The Herpes Solution Doctors Won’t Discuss

April 26, 2018

Search the mainstream medical journals, even search the Internet, and you won’t find this cheap, safe, and effective answer. Action Alert!

Half of teens and adults under the age of 50 are infected with the oral herpes virus, and one in eight has genital herpes. Despite the prevalence of herpes, public health authorities ignore a cheap, safe, and effective treatment for this common infection, and instead rely on expensive medicines that do not treat the underlying problem. This, unfortunately, is par for the course in our crony health system.

Everywhere you look, conventional medicine is singing the same tune: the Mayo Clinicthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the National Institutes of Health all say that even though there is no cure for herpes, the best way to prevent or treat the symptoms is with antiviral medications like acyclovir (sold under the trade name Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), or valacyclovir (Valtrex). There is even a herpes vaccine in development—although the FDA has launched a criminal investigation into the (now deceased) lead researcher, who allegedly injected his experimental vaccine into human subjects without following safety protocols.

Conventional medicine recommends one of two basic approaches: episodic therapy (that is, taking the medicine whenever you experience an outbreak) or suppressive therapy (taking the medicine daily to minimize the chances of recurrent or future outbreaks). Suppressive therapy for herpes means huge profits for drug companies, particularly since these medicines are expensive—there is no generic version for Acyclovir as yet, and a one-month supply of Valtrex costs around $250. There is also the problem that these drugs tend to lead to drug-resistant superbugs.

But conventional medicine ignores the obvious natural prescription: get a vitamin D test! It is yet another example of a cheap, safe, and effective medicine that is effectively barred in today’s crony medical system. If it can’t make money for drug companies, the crony medical establishment will have nothing to do with it.

Vitamin D is a powerful natural antiviral, which is why we bang the drum about vitamin D therapy for colds and especially flu every chance we get. One study found that dialysis patients who receive vitamin D and iron were less likely to develop shingles, which is part of the herpes family of viruses; higher vitamin D levels corresponded with more antibodies to the herpes-simplex-2 virus.

Additionally, research from the University of Copenhagen shows that vitamin D activates the immune system by arming T-cells to fight off infections. Without vitamin D, the immune system’s T-cells remain dormant, offering little or no protection against invading microorganisms and viruses. But with vitamin D in the bloodstream, T-cells begin seeking out invaders, which are then destroyed and carried out of the body.

You may recall the Japanese study we’ve mentioned previously which found that vitamin D was more effective than a vaccine in preventing flu, including pandemic flu. The report, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that school children taking vitamin D were 58 percent less likely to catch influenza A. By contrast, antiviral drugs such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza) reduced rates of infection by only 8 percent. Even vaccines had success rates significantly lower than the 58 percent achieved by vitamin D.

Our vitamin D–mediated immune response has been with us through more than 60 million years of pre-human and human evolutionary selection, as research from Ohio State demonstrates. Vitamin D is critical to our survival.

The problem is that a whopping 70% of the US population is not getting enough vitamin D, according to the Vitamin D Council. 

According to John Cannell, MD, founder of the non-profit Vitamin D Council, “Current research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least seventeen varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.” All of this is in addition to viral and bacterial infections.

For anyone plagued by herpes, it’s essential that you are getting enough vitamin D. So please get your vitamin D level checked! If it is less than optimal—levels should be between 50–80 ng/ml, year-round—take a vitamin D supplement (be sure it’s D3—cholecalciferol), get your blood retested to verify that you’re taking the proper dosage, and get sufficient exposure to the sun. (Such exposure may not produce vitamin D in the winter, depending on where you live, or if you sunbathe too early or too late in the day.)  Vitamin D works best when other cofactors are present, such as magnesium, vitamin K2, zinc, boron, and vitamin A.

Besides vitamin D, there are a number of other natural ways to increase the odds of avoiding herpes outbreaks:

  • Eliminate sugar and white flour from your diet. They interfere with your immune system’s ability to fight outbreaks and new infections.
  • Identify any food allergies or sensitivities and adopt an allergy-free diet.
  • Avoid foods (like cashews) that contain L-arginine, because this amino acid may facilitate outbreaks. (This is too bad, because L-arginine may also increase sexual arousal!)
  • Take natural vitamins and minerals: lysine (another amino acid, and a longtime favorite to control herpes), vitamin C, selenium (inhibits the ability of all “herpes-family” viruses to reproduce), lithium (slows down formation of the viral capsid), zinc (boosts the infection-fighting capability of immune system), and vitamin A.

Among natural treatments for active herpes lesions are vitamin C powder and propolis, a natural product found in beehives. The two can be combined. This is somewhat more realistic than the often-mentioned peppermint oil and tea tree oil because their pungent odor announces their presence—not something you want during a herpes eruption. Lemon balm oil also has some research behind it.

Why don’t our health agencies tell the public about vitamin D? It’s cheap—much cheaper than anti-viral drugs—and it works. The problem, as we’ve pointed out, is that vitamin D can’t be brought through the FDA’s expensive drug approval process; since it can’t be patented, it wouldn’t be worth the investment. In our broken system, only FDA-approved drugs can claim to treat or prevent disease. We have a government-created monopoly on disease treatment that blocks the public from learning about the benefits of vitamin D and other natural therapies. Until this changes, the epidemic of chronic disease will only get worse.

Action Alert! Tell the FDA and the CDC to tell the American public about the benefits of vitamin D for herpes, and copy Congress, which oversees these agencies. Please send your message immediately. 

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36 responses to “The Herpes Solution Doctors Won’t Discuss”

  1. BChristine says:

    Very interesting article. I used to have several outbreaks a year, but since I changed to a cleaner diet back in 2010, supplement daily with Lysine – among others – I have not had an outbreak. Vitamin D is critical on so many levels.

  2. Linda Luna says:

    I took Lysine an amino acid to get rid of oral herpes haven’t had an outbreak in 10 years!

    • gretchen says:

      Me too Linda..Lysine is a miracle..when I think of all the pain I endured..and there was a cheap amino acid all the time…my doctor never mentioned it!

      • Linda Luna says:

        Well Dr’s wouldn’t want to promote Natural cures it would put them out of a job …or they just don’t know!
        Actually I had a Dr write me a letter to let me know I no longer had osteoporosis and to continue my natural supplements of calcium Viit D and Bone health minerals and reccommended I continue!!!!!! So they aren’t all bad.Ha,ha!

        • photodoc says:

          Are you performing weight-bearing exercise? I hope so.

          • Linda Luna says:

            Yes……. I walk everywhere…haven’t had a car in 6 years also do yoga 2-3 times a week also was a ceramic teacher and carried around 25lbs of clay.

          • photodoc says:

            Way to go! I’m impressed. Keep fighting for yourself!

        • YCNAN says:


          • Linda Luna says:

            I take a pearl calcium with ayurvedic herbs to facilitate absorption.
            Too much dairy can create an acidic environment in the body.
            I do take bone health minerals too.

          • YCNAN says:


    • Mark West says:

      You know that makes perfect sense. My cat has a chronic upper respiratory infection the vet diagnosed as a form of feline herpes. The only treatment available for her is L Lysine treats. They stop an outbreak but in her case the Lysine does not cure her of the disease. Also L Lysine isn’t good long term, since it competes with another amino acid.

    • YCNAN says:


  3. Eric Wagner says:

    Is D3 from fish oil the same as D3—cholecalciferol that is recommended in this article?

  4. Judy says:

    I recommend L-lysine for my clients – a crying shame that people don’t know – good for herpes and shingles – both Zoster viruses. Got me out of a shingles attack myself.

    • AnnieLaurie Burke says:

      Even my relatively conventional veterinarians recommend lysine for the types of herpes infections that cats and dogs can contract!

  5. Russell Hill says:

    When my D levels drop during cloudy days I get an occasional outbreak. I put a colloidal silver solution on the sore every few hours and it goes goes away very quickly and it never gets very bad. Every time it comes back 1 time a year or so it is smaller and less of a problem

  6. Terence Pearce says:

    Also, once there is an outbreak on the skin the topical application of a real colloidal silver has worked very well for people I know who are sufferers. Perhaps it works internally in the same way, seems logical but I have no experiential evidence of that.

  7. Dr.S says:

    Errr… acyclovir went generic back in the 90s and you can get 60 of the 400mg tabs for $13 without insurance, while valacyclovir (generic of Valtrex) is also generic and you can get a month’s supply for $26.
    Please be more careful about putting up accurate information to maintain authority.

    • photodoc says:

      $26 a month is $312 per year– not especially cheap for most of us. Could be worth it, but think of most people’s income.

      • jimmygulag says:

        90 cents a day breaks no one in US. pu-lice!

        • photodoc says:

          I assume you’ve asked fast food and big box store workers, and verified this. Look, I know you’re on the right side of this issue, and we agree that genital herpes is pretty awful. But, some folks simply run out of money way before it becomes a powerful enough issue.

          • jimmygulag says:

            really? what >GOV program would not spend a dollar a day to prevent or control a disease as prevalent as herpes?
            it needs to be done. and done with. only the ripuglicans would say 90 cents is too much…because we cannot tax the rich . and those who have it should also take into account it was their stupidity and/or sloppy drunkenness or shooting up something, also ignorant, that brought them to it..
            herpes is self-evidently stupid.
            it is a reflection of our national idiocy. like being fat, fascist, and frantic.

      • Chuck Nielsen says:

        Try DMSO the moment you feel something and it will reverse it instantly

  8. Precisely. says:

    Please do a search for info on DMSO treatment of Herpes; if applied when the first ‘tickle’ or ‘pulsing sensation’ is noticed, the sore almost never develops. There was a website called ‘never another outbreak’, or maybe ‘never an outbreak’, which posted great treatment options. Into my 30s, I had weeks of terrible sores, at least 6x a year. When I began to use DMSO, all the sores stopped. It’s been decades now. I would recommend the gel, with aloe and rose-scent, to anyone.

  9. NYCrocks says:

    I’ve had HSV-2 since 1980. I’ve taken lots of L-Lysine over the years and it helps to stop the sores from coming to the skin surface and clear up lesions faster than taking nothing, but it was never (and is not) a cure. I had to take 1500-2000 mg. if L-Lysine 3-4 times a day and sometimes it wasn’t enough to stop sores from coming to the surface.
    I’ve taken acyclovir, famvir and valacyclovir. Acyclovir worked but it caused gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea and very soft stools. It was cheap on my insurance, costing less than $20 a month. Famvir didn’t work at all.
    Valacyclovir works very well but it takes more than 1 pill a day to stop an outbreak. It gives me a mild headache, but works better and faster and takes much fewer pills than L-Lysine ever has. Costs $20 for a 30 day supply with my Medicare Part D plan. Valacyclovir is the generic version of Valtrex. It is more expensive if you have no prescription drug coverage, but it costs much less than the $300+ price in this article. Valtrex, in its brand name form, is quite expensive, but the generic version of Valtrex (Valacyclovir) has been available for a long time.
    I relied on L-Lysine a long time and I had to very diligent to stop or prevent an outbreak and it didn’t always work. Perhaps taking a combination of Valacyclovir with L-Lydine during outbreaks is ideal and taking either Valacyclovir or L-Lysine between outbreaks is a good option. You can have the best of both wotlds.

  10. Cassandra S. Dunn says:

    I had a massive oral infection years ago, It was really bad, my entire mouth was swollen, my jaw hurt, etc… I went for vitamin C IV’s, 25k mgs, and the next day,,,,, gone!

  11. John Barson says:

    This very interesting. I started supplementing with 5,000iu of d3 a day about 3 years ago with k2. I used to get cold sores all the time. Now, if I get a tingle on my lip I apply SilverBiotics Silver Gel and the next day completely gone. I rarely even get a tingle. Maybe well over a year since my last one. I also used to get eye infections. Now if I feel any tingle in an eye I do an eye wash with SilverBiotics liquid. Both products are lifesavers. But it all starts with D3. And no colds or flu in the last 3 years either.

  12. bq says:

    L Lysine and colloidal silver are also good!

  13. Chuck Nielsen says:

    Why doesn’t this article mention DMSO applied directly to the lesion? DMSO immediately reverses both Herpes lesions and shingles and also eliminates the pain within minutes.

  14. Lynda Garibaldi says:

    How much vitamin D should be given to a cat diagnosed with herpes virus?

  15. Dave says:

    I had herpes 1 outbreaks several times a year since I was 14 years old. I read about Lysine in Parade magazine in the late 1960’s and took it religiously for about 30 years. But I didn’t see any improvement while taking it so stopped after 30 years and did not see any change. Five or six years ago I read in a doctor’s newsletter that a person who was taking low dose naltrexone for another reason noticed that they were no longer getting herpes outbreaks. I convinced my primary doctor to write a prescription for low dose naltrexone, 4.5mg, and have taken one per day since then. The outbreaks did not stop immediately but became less frequent over the next 18 months until they became very infrequent and milder when they did happen. I have only had one outbreak in the last two years. So the low dose naltrexone is working well for me. The cost is about $25 per month and I purchase it via telephone from Women’s International Pharmacy in Phoenix. It is a compounded pill. More info about low dose naltrexone can be found with a Google search.

    • GTox444 says:

      Scary. That is an opiod antagonist, and blocks/affects/modulates many different (interconnected) neural pathways of the brain; I would caution against it! Understand that one’s ‘built-in’ resilience will likely hide any ‘side effects’ until the affected systems show extensive breakdown, and will then become non-reversible. Think tardive dyskinesia, or alzheimer’s disease, etc; the latter doesn’t even ‘show’ symptoms until after 70-90% of the neural structures involved are ‘burnt out’…in layman’s terms. I studied neuroscience and psychopharmacology extensively, along with involvement in biobehavioral lab [drug] experiments, in preclinical settings (animals), so I know what I’m saying. Please do some research on the negatrive affects &/or ‘side’ effects of naltrexone–stupid doctors will sell you anything.
      Pharmakeia rob Peter to pay Paul–‘side effects’ exceed benefits in every case I know of, and none ‘cure’ anything. Diet & spices/herbs = ‘medicine’ which do no harm…GL & may blessings be upon all

  16. Deborah Toth says:

    Generics have been out for years and years….Docs probably haven’t written for a Branded Valtrex in several years…..most pharmacists kmow about GoodRx… is a discount pricing plan…..

  17. ddduke says:

    L Lysine and Vitamin D3 are good and have a lot of evidence based, if anecdotal, positive results. In 2005 I was at Pic du Midi observatory in the Pyrenees with a French friend and fellow astronomer when I noticed that he was constantly licking a herpes wound at the corner of his mouth. I asked him about it and he recited the years of pharmaceutical nostrums he had tried, without success. I always carry nano-catalytic hydrosols with me and offered to let him try it. He was reluctant as he knew nothing of the technology. Although he would not take an oral dose he did allow me to apply a spritz from a fine mist bottle to the infection site. I told him to let it air dry without licking. The next day he commented that it was not causing discomfort. A few months later I met him again and he commented that within two days the lesion had disappeared never to return, which was surprising to him as he had never gone that long without flare ups. Since then I have offered this to friends complaining of genital herpes. The problem was quickly resolved in every instance.
    I discovered this technology almost 20 years ago when it cleared up a persistent chronic UTI in my old Australian shepherd. I started taking it and it eliminated my annual bouts with bronchitis/pneumonia, and have used it ever since. You can google ‘nano-catalytic silver hydrosol’ and find a website that has a lot of the independent clinical and university studies. Its impressive, so much so that the FDA has been sandbagging 13 different approval applications for several years. They are horrified that it would collapse pharmaceutical antibiotic sales. It is extremely broad spectrum and 100% non-toxic. A double blind human ingestion safety study performed at the University of Utah Medical School demonstrated that it passes totally through the body within 24 hours.

  18. BlogZilla says:

    I think controlling sugar and white flour in your diet should be in flashing letters here. People don’t realize how dangerous this stuff is. Uh um.. Yeast is not your friend

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