11 responses to “The Herd Immunity Myth”

  1. Kristy says:

    Wow, you’ll get 10% off your grocery bill if you get your flu shot today. Sure you’ll be sick and you might even die, but hay, 10% off your grocery bill. VOMIT

  2. clarify says:

    Big Pharma will use this against us. You know they want mandatory vaccination of adults, too, right?

  3. Rene says:

    Foolishness, from fools.

  4. orwellianfuture says:

    Why are you using a Charity Run video in your anti-vaccine propaganda? The section where people are being sprayed with colored chalk is a charity run. Are you trying to ‘scare’ people?
    That is no better than the supposed propaganda you are railing against. If you are truly about revealing the truth about ‘anything’, then be truthful in the videos you produce. Including the background images you use.

  5. MarkDonners says:

    If those killers want to vaccinate me, they will have to fight me to the death first.

    • The Wizard says:

      Now there’s an incentive…

      • MarkDonners says:

        Hey Wiz stalker. your kind would be the first to be destroyed at the hands of people who want a healthy, clean and ethical planet, you evil little psycho

        • The Wizard says:

          So your ethics are to exterminate anyone who disagrees with you.
          Your comments are a joke. Keep them coming.

          • MarkDonners says:

            Sorry Wiz. Look in the mirror and see who’s the joke. You’re the one who’s stalking and promoting destructive activities.

          • The Wizard says:

            Go back over my comments and specify what I’m promoting?
            You want attention to your extreme eco-terrorist views yet you complain when you get it.

  6. Kurt Snyder says:

    If any of these statistics are true (you did not cite sources so it’s difficult to check) relating to the effectiveness of vaccines how do you explain the very obvious near eradication of the diseases we vaccinate for? If the effectiveness is gone shouldn’t we see roughly the same numbers of people contracting things like polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis that we did prior to the vaccine? If not, why? Are the natural remedies you’ve been promoting for centuries finally effective?
    Also, why did you cite a study done in 2009 for a video you put out this year. Could you not find an updated study?

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