The Vaccine Firestorm

June 8, 2010

vaccineThe Vaccine Firestorm
Last Friday’s shocking news—the revelation of hidden financial ties and influence-peddling behind the World Health Organization’s declaration of a worldwide H1N1 pandemic—is only one of our articles this week on the controversial issue of immunization. We’ll tell you about flu vaccine deaths, fetal death and injury from mercury, a high government official formerly in charge of vaccines who now works for a drug and vaccine maker, and yet another tragic miscarriage of justice in the case of a pioneer of autism research.

Although the health issues involved are the most troubling, we show how the truth can be uncovered, as always, by heeding that old adage: “Follow the money.”
The WHO’s H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine Scandal
Last Friday, two different European groups released reports accusing the World Health Organization (WHO) of exaggerating the threat posed by the H1N1 virus, and of having been influenced by the pharmaceutical industry in its recommendations about how countries should respond.
According to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the WHO’s over-the-top response to the H1N1 virus caused widespread, unnecessary fear, and prompted countries around the world to waste millions of dollars. They say that when the WHO advised countries to stockpile millions of doses of antiviral medications, it had been influenced by the very companies that make the H1N1 antiviral drugs and vaccines.
The second report, a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, said the WHO’s global immunization guidelines were based in part on the advice of three experts who received direct financial compensation from the two leading manufacturers of antiviral drugs used against the virus, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, each of which received a windfall of profits from the pandemic declaration. As Mike Adams of notes, “During all this, WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interests between its top advisors and the drug companies who would financially benefit from its decisions. All the kickbacks, in other words, were swept under the table and kept silent, and WHO somehow didn’t think it was important to let the world know that it was receiving policy advice from individuals who stood to make millions of dollars when a pandemic was declared.”
The BMJ report concludes, “We are left wondering whether major public health organizations are able to effectively manage the conflicts of interest that are inherent in medical science.”
A spokesperson for the WHO strongly disputed that its decisions had been tainted. But in response to the criticism, WHO has launched two investigations, including one by an independent panel of experts asked to judge the extent to which WHO’s decision-making processes are influenced by Big Pharma.
ANH–International, noted, “The three scientists who authored the World Health Organization guidance document for the swine flu pandemic were in the pay of the drug companies—the very drug companies due to profit so much from stockpiles of vaccines if governments could be persuaded to stockpile. Once again we get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes corporate puppeteering that compromises our freedoms. Such manipulation resulted in a stockpile of drugs and vaccines costing an estimated £1 billion [approximately $1.45 billion].”
Flu Vaccines Causing Deaths Worldwide
Meanwhile, in western Australia, more than sixty children had “adverse reactions”—fever, vomiting, and convulsions—to a three-strain flu vaccine within hours of being immunized, according to the Brisbane Courier-Mail. The vaccine manufacturer has voluntarily withdrawn the vaccine and is trying to retrieve it wherever it has been distributed.
In Taiwan, seventeen children have died after being given the H1N1 vaccine. The Minister of Health said six of the deaths can be attributed to other causes such as myocardial rupture, suffocation due to inhalation of vomit, or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, though he did not say what had caused those conditions. Investigations continue into the remaining eleven cases. It was revealed that vaccine had not been tested on humans prior to being administered in Taiwan, but that vaccinations will continue in order “to avoid wasting the vaccine.” The deputy director of the Taiwan CDC noted that, “If parents insist, doctors will be asked to explain the possible health risks.”
Mercury Rising
CoMeD Inc., a non-profit group hoping to ban the use of mercury in all medications, filed declarations in US District court about pregnant women and their unborn fetuses who have been harmed by influenza shots that contain Thimerosal (mercury). The declarations filed detailed fetal deaths, miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, and mental retardation or gross mental impairment of live births following the administration of swine flu and regular flu shots that contained mercury.
As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health, writes: “The doctors who are forcing these vaccines on pregnant women do not understand what they are giving or doing. We have heard story after story of people challenging their physicians over whether Thimerosal is present in vaccines. When the doctor finally takes the time to read the package insert, they are shocked to see that it is. While most of the mercury has been taken out of most of the childhood vaccines, it has not been taken out of the multi-dose flu vaccines. Each swine flu shot has 25 mcg of mercury.”
In light of this, it is all the more interesting that a respected Japanese study recently concluded that vitamin D was as effective as vaccine in preventing flu, including pandemic flu. And of course it is also effective as a treatment. The complete silence of the US government about the use of this simple, cheap, unpatented substance against flu is truly shameful. If vitamin D were a patented drug sold by a drug company, is there any doubt the government would be promoting and stockpiling it?
This is one example of crony capitalism in medicine but not unfortunately the most blatant. For that, see the next story.
Blatant Crony Capitalism in Medicine
Dr. Julie Gerberding was director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the past seven years. Essentially, she was in charge of federal government decision-making about vaccines and disease-response programs. In January, she resigned to become president of Merck Pharmaceuticals’ vaccine division.
Merck, as Pulse readers know, makes the Gardasil vaccine, which is marketed as a cervical cancer vaccine even though it’s really a vaccine for genital warts—the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are as many as forty different HPVs, only four of which can cause some types of cancer in some women. Gardasil’s own small-print disclaimers say the vaccine doesn’t protect everyone; it doesn’t protect against diseases caused by other HPV types; it doesn’t prevent all types of cervical cancer; and it doesn’t treat cancer or genital warts once you have them. Yet Merck is marketing it as the great new cervical cancer preventive. You can’t take it if you’re prone to yeast infections or are pregnant, and the acknowledged side effects include pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site, headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fainting with seizures or rigidity! Unacknowledged possible side effects have included a teenage girl’s death. A true miracle drug.
Merck’s announcement said, “Dr. Gerberding is the ideal choice to lead Merck’s engagement with organizations around the world that share our commitment to the use of vaccines to prevent disease.” This is crony capitalism at its most blatant.
By the way, in 2008, Dr. Gerberding went on CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and admitted that vaccines can trigger autism. It was buried in a pile of obfuscation, but the admission was there nonetheless. This in turn makes the next story all the more interesting.
“A Clear Miscarriage of Justice”
In March, a federal administrative law judge ruled that the evidence supporting an alleged causal link between autism and a mercury-containing preservative in vaccines was “unpersuasive,” and that the families of children diagnosed with autism were not entitled to compensation. The Coalition for Vaccine Safety called it “a clear miscarriage of justice.”
These families, representative of than 5,300 cases of parents who believe vaccines caused their child’s autism, sought compensation but above all an acknowledgment of wrong from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a no-fault system set up to shield pharmaceutical firms making vaccines from financial liability and thus to encourage them to make more vaccines.
Now, in another miscarriage of justice, Andrew Wakefield, MD—the British doctor whose research and public statements initially linked a common childhood vaccine to autism—had his license to practice medicine revoked two weeks ago. The British General Medical Council alleged in part that he had conducted invasive medical procedures on children that they did not need. Significantly, no parent or child has ever alleged that they were harmed by Dr Wakefield.
Prior to this controversy, Wakefield was a gastroenterologist and respected researcher. In 1995, he was approached for help by a mother whose child developed a painful inflammatory bowel disorder following a routine MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps, and rubella). The child also became autistic. His research team found nearly 100 children with the same symptoms and the same chain of events, a syndrome now identified in five countries
As part of his investigation, Dr. Wakefield found the safety studies on the MMR vaccine “totally unsatisfactory,” and put together a 250-page report on these safety studies.
The manufacturer of the MMR vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), saw its sales drop sharply after the report. One of the members of GSK’s board of directors owns the Sunday Times newspaper. That paper wrote a series of articles critical of Dr. Wakefield, which prompted the UK’s General Medical Council to investigate. This was the beginning of what ANH–Europe called, in its excellent analysis of the incident, “the longest witch hunt in UK medical history.”
As Dr. Sherri Tenpenny notes, “The autism rate, now at least 1 in 150, is more than the childhood rate of pediatric cancer, HIV, and diabetes combined. And yet we deny the connection to vaccines and even deny there is an autism epidemic, with many thousands of children losing their brains. It is more important to be sure we don’t have a few cases of mumps or the flu than it is to question the holy water coming through that needle, a solution that contains known carcinogens, animal DNA, and heavy metals.”
Dr. Wakefield recently published a book on his experience, Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines—The Truth Behind a Tragedy.

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41 responses to “The Vaccine Firestorm”

  1. Natalie Mannering says:

    Thanks for getting the word out! These tragedies must end SOON!!

  2. Charles B Dorsey says:

    Good job! Keep up the good work. We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! We want the whole world to know the entire sordid story!
    Thank you!

  3. The manufactures should not be free to make disease causing vaccines with impunity.
    In the US we should only make vaccines for diseades in the US
    If people are traveling outside the us they should have access to vaccines for the country they are travling to.
    The drug companies should have to set asside money to compensate for injury

  4. Jennifer says:

    Part of the trouble lies in ill-chosen attempts to force more and more vaccines, vaccines given in multiple doses because it is thought that parents will not bring children in for frequent doctor visits, and vaccines given at younger and younger ages.

  5. Elizabeth A.Livingston says:

    As your article addresses, some vaccines are necessary. Measles epidemics are serious, but so many of these “new” vaccines seem unnecessary and I hate to see people coerced to take them. I am glad there is Vitamin D and that it is receiving new emphasis. I even remember when neighbors in the 1950’s would not let their girls get the polio vaccine. They ate lots of oranges and lettuces and greens. They never got polio. We all should eat to strengthen our immune systems and get sleep and exercise. If we do get sick, we are likely to have less serious cases if we are basically healthy. Sometimes people are genetically predisposed to get a disease — I read that that was the case with polio but I am sure there were other reasons that I am forgetting.

  6. handicapper says:

    What a great tragedy… honest and brave people being crucified for profit! As our Government sacrifices the next generation at “the well of lies and deception” we begin to see glimpses of how our individual freedoms are decaying before our eyes. 8-(

  7. Dan Bongiorno says:

    This whole vaccine situation makes me so angry I can explode. The Drug companies are so greedy they completly disregard the health of people who use their drugs.
    Someone should be held accountable!!!

  8. TC Shell says:

    And the public is ignorant for two reasons. One is a poor education replaced by TV and video games. This I believe was also in the agenda. And two, because the media is financially controlled by the pharmaceuticals. But there are enough knowledgeable individuals, free media, and groups who could create a new major television network. Such a network would unfortunately have to include regular doses of blood, sex, and betrayal to get the masses to tune in and stay tuned in, at least until they rise above the muck and apathy.
    There are so many hundreds of Causes dividing us, from save the seals to save the seniors from nursing home drugging and abuse. Yet at the root of each cause are the same groups and individuals causing the havoc and destruction. How? Through the support of corrupt government officials. How? Through our tax dollars. How? WE GIVE THEM THE MONEY! WE CHOOSE TO PLAY THE GAME AND WE GIVE THEM THE MONEY! We don’t give the money instead to create a new television network owned by all of the Cause organizations and other merging networks that expose corruption and destruction within the powers that be. We don’t do that do we?. That would be just too courageous. So we feed the filthy rich murderers and support the schools and colleges that train them. There are a few movements who are genuinely courageous and a handful of individuals as well. These need to unite. That’s the first step. They need to unite, and together they can pull the people together. Then, courage and strength can surmount all odds. These few corrupt individuals are weak in themselves. They are the few of evil – look at that faith based or not – they are the few of evil that have power only because we continue to give it to them through our tax dollars And we plead yet comply with their demands. They laugh at us you know. They look at the world as their vile while they watch each of us swim in pretended knowingness. What we know matters not as long as we continue to provide the money and as long as we do not duplicate what works for them: major television networks.

    • SE says:

      BRAVO, TC! Add to that the multitudes who work for them, directly or indirectly. It’s funny how we rarely question the motives of our employers. If you have a job, look forward to retirement, that is supposed to be enough and you’ve contributed positively to society; assuming you never paid any attention. If you have paid attention, and you realize you are trapped in a sick and twisted cycle of deception and corruption, if you have the balls to fight it or leave it, you have awakened from your sweet dream into a nightmare. We need more of this to happen if anything is going to change. Everyone is culpable.

  9. Gilbert Saltman, nutritionist says:

    This is an excellent and balanced article which shows the power and infiltration of Big Pharma into the decision making bodies of countries and international organizations like the World Health Organization. It really is about “follow the money”.

  10. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  11. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  12. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  13. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  14. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  15. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children

  16. Virginia Smith says:

    i am very disturbed by the Vaccine makers and the power they exert FOR A BRIBE PRICE over the worlds children



  18. Martie says:

    This is so incredibly shocking! We need to get this information out to inform people what is happening with our health care and hopefully be informed enough to not go along with doctors who are so misinformed and/or paid off by pharmaceutical companies. I did not trust the WHO from Day 1 and never will again.

  19. Roger Fuller says:

    June 8, 2010
    Dear ANH:
    I’m glad that Dr. Wakefield has exposed the danger of the MMR vaccine made by GSK. The witch hunt against Dr. Wakefield shows the criminality of these drug companies. This story doesn’t surprise me much these days knowing GSK. You should look into the history of GSK, which used to be Smith, Kline and French. They have a very long history of pushing very dangerous drugs going all the way back to Thorazine in 1954, which kicked off a huge wave of phenothiazine drug production so that by 1974, 250 million people were put on that class of drugs worldwide, according to the New England Journal of Medecine, even though the company knew in 1952, 2 years before marketing, that the drugs caused Parkinson’s Disease in some of the patients who took them. As early as 1957, scientists knew that a small but significant percentage of phenothiazine victims got Tardive Dyskinesia. These phenothiazine psychiatric drugs kicked off the massive drug epidemic both legal and illegal that we see in the world today.
    However, Smith, Kline, and French and the rest of the drug companies could have never pulled off this great crime without massive collusion from local, state, and federal government throughout the USA and the mainstream media aiding and abetting the drug companies every step of the way, which, by the way, goes on to this day. Government has always had the power to stop it and I say that governments’ role in this Crime Against Humanity is worse that the drug companies themselves. And to the drug companies: this is their best defense, that the highest levels of U.S. government aided and abetted them every step of the way.

  20. Jim Lupino says:

    What is the relative value of human life?
    This question seems to be conspicuously missing from the equation, yet it is an integral part of it.
    Activists would have us discontinue inhumanity on animals, to save them from the dangers researchers would put them to; have turned whole human enterprises on their collective ear for safeguarding wild fowl habitat.
    Any 1000 animals in the Kingdom should easily live more compact, efficient, small-carbon-footprint lives than any third-world boy who only survives to see 20 years.
    Humanity seems to agree, in theory, genocide in any form uncivil, noted exceptions being those genocides opposing factions see as ‘right’.
    I truly think abortion appalling, where abstinence and prevention are ineffective due to desire and false clergy, and the need for ZPG for the sake of our whole planet overrides, it comes down to:
    “If I cannot control you, and you will not bother to control yourself, then there is no control.”
    The planet, overburdened, already clearly attempts spasmodically shuddering efforts to free herself of this human bondage:
    Increased tectonic movements due to the twin pressures of removal of electro-magnetic ores from stable sites and concurrent removal of lubrications in areas deep under grounds and seas;
    New creations, as well as mutations and resurgences of existing scourges worldwide attest to the ability of nature to outpace human feet.
    And of course, those genocides to help in the reduction process all point squarely to one inexorable conclusion:
    We are the best qualified, most likely acndidates for future testing. We have earned the post.
    So, Caveat Emptor. Exercise the right to decide for yourselves. This is something every one of us should start demanding from all authorities, worldwide, regardless of how much they think they know better what is in our best interests. A la Smothers: “Mother, please, I’ll do it myself!”
    It is perhaps saddest to note, that in these cases of women bought cheap for guinea pigs, in this day of equal rights, if any of these women had stood up against the ‘prevailing wisdom,’ in the press, they might have gotten enough attention paid in the first place. No, that’s not fair. They had to be victimised for the sake of hard data.

  21. Rev, Dr. Ronald L. Sims says:

    Surprise, surprise, and look at the FDA (Fascist Death Advocates) who are pushing to stop the use of Natural Supplements that allow the body to heal itself, and pushes the AMA and doctors to promote drugs made from petroleum by-products (petro-chemicals), to which diseases quickly become immune, and the side effects of these drugs are more dangerous than the original disease.
    WHO/FDA/CODEX – what is the difference, only the letters. I believe that all of these organizations are having their palms greased by Pharma and Petro business, for the almighty dollar, not for the betterment of humanity.
    Rev. Dr. Ronald L. “Chief Grey Eagle” Sims

  22. D. J. Sadler says:

    I’ll have to side with good old Kevin Trudeau on this one, and chant his mantra: “Its all about the MONEY!!” and the lure thereof and damn the torpedos bearing banners of truth in testing and reporting and honesty and ingegrity; creating a false pandemic in order to sell defective and damaging vaccines and the Hippocratic oath and all the intellegent guidelines on getting things
    right, and doing them well.
    Were I king, I’dfine, heavily, any media entity who acepted advirtisement money for thse vaccine ads and those who could have printed the truth and didn’t bowing to ad money pressure. I’d try, convict and execute all in big pharma who promoted and profited from that deadly, child crippling, life-destroying, dastardly scheme. Big pharma would be forced to give back every dime of their ill gotten gains and that money re distributed to the victims! That’s the only true justice will be done and restitution made for that industry’s conciencless, greedy, plans and actions.
    I liked Bea Arthur’s line to her husband when he had done or wqs co

  23. Judy says:

    It is time for big pharma rto STOP killing and maiming our innocent children with their toxic vaccines and for parents to have a choice in thier childrens healthcare.

    • Anne Hartley says:

      Big Pharma won’t stop on it’s own. It’s up to us to not support them. People must be asking their doctor about…… or those drug ads would not be working. There is much we can do for our own health. The more we flock to these drugs and treatments, the more powerful the drug companies become..

  24. Kerry Fry says:

    Thank-you for this important information. I am grateful for those who do the study and research to keep us informed.

  25. Nancy Fairbrother says:

    Because of the greed and power that overshadow service to humanity in big pharma and the U.S. government, we parents need to be active in regulating our own health care and that of our children. Which means we need to VOTE. And we need to know what’s in the vaccines and other medications that we are offered. All the corruption that is being uncovered in the drug industry and the U.S. government iis showing us what we have created by not being active with respect to our own wellbeing. This country is comprised of individuals. We all have the power to overrule our doctors if we need to, hold our drug companies responsible for what they are creating, and vote our legislators in and out of office. Anybody can research medications on the Internet. It’s easier than ever before to find information about anything in the world. If we don’t take charge of our health care, we get what they want us to have. And, we are learning, it often has nothing to do with what we need. Let’s man up and take charge.

    • Gail Joyan says:

      I couldn’t agree more with what you have said…at 6 mos. my grandson received the pneumococcal vaccine, the flu shot and the H1N1. My daughter was freaked out about the hype about swine flu and no matter how often i assured her that all it was was hype, she gave in to the mass consciousness. within 2 mos. my grandson had pneumonia and had a very frightening experience in the hospital and then just under 1 year was diagnosed with asthma. Big Pharma with the government’s blessing is making ours a society of sick people. the sicker people are, not only does the drug industry profit big time, but also it serves to dumb down the citizens of this country. the more drugs we are on as a society, the sicker we get, the less we care about what government or anyone is doing and for sure we won’t make trouble by standing up and demanding change. in many ways we have become a society of lemings. we have to stand up and fight for our children’s health. parents all over this country can purchase the booklet,”Your Personal Guide to Immunizations Exemptions” from Amazon. this booklet will tell you your rights, and how to exempt your child from some or all vaccinations. But if we don’t make our voices heard, this will continue….we can do it! as a matter of fact, it is a small group of people who have always made the largest changes…let’s go for it!

  26. Sarah says:

    As a new parent of a 15mth old child, how do you not vaccinate? We are repeatly told that vaccinations are mandated and must be given on a “schedule.” It scares me that I will be going to the dr this week and subjecting my child to another MMR vaccine – I feel “stuck” and appreciate the information, but do not see how I can get out of not having my child vaccinated… This is a true problem for families in our country…

    • handsoffmyhealth says:

      Insist on 1 at a time, sans mercury. It is available. Those multiples are dangerous, overloading and overwhelming the child’s immune system. 35 yrs ago, the MMR almost killed my daughter. Actually they are only “mandated” for public assistance insurance, and public school, but just wait and see what happens due to OBamacare. It will get worse.

      • liv72 says:

        When I learned what immunizations can do and what they don’t do as well, we decided it was better to just say no. That’s all you have to do. Tell your Dr. you’re opting out. It’s hard…they’ll try to make you feel stupid, but you have to remember they are paid to push this and have had it drilled into them at school that it’s necessary. When your child registers for school you can sign a form that allows them to attend unvacinnated. All you have to do is say you’ll keep them home if there’s an outbreak of measles, mumps, etc. At least in my state.
        Now a few gripes about the Chicken Pox Vaccine. My sister’s children had the chicken pox vaccine and all got chicken pox anyway. My children are getting older and have never gotten it (they are not immunized) even after being exposed to children who have it. Vaccines have pushed the disease into the older population where it’s actually more threatening. Dr.s don’t know how effective the vaccine is. Will the children who never got the pox need a booster? Some vaccinated children get such a mild case that they are at risk of getting it again, when they are older and will have a more severe reaction to the disease. They have created a situation where my daughters will be at risk of getting the disease while they are pregnant, which could severly harm their unborn children. Are other girls at risk as well if a booster is needed? Will they need to be vaccinated while pregnant? Do you see where this is going? I sat in a clinic refusing the vaccine (in the hopes that my children will GET the disease and therefore be naturally and EFFECTIVELY immunized) while a nurse used scare tactics like gangrene and the need for amputation in severe cases. Yet, this is rare and easily avoided with proper hygine.

    • Tabatha says:

      Sarah, switch doctors. Call around and ask the nurse that answers the phone, “how do your doctors feel about an alternative vaccine schedule?” My first ped. let us go for not following her advice and getting my daughter on the CDC schedule. Its a wonderful thing she did. I called around and found a better dr, one who may not agree with me completely but she understands my concerns and doesn’t try to force me into anything. She realizes that I am not an idiot, that I do my homework and we leave it at that. When your child goes to school, there are waivers. You aren’t alone.

  27. XG says:

    My mother ended up in ICU 4 days after receiving a flu shot. She was dead a week later. Enough said.

  28. Lanceclot says:

    There is more coming our way: Take a look at –
    Codex Alimentarius 2010 Plan

  29. pay even says:

    All roads lead to rome, Good luck with that one?

  30. I believe that education is very important but many don’t do this. They blindly trust a government, not understanding that government is ruled by greed. Government is run by greed. The taking and ruining of lives in the name of greed needs to be stopped and I think no better way than treat the crime for what it is. Crimes against humanity are punishable by death.

  31. OhZone says:

    I do not think that it is the Mercury alone that is the big bad stuff that we have been led to believe.
    I am a Senior Citizen.
    I started getting mercury fillings at age 8.
    We used Mercurochrome on all our scratches.
    We played with blobs of Mercury whenever a thermometer broke. We rolled it from hand to hand. We rollited around on the floor; punched it withour finger, whereupon it split into dozens of tiny balls. Then we herded them all back into one blob again.
    None of us have suffered any of the alleged illnesses as purported.
    I think instead you should be looking at the use of Pesticides which started being used after WWII, and have mushroomed into Thousands of Varieities that are being used on EVERYTHING we eat.
    But that is only the beginning of the uses of some 80,000 synthetic Chemicals in our lives.
    Also look at the use of Free Glutamate – a Known Neurotoxin. This is a big player in the Nerve Damage you see in “Vaccine Victims”.
    Glutamate is now everywhere in our lives as additive to ALL our FOOD.
    Consider this: 2 tablesppons of MSG WILL KILL A MEDIUM SIZED DOG!!!
    Next look at Citric Acid – it too proliferates thru out the items in the Grocery Store.
    Transfusion Patients frequently suffer from Citric Acid Poisoning.
    My Mother nearly died from it.
    Quit harping on Mercury – Everything you are reading about it is to DIVERT you from seeing the
    Real Culprits. There is not much money to be made in selling Mercury, BUT there are Billions being made on Glutamate products and Citric Acid.
    Wake up!!!

  32. Roger Fetterman says:

    Who on earth wants to take vaccines that contain things that should never, ever be put in anyone’s body? H1N1 was laced with mercury and aluminum and probably other things that are poison to our bodies? Is the lust for money so great that the drug companies, many doctors ($), our elected officials, and so on. Who can we trust to do the right thing?
    We need to be our own watch dogs and we need to tell all of the entities who risk our lives to fatten their wallets!

  33. Dani McHenry says:

    Parents still have the right to not vaccinate their children. My son is vaccinated which I hated doing it. When my daughter was born and I started vaccinating her she had very bad reactions to them. Our pediatrician was adamant about continuing with her vaccines. I CHOSE to take the matter into my own hands and started researching… what i found about the drug companies made me sick, it is all about the money….My family and I have completely turned away from traditional medicine and doctors. Our family doctor is now a Homeopathic doctor and we are very happy to be going this route. We still have choices….. there are alternatives to all this evil. Take control of your own health and body. Don’t be bullied into what you feel is not right.

  34. I was more than happy to uncover this website.
    I wanted to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!!
    I definitely really liked every part of it and I have you
    saved to fav to check out new information in your web site.

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