Vaccine Choice Under Renewed Fire

July 26, 2017

France and Italy abolish it; Germany and Australia restrict it. Are we next? State-based action alerts!

Your parental rights are at stake as your state could be next to take a cue from European nations by forcing your child into unproven, potentially dangerous vaccinations:

  • In France, eleven vaccines will become obligatory by 2018: diphtheria, tetanus, polio, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitus B, influenza, pneumonia and meningitis C.
  • Italy, just this May, made twelve vaccines mandatory for children attending school up to age 16.
  • Germany has not passed mandatory vaccination laws but has instituted a fine of $2,800 for parents who fail to seek medical advice on vaccinating their children.
  • Australia has gone further and cracked down on parents who do not wish to vaccinate. In 2015, Australia removed welfare and tax benefits for parents who do not vaccinate, and recently approved plans to ban children who have not been vaccinated from attending preschools and daycare centers.

Emblematic of the problem here is the hepatitis B shot— given at two, four, and eleven months in France, and at birth in the US. Proponents insist that developing children need this vaccine, despite the fact that the only sources of hepatitis B are sexual and from intravenous drug use. Here in the US, the hepatitis B vaccine is administered at birth, even though the immune system is too immature at that stage to create an immune response.

European authorities are, in many instances, citing an uptick of measles as their rationale for restricting parental choice. This refrain, however, doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Similar cases were made in the US about mumps. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the reason for the uptick in cases of mumps in this country is not unvaccinated kids—most mumps patients say they’ve received both shots of the MMR vaccine, and the disease has arisen in communities with 90% or higher vaccination rates. CDC and other researchers thus conclude that the waning effectiveness of the MMR vaccine is the real culprit—or that the vaccine itself spreads the illness.

Many US states are seeking to either mandate certain vaccines or remove exemptions for parents who do not wish to follow the government’s recommended vaccine schedule. Is your state among those that threaten your rights and your child’s safety? Check below to see how your state stacks up, and click the appropriate link to take action.

New Jersey
New York

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13 responses to “Vaccine Choice Under Renewed Fire”

  1. BarbaraCharis says:

    Forced vaccines should not be permitted. Vaccines have many side effects and the manufacturers are covered financially at the expense of the American taxpayers. This is not right that they can make money and if there is a lawsuit for damages…the taxpayer has to pay. The worst part is the damage being inflicted on trusting children. Injecting toxic material into the bloodstream can set the child up for disease and lowered I.Q. with the aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde (embalming fluid), viruses, etc. in most shots. How can doctors be so ignorant? Immunity is built by the right nutrition, proper lifestyle, sufficient sleep. I have been into health studies 56 years…and 95% of disease is caused by what is going in the mouth. Vaccines are a major stress, which need to be eliminated

    • Elevenarrows says:

      Actually, Barbara, doctors aren’t ignorant…one of the lowest vaccination rates is among doctors! They KNOW how damaging they are and they choose to not subject themselves and loved ones to them. Unfortunately, even good doctors who wish they could share accurate data with their patients to better educate them about vaccines, often feel they cannot due to pressures within their industry.

      • Headhunter says:

        Exactly not only vaccination but drugs as well with all the side effects, I think it all about population control.

      • Linann M Singh says:

        Parents can ask the doctor what the risks are, and ask for pamphlets about each shot given before the child gets the shot (s), but 98% of parents don’t question the doctor. The doctor may even ask you to sign a non-vaccine form, that states the parent was informed about said vaccines, but wasn’t. Ask question, and don’t sign anything.

    • Headhunter says:


  2. L Livingston says:

    Big pharma, the new mafia, strikes again.

  3. Kenn32 says:

    The people who mandate numerous vaccines, first on children; then later in life, push vaccines such as Flu, Shingles, and more on older individuals, really have no clue about what negative side effects or health problems develop from these compounds when they are injected into a person. The information about vaccines come from the pharmaceutical companies who develop them. You never see lists of side effects reported on vaccines like there are on prescription drugs, or warnings that infants or children should not be vaccinated if they have certain medical issues. Obviously, an infant has no way to inform anyone that a vaccine is causing problems or side effects soon after being vaccinated. If an injection contains multiple vaccines, or if additional vaccines are given, who is to know which one if any may have caused problems for the infant. It’s my choice that I use or don’t use pharmaceuticals if a doctor recommends any. There is enough information about drugs available thanks to the internet, that it is my right to decide if I will obtain and use what might be prescribed. Infants and children who should have the same rights, with the parent as the legal guardian making health decisions, are being denied those rights by the government, and this goes counter to personal rights and freedom.

    • Elevenarrows says:

      Amen and amen, Kenn!

    • Headhunter says:

      I totally agree with all of your comments especially about the Flu, shots and Shingles for older individuals, this government and the big pharmaceutical companies and the doctors are all working together as for me I personally don’t trust none of them period.

  4. Thomas Waldenfels says:

    But, But, but … I don’t understand. The USSA is the LAND OF THE FREE.

  5. physicsandchem says:

    Vaccines and drugs have side effects. Some of these are very bad. How does this compare with the situation before the vaccines and drugs were available? THAT is the proper comparison.

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