps use epidemiological studies to support their views. Epidemiological studies are the weakest kind of study.
    Let us bring this conversation to the forefront. We all deserve the facts.

  24. I am almost 39years old with 3 small boys….6yrs, 4yrs, and 1 1/2 years. They were not vaccinated at all due to the untrustworthy manufacturers and drug companies that have proven that they are not concerned about our children’s safety but only their own material gain. There have been so many drugs recalled after the FDA claimed they were completely safe. People lost their lives and still massive marketing took place to unload as much of the drugs (eg. vioxx) before the recall was taking place. I am not gambling with my children’s lives. We use preventative measures on a daily basis and steer clear of synthetics as much as possible. I am responsible for watching out for my children’s health and it is very sad to say that our government IS NOT in so many ways.

  25. alex saenz says:

    i used to trust pbs….no more.

  26. Jack R. Betterton says:

    PBS – I have followed your program faithfully for many yrs. because in my heart I felt you were the real answer for bringing to the surface a real code of ethics.
    I was totally wrong and now is the time to wipe out your message permanetly.
    I will spread the word concerning your injustice and your evil system.
    My grandson was born a perfect child until he was violated by a doctor who was being compensated by the BIG PHARMA to inject children with extremely harmful vaccines.
    He was given all vaccines in one visit and later was classified as Autistic. The doctor made a bundle in a very short period of time.
    LOOK IN MIRROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU SEE??????????????????????????

  27. Lauren Graham says:

    As a Certified Medical Assistant, I have concerns about the number and types of vaccines that are administered.
    Pharmaceutical companies play a large role in pushing an ever-expanding array of vaccines, some of which are put on the market without long-term studies on their affects. Just one example of how the drug companies maximize their profits is the number of vaccinations that infants receive at one time. In Europe, the number is three because four of them are combined down to two. In the U.S. the number is five because the drug companies make more profit by selling individual doses instead of combining them.
    Another problem is that many doctors went through medical school on scholarships funded by the pharmaceutical companies, which is almost assuredly constitutes a conflict of interest.
    Consider that what was once referred to as the medical profession has become the healthcare industry. Coincidence?

  28. Eileen Kuch says:

    PBS Television is not only financed by a number of charitable foundations, but also by millions of ordinary viewers; thus, it is your responsibility to report the truth about the subjects you cover.
    Just recently, Dr. Jay Gordon, an accomplished pediatrician, teacher, and author, was interviewed on your program by Kate McMahon on the subject of vaccinating children against childhood diseases. This interview would have been very informative to parents who are deeply concerned about having their own children vaccinated; however, you chose – without the consent of your viewers who also contribute money to your station – to eliminate this interview from your program, leaving these concerned parents out in the cold. In doing this, you turned your back on those subscribers who depended on the interview with Dr. Gordon for advice on vaccinating their children; and, you most likely lost their support, which you deserve to have happen for your folly.

  29. Dr. Roy Ostenson says:

    I find the programming of people, into the total acceptance of body pollution with vaccines, appalling & unethical. But drug companies pay the networks, the government workers who approve drug promotions and drugs and medical doctors willing enough to do the drug companies bidding. Killing and maiming brains for big bucks. The gangs of politicians in office are making sure the drug companies will always be the highest profit business in the world. If it kills you by taking it…. tough!!

  30. I am glad to see the general public is finally getting wise to the fact that “PBS” is “SOLD OUT” ” Thier counterparts in the Soviet Union, “TASS” and “PRAVDA” you can’t tell apart except they are communist stooges and “PBS” capitalist stooges as much as any other news organization or more so in the U.S.

  31. valerie gilbert says:

    I was raised by a mother who believed in natural foods and natural living, a woman who read Rachel Carson and Adele Davis among other trailblazers. I was raised on homeopaths and chiropractors and was never inoculated. I got the mumps and the chicken pox and I’m doing just fine. I will not inoculate my children.

  32. Samuel Case says:

    With reporting like this, I have to reconsider any donations I might make to PBS –
    Samuel Case

  33. Nancy Bengtson says:

    Vaccines are too unstable in quality to guarantee good health to those who get vaccinated.
    This truth needs to be revealed.

  34. Nancy Bengtson says:

    Vaccines are too unstable to guarantee quality to anyonewhog ets vaccinated.
    This truth needs to be brought out to the public.

  35. BARRY KENDLER says:


  36. Jeff Graves says:

    PBS’ reporting on Frontline regarding vaccinations and their safety was inaccurate and biased in favour of large drug companies. As a public-ownded entity, PBS has a duty to report all sides of the story and include relevant and factual information. Dismissing Dr. Gordon’s timely and important comments regarding the safety concerns of vaccines, such as the H1N1 vaccine, is dangerous and can harm the public health through a promulgation and promotion of ignorance on the topic. I implore PBS to stand up for what’s right and allow Dr. Gordon and others to equally voice their concerns about such an important health topic.

  37. Cynthia B Hill says:

    PBS always had a reputation of being unbiased and forthright with facts on any given topic. What a shame you chose to sully your reputation by presenting a biased view of the discussion on vaccines. While opinions may be debated, facts should be represented honestly. I don not understand why on such an important topic, you chose to represent only what makes a good commercial for drug companies.
    Shame on you for sidestepping your integrity.
    Cynthia B HIll
    NCRA President
    Certified and Licensed Reflexologist
    Chi, Integrative, Maternity and Fertility, Facial, and Praxis Vertebralis

  38. I’ve been greatly concerned the past 4 or more years, regarding increasing use of vaccines on children. Two new grandchildren in the past 4 years have given me cautious awareness of timing and numbers of vaccines. Superstitiously, I’ve crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
    I guess that worked; yet, it’s too leaving-things-to-chance to support my approach “scientifically.”
    Making sure vaccines are safe is a big responsibility; yet, not informing the public of the pros and cons is not really responsible. I’m disappointed that PBS did not hold the interest of public safety in mind. Once again, it looks like “big money” corporations have had their way. I don’t know when it will stop, if ever in my shortening lifetime. I suppose it will take a catastrophic event, like a ruptured pipeline in the Gulf to wake up the powers.
    Meanwhile, God help us and protect us from those greed-seeking powers that play God.
    Sally Bookwalter

  39. BB Nibbom says:

    Your role should be unbiased reporting not sensationalism and if anything your bias absolutely should be towards informing and protecting the public rather than a spin that is biased towards pharmaceutical companies and their profits which potential risks the health of young children! They are our future! We should do EVERYTHING possible to protect them and their health! What are you thinking?

  40. joe volpe says:

    I have always held pbs and frontline in high regard for reporting facts. I would hope that biased reportintg like in this vaccine report will not happen again.

  41. Anne B. says:

    I never thought that PBS would put a program on that was so biased. The filmaker had the material to do a proper job, but chose to do a harmful job. I am very disappointed.

  42. Elanne Palcich says:

    When my son had a severe reaction to his first DPT vaccine, I began researching the issue. For one thing, we are giving vaccines too early in age (some right at birth) and too many at one time. Then we wonder why there is such an increase in autism, ADD, allergies, etc.
    I believe that the American public deserves the truth, not propaganda put forth by companies making profits by manufacturing vaccines.
    There are other ways to create a more healthy population–including getting the toxins out of our air, water, food, and furnishings.
    We know so much about wholesome nutrition and proper hygiene. Yet we allow personal health decisions to be made for us by government mandates and company profits.
    I would expect PBS to be more helpful in gleaning out the truth.

  43. Arthur Howe says:

    I am very dissapointed that you chose to drop your interview with Dr. Jay Gordon on your Vaccine Wars program. I am an avid viewer and supporter of PBS. However, your connections with big pharma now seem to be more important than airing a balanced view. Please be advised that I am boycotting PBS and will advise my friends to do the same.

  44. If you have a guest on then you should broadcast the interview. I think that the drug companies were doing a real number scaring the populus about the H1N1 shots and kept it going well past flu season.

  45. Laurie Black says:

    I financially support PBS television and expect better. We have enough biased slip-shod reporting from the major networks and we need a fair and balanced source of information. I have always believed PBS Frontline has provided such and environment but not in this case. We all deserve better.

  46. Ruth & Marvin Angus says:

    I can’t believe a channel I actually believed to be the last channel to tell the truth for the good of the people would hold back important info from a Dr. who has many years of experience. Well I’ll not be supporting PBS any more now that I know it’s corupt along with the rest of TV. Too bad ,and I will be making reprints of Dr. Gordons letter telling the truth of how PBS lies!!!! Marvin and Ruth Angus

  47. Alan Schwartz,M.D. says:

    I have long been a supporter of PBS and its programming. However, I have been concerned for some time that your corporate sponsors might influence you to slant your programming inappropriately, and it seems my fears were justified.
    The Frontline program, “The Vaccine Wars,” presented as an allegedly balnced look at two sides of the vaccination issue, turned out to be a clearly biased effort to sway public opinion in favor of vaccination. You pitted lay parents who had legitimate vaccine concerns against respected scientists and doctors, and by censoring the scientists and physicians, Robert Sears and Jay Gordon, for example, who you interviewed, who supported the parents’ view, you accomplished a successful hack job. Welcome to the world of yellow journalism.
    Responsible journalism involves unbiased representation when possible of all sides of an issue. In that endeavor you failed miserably. You should be deeply ashamed.

  48. Marcia McAllister says:

    PBS is in bed with Big Pharma. So much for educating people. The author should give the facts and the interview and the truth. That is the end of PBS for me. Have watched public broadcasting since the 1970’s. No more.

  49. Dr Terence K Patrick says:

    It’s interesting that they didn’t interview Dr Sherri Tenpenny from the Cleveland clinic. She has spent more than 10,000 hours reviewing what the cdc’s own MMWR’s have to say about vaccination. She states that they frequently remind us that vaccination has never been proven to be “immunization”. She also has some great insight into the mixing of virus’s in vaccines.

  50. jerome johnson says:

    PBS you should be ashamed of how you handled this program.

  51. Tong Lu says:

    I believe that PBS, a public broadcasting TV company as its name implies, should disclose all its financial relationship with the drug companies (such as vaccine manufacturers) to the public prior to making a forum or presentation concerning the pros and cons of vaccines to the public. This especially applies to those vaccines which can result in tremendous impact on children who might be harmed by any unnecessary vaccines or their aggressive schedules purely for the profit of the drug companies regardless the true scientific usefulness to the vaccinated children.
    Furthermore, Dr. Gordon’s interview should be presented in full as he is an unbiased medical scientist.

  52. Chris says:

    Vaccines are dangerous and we need to hear more discussions about them. The FDA approves all sorts of drugs that should not be and are recalled. This will prove to be the case.

  53. fritzi cohen says:

    I am so disappointed in what appears to becoming a habit with Frontline to not fully report on controversial issues, and so far this non-professional slanted approach seems to be concentrated re health care issues. I might expect this from Fox News , and the like, but not from PBS. I agree that the actions of the producer of this show are egregious and inexcusable. I think the only recourse for PBS is to have Frontline present Dr. Gordon’s interview honestly on their web site, but also to have it aired as a scheduled subsequent segment on this subject

  54. James Reill says:

    NPR – National Propaganda Radio.
    PBS – Pure B–l S–t.
    So-called “public broadcasting” has long been the bribed tool of reactionary corporate intrigue.

  55. Jordan Sparks says:

    You have once again proved why your viewers are limited to your own family members.
    Your bias with regard to vaccines in your interview with Dr. Jay Gordon, a reasonable advocate of vaccines, was a blatant display of hypocrisy and total absence of independent thought.

  56. Don Barshay says:

    The fact that PBS is presenting such a slanted presentation is both sad and a disgrace. There was a time when PBS was actually an alternative to the lamestream media… apparently not anymore.

  57. Elissa Mericle-Gray says:

    If we cannot rely on PBS to give up the truth, who can we rely on? I thought you were not in the grips of the big corporations, fooled me didn’t you. I don’t watch much tv, do like to watch PBS, will have to change my mind on that too I see. I know for a fact that big pharma is forcing us to get vaccines that are not good for us and do little if nothing but make us sick. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

  58. Beverly Hollingsworth says:

    It is time you told the truth!!!!!!!!!! We are sick and tired of drug companies poisioning us with their vaccines from hell. They do not care about us. They only care about how much money they can mik us for. Nutrition is the root of all dis ease in the body. Did they pay you to shut up about the truth. We are tired of these harmful games with our lives and children. WE WANT THE TRUTH AND NOTHING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. It is disgusting that many people in the medical field have no concern that they make money injecting children with poison. They know it is wrong and still do it. Creed–Creed–Creed. It makes you want to vomit with disgust.. All we can do is little by little make people aware that many of the Docotors who suppose to care for our children only care for the money they make even if it means harming children and damaging them for a life time. RN

  60. Winnie Stearns says:

    Please, for the sake of our children, present Dr. Gordon’s interview accurately and honestly.
    The lives and health you save may be your children and grandchildren.
    Best Regards.

  61. Ardith Arrington says:

    Another reason to not watch or fund PBS!!!

  62. Neta O'Leary says:

    Dear PBS,
    It is important to be accurate and honest regarding the huge and misrepresented topic of vaccination.
    A lot of power and money behind one sided information to the public, especially new parents.
    You are not beholden to big corporate interests and therefor owe us the truth and unbiased details that Dr. Gordon can provide.
    Share the whole picture by including the interview with Dr. Gordon on your website for all to read.
    Neta O’Leary

  63. Joy Ruth says:

    As a parent and a professional social worker, I demand that Frontline present Dr Gordon’s interview accurately and honestly on your website! PBS failed miserably to provide a fair and balanced reporting of the issues related to vaccines. It is well documented that autism is occurring at an all time high. Shame on you for not asking any questions as to why this is happening to children and families today.
    Many well educated parents make responsible informed decisions not to vaccinate their children. Casting these parents as ignorant and confused is wrong and misrepresents reality. You did nothing to inform your viewers and to provide information to help parents in making difficult decisions regarding the welfare of their children. Do the right thing now and post the interview in its entirety!

  64. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  65. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  66. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  67. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  68. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  69. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  70. raiden knight says:

    Its time to do this. RLK

  71. Carson Boyd says:

    I hope you reconsider your position on offering information about the negative effects of vaccinations.

  72. Brenda Ray says:

    I have no TV, so I didn’t see the PBS show. However, I can well believe that any show financed even in part by drug companies is going to be slanted, because those people know where their bread is buttered.
    And, as usual these days, it’s the innocent (in this case children) who suffer most for the ultimate villain: Greed.
    I am sorry you were ripped off of your time, and all the rest. PBS did you a terrible disservice, and by extension did the viewing public a disservice.

  73. Judy Shelton says:

    Would you please take a more nuanced and accurate approach to the vaccination debate, and include the thoughtful perspective of Dr. Jay Gordon? It is precisely this kind of failure on your part that has stopped me from pledging to my local public TV station in recent years.

  74. Chuck Soupios says:

    Whatever you believe about vaccines, the fact remains they have not always been beneficial. Real science requires real research and discussion, not censorship. What PBS has done amounts to nothing but censorship. This is unacceptable. There are too many points in the vaccine controversy which have been withheld from public discussion. Here are three negative aspects of vaccines which anyone can learn for themselves with minimal research:
    1. Google and read Security Memorandum 200, which was written by Henry Kissinger in 1976. it called for the use of vaccines to reduce certain populations, particularly of African countries. Kissinger referred to the people of those countries as “useless eaters.”
    2. Google and read the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEPA), and try not to cry. There has never been a more disgraceful law to support the pharmaceutical companies in their pursuit of profits. Most states in the US have already signed on to this draconian legislation which serves no other purpose than to force the US public to comply with the drug companies and their designs on our health and well-being (which they couldn’t care less about).
    3. Google and read the patents for the H1N1 virus, which were approved at the same time as the vaccines for that disease. While some patents were legitimately intended to provide preemptive measures against emerging viruses, further research will reveal that certain viruses were protected for other reasons. The CDC also has info on its website about the resurrection of the 1918 Spanish Flu in 2002 which had many of the same attributes as the most recent viruses, including SARS, Avian Flu, and H1N1.

    • Chuck Soupios says:

      By the way, when you research patents on any of the viruses mentioned, note the dates on which each patent was granted. All of them were in force before any of the related viruses became a threat. Think long and hard about why that might be.

  75. Sarah says:

    This was a disgrace and so sad to not see the full story:( You will be judged some day by powers bigger than money!

  76. Heather Josephs says:

    Shame, & disgust & betrayal is your accomplishment, PBS Frontline. Are you proud of yourself? The “American People” are waking up to see the government controlled media you proved yourself to be. Gone are the days of true, unbiased journalism. “We the people”, will remember those that helped to perpetuate lies, fear, and misinformation for the government. In our great country, all are accountable, and all are expected to stand for freedom; but most especially, the media.
    My money will never find it’s way into “PBS” pockets. I will never again view your show. SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
    Heather Josephs

  77. David Adams says:

    I want to protest a recent PBS Frontline program on vaccination. Accomplished pediatrician and author Dr. Jay Gordon was recently interviewed at length for a show called “The Vaccine War.” Although Dr. Gordon spent hours interviewing with Frontline, PBS producers omitted not only 100% of his interview but the entire “third camp” approach to vaccinations. It is obvious that PBS wanted to create a simple tabloid news piece with the all-knowing doctors on one side vs. crazed parents on the other.
    This is disturbing. It is even more disturbing given the level of financial support provided to public television by drug and related companies. There are numerous reasons (many supported by sound scientific research in various countries) to be cautious about use of vaccines, especially in small children. Let’s here both sides of these issues!

  78. roswitha baughman says:

    Please don’t cover up the dangers the vaccine does

  79. Claire Perricelli says:

    We should be able to expect more from PBS.

  80. Jo says:

    Love be damned and evil beloved! This seems to be the attiute of not only those like PBS frontline, but of many others in this country that are out for only one thing…themselves! Be it political, for money, for power or for vainity sake. They have more than lost their way, they’ve lost themselves as God’s children. They have gone so far left, they know longer know how to go right…literlly. God said that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. This is the way of many in high places. Many of them feel they’re right, and are so wrong. Why? Because their morals have shifted and they no longer know who God is. He is one big thing…LOVE! And love does no harm. Greatfully, there are many that do care and are doing all they can to bring back to this country what many have died for…freedom! And this time God will be in the picture and his wisdom will follow.

  81. Chuck Soupios says:

    For those of you who don’t have time to do your own research, check out these patent claims:
    Patent Application for H1N1 Virus: US20080069821A1
    Patent Application Link:
    Related US Patent #5,698,433 (1997 version):
    What is claimed is:
    1. An isolated polypeptide, wherein said polypeptide is selected from the group consisting of: a) a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence encoded by the nucleotide sequence as shown in any one of SEQ ID NOS:21-26 or 33-38 or 45; b) a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence as shown in any one of SEQ ID NOS:27-32 or 39-44; c) the mature form of a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence as shown in any one of SEQ ID NOS: 27-32 or 39-44; d) a polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence encoded by a polynucleotide which hybridizes under highly stringent conditions to a polynucleotide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding (a) (b) or (c); and e) a polypeptide comprising an amino acid sequence having at least 90% sequence identity to the polypeptide of (b).
    2. An immunogenic composition comprising an immunologically effective amount of at least one polypeptide of claim 1.
    3. An isolated antibody that specifically binds the polypeptide of claim 1.
    4. A method for stimulating the immune system of an individual to produce a protective immune response against influenza virus, the method comprising administering to the individual an immunologically effective amount of the polypeptide of claim 1 in a physiologically acceptable carrier.
    5. A recombinant influenza virus comprising the polypeptide of claim 1.
    6. An immunogenic composition comprising an immunologically effective amount of the recombinant influenza virus of claim 5.
    7. A method for stimulating the immune system of an individual to produce a protective immune response against influenza virus, the method comprising administering to the individual an immunologically effective amount of the recombinant influenza virus of claim 5 in a physiologically acceptable carrier.
    8. An isolated polynucleotide, wherein said polynucleotide is selected from the group consisting of: a) a polynucleotide comprising the nucleotide sequence as shown in any one of SEQ ID NOS: 21-26 or 33-38 or 45, or a complementary sequence thereof; b) a polynucleotide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a polypeptide comprising the amino acid sequence as shown in any one of SEQ ID NOS: 27-32 or 39-44, or a complementary nucleotide sequence thereof; c) a polynucleotide which hybridizes under highly stringent conditions over substantially the entire length of the polynucleotide of (a); and d) a polynucleotide comprising a nucleotide sequence having at least 98% sequence identity to the polynucleotide of (a).
    9. An immunogenic composition comprising at least one polynucleotide of claim 8.
    10. A cell comprising at least one polynucleotide of claim 8.
    11. A vector comprising the polynucleotide of claim 8.
    12. The vector of claim 11, wherein the vector is a plasmid, a cosmid, a phage, a virus, or a fragment of a virus.
    13. The vector of claim 12, wherein the vector is an expression vector.
    14. A cell comprising the vector of claim 13.
    15. An influenza virus comprising one or more polynucleotides of claim 8.
    16. The virus of claim 15, wherein the virus is a reassortant virus.
    17. A 6:2 reassortant influenza virus, wherein said virus comprises 6 internal genome segments from A/Ann Arbor/6/60 and 2 genome segments that encode an HA and/or a NA polypeptide selected from the group consisting of: the polypeptides of SEQ ID NOS:27-32, and 39-44.
    18. A method of producing a reassortant influenza virus, the method comprising: culturing the cell of claim 14 in a suitable culture medium under conditions permitting expression of said polynucleotide; and, isolating the reassortant influenza virus from a cell population comprising said cell or the medium.
    19. An immunogenic composition comprising an immunologically effective amount of the reassortant influenza virus of claim 17.
    There are 19 more claims which cannot fit into this description. Please check the first link above for the rest.

  82. deborah Pierce says:

    PBS failed us. This is terrible. It can never happen again. We need for new partents to know ALL the information about vaccination their children.

  83. Jeannie says:

    PBS you are no better than the other big media that is controlled by corporate money. My husband and I have supported PBS for years. That will change given your resent actions.

  84. Carol Lockner says:

    Shame on you PBS! Are your coffers being funded by pharmeceutical companies (vaccine makers) too?

  85. Linda Lee Andersson says:

    I trusted PBS. There was a time when everything you said influenced my decisions as a mother, teacher and citizen. Now I’ve come to see you as entertainment, and worse, as entertainment like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. You have no intention of telling the truth since your soul has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma. Do you not know how many children you are harming and perhaps killing? How many families are trusting you to tell the truth, when you haven’t even bothered to find out what the truth is, but let financial bribes control your conscience.
    I’ve seen studies where the faces of children receiving vaccines were photographed before the vaccine, and then photographed afterward, 15 mins, 1 hr., 1 day, 2 weeks, and onward. The shapes of their faces changed: the symmetry of their faces became asymmetrical after the vaccine. When I asked how this was possible, it turned out that the most agreed-upon theory was that they suffered thousands of mini strokes afterward, nerve damage.
    Have you ever wondered how many pharmaceutical industry CEOs and managers get their children vaccinated with the same vaccines that we get out in society?
    You have done a great disservice not to air Dr. Gordon’s and Dr. Sears’s interviews. Just as the insurance companies will be tried someday for murder for all of the people who could have been saved by having insurance but got denied, I hope that you will someday be tried for giving disinformation while calling it Truth.
    You’ve let your soul be bought and sold by murderers and profit mongers. I hope it’s worth it to you. Personally I am disgusted and ashamed of the quality of Truth that you are trying to force upon your viewers. You are willfully trying to keep us ignorant.

  86. Laura Chollick says:

    I am once again shocked at the lies and misinformation put out there by people who call themselves journalists.

  87. Clinton blumer says:

    I am really surprised at PBS. I have had a lot of respect in the past for this station, but now I question its unbiased truthfulness.

  88. Cindy Kuhn says:

    I am absolutely appalled and deeply troubled by the extremely lopsided coverage of the vaccine wars by PBS. How can a reasoned discussion be possible if only one side of the facts are presented. This is worse than saying nothing about the matter. Intelligent , reasonable people, I place myself in this group, are not afraid of the facts. We prefer to analyze the data and draw our own conclusions, thank you very much. How can a reasoned judgment be made when you deliberately omit any opinions and factual scientific data that runs counter to your already preconceived convictions? Shame on PBS. You do a grave disservice and discount the intelligence of your audience. Who needs this kind of unbalanced, biased reporting? You can take your poor excuse for a rational discourse and put it where the sun doesn’t shine!

  89. Dr. Gordon, Please name one ingredient in any vaccine that is NOT harmful to any living being??? If you take every ingredient that is harmful or sometimes deadly to a living being out of every vaccine, you will have NOTHING left in ANY vaccine. To space vaccines further apart, would be a little less harmful, but still dangrous or deadly. It would just take a little longer to do there damage. And as far as a safe or safer vacine goes, there is NO SUCH THING. Vaccines do NOT prevent any disease. They only cause MANY diseases. This is THE MEDICAL MAFIA’S gaurantee of repeat business. Vaccines are a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BU$INE$$. Produced by THE MEDICAL MAFIA, for THE MEDICAL MAFIA. $$$$$$

  90. Valerie Friedman says:

    Thank God my mother, who was an accomplished homeopath, knew how to antidote the dangerous elements, including Mercury, that are contained in many vaccinations. I didn’t have to worry so much about the vaccines I HAD BEEN FORCED by law to give my daughter. How do you explain all of the cases of ADD and other “syndromes” that have appeared in kids from my generation on down — as a coincidental occurence that just happened to appear with the onslaught of vaccinations required of children since the 50’s? I don’t disagree that vaccines can be helpful, but they need to be made safe, and ganging up several in one huge dose further complicates the risk. All I’m saying is we should back up and re-evaluate the approach. Are we saving money, or are we saving lives?

  91. Ann buscher says:

    I have always had the greatest respect for PBS and for Frontline. Until now, I am appalled by the misrepresentation of Dr. Gordon’s interview.

  92. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  93. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  94. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  95. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  96. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  97. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  98. PBS shame on you! you are despicable! You lick the hand that feeds you, like all good dogs do.

  99. Doreen McNeal says:

    I’ve always considered PBS giving us accurate information, but bending to Big Pharma is disgusting.

  100. Russell Novkov says:

    Please spill out the truth!

  101. Rita Meuer says:

    Why would you omit something so important? I thought PBS was all about neutratlity!

  102. Barb E says:

    Shame on PBS for covering up important information. I will not trust PBS ever again. This is about our children and you did us a disservice by covering up what parents need to know. So, know we know who you are in bed with. I guess some pockets run deep.

  103. Lin Wessels says:

    Shame on you Frontline and PBS. You have a duty to the public to be fair and impartial. Your piece on “The Vaccine Wars” was not only very obviously biased, it was down right pathetic! I really expected more integrity from both Frontline and PBS. So sad. One less household will be patronizing your programming in all future endeavors as you have shown yourselves to not be trustworthy.

  104. Karen Hiatt says:

    Care enough to be totally H O N E S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The crooked, corrupt trash going on in this land is going
    to come to an end.
    Each and everyone one of us is in charge of our own health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the government,
    the media, nor anyone else. Their are many millions of parents, grandparents, great-grand-
    parents that are ready. willing, and able to protect our dear children.

  105. Julie Nygren says:

    If you allow the corporate interests of sponsors dictate PBS’s programming, then you are not true to the mission.
    I expect PBS to be an objective supporter of alternative views. I

  106. Mary Noland says:

    You should be ashamed to cover up anything; whether it is controversial or not…. this is why I quit watching PBS.

  107. calin riffle says:

    shame ahame shame on you pbs ! to think you are not a corperate sponsered tv station and you ran a one sided BIASED show is so wrong in so many ways ! what a disgrace you are to the idea of information from a one side view of lies and deception , are you so ignorant that you truely believe what you broadcasted ? or was there a donation to keep you quiet and one sided about the facts . How dare you waste peoples time who passionately and have clear evidence and knowledge of the unexcuseable damage that vaccines cause to the body as a whole . I USED to watch your channel all the time , but NO MORE NOT ONE SHOW EVER AGAIN ! As the LLIGHT shines on the REAL TRUTH of vaccines it will be to late for so many many children , we have done so much damage for what money ? money does not equal life , this is shameful , I expected so much more from your channel . I am disgusted !

  108. Mike Shay says:

    Your pro-bias on vaccines, has no scientific basis. Not only do you not include the dangers of vaccines from scientific journals, but omitt all rebutals against the pro-vaccine lobby. You endanger the lives of millions of people who believe that you have their best interest at hand. when you betray trust, that is fraud.

  109. David Young says:

    Please try to be fair in the future.

  110. Jeff Acton says:

    The hollow words of Bertrand Russell, who advocated the use of vaccines to induce partial chemical lobotomies and create a servile zombie population, are then considered alongside the soaring rates of autism in the U.S. and the increasing amount of vaccines being mandated for babies and young children.
    The comments of elitists alive today who openly advocate “culling” the human population by means of mass genocide, plagues and viruses are then considered alongside Aldous Huxley’s warning that ruling oligarchies would use advanced techniques of medicine and pharmacology to ensure the human population “enjoy their servitude”.
    Endgame documents the innumerable examples where governments have tested deadly pathogens, viruses, radiological and biological weapons on human populations without their knowledge in order to advance the progress of eugenics, including the infamous Ringworm Children, who were used as guinea pigs and subjected to lethal doses of radiation by Israeli health officials, killing 6,000 and leaving the rest with lifelong debilitating illnesses.
    [ ]
    So far the producers of Frontline have refused even a reasonable request to post Dr Gordon’s interview on the station’s website. This is very poor journalism. The refusal is even more disturbing given drug company and related financial support for public television, a fact that should lead you to take special care to show balance and present all the facts. Dr Gordon’s interview should be posted immediately.

  111. Cindy Moore says:

    Enough lies and the pharma industry wanting us sick and alterior motives to forced vaccine’s.
    The live avian flu virus found in Baxter’s vaccines to 18 countries caught, etc, etc. You can keep your dirty vaccines and terrible alterior motives.Co’s trying to spread disease to force vaccines on us and make zillion’s of dollars. It’s a time of exposure…………whether you guys like it or not….the truth is coming out about many things. It’s not going to be as easy as you thought to pull the wool over our eyes. So much for the public being stupid and you can do anything you want.

  112. Cindy Moore says:

    It’s time to stop all of these bad things and alterior motives with the vaccines.

  113. Sybil A. Stock, MD says:

    Your one-sided report, “The Vaccine Wars” has done a huge disservice to anyone seeking unbiased information on this complex topic.

  114. Linda Miyoshi says:

    Did not appreciate your biased show on vaccinations, whatever you say, parents know the truth and damage they have caused these poor children, shame on you.

  115. Vicki Robbins RN, IBCLC says:

    Please present Dr. Gordon’s interview on Frontline’s website. As a nurse that works with moms and babies I see this his reasoned balanced thoughts as so refreshing. Many educated parents see through the medical establishment’s propaganda of “same ole” story when it comes to vaccinations as they see and hear a very different story in life with their own or their friends’ experiences. There are many stories to be heard when over 25% of children have some variety of neurological issues from autism to ADHD to learning disabilities, etc. It is obvious to anyone that researches any further than those who have a vested interest in selling vaccines, that there are many missing pieces and much more research that needs to be done to ensure the safety and health of our children is not harmed by over zealous vaccination. Until a reasoned balanced expert opinion is shown then parents feels they have no choice except to not vaccinate their children. They do not trust strong one sided “experts”
    that dismiss what parents see as their own truths. And I understand their frustration. “Money talks”, huh ???? Too bad PBS can’t be a little more balanced. Shame on them, They’ve lost my trust.

  116. Mark McLean says:

    Why did you publish only part of your interview with Dr. Jay Gordon? Because he was honest but did not agree with you, you only published what you wanted to publish. You are far from honest in your reporting the facts. You are very biased ie LIBERAL.
    Mark McLean

  117. Betty Beck says:

    Inexcusable, PBS, how you edited out Dr. Gordon’s truth about vaccinating children. You’ve broken a trust. Show Dr. Gordon’s interview accurately and honestly … at least on your website.

  118. Jan Walls says:

    As a long-time member of public broadcasting and an avid fan of Frontline, I am disappointed to discover the bias in your report on the vaccine wars. Please rectify the deplorable situation and provide the “rest of the story”.

  119. Dr Guy Devin says:

    This was so unfair. Are you kidding me. How is that every Twenty minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism?

  120. anne gross says:

    I was looking forward to your program. What a disappointment. PBS=particularly biased station!!!

  121. MRS LAUREL NEWMAN says:

    I watched the Frontline show and really felt that once again, PBS has taken the a pro chemical stand. Why? I believe sponsors. I used to think public television was a good impartial news reporting station…no longer…pro abortion…pro Democrates…and big money once again buys air time. I really would like to find a news station and programming showing the pros and cons fairly.
    You Ain’t It PBS.

  122. Michael Morningstar says:

    I watched y;our show and was very dissappointed with the lack of fair and equal opportu;nity and slanted reporting. Having tracked this issue for many years it is obvious your portrayal was less than unbiased. Your coverage is oviously slanted toward the big drug companies and AMA which have the fear, intimidations, money and power factors working for them to buy whatever they want. I am saddened and disappointed to the point that I have lost much of my feelings of support for PBS. BTW I have noticed the same thing with some of the national public radio and stopped listening to most of it. PBS is being bought and paid for by the same big companies that are destroyeing the environment and the health and well being of individuals that fall victim to the over vaccinations. I only hope you will do a little more research to discover the truth about the abuse of unecessary childhod vaccinations and the problems they are causing.

  123. chris hammond says:

    Dear Sirs As a long time viewer of front line I was very disappointed in you vaccine segment. Please continue researching the subject at length. It is too important to be treated in this fashion. Dig In deep! Keep clawing for a fuller story. Balanced is different than milk and toast reporting. Chris Hammond

  124. Michelle Farniok says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Dr. Gordon’s view in this letter. I saw this “Vaccine War” show on PBS and throughout it I literally felt my blood boiling! It did not address ONE question I have about vaccines and their effectiveness. Each day there are reports produced that indicate vaccines are NOT proving to be effective and need “boosters”. So vaccinated persons are getting the illnesses anyways? No where in this show was it said Vaccines are 100% effective nor do the Doctors say that. Parents then assume they get their children a shot and then they will be “immune”. Well natural immunity gives you 100% immunity for LIFE! I do believe there is a time and a place for SAFe vaccines, but NOT the way they are manufactured and given RIGHT NOW in this United States of America! We are no longer a nation led by it’s people! We are led by BIG CORPORATIONS! IT’s time the PEOPLE take a STAND!!!!! NOW!!! If all parents stopped and refused vaccines until they are “proven safe”, then big pharms would get their crap straight and do it! Money talks and that is all they listen to! So what are we waiting for? I’m already in that line!

  125. cj holtman says:

    my 4 children are grown & we were very fortunate not to have irreversible damage done to them with vaccines. my question is; is there a difference in the contents of the vaccines used in the last 10 years & if so, does that not account for some of the increase in the rate of autism in the children receiving them or if they are the same as 10 years earlier could the scheduling of them be partly to blame?…
    as a very concerned grandparent of 6, the concerns of mandatory vaccinations have not been clearly researched. it’s a shame that PBS, which is one of my favorite sources of pertinent information played their cards to the drug companies. that is very unlike them, as a rule. people simply want answers. why must it be so incredibly difficult to get them?

  126. Robert Black, O.D. says:

    The veracity of PBS is no longer at issue as it appears there isn’t any… is obvious that PBS has a preconceived notion in mind prior to interviews and anyone, regardless of stature and expertise, that does not fit that notion is cast aside so that differing opinions are never heard. I am ashamed that this comes from a public supported broadcasting system and will make sure that I do not support it until journalism ethics are re-established.

  127. Katrina says:

    I am tired of “All Media” protecting Corporate interests . instead of People’s interests and well being. This country needs to change it’s course immediately or down the road we are going to pay dearly and our children will pay moreso. America has turned into an “UGLY TWISTED PLACE ” the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for are quickly going down the toilet all for the corporation. When are people going to ” QUIT ” selling out for a buck? I am ashamed FRONTLINE. And I used to be a big avid watcher years ago because you used to do REAL JOURNALISM back in the day. This is why I do not allow Television in my house. I refuse to watch adulterated crap and immoral 24-7. I am happy to say that we still have other news sources to turn to that do not involve corporate pimps.

  128. Dave Lowe says:

    You’re supposed to be unbiassed. You are not. You are bought-out and paid-off.

  129. Greg says:

    It is unethical when you have a more complete picture of a very serious matter that has caused tragic and painful injury to tens of thousands of families and you fail to present it. You make a mockery of a victim. The families are twice victimized, first by a preventable disease, autism, and secondly humiliated by a “Fox News” type treatment of her valid position. Frontline should search for truth so that people can avoid serious problems for their loved ones and not be just a form of simpleminded entertainment.

  130. Margery Oberheide says:

    As a devotee of PBS, NPR, BBC for my news and information sources, and an ardent follower of Frontline programming, I am disappointed to find in your coverage of vaccinations that your coverage was less than fair and decidedly biased against those who are concerned about the unprecedented barrage of live/dead virus’ etal being injected into those very young who have not developed full immunities and whose bodies metabolize everything differently than do much older children.
    Perhaps you will reevaluate your “discussion” of our present vaccination requirements. As the mother of a child who had an immediate and violent reaction to the first of the required three tetanus, diptheria, pertussin inoculations that resulted in his being hospitalized for over a week, I am well aware of how it feels to be one of the parents/children who fall under the statistics where it goes wrong.
    Fortunately, I had a holistic physician who I contacted. He told me to insist that the inoculations be given (the second and the third) WITHOUT the pertussin. This was in the 1980s. The subsequent vaccinations were given and no other reaction occurred. We were lucky, very lucky that we had an informed physician who was willing to question the “authoritativeness” of the medical establishment in requiring the vaccination schedule.
    Thank you,

  131. Catherine Turley says:

    I expect PBS to give me both sides of any story, objectively. Dr. Jay Gordon was not represented honestly in The Vaccine Wars.

  132. Deborah Sargeant says:

    I am very upset that PBS produced a slanted documentary .Not only do I expect a higher standard from publc television but to omit the views of Drs that you thought worthy of their opinion on this topic until YOU chose to edit these opinions out is suspect. Now every time I watch a PBS documentary I’ll consider it with the same cynicisim that I view FOX,ABC.CBS NBC & the rest of the corporatly owned networks. What a shame,shame on you.Mrs.Deorah Sargeant , South Amboy,N.J.

  133. Judth Labadie says:

    Our grandson is eight months old and his reaction to his first round of vaccinations was worrisome. We all noticed he was withdrawn, frequently cried and over-reacted to touch for several days afterward. But our daughter and son-in-law don’t question the pediatrician’s vaccination schedule. They’re nervous young parents, and my sense is they want to believe someone has all the answers. Dr. Gordon’s participation in the Frontline program certainly wouldn’t do that, but in my view would have been a greater service: showing why we need to stop polarizing around the vaccine issue and instead put more attention on what’s happening to our children.

  134. Dan Dickinson says:

    Shame on PBS. You used to pride yourself on discussing all sides of controversial issues. No more, now you toe the line of the companies that are your sponsors. Not a good idea if you really are “Public” as you like to point out all the time.

  135. Joseph Romero says:

    I’ve alway counted on “Frontline” to provide accurate information on the subject of their programs. On hearing this report on how you left out a complete interview that presented a logical “middle of the road” approach to child vaccines, you’ve lost creditability. The program left a lot of parents with incorrect information which could affect the lives of many children. Not good.

  136. I have 2, TWO grandchildren who were stricken with autism. My daughter’s only 2 children. It’s a 24/7 life of sleepless nights, chaotic days with gastrointestinal disorders, food allergies, eating disorders, sensitivity issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, speech therapy, social behavior therapy, multiple prescription medications, etc. The bright side ? At 8 years old, my grandson is finally potty trained, by day, when reminded. The weight of stress on the lives of my daughter and her husband in their stalwart attempts to lead as normal a life as possible, with children who are not and never will be, is taking a toll on every aspect of life as they knew it -prior to their children’s 18 month vaccinations. PBS– the PUBLIC broadcasting network–funded by the PUBLIC to present for the PUBLIC, trusted, intelligent information–or maybe not ? Truths must be revealed about this growing epidemic, as heartbreaking and gut wrenching this topic is. A, In-Denial -Wishful-Thinking approach to the reality, for the sake of airing a more Warm-Fuzzy-Feel-Good show for the folks at home, is inexcusable and shameful.

  137. Joyce Howard says:

    You are not doing your viewers any favors by reporting things unfairly! Tell the story, both sides of the story and allow people and parents make up their own minds!
    It is not for you to judge but for you to REPORT…if you remember how.

  138. Mary says:

    Disgracefull- News should be told Straight up not changed.So what if it is the Truth, You get more done by telling it instead of covering or ommitting parts of it. People are fed up with Lies.If you can’t tell the Truth get into another line of Business.

  139. Eugene O'Sullivan says:

    Anyone who thinks that giving a new born infant three or four or more vaccinations within hours
    of birth is not doing more harm than good has abandoned any notion of do no harm.
    Can anyone cite an independent study that shows that these vaccinations work?

  140. mark kelley says:

    Dear PBS,
    Please be fair and unbiased and offer opposing views equal time. When I grew up it was common practice to expose children ‘to those with various diseases’, so as to build up naturally acquired immunity.
    I have not seen a doctor since 1973, and take no drugs, and am in better health than many of my fraternity brothers who regularly see MD’s.
    Please offer time to those with ‘other views.
    Thank you. mark kelley, Wilmington, NC

  141. Jay Bulloch says:

    I always thought Frontline was one of the few journalistic shows with integrity. There is a growing body of evidence against vaccines and more importantly corruption within the FDA and pharmaceutical industry. It is a shame this is not being covered.

  142. David Witt says:

    I’ve always been supportive of PBS and have appreciated the Frontline series for many years, but I can see that the high standards PBS adhered to in the past have started to go out the window. In fact,
    I think the programming has been going downhill for some time now, so I’m actually not too surprised by this tabloid style approach. What I dislike most of all is the pandering to the dreaded lowest common denominator. I want shows that challenge me intellectually, that have an edge to them, as well as providing a balanced approach to a topic. Most television is just drivel these days.

  143. Kristen Billings says:

    Your report was shameful and completely lacking in any objective reporting on the real issues surrounding vaccines. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  144. laura tattoo says:

    thank you for starting this action! i felt sick and helpless watching the show, and then angry. thank you. i hope many others, who saw the show and knew it to be the “treacle” it is, will have a chance to see this letter and take action.

  145. Chatham H. Forbes Sr. says:

    Surely it’s past time to stop the moneygrubbing hogwash that mainstream medicine keeps pumping out all year ’round! The trouble is that people think of their kindly private physician, so believe all this stuff that Big Pharma and political AMA types tirelessly produce. The truth is that many vaccines use unsafe components. That is hardly breaking news! Sad, but the flow of propaganda will never stop , because the flow of money to the organizations will never stop. So we just have to keep opposing them with the truth.

  146. Chatham H. Forbes Sr. says:

    There is no exaggerration in the preceding statement. Why would you wan to moderate an accurate comment?

  147. Andre' says:

    PBS Frontline, It is only fair that you reair the interview unbiased. The American public deserves honest journalism.

  148. David Giantomasi says:

    Drugs are bad…mmmmkay.

  149. Kam Amir says:

    I always relied on Front Line for fair, balance and accurate journalism. No more. Too bad.

  150. H J Dezotell says:

    Doctors Linus Pauling PhD, Erwin Stone PhD, Dr F R Klenner and many others have proven over and over that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) not only cures any and all virus infections, but also prevents them from getting infected. Anyone with adequate Ascorbic acid and other vital nutrients supplied to our bodies immune system, disease just does not happen. That includes cancer, heart disease, arthritis and almost all other diseases. Only people who limit or destroy their immune system get diseased. Sugars in all its forms, white flour, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, including pharmaceuticals and vaccines, most cooking and salad oils, junk food, sugar and chemical laden soft drinks, canned food is loaded with sugars and oils, the list goes on and on. Add to that, include pasteurization, micro wave and lack of exercise. Healthy bodies require two to five grams a day, to stay healthy. Those with poor diets require ten or more grams of ascorbic acid a day. Bodies sick and diseased need fifteen to sixty grams a day or more. To find out how much you require, is simple. Take two grams a day. Add two grams a day until you get a mild diarrhea. Your body is saturated with vitamin C. Back off and keep a loose stole. Listen to your Body, it knows what it needs. If you buy food at the supermarket, you will need all the nutrients you can afford, which will be much less than health insurance. Ascorbic acid is the most important nutrient your body requires. Every cell in your body needs and uses it. No cell is made or replaced without ascorbic acid. It is the key to good to our health. “Exercise” (oxygen), is a nutrient required in abundance, for the nutrient vitamin C to do its job. Internet:
    vitamin C to do its job

  151. Robert Paggen says:

    It appears that even PBS has been tainted by drug money. There are many, many experts that are warning the lack of safety and the ineffectiveness of most vaccines. If anyone is ignoring science it is media like PBS. Their desire of money over honesty is obvious to anyone paying attention and more and more people are paying attention.. I will along with others will help spread the word about slanted journalism such as PBS’s biased piece on vaccinations.. PBS has probably sold out to the drug companies at the price of our childrens health. Shame on PBS. How do you sleep at night.

  152. Luc Gagnon says:

    I was greatly surprised to read that PBS would Knowinly conceal infromations that is that important

  153. Vince says:

    Coverup. Stop being corporate shills for big pharma, big food, big agribusiness and all big corporations. Stop being corporate shills.

  154. Vincent says:

    Your story was a giant coverup. Stop being corporate shills for big pharma, big food, big agribusiness and all big corporations. It seems there is not a big corporation you guys are not shills for. Stop being corporate shills.

  155. Rev Colleen Brown says:

    Please take heed and sort through the more expansive information above. We need clarity and vigilance in all of these matters. You do such a great ob usually– lets fine tune this one.

  156. Andrea Meyer says:

    As a mother of a two-year-old, I have spent a lot of time researching this issue, and it is certainly more complex than the show suggests. Parents who question the overuse of vaccines in this country have a right to learn more, and they also have a right to be treated respectfully by the media, rather than a hysterical bag of nuts. Many of us are educated and informed and all of us love our kids and seek the safest course of action. For me, that meant selective and slow vaccinating, hand-picking those that I feel are most important for my son. That decision was made after a ton of reading and speaking to professionals. Give us some credit and please offer unbiased information to other parents out there who have not yet put in the time but still want to make informed decisions and do what’s right for their kids. So far, you just haven’t done your job.
    Thank you,
    Andrea Meyer
    Journalist, Writer, Mom

  157. Diane Wilson says:

    We the people demand that you (FRONTLINE) present Dr. Gordon’s interview accurately and
    honestly on your website. Distrust is hard to overcome and is harmful to your objectives.

  158. Laura says:

    Dr. Gordon’s interview should have been written exactly as it occurred, not modified to show a biased and slanted –and inexact– opinion. I expect honesty from PBS! Otherwise these interviews should not be shown at all, or listed as a piece of fiction.

  159. Susan Nelson says:

    I wish I had seen the show as I am a very firm believer that the MMR vaccine given as it is all at once cannot be tolerated by some babies and leads to autism. I have talked to several mothers who have told me the babies they took to their pediatricians for that particular shot were not the same babies they brought home. Too many parents who are worried about this vaccine are avoiding getting their children inoculated at all which puts those children and others they come in touch with at risk. The fact that PBS chose not to broadcast any of Dr. Jay Gordon’s approach to administering vaccines is shameful. What a disservice to all those who believe and trust PBS to give us honest and unbiased information! This is a problem that is not going away. Too many childrens’ lives have already been ruined by the administration of this vaccine. It HAS to be spaced out differently and transparency exhibited on the practice. No more obfuscation! No more babies suffering! It is totally disgusting that this is allowed to occur. Shame on Kate McMahon but more honestly, shame on you PBS for allowing this cover-up.

  160. Sheldon Gilbert says:

    We are entitled to a fair presentation of the facts regarding vaccinations. For example mumps need not be part of the MMR vaccination. It is better to get chicken px when one is young than to get it later on inlfe. Is the measles vsaccine a matter of life and death?

  161. Ginnie says:

    The indoctrination vaccine special challenges your credibility on all issues. There are countless doctors and researchers that support the statements of the parents that are concerned with vaccine safety that you selectively aired. The fact that you wouldn’t air these doctors that you interviewed will lose your audience. Unless there is another compensatory special, you’ve lost another audience member.

  162. Daryl Jackson says:

    I also have deep reservations towards the over usage not only of vaccines but antibiotics and fluoride as well. Both sides must be represented and the issue must be discussed, science always remains skeptical until something is proven. This piece shows only that PBS is biased and certainly has supported the pharmaceutical industry agenda.

  163. Elizabeth Seltzer says:

    If these practices were not being forced on our children it would be one thing.
    This is denial of freedom & personal choice at the most basic level.
    Greed rules.

    • Gillian coulter says:

      Yes. And here is a question I am still trying to figure out: if vaccination actually works to confer immunity, and I vaccinate my child so he is immune, why do I care if your kid is vaccinated or not?

    • Peter Sklar says:

      Well, after that dishonest pro-drug disgrace, that’s the last dollar PBS is getting from us. Time to support and lobby for a truly independent source of radio, or withhold listener contributions until PBS begins behaving maturely and responsibly. -P

  164. Gerhard Bedding says:

    Frontline’s utterly one-sided presentation of the vaccine debate is directly in line with the one-sided presentation of health and science issues we have seen in totalitarian regimes. Any intelligent person who does any research will find that many credentialed, respected doctors and scientists disagree with the official view of vaccines. Suppressing these voices will only further undermine the credibility of the health establishment.

  165. Bobbie Barajas says:

    Count me in. Shame on PBS and Frontline.

    • Dianne Richardson says:

      I was equally dismayed at the end of the PBS Peice “The Vaccine War”. I felt that a large segment of concerned parents was completely overlooked by PBS and that the question of why harmful ingredients were allowed in an infants vaccine was never addressed. The influence of profit on the drug industry and the fact of frequent, almost daily disclosures, of medicines approved by the FDA that are hastily removed from the market once the drugs have been “tried out” on the general public and proven to be harmful, was never brought up. Why should parents accept the onslaught of these so called “miracle drugs” without question? Why shouldn’t we be concerned that we aren’t being told the truth?

  166. kent b says:

    I oppose your practice of manipulating interviews to include only information that your management wants broadcast, as in the Dr. Jay Gordon incident.
    Integrity is as rare in broadcasting as it is in government.

  167. John Graff says:

    I would expect a fair and balanced treatment of this subject from PBS and am very disappointed.

  168. Helen Allard says:

    Shame on Kate McMahon.

  169. rachel goodkind says:

    You COULD have reported the truth, instead you mislead viewers and pretend that chemical vaccines are safe as candy. Vaccines are NOT a safe or healthy alternative to any ‘MAN-MADE/LABORATORY CREATED’ illnesses……SHAME ON YOU FOR BETRAYING CITIZENS!.

    • Carlos J. Garcia says:

      What we need to understand is that vaccines are pushed by big pharma. Big Pharma’s investors are deeply intertwined in government. PBS is controlled by government…. Do not make the mistake of blaming the poor wench from PBS nor its staff for not airing the documentary. It is not her fault nor PBS’s. Remember, PBS is run by Government $ which (is our money), but don’t expect that to matter.
      The whole government needs to be uprooted and lobbyist need to be out of Washington. It is truly out of control. Thank God for internet and You Tube which most times will give you some unbiased info. It is up to the people to stand together and say NO to Vaccines!!! NO to Big Goverment, NO to IRS – taxation abuse. If we do not take a stand together, this nation will be taken over by parasites… Don’t believe me!!! Start watching and listening. This is just one example of the corruption.

      • Sherri says:

        Apparently YouTube is biased now as well…
        YouTube censors video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs
        (NaturalNews) Within hours after posting our video interview with Jeffrey Smith, creator of Seeds of Deception and author of Genetic Roulette, YouTube pulled the video. Attempts to play the video are now met with the following message: …

  170. Sheri Jagielski says:

    present Dr. Gordon’s interview accurately and honestly

  171. Jackie Lucas says:

    I will contact PBS and let them know I am disappointed with their poor choice and I will not sponser them ever again. I also will forward this to all I know. Thank you Dr. Gordon for your fine efforts.

  172. david says:

    I believe vaccines damaged my child. I have three children and we choose not to vaccinate the last child because of what we believe was damage to our first two children. we did not get hte boosters for our first two children for the same reason. the medical community does not want to have this conversation.
    look where the industries in this icounty are leading us. the medical comunity is poisoning our childern. the oil industry is doing premanant damage to the sea and the coast and the banking industry has lead us of an economic cliff. all in the name of profits. we need better leadership in our gov’t to correct these problems. i am pissed!!!

  173. Judith Plowden says:

    PBS should always be a source of truth for the public about medicine. In this case, about vaccines and their possible dangers to small children.

  174. Lana Nolan says:

    People need to start paying attention to the control the government has on the media. It is not “we the people” anymore. It is us and them. Our representatives don’t do their jobs, the FDA doesn’t do their job. I thought PBS was different but apparently not.

    • chloe holly says:

      I think that private corporations have more control over the media, including PBS, than the government does. The private corporations are where the media gets its income from, through advertising, so that’s who the media kow-tows to.
      The FDA also gets money from private industry and therefore is biased toward them, but the FDA was not a part of the issue concerning this pro-vaccine show. This show was biased toward the private big pharma corporations who helped pay for it, not toward the FDA, who did not fund this show as far as I know.

  175. Becky Berry says:

    I have a mother and a best friend who became ill with Gillian Beret, and a son whose mercury poisioning was diagnosed as Autism. I don’t think he “grew out” of Autism, but he did recover from the vaccines, eventually.
    Stop acting brave if you are not preparted to tell the truth. Looking down the barrel of a gun is one thing, losing a forum to honesty is quite another, apparently. Your coverage of the US entrance to Iraq also leaves out massive amounts of information. Th AP does it all the time, hiding things in plain sight, and now Frontine has lost its teeth….

  176. Your report was a crock, lie and complete coverup for the vaccine death and destruction of children. Green our Vaccines. Safer Vaccines and a policy that doesn’t make unhealthier children should have been focus. What about Simpsonwood, the WATERGATE of Vaccines. If you didn’t cover that – you’re part of the coverup.

  177. Marilee A. Snyder-Nieciak says:

    Vaccines damage children and adults with their toxic cocktail…Tell the whole truth not just the one big pharma pays for…
    In our family we have a boy deeply affected by vaccines…

  178. hank Wheeler says:

    There is something basically wrong with a medical profession that is bottom line profit oriented. It makes it very hard for any of us to believe that whatever decision a physician makes is purely in “our” best interest. Until the profit motive is removed and doctors receive a reasonably high salary which they deserve due the difficulty of their work, I don’t see how any of us can “trust” our doctors.

  179. Martin Gebel says:

    They have gone TOO far with these vacines, and the people who give us this are pushing too far, basically for money. This is a dangerous road to hurt or even killing someone. These drug giants are dangerous people also. We need to be thinking more about those who use them. I see people with a dozen medicines! This is crazy! These people should be watched more closely. Thank you!

  180. Donna Grant says:

    I expect much better from PBS. This is irresponsible journalism. Also most people don’t know that contaminating fetal tissue DNA is used to create vaccines. It creates the potential for autoimmune response and recombination. How about actually researching the science and not just rely on Big Pharma for your info.

  181. PBS conducts fund-raising campaigns, requesting contributions from youir viewers who expect to see programs devoted to enlightenment and education, i.e., unbiased fact-finding documentaries and honest journalistic reports. Your program on vaccines has failed the people on whom you say you depend to keep you on the air. You have, by intention, prostituted your self to Big Pharma at the expense of your viewers. I hereby state that I will no longer support PBS until I see that you show your entire interview with Dr. Gordon.

  182. What “moderation” are you speaking of?

  183. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  184. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  185. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  186. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  187. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  188. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  189. JEFF SMITH says:

    Thats why i never got a flu shot this past winter, even though they tried to scare everyone into getting one with the swine flu scare. There was never a flu epidemic. It was just a scare tacktic to get people to go out and spend money. P.S. i never got sick all winter.

  190. Deborah Holter says:

    A sad state of affairs. ” There is no place that does not see you. You must change your life.”

  191. Sharon says:

    I do not understand. You have no problem showing how Monsato is polluting our food system with GMO’s and are suing small to medium size farmers for patent infringement when they silently spread the seeds by planting in unmarked fields. But since Monsato is not a generous support of your network, you have no problem telling the world what they are doing. But when it come to your own pockets and the wrong doing of the vaccination system, you cover it up to suit your needs. You are our PUBLIC BROADCASTING SYSTEM! You inform us of dangers happening all over the world and in our own backyards to inform us! And WE the PEOPLE support you with contribuations. Why would you turn your back on us now?

  192. dajad terlemezian says:

    criminal!!!!!!!! gettimg money from corrupt drug co’s. & false article’s put on t.v. the f.d.a. also corupt along with the drug co’s. talk about fascism !

  193. Lynn says:

    I agree because of this show I am done with PBS/Frontline. No reason to watch what you can’t trust. I’d like to see Kate go get all of the vaccines that are given to babies/toddler these days on the same schedule.
    We have a vaccine injured child and recently a family friend joined the Marines, was given 8 vaccines and had a seizure for the first time in his life, he was sent home, he can’t function, has severe head pain, can’t drive or work… Coincidence? I think not!

  194. William says:

    I stopped making financial contributions to pbs quite awhile ago for just this kind of thing.
    You would expect honest unbiased reporting from a public forum. They just can’t resist
    weaving thier usual liberal spin into the story.

  195. Janice says:

    What a disappointment! I thought “Frontline” did honest, thorough stories. Not anymore it seems.
    So much for PBS acting in the public interest. It seems now to be mostly a government and corporate subsidized entity – and corporate interests are winning, not the American people.

  196. katpet says:

    you can refuse to have your kids vaccinated – find a holistic doctor or at least one who supports your decision not to. also you can get an exemption when they enter the government school system.

  197. Yana says:

    The Vaccine debate is an old one. What seems to be new is the lack of freedom of speak on PBS. Nevermind, honest journalism. How can the public make educated decision with one sided reporting. Very disappointing.

  198. Lisa Beard says:

    Before I make any more monetary contributions to PBS, I expect a return of integrity and balance to your broadcasting.

  199. Michael May says:

    PBS depends on public support. Don’t support. Don’t trust any source that is funded by Big Pharma, Big Gov., Major Food Mfg. They do not have your best interest in mind.

  200. Christine says:

    I say boycott PBS altogether and spread the word to as many people as possible. This is evil. No way should they get any public money to put on programming like this to brainwash people into compliance.

  201. This is a sad state of affairs. Why aren’t the corporations being reined in? Why are they allowed to censor the truth? Shame on you PBS.

  202. Sondra Braun says:

    I do not trust any vaccine forced on me by the govt. I do not get any flu vaccines either. I also no longer take ANY pharmaceutical drugs. The WHO, FDA and drug companies cannot be trusted. If the medical community really cared about people instead of profits they would allow me to tell my experience of curing my breast cancer with natural supplements. I had NO chemo. NO radiation and NO surgery. My tumor is “inactive” as my oncollogist stated it.

  203. SMITH says:

    I believe that the anit-vax movement is wrong both in fact and in spirit, and likely a danger to us all.
    Thanks for the Spam email on this topic: I will contact Frontline at once to let them know that I appreciate their attention on this important topic, and I will be sure to watch the show.

  204. Chandra says:

    I am pro-vaccine but I still find this biased coverage from PBS highly disturbing. Whether or not people choose to vaccinate themselves or their kids should be based on complete information and choice rather than by corporate interests manipulating the media. My respect for PBS and the hosts just went down. God bless this world…

  205. Sherri says:

    You might find this interesting…
    PBS allowed people to post comments both for and against vaccination on their website that publicized this PBS documentary. All of the comments were screened by PBS before posting. I attempted to post some evidence that high-lighted the question of vaccine safety, in addition to the moral issue of many vaccines being manufactured using human aborted fetal tissue (and containing cells and genetic material from these aborted fetuses). Guess what…they refused to post my comment. I emailed PBS to ask them why they did not post my comment since the information I presented did not violate any of their rules of posting etiquette. They never responded.
    I watched the “documentary” myself and I can validate that it was definitely very one-sided and attempted to make people questioning our current vaccination practices look unscientific, irrational, uncaring about their fellow-man, and susceptible to the “popular conspiracy theories”. I was very disappointed…I was hoping that PBS would take a more unbiased approach to presenting both sides of the argument. I have always thought of PBS as being more independent; I didn’t realize they also have close ties to the drug companies.

  206. Johnnie says:

    I am now middle age and I watch how each year the media digs desparately into people’s personal lives and grossly misrepresents them to “sell” a story. The reporters and producers personal lives are so sad they just have to “report” about everyone else’s. Isn’t it a shame they can’t keep a decency standard?!
    To the producers…you want a real story? Try this: The Amish don’t vaccinate and they have almost no challenges with autism or allergies other than mild hay fever. If there ever was a true scientific trial this is one. Side-by-side year after year for 50 – 60 years children being produced on both “sides” of the vaccination issue. All the diseases the doctors scare us into thinking we are going to get by not vaccinating, the Amish have very little of anyway. These is “real” results, not a skewed-by-money study.
    The biggest enemies of the American people are not outside our borders. They are the shameful media reporters and producers who lack the wisdom to lead the people toward truth. So many have become the puppets of the drug companies. Now PBS?

  207. Nichole C says:

    I watched the program on vaccines and was completely enraged. It was the most biased reporting i have ever seen on PBS or Frontline for that matter. It was skewed in a way to make those parents who put the health of their children over an archaic, toxic, disease initiating vaccine system, seem like wackos who are just trying to go against the norm. The was no real mention of the science on the other side of the issue, which most of which comes directly from the CDC. I have always financially supported PBS but no more. I will also encourage others not to financially support this station as well. When it comes to the health of our children and our nation as a whole, it about time for people to take a stand against these company’s and television station who lack the integrity to be honest and put our needs over money….

  208. I have been following an blog with regard to right now and I should say I am beginning like your post.

  209. Mary Jacobs says:

    It is disappointing that PBS accepts money from BP and also Big Pharma. This
    will keep me from donating and from watching Frontline, from hereon, without skepticism. Too bad.
    If it were not for supplements I would not be able to do all I do at age 72. I hardly take an aspirin.
    As one very skeptical of drugs, the omission of doctors testimony that is ciritical of
    our vaccine programs is shameful and very distressing. We need FREE press, ALL sides
    presented. If you can’t do that, you are doing more harm than good.

  210. Kimberly Milford says:

    This is very alarming. I’m fed up with the big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Shame of you, Frontline, for not putting out the truth. We all know it’s “all about the money.” The government should stay out of a persoanl life and stop trying to take away our freedoms regarding health care. The next thing we can get ready for is the fact that the FDA will soon take away our freedom to take vitamins and supplements. The government has no right to force vaccinations on us. It’s all about making money. No one can be trusted, and certainly not PBS Frontline.
    I’m disgusted. Frontline, you think you have us all fooled.

  211. Kim says:

    Count me and my family/friends out on PBS, BEWARE…after the turnout at the Glen Beck rally…there is a new wave of honest, intregrity seeking people on the way to put you and your cronies out in the cold. Greed, making money at the expense of others is going to stop!! ADIOS PBS

  212. Why not raise taxes by taxing the 48% that pay no federal income taxes? At least then everyone would have some skin in the game. It’s far too easy to vote for bigger government and more handouts when it’s always someone else’s money that’s paying the tab.

  213. Kristina Martorana says:

    PBS conducts fund-raising campaigns, requesting contributions from viewers constantly and in the viewers expect without a doubt to view program material that is unbiased and centered around finding facts and relevant honest reports; that means show me the GOOD< BAD AND THE UGLY. This program aired on vaccines has massively failed the people on whom you say you depend to keep you on the air. You have betrayed those who trust in you by doing the very thing we have counted on you to do for so long – provide unbiased reporting. It is indeed a sad day for myself and many many other people who feel we have lost a partner, a friend, a trusted member of our community with the knowledge of this cover up scandal. I too must pledge to longer support PBS until I see that PBS stands up and corrects themselves by showing the entire interview with Dr. Gordon. Shame on you PBS!!!
    …I love PBS so much and was considering writting them into my will, boy am I glad I waited to do that!!! Just goes to show, dont put all your eggs in one basket!

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