Toddler Given Extremely Dangerous Vaccine Meant Only for Older Children Starting Puberty

July 7, 2015
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And that is only part of the story.
An audit of a county-sponsored free vaccine clinic in southern New Jersey, “Shots for Tots,” uncovered some deeply disturbing information.
Health officials found five irregularities in a review of twenty-two patient records. The most egregious blunder, according to news reports, occurred when a nurse gave a two-year-old boy a high-dose Gardasil shot that was intended for boys and girls no younger than age nine to prevent sexual transmission of cervical warts.
Doctors recently warned the child’s parents that he might be at risk of developing neurological problems. Whether the child is already irreparably harmed we may never know, because it will likely be covered up.
The audit also found tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of vaccines that were not properly refrigerated.
Recently, 250 immigrant children were also mistakenly given an adult dose of the hepatitis A vaccine at a detention facility in Texas. The shot contained double the dose of the shot a child would normally receive.
These stories underscore the necessity of breaking up the drug company/government cartel that is running vaccines today—doing so is the only way to preserve consumer freedom of choice. There are serious safety issues with Gardasil and other vaccines, even when they are properly administered. When the government stops acting as a cop charged with rooting out fraud and instead starts partnering with drug companies, such issues are simply covered up and never addressed.
Stories like these raise further questions: how many such clinics are in operation around the country, and what are they doing to our children? Note that these clinics are vaccinating poor kids. As we have previously noted, it is the poor who have no say about what is put into their bodies, while the rich can get changes to the vaccine schedule or attend private schools that are more lenient about vaccination requirements. Is this the America that we want?
See our companion article this week for more information on state and federal efforts to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

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18 responses to “Toddler Given Extremely Dangerous Vaccine Meant Only for Older Children Starting Puberty”

  1. BlueViolets says:

    Gardasil is one of those drugs that should be given only to children with the parents permission.

  2. Truth59 says:

    It shouldn’t be given to any children because it covers types of HPV that are so rare. Most common forms of HPV heal themselves with no vaccine needed.

  3. Jacynthia Read says:

    All of my children were vaccinated. I thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I’ve since changed my mind. One thing I thank God for is that with the last two I had the good sense to not allow them to be vaccinated at birth. I think I was beginning to wake up. The year was 1991 when this madness was just beginning. The other two were not vaccinated until 6 weeks, which was what I insisted on for the last two.

    • Wendy Allen says:

      One doctor recommended no vaccine until after 3 years old since the blood brain barrier closes up after 2 years old. This stopped the Autism at his Clinic. Too many vaccines now and too many at one time. I am glad you tried to help. 6 weeks is still very young. One day old babies may get hurt greatly. Best wishes.

      • Jacynthia Read says:

        Funny thing, in the 1960s when I was just beginning school, we didn’t get our shots until the fall before school started. Autism was unheard of back then.
        My kids are grown now, so I was one of the lucky ones. It’s hard to believe that our government would do this to us, but I do believe it. Seen too much not to.

        • Wendy Allen says:

          Yes..Your kids made it before the fear that is driving this now. Make sure grandkids are ok now. I pray they reverse this decision fast and allow freedom. Eating gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO may lower the immune system. They don’t ban this food or Roundup/Agent orange which may hurt. Fish oil, zinc, Mg, Vit C and more may help the immune system. LDN may block hidden gluten and detoxing may help. Gluten and GMO corn may hurt the gut lining so less nutrients absorb in intestines. Roundup may hurt the good bacteria in the large intestines. I pray people learn how to stay healthy and have the freedom to do it.
          Best wishes.

  4. MendoGal says:

    My oldest grandson was not vaccinated until he was nearly 3 years old. It was only DTP, but even then he went into an autistic state that lasted for a couple of weeks. Thank heaven he returned to his old cheerful, loving self. The outcome may not have been so fortunate had he been shot up when they recommended it as a newborn. I also have to wonder how many incidents such as happened to my grandson go unreported.
    Big Pharma and the doctors that betray their Hippocratic Oath are medical terrorists. The lawmakers that foist the pharmaceutical agenda on the population at large are no better.

  5. Robert Cruder says:

    The adverse event reporting system retains events even when proved to be false or coincidental. Recently an adverse event recorded for an OTC fitness product in Hawaii was found to be caused by Naproxin. It is still on record and quoted to ban all dietary supplements. Is it not intentionally misleading to cherry pick what might be false to build a generalized political argument?
    The original Gardasil protects against 4 types of HPV and the new Gardasil 9 protects against another 5. Although these varieties were identified as genital, they can cause warts elsewhere and one cannot visually distinguish them. Like chicken pox and oral or genital herpes, the virus may remain after apparent healing and years later may return or infect others by non-venerial contact.
    The vaccine is recommended for age 9 years and older but is probably safe and permanently effective for all ages. It is recommended for males up to age 26 but proved beneficial to women of age 45. Given the risk of even non-sexual exposure I would pay for it as I did for Zostrix.
    I also paid to be immunized against hepatitis A and B and wish I could be immunized against hepatitis C because I vacation in Texas and owe it to the kids there just as they do to me. Both are so easily spread that EVERY kid, even illegals must be immunized. I required the adult dosage but no child has ever been harmed by it.
    By what logic does one want children to be infected by potentially fatal diseases when it could have been prevented?

    • Cindy Krikava says:

      Do the research:
      more than 28,000 reports of negative effects (some very serious) of Gardasil were made to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System by 2012, as had 128 deaths—all within the population of girls aged 9 – 24.
      So let’s say a few, even HALF, are false or “coincidental”. Still it’s pretty grim reports of death and disability for something designed to protect, not harm.

  6. If you hand over your child to anyone from the industry, expect that child to be utilized for the profits and disregarded as quickly as possible.
    To the system, your offspring is nothing but an object to make money off of and discard and guess what, you’re paying their salary to do it and even believing their lies while they poison you and your children!
    Oh Yeah, the US is just SO Great… NOT!

  7. Go play in traffic, this is a No-Shill Zone.

    • Robert Cruder says:

      This person who is afraid to use a real name insults me for disagreeing.
      I am in software and make not a dime from the medical industry.
      Rather, I avidly read both the medical and alternative literature so that I have resources beyond anger, insults and a fake name.

      • Well, if you really were just reading you would keep your positions to yourself and remain neuter, instead of picking a side.
        By all means, read both sides but do not pick one and attempt to force others onto it, especially when its the side that poisons children.
        (I already explained basic internet principle to you in my last response to you, enjoy reading it!)
        After all, that is what independents are suppose to do: Find all the information and make a decision after words, not choose a side preemptively and throw mud based on your “belief” (like all the religious people).
        The only difference between us: You *think* you (or “vaccines”) are justified and I *KNOW* I am justified (and poison is not).

  8. The only ones who deserve to be disregarded are the wretches who protect the industry!
    Those parents deserve to be paid reprimands for the criminal and heinous acts that the awful US corrupt system has perpetrated onto them, and for what? A value-less piece of paper that humans MADE UP! It drives me bonkers how dumb everything is.

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