Vaccine Mania

January 24, 2017

Big Pharma-dependent mainstream media again dismiss legitimate concerns about vaccine safety while legislators threaten your right to decide for yourself. State-based Action Alerts!
Earlier this month, Daniel Neides, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic wrote an article pointing out that vaccines contain dangerous ingredients. What prompted the article was his recent flu shot. He later learned that his shot contained formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. In the article, he describes how humans are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals that disrupt normal bodily functions and cause disease.
Dr. Neides is not anti-vaccine—on the contrary, he believes vaccines can be helpful when used properly. But he notes that

the vaccination timing and understanding one’s epigenetics (how your genes interact with the environment) are all critical to our risk of developing chronic disease. Please talk to your doctor about the optimal timing of vaccinations for your children, and therefore reduce your risk of raising a child with a neurologic complication.

This appears to be sensible advice, yet the mainstream media’s reaction to the doctor’s advice has been to go ballistic. For example, a Forbes headline reads, “Cleveland Clinic Doctor Goes Full Anti-Vaccine.” Other outlets echoed this sensationalism. The hysteria and the concerted effort to attack Dr. Neides is the most recent evidence that the media is unable to fairly address the issue of vaccine safety.
We’ve written before about vaccine ingredients like aluminum or formaldehyde—or, in the case of the flu shot, mercury. These dangerous neurotoxins have never been adequately tested for safety. The FDA relies on data about ingesting aluminum, not injecting it. New data on injecting aluminum shows that it travels directly to the brain.
There are other reasons for concern. A new report from the World Health Organization on the HPV vaccine supports previous findings that this vaccine is associated with serious adverse events, including death.
And how about glass in vaccines? A Sanofi Pasteur manufacturing plant found tiny pieces of glass in some batches of vaccines intended for babies. After the company assured the FDA that there was no problem, the agency did nothing—no recall was ordered.
The National Academy of Medicine (NAM, formerly the Institute of Medicine), which advises the government on issues relating to medicine and health, has also voiced concerns about the current vaccination paradigm. In a 2013 report, the Academy concluded, “Key elements of the schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.”
There are legitimate safety concerns about vaccines, ranging from contaminants to the safety of adjuvants to the timing of their administration. People have a right NOT to be injected with carcinogens, neurotoxins, glass, or whatever else may be in these FDA-approved vaccines.
State-based Action Alerts! Check below if your state is considering a bill that would restrict or remove your freedom of choice when it comes to vaccination. Please send your message immediately.
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2 responses to “Vaccine Mania”

  1. Loves Disciple says:

    The anti-freedom worshiping politicians are at it again! Don’t think California’s #SB277 can’t happen in your state, to your family. Don’t want your child-ren being injected with drugs that have known and unknown side effects such as asthma, auto immune diseases, seizures, seizure disorders, allergies, severe eczema’s, SIDS and or death? Fight NOW for your liberties, don’t complain about it later. Don’t wait for someone else to take up the fight. Demand your Senators listen to you and not the pHARMaceutical companies!

  2. Dust of the Earth says:

    No wonder people are increasingly rejecting the mainstream media. Headlines like the Forbes example, which is blatantly false and sensationalist, are the real “fake news” in this country. Hint: if the headline of your article is contradicted by statements within your article, then it’s not true.

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