Toxic Metals

September 9, 2008
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An article in the August 20 issue of JAMA revealed the link between arsenic in our water supply and Diabetes. Even small amounts that are permitted by current regulatory standards are associated with higher risk. It is believed that as much as 8% of the public water in the US may exceed regulatory standards. Larger amounts of arsenic may cause cancer, heart damage, kidney or liver failure, and deformed babies.

Among heavy metals, mercury and lead are also linked to many conditions, notably heart disease. Chelation with the drug EDTA has been used by many natural doctors for years to remove mercury, but the FDA has threatened to ban EDTA. Why? Because the Agency fears that doctors may confuse it with other drugs.
Meanwhile a trial of EDTA is taking place at the government’s Institute of Health, but that won’t necessarily stop the FDA from instituting a ban.
Another common source of mercury is vaccines. Most people think that mercury has been removed from childrens’ vaccines, but it is still used as a preservative in the flu shot. Flu shots used to be for small children, whose bodies are especially vulnerable. The new recommendation from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to give flu shots to young people up to age 18. Why do we insist on poisoning our children? And, if you are wondering, yes, the adult flu shot in the US has mercury too, and may increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s.

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2 responses to “Toxic Metals”

  1. Rory Wair says:

    What can I say. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for this and keep up the good work.

  2. Another way to view this what does the overload of some metals in our bodies do when they throw off the balance of the proper metal ratios we should have? Since Vanadium and Chromium have been found to be so important in balancing sugar levels per ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie’ by Dr. Joel Wallach, one has to wonder if these overloads of other metals are what are causing the problem. Thanks for keeping us informed of what is going on out there!

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