The Uncertain Promise of a COVID Vaccine

July 8, 2020
Category: Video

This film was written and narrated by our scientific director, Robert Verkerk, PhD. You can find the original posting of this video HERE.

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7 responses to “The Uncertain Promise of a COVID Vaccine”

  1. Rex Bolling says:

    I do not want a vaccine I feel my immune system is strong enough to fight off any illness and want the right to make my own decisions about my health

  2. James says:

    Can not find Vaccine Transparency Manifesto to copy off and send to congress critters.
    Please tell me where it is. Thank you, JA

  3. Holly Serl says:

    thank you for this keep me in the loop and I will publish on my FB timeline

  4. Jan says:

    No thank you, I have no interest in experimentally having my jeans permanently Jenn mod and fried under cover of a ‘solution’ modality never before utilized and without availability of full legal recourse. The isolated pro teen is stated to be the ‘key’ for opening sells (accessibility); to what, is my question. Further, it’s questionable whether this method meets the definition of a medication or vaccine. This whole debacle is a nothing burger; it’s why at this time numbers are cases (with multiple positive tests in an individual each being counted as new cases) are being emphasized over deaths as was the former focus, and which is further statistically muddied by Seedy Sea’s stated fact that the antibody test shows positive not solely specific to the con vid strain but to corona class in general. That corona is ubiquitous worldwide certainly was the major factor which contributed to its rapid ‘spread.’ There is, and never has been, any legitimate science involved with this greatest show on earth.

  5. Yvette D'Aoust says:

    Thank you!
    How come they can’t develop a blood titer for this COVID-19.

  6. Naomi Aldort says:

    I worry that even if there is no mandate, companies will force their employees to vaccinate… we must push for a law that makes that illegal.
    Also: If vaccines work, then those who want them can have them: They are then safe and don’t have to impose vaccines on others who do not want them.

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