The Pentagon’s Vaccine Factories

December 17, 2013

Pentagon vaccine factoryWhy is the Pentagon developing and controlling vaccines? Will our troops become human guinea pigs for MIT’s emerging vaccine to block stress and fear?

In the aftermath of 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks, the federal government decided not to let that crisis “ go to waste.” Allegedly to “better protect” civilians and troops against biochemical attacks, germ warfare, or pandemics (including normal, seasonal flu), it put the Pentagon squarely in the vaccine business.

The resulting initiative, embraced by the Bush Administration and then further championed by the Obama Administration:

  • Realized the Pentagon’s seemingly obsessive dream of acquiring its own factories in which to manufacture vaccines;
  • Wasted nearly a billion taxpayer dollars—against the advice of government analysts;
  • Richly rewarded Big Pharma and several members of Congress; and
  • Introduced terrifying possibilities of state-mandated and -controlled vaccines, including mind control vaccines.

According to a 2009 analysis commissioned by the second Bush Administration and conducted by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, there were two ways the government could ramp up its involvement in protecting against bio-terrorism and epidemics: hire more private contractors, or establish government-managed drug factories.

The analysis recommended the first option, as it was “less costly and timelier than constructing and operating” government-managed facilities. Option two was dubbed “the least viable,” as government-run facilities would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate, and even after paying for construction and operations, the Pentagon would still have to “buy” the resulting products from the drug companies operating the factories.

In view of this analysis, HHS continued to spend millions and millions of dollars working with Big Pharma on vaccine research and production, as they had previously. But the Pentagon wasn’t satisfied: they were absolutely determined to build and control their own vaccine factory—so much so that Assistant Secretary of Defense Andrew C. Weber was quoted as saying, “I want one of my own.”

The red flags here are immediately apparent. Do we really want the military making and then forcing vaccines on our troops, or even civilians? This is scary, not to mention a huge conflict of interest. Those who make, evaluate, and mandate vaccines should never be within one organization!

In addition, why would the Pentagon—which has faced budget cuts in recent years—choose the most expensive option, despite official recommendations against and its own history of huge cost overruns?

Since 2006, the DOD’s $700 million contract with DynPort Vaccine Co. to develop biodefense vaccines has not resulted in a single drug approved by the FDA. This is perhaps the good news. At least it means that vaccines haven’t been approved that should not have been. We should be grateful, given the FDA’s history of shoddy drug approval!

Also, why would the Pentagon see itself as being more qualified than HHS in knowing what drugs and vaccines America “needs?” Do they know something we don’t?

Whatever the motives, the Pentagon’s persistence paid off. Almost as alarming as the Pentagon’s new drug production capabilities is how the project was funded.

At first, Congress wanted no part of the project. In September 2011, the Senate Appropriations Committee nixed the entire $151.6 million for the Pentagon’s vaccine factory initiative because it was “duplicative” of HHS’s programs. But just three months later, a Senate–House conference committee approved $101.7 million, despite their concerns that these funds would be used for “redundant” programs.

What changed in just 90 days? Perhaps that answer can be found in looking where the factories were being built.

Members of Congress indirectly benefit from having “pork barrel projects” built in or near their district: they attract educated, skilled laborers; generate tax revenues; create jobs (construction, for example); and improve the local economy. Of course, it’s helpful to remind voters of these during election season.

Here, for example, are three government-sponsored vaccine plants being either built or expanded. Note how close they are to the districts of members of the House–Senate conference committee that approved the DOD’s project budget:

This effort was also supported by the Obama Administration, which “quietly shuffled” millions away from a budget to provide protective gear, tools to decontaminate gear exposed to biochemicals, and detection systems for our troops to fund the vaccine factory initiative.

The Pentagon’s self-production capabilities are particularly disturbing given the emergence of mind-altering vaccines. For example, MIT has discovered a possible “vaccine” against Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). The drug blocks the body’s production of the hormone that produces stress and fear. The implications of this drug are alarming: would we be less sensitive to what situations we expose soldiers to if they’re “immune” to PTSD? Could this vaccine eventually be made mandatory, and used to reduce stress and fear in the entire population? What kind of long-term consequences could there be to interfering with human chemistry to this degree?

We have already noted the scandal of how the Pentagon has handled soldiers returning from the battlefield with head injuries and PTSD. The standard treatment involves anti-psychotic drugs which have never had FDA approval for this use, which are unquestionably and extremely toxic, and which entail serious behavioral risks.

Meanwhile the Pentagon refuses our wounded troops the one therapy which is safe, effective, and FDA-approved (although not for this specific application): hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Evidence for this therapy’s tremendous success is simply ignored, presumably because there is no big drug company behind it or potential for profit.

As we pointed out in September, nearly every hospital owns a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Most of these sit empty and unused. Why in the world should we keep our troops sick or in pain when we have the means to ease and even reverse their condition?

We know that the government has a long history of crony capitalist arrangements with Big Pharma to develop, procure, sell, and market vaccines. However, with the president, Congress, and the Pentagon all investing in secretive, expensive, and proven-to-be-unnecessary vaccine plants, perhaps we’ve turned a disturbing new corner. The Pentagon should not be developing or controlling vaccines, which are mandated by the state, both for soldiers and children.

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17 responses to “The Pentagon’s Vaccine Factories”

  1. Lawrence Wolfe says:

    Come on people, the military has been using soldiers as guinea pigs for a couple decades. The US govt is the evil empire intending mass murder, and the further destruction of liberty and justice for all citizens and non-citizens alike.

  2. B. J. Fifer says:

    Government is getting too much into personal lives and benefiting from it. We are heading toward a Marxist government and I personally do not want them dictating what and how we live and operate.
    Where are our elected officials who are supposed to act on our best interests? I pay for my Doctor or my intelligence to decide what I need as do most people.
    Stick to the job you were hired to do and stay in that area only.

  3. Harish Dalal says:

    The definition of democracy is changing with time. In the definition of it being For the people, By the people and Of the people; the word people is now being replaced by government.
    But the problem is not the government but lack of unity amongst citizens. If I lived in a state where such a boondoggle project is being set up, and I know it to be so, then I should be the first one to stand up against it, knowing that I am preventing jobs being created in my state.
    As long as we are divided, they will rule.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m glad to hear about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for PTSD. It is also effective for autism and ADHD, ADD, and depression. It just makes our brains work better. Another way to feed more oxygen into our bodies is exercise. Also, wearing certain metals that increase ions in our bodies create enhanced oxygenation of our tissues. The air has less oxygen than it should due to burning fossil fuels and air pollution.

  5. Kathy Weber says:

    I am opposed to vaccine’s in general. I feel that the flu vaccine is a total waste for most people. Exercise and good nutrition will keep most people well enough to ward off viruses.
    It’s very sad to me to think that the dollar always has to be the final determination as to the direction that is best for the population.

  6. Robert Cruder says:

    If our military sends warriors into harm’s way with local diseases against which they have no resistance then it is obligated to provide the best protection through hygiene, vaccines and drugs. If the locals cannot provide that reliably then the employer must research how to protect the employee. Outsiders have no say at all.
    If our military is researching biological weapons and especially if our enemies are doing so then they have a duty to research both drugs and vaccines. In war there are NO outsiders and mega doses of vitamin C won’t protect against a weapon-ized and antibiotic-resistant TB.
    No university and no pharmaceutical company can research a biological agent whose characteristics or even existence is top-secret. Only the military and its contractors can do that.
    As a non-medical contractor I must find the most cost-effective solution. Ignoring an existing and effective solution in order to profit from the search is unethical and illegal. Once exposed, I would be subject to job termination, fines and possible incarceration. To claim that EVERY contractor commits such fraud is insulting propaganda. The first contractor to identify an existing and effective solution will not only be paid in full but will be first in line for the next grant.
    More likely, purveyors of ineffective methods would claim that their product was unfairly rejected. They would even make such claims in advance (see above) knowing that no single method could rationally claim effectiveness against diseases yet to be discovered. HBOT is almost comedic. The dozen or so HBOT chambers in a given city won’t treat the millions exposed to a biological agent. Tens of thousands of HBOT chambers purchased in advance of exposure to agents against which HBOT had not been proven effective would suggest procurement fraud.
    Anyone who favors “magic-wand” medicine over targeted research is free to refuse a vaccine or drug after exposure but may not deny it to the rest of us. The less informed and less intelligent leave the gene pool daily.
    I expect my government to deliver the real deal.

    • expat says:

      “I expect my government to deliver the real deal.” I hope you are not holding your breath, Robert.
      Your government has been sandbagging 13 FDA approvals for nano-catalytic silver hydrosols for nearly a decade now. They are completely non-toxic, have no interactions with other prescribed meds and applications were sent to the FDA with reams of safety studies attached. This technology has already cured resistant TB in African clinical trials. In fact bacteria cannot mutate around the catalytic action of the engineered silver nano-particles. Studies from researchers in Singapore, India and accredited US universities have already proven the rapid effectiveness in killing resistant bacteria in vitro as well as in vivo. It also kills yeasts, fungus and mold, as well as disabling the ability of virus to replicate. The response from “your” government… crickets.

  7. Ruth Hart says:

    this sounds very troubling to me. I don’t think the pentagon is the proper place for drug production and it seems very wasteful as well.

  8. Andrea says:

    According to what you have written here.
    It sounds like another way to control the populace;as well as the troops.
    We the people better wake-up to what is going on here. I certainly do not want to be forced to take any vaccine out there. I do not even take the flu one.
    There is mercury in all vaccines–a heavy metal that is toxic to humans. Our bodies have a immune system that help us develop an immunity to infections.

  9. John Holton says:

    Some thhings never change

  10. Donna Casey says:

    I tried to share this article on my facebook and it said.. cannot do. I think we are already censored in what we can say and print. I wonder what will happen when they control it all.
    Remember how they turned slaves into Eunicks (sp) I hope they are not going to try to turn our soldiers into mindless rats! I do think they have mind control already. Our soldiers go through enough without poisions injected in their bodies by thier own government

  11. Richard Kavanaugh says:

    “crony capitalist arrangements with Big Pharma to develop, procure, sell, and market vaccines.”
    And, we wonder why so many Americans hate their government….surprise, once again. Despicable.!!

  12. Mike Hawk says:

    LOL… Mind control vaccines… That is about where you lost me with this article. When the Pentagon gets involved with health, it is usually cringe worthy. However, this article is a mix of fact and fantasy, with little distiction between the two.

    • Frances in California says:

      You haven’t been paying attention. Since Git’mo opened, there have been scandals -the even reached POGO, which is primarily a watch-dog of financial waste – concerning the overuse of “vaccines” on detainees for interrogation so don’t laugh off mind-control drugs so offhandedly. When commercials come on for anti-depressants come on, pay attention to the side-effects.

  13. Terri Gibbs says:

    Donna, the military already is shot up like lab rats….Ask them how their bodies feel after doing a few tours..Why do you think they have such a high rate of suicide??

    • Jaime says:

      Terri & Donna,
      My boyfriend was given the anthrax vaccine in 2000 and has experienced side effects that have only gotten progressively worse over the years and there are a TON of other military people affected as well. They weren’t given an option, they were forced to and conveniently all forums and negative information has been removed. There are 10’s of thousands that have been affected yet the government holds strong that there are not negative side effects.
      My boyfriend served his country honorably and was treated like a lab rat and no treatment available for him. Sad.

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