Trump’s D-ficiency Exposes Major Health Threat This Flu Season

January 19, 2018

And it’s not just the president that’s in danger. Action Alert!

Recently the White House doctor gave a report following his first physical exam of the president. The results of this physical exam are telling: being one of the most powerful men in the world does not necessarily mean you get better healthcare.

The White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, emphasized how healthy President Trump is, but the results show that his vitamin D was 20 ng/ml, which is at the absolute bottom of the “safe” reference range of 20-100.  This is the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation, but integrative doctors and natural health experts recommend much higher minimum levels than 20. Dr. Joseph Mercola, for instance, says that 50-70 ng/ml is optimal, and anything less than 50 is deficient. Some believe that a minimum of 70 will eliminate most viral illness and also be highly protective against cancer.

No one recommends a level higher than 100, which may trigger hyper-calcemia (too much calcium in the blood), but even that risk may be reduced by taking vitamin K-2. ANH-USA has, for quite some time, called for the government to educate the public about the importance of maintaining the correct vitamin D levels, considering that at least one third of Americans are vitamin D deficient.

In addition to regulating the absorption of nutrients and helping us build bone, vitamin D facilitates normal immune system function and can help reduce the risk of respiratory infections and the flu. Part of the reason for vitamin D’s effectiveness is that it doesn’t depend on guessing which strain of influenza to create a vaccine against, as health officials do before each flu season. Vitamin D could be saving lives and keeping people healthy.  Yet the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is still only telling the public about the ineffective flu shot, notwithstanding reports that this year’s flu vaccine is roughly 30% effective in one of the worst flu seasons in recent history.

During his physical, the president received two vaccinations (Prevnar 13 for pneumococcal pneumonia and Twinrix for hepatitis A and B), and Dr. Jackson reported that President Trump was up to date on his flu vaccine and travel vaccines.
Dr. Jackson also reported the following:

  • The president’s cholesterol is 223 mg/dL. This is ideal for his age, yet the president is on Crestor, a statin, to lower his cholesterol. We’ve written previously about the laundry list of side effects associated with statins—including muscle pain and damage and increasing insulin resistance and diabetes. Recall, too, that Dr. Jackson had President Obama on Nexium for acid reflux—another class of drugs (proton pump inhibitors) with a scary list of side effects. Natural remedies for reflux are much safer and more effective.
  • The president also takes a daily multi-vitamin, but not one of the supplements recommended by leading integrative doctors.
  • The president was given a coronary calcium CT scan as part of his routine evaluation. We’ve written previously about the dangers of radiation from CT scans. Consider that If you receive ten CT scans in your life, you get as much radiation as did the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—about 200 mSv. Even the medical establishment has at least partially recognized that too many CT scans are being performed, which presents a danger to the public.

Finally, publicizing detailed medical information about anyone, including the president, strikes us as an invasion of privacy. This is some of the most sensitive personal information that exists, and should be kept between patient and doctor.

It is time for the government to update its understanding of vitamin D, and to communicate the importance of this vitamin to the public, especially with regard to flu prevention.

Action Alert! Write to the CDC and Congress, telling them that they should be informing the public about the ability of vitamin D to fend off the flu, rather than pushing an ineffective flu vaccine; also request a Government Accountability Office investigation into why the CDC is withholding this crucial information from the public. Please send your message immediately.

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26 responses to “Trump’s D-ficiency Exposes Major Health Threat This Flu Season”

  1. Sci-reader says:

    This is a great article and I applaud the efforts. However, promotion of proper vitamin D, C, K2, and A levels to the general public by any governmental agency will never happen because the corporate oligarchy and the CDC will not make any money from the vitamins. They will promote unsafe and ineffective vaccines to make money. Those who are injured and die from vaccines will be considered sacrificial lambs for the “greater good”, which being increasing profits. This greater good concept came from many ancient civilizations who practiced openly killing human sacrifices to some god for the greater good. This concept was used in the US in the eugenics program in the early 20th century and adopted by the Nazis to exterminate Jews and other peoples they considered “untermensch”, subhuman.
    Make sure you take high doses of vitamins mentioned above and skip the vaccines.

  2. Linda N says:

    Dr Carolyn Dean, MD, ND thinks the optimal amount of Vitamin D is around 40 ng/ml, but as is common in the US, we always think if some is good, more must be better. But it is not necessarily so. A cholesterol of 223 [without being on a statin drug] is normal and even beneficial for his age. That means the statin brought it to normal range so it would obviously be higher if not on the drug. Having said that too high a cholesterol can indicated ongoing inflammation, and one need to address the cause of the inflammation, not give a toxic drug. Frankly I am incredibly surprised (and pleased as well) that he not among those for whom statins cause serious cognitive problems. He must have some pretty good genes!

    • Elevenarrows says:

      I read research that showed a correlation between D levels around 32 and cancer rates. Every holistic doctor I’ve been to recommends I get mine to 50-70.

      • Truth59 says:

        That’s what we learned in nutrition school too.

      • Linda N says:

        I also have read that as well. All over the place. Obviously Dr. Dean disagrees. Who knows who is right. She is pointing out that these very high levels of vitamin D being prescribed by physicians deplete magnesium and that is not being addressed when D is given. I cannot get my blood levels of D past 32 no matter how much I shove in so I have quit trying.

        • Sci-reader says:

          Vitamin D is fat soluble, so is vitamin A. These require some fatty foods for absorption. Vitamin D also requires vitamin K, especially K2, from leafy greens and Gouda cheese, for example. Supplementing with magnesium is also important. Vitamin D is best obtained by proper sun exposure at solar noon when the sun angle is above at least 40 degrees from the horizon. Check out Mercola dot com for more information. During the winter like now, I take one 5,000 IU D3 twice a day with fatty foods. Older people do not absorb as much vitamin D from the diet as do younger folks. As spring approaches, I taper off to one per day, and none in the summer when sun exposure is the best. D toxicity is not until 50,000 IU per day.
          High dose vitamin C is also important as it is a strong antioxidant. When taking vitamin C supplement such as ascorbic acid, one must take something with sodium, such as salty foods. The body combines sodium with the ascorbic acid for absorption. Alternatively, sodium ascorbate can be taken instead, but not calcium ascorbate. High doses of vitamin C can be 2 to 3 grams a day during the winter. For more information on vitamin C check out Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD web site at drsuzanne dot net, especially her page on vitamin C, which contains a lecture she gave in Stockholm.

          • Linda N says:

            Know all of that. Have been a certified Nutritionist for many years. I am just stating Dr. Carolyn Dean’s opinion on the matter. Yes, have watched Dr. Humphries as well.

        • Wendy Allen says:

          Gluten may cause low Vit D.

    • Lynn Klein says:

      And how do you know that he is not experiencing cognitive decline from the statins? Judging by his Tweets, I’m not so sure.
      for up to date information on optimal vitamin D recommendations, check out the Grassroots Health web page. This group is running a long term study of such levels, using anyone who cares to join. The results are unbiased, and BTW, it appears that the 50-70 ul/g level is ideal.

      • Linda N says:

        I don’t know for sure that the statins are not causing some sort of cognitive decline, but he did pass his medical cognitive testing. As for Vitamin D, again, opinions differ, and Carolyn Dean is as qualified as anyone else to form one.and she is an expert on magnesium. So who knows. We shall see.

  3. Wendy Allen says:

    2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. Vit C/Vit D3/sunlight/Vit E/Vit A/Zn/mushrooms/Essiac/Mg/no gluten/low sugar/low sugar organic fruit/vegetables may help. Fish oil helped more than Vit C for me. The flu season starts when there is less sunlight in winter which affects the immune system.
    Vit K2/EDTA IV/Serrapeptase/pomegranate may help clean Ca out of blood vessels.
    Stating drugs hurt. Cholesterol may be high due to low thyroid due to gluten. Cholesterol is needed by the brain/body/glands/Vit D to be made. Fish oil can thin the blood. Ca/Mg/Osteoprocare/coenyzme Q10 may help the heart and more.
    Centrum multiple vitamin has Tin/Ni in it…not healthy. Nature’s plus- Source of life multiple is gluten free and awesome.
    Golfing…sweating which helps detox/sunlight/walking/can do business while golfing.
    Trump is smart/wise/has energy/is mentally/emotionally healthy and awesome!
    They should not know anything about Trump’s health. No leaks. The “left” is not healthy maybe due to gluten. Gluten may affect the brain/body/health. Americans are not healthy due to gluten/GMO/Roundup/pesticides/food in a box/vaccines. Trump doesn’t do vaccines. Trump has Scottish heritage…low sunlight which can hurt intestines so less nutrients absorb. Vit D3/sunlight may help.

    • Lynn Klein says:

      Wendy, your post had me cheering for a moment. Those supplements you mentioned do work, and can keep people healthy. Personally speaking, no one in my family has ever had flu, nor have they had the vaccine. However you lost me at the end when you stated that “Trump doesn’t do vaccines”, when the article clearly said that he had 2 this week.

      • Wendy Allen says:

        He doesn’t take the flu shot. Article should not have details about Trump. He said he doesn’t take shots. If they talk him into shots that would be sad. They may have talked him into that GMO are ok. Article may be assuming things/lie/making up things? I don’t know, but he knows vaccines are dangerous and cause Autism etc.. Don’t trust articles.

        • acumenata says:

          Re: “He doesn’t take the flu shot… He said he doesn’t take shots… Article may be assuming things/lie/making up things?”
          They aren’t making up anything. Here are the exact words of White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson from his 1/17/2018 televised press conference and accompanying written report:

          “Immunizations: The president, during his physical exam, had a Prevnar 13 immunization to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia and he had No 2 dose of his Twinrix to prevent hepatitis A and B. His routine vaccinations, to include his seasonal influenza, are all up to date, and all indicated travel vaccinations are up to date.”

          Trump isn’t your soulmate on this issue. Regardless what you think his position on vaccination is, he gets himself thoroughly vaccinated. If he has claimed otherwise then you need to question his trustworthiness and/or that of Dr. Jackson.

          • livefree1200cc says:

            You or I will never know the truth for sure – all we have is what the talking heads tell us. Trump would be a fool to take so many vaccines at once. I really dont see him as a fool

          • livefree1200cc says:

            In fact I can see Trump saying ‘ Tell the public whatever you want to tell them, I am not getting those shots!”

          • acumenata says:

            What you or anyone can imagine Trump saying in a hypothetical situation doesn’t matter. Other people can imagine Trump only expressing skepticism about vaccines to win votes or not having a solid position at all. It’s fine to express skepticism where it’s due. As you’ve pointed out, no one knows and people in politics have been known to lie. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to say that you have unanswered questions about his position on vaccines?

          • acumenata says:

            It can’t be both ways. Either Trump’s doctor is lying to the media or Trump is a fool based on your opinion of vaccines. Neither Trump nor his doctor would have any reason to lie about his immunization status. Dr. Jackson clearly said that Trump OK’d the medical report. If Trump were strongly against vaccination, he wouldn’t have OK’d a report saying he’d been vaccinated. Therefore, the most logical and likely scenario is that Trump’s opinion about vaccines doesn’t match yours.
            Jackson didn’t say Trump got all of those vaccines at once. He got two on January 12: the Prevnar against pneumonia and the Hepatitis booster. If he got the influenza vaccine at the usual time—the beginning of the flu season—that would have been about three months earlier. He could have gotten the travel vaccinations any time in the past 5-10 years. He could have gotten the routine vaccinations years ago, not necessarily all at once.

          • livefree1200cc says:

            From what I have seen throughout my life, everyone on that TV is an actor, and everyone has a script. Talking heads have lied to us hundreds of times over the years. I now only believe what I can prove, and reserve a healthy amount of skepticism for everything else.. Like I said, neither one of us will ever know for sure. In the end, ‘what difference does it make?’ (To quote H.Clinton) !

          • acumenata says:

            It makes a great deal of difference if your interest is accuracy and integrity. It makes very little if you’re aim is to propagandize. Yes, talking heads, politicians and presidents have lied to us hundreds of times over the years. That makes it just as likely that Trump and his spokespeople are lying to you about certain things.
            The original poster wants people to believe that Trump is staunchly against vaccination, so much so that she’s willing to spin that into fiction so that other people will believe, too. She stated that “Trump does not take the flu shot.” That’s her personal fantasy. It has no factual basis. She takes it further, implying that the media is lying about Trump being vaccinated when in reality those statements came straight from Trump’s own spokespeople with Trump’s approval.
            Trump has never said (as the original poster claims) that he “doesn’t get flu shots” or doesn’t get immunized, or doesn’t “take shots” at all. He has expressed skepticism about vaccine schedules for
            infants and children.To the best of my knowledge, he has never expressed skepticism about vaccines for himself or other adults. This is how ‘fake news’ spreads.
            It’s fine for you think Trump is foolish for getting vaccinated. It’s fine to say Trump is contradicting himself. It’s fine to say you think he and/or his doctor are lying about his vaccinations. Attempting to let them off the hook by saying the messengers reporting what Trump and his talking head spokespeople have said on record “may be assuming things/lie/making up things” isn’t healthy skepticism. It’s unhealthy dishonesty.

      • Wendy Allen says:

        This article maybe false. They should not know anything about his health.

        • livefree1200cc says:

          Agreed, you never heard anything like this about past Presidents

        • livefree1200cc says:

          It would not surprise me that these ‘blogs’ are run by a gov. agency such as the NSA to find out who the ‘trouble makers’ will be when it all falls to heck and FEMA takes over. When you look at the ‘up’ counters you think to yourself – yeah maybe that few for just my little town, but surely more than 12 people nation wide read and agreed with a certain comment. None of these little chat rooms contain very many ‘people’. There are bots, trolls, and maybe a few actual people. It seems downsized and personalized

  4. Mark Nesja says:

    I will not ask the government to do any such thing.
    I think it’s time for people to stop depending on the government and
    doctors for anything relating to health care. All they do is promote
    the drugs and therapies that make the corporations happy.
    Why is it that most people don’t seem to have the time to learn how to take care
    of themselves, and instead opt to let someone else make these decisions
    for them?
    America is becoming a nation of idiots, and it’s no accident. Those who crave power have worked on this for generations. The government has never been a good influence in health matters, and it never will be.

    • Lynn Klein says: are so correct in your reply!!! I am right there with you in my belief that we need to take care of ourselves if we really want to healthy. Government guidelines are for minimal health…not optimal health!

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