Vaccine Studies Debunked

August 2, 2016

Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, PE, has helped us expose the shortcomings in commonly cited pro-vaccine studies that argue against a vaccine/autism link. Action Alert!
This week, ANH-USA is releasing a white paper in conjunction with Dr. Brian Hooker, scientific advisor for Focus for Health. The paper critically examines twelve studies that are commonly cited by the media and government agencies as irrefutable proof that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. As you will see below, many of these studies prove nothing of the sort, and are riddled with conflicts of interest.
In addition to conflicts of interest, each study is critiqued for methodological weaknesses, such as poor sample choice, data inconsistencies, and faulty comparisons. We argue that, given their flaws, these studies cannot be taken as proof that vaccines are universally safe for children or that they do not cause autism—as vaccine zealots and their captive government agencies claim. We do not conclude that vaccines are the primary cause of autism—but each child is biologically different, and some may be much more vulnerable than others, which can be missed in mass studies, and these particular studies do not allay legitimate concerns. This is especially true given the most up-to-date science, especially on aluminum adjuvants, which we covered recently in the Pulse.
There is indeed a disconnect when it comes to issues of vaccine safety. Take, for instance, the recent news that Wal-Mart is planning to ban a number of toxic chemicals from thousands of its products. One of those chemicals is formaldehyde, which is also a common vaccine adjuvant. Most people would applaud Wal-Mart for responding to consumers’ desire for safer products, yet when advocates call for the removal of dangerous adjuvants from vaccines to make them safer, we’re condescendingly told that the “science is settled” and vaccines are as safe as can be, even though this point has not even been studied.
We hope that this information will convince lawmakers in states across the country that removing all non-medical exemptions to vaccination, as California has already done and other states are considering, is unwise and unethical given the surprisingly little safety testing that has been done to prove the safety of vaccines.

Below is a brief sample of what can be found in our new white paper.

No evidence for measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine-associated inflammatory bowel disease or autism in a 14-year prospective study (1998)

Peltola H, Patja A, Leinikki P, Valle M, Davidkin I, Paunio M.

Conflicts of interest: This study was based on inherently unreliable data and funded by Merck, which makes the current formulation (MMR-II) of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, and stands to profit from results that disprove any dangers.

A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism (2002)

Authors: Madsen KM, Hviid A., Vestergaard M., Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen, P.

Conflicts of interest: This study presented very inconsistent data and was funded by the National Immunization Program at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which had a vested financial interest in increased use of the MMR vaccine, as it bought the vaccine directly from Merck and distributed it for reimbursement to the states’ public health departments. Also, one of the coauthors of the study, Dr. Diana Schendel, was a CDC employee at the time of publication. In addition, three of the coauthors (Dr. Mads Melbye, Mr. Jan Wohlfahrt, and Mr. Anders Hviid) were employees of Staten Serum Institut, a for-profit company that manufactures and distributes vaccines in Denmark.
To read the details on each study and the rest of the white paper, click here.
Action Alert! Write to your state legislators, your governor, and your senators and congressional representatives, and tell them to oppose any legislation that removes exemptions to vaccination, given the recent scientific evidence and the shaky ground on which pro-vaccine studies lie. Please send your message immediately.
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39 responses to “Vaccine Studies Debunked”

  1. Thomas Cannon says:

    It figures, my corrupt, Koch owned Governor, has one of the “robot proof” things, that of course will not allow me to send him anything. This is because it says to type in the correct solution, as if there is a math problem to solve, but it’s not giving any math equation to solve, just numbers and letters, so of course it keeps saying I have typed in the wrong answer, even though I type in what it is showing.

    • Arimathean says:

      I sometimes have this problem when using Internet Explorer or Firefox. Chrome seems to be less susceptible.

  2. graybuffalo says:

    Follow the money…financially vested studies are not credible. The vaccine business is HUGE and represents $Billions to the Pharm companies.

  3. Betty Blackburn says:

    You people are crazy. Without vaccines you would already be dead or crippled.

    • Arimathean says:

      When I was a kid, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox were regarded as normal childhood diseases. I got them all and survived, as did every kid I knew.

      • Betty Blackburn says:

        Too bad you never got to experience all the joys of POLIO! Thanks to you spoiled -rotten nihilists, the disease is coming back. May your children all enjoy their Nifty New Crutches!

        • sjcraig says:

          its coming back? why? because mainstream media tells you it is?

        • denise0513 says:

          Have you heard of shedding? Don’t be so quick to blame the unvaccinated. Most of the people getting these diseases are the vaccinated and chances are they got it from a recently vaccinated individual shedding the virus. Please don’t say that can’t happen as my granddaughter HAD to get vaccinated and the paper given to my son states others can get the diseases from her.

        • Steph in Montana says:

          Oh yea, polio and zika, both caused by pesticides… So we spray pesticides on the bugs that are covering as a vector to hide the fact that the pesticides are what really causes micro encephalephy, mental retardation and birth defects. Zika, yeah sure, that causes micro encephalephy just like drinking draino cleans your pipes. Stupid lies promoted by idiots…

          • Betty Blackburn says:

            Just die already, before you infect the rest of us. DIE!

          • Mike G says:

            Betty, it sounds like you have more problems than just ignorance of the facts. I think you may want to see about anger management, as all that anger generates a lot of stress, which is very bad for your health.

        • Jabezabella2013 says:

          I was never vaccinated against polio as a child, yet played frequently with a friend down the street who was, and had the disease. This was in the 1950’s.

    • Jenna says:

      Then how did we as humans ever survive to adulthood before vaccines were even invented? You are so ignorant and brainwashed. Use common sense.

    • denise0513 says:

      Excuse me but I was never vaccinated against measles,mumps,rubella,chickenpox. Oh, that’s right! I HAD those diseases. Since I’m not crippled, am I dead and just haven’t figured it out in the past 50 years?

    • Steph in Montana says:

      brainwashed , not reading the news , mistaken mislead lied to, confused. Ever since August 29 , 2014 we have known the truth…. I caught measles and chicken pox as an adult and neither one killed me.. Silly you believing those old timey diseases really kill, maybe cholera, not measles… Ahhhhhaha, some peoples children..

      • Betty Blackburn says:

        I honestly don’t know who I hate more -You Science Deniers or Right to Lifers.
        You are like the Walking Dead – the best thing for you is a Bullet through the Brain and your Diseased Bodies Burned ASAP so as to not infect the Rest of Us!

        • Mary says:

          Wow, Betty. You just won’t listen to good common sense and past experiences.
          How much is Big Pharma paying you to Troll?

        • Mike G says:

          Except, none of us are science deniers. You are the one who seems to want to deny the obvious conflicts of interest, poor research methods, and bad science that has been used to allegedly prove that vaccines don’t cause autism. Luckily for us, we are not diseased at all, unlike those who have been vaccinated (the science is clear about shedding…..people who have been vaccinated can infect others with the disease they have been vaccinated against….this is not anti-science, but actual science…..maybe you should look into it).

          • Steph in Montana says:

            Ahh… score 1 for you dude ! Betty is a troll… good call
            My own mother is a troll too, but I transferred to the light

        • KT Kacer says:

          Actually, you are the science denier, Betty. You are denying the FLAWS in the alleged science that was done. I can create a study around what I want it to show. This is what those who did these studies have done. Figured ut what they wanted to “Prove” and designed FLAWED studies to show that result. Don’t blame us that you are too dense or too lazy to actually READ and comprehend what they did, and come to the obvious conclusion those “studies” are BS.

    • Jon says:

      Betty, That is exactly what Big Pharma wants you to believe. You are a fish securely hooked and being reeled in.

    • insightz says:

      My grandparents were never vaccinated, they and their siblings lived to late 90s. My parents’s generation was somewhat vaccinated. They are dying like flies in their late 50s. My generation was vaccinated more thoroughly; most of my peers are crippled with chronic disease and on pain killers and antidepressants since their late 20s, for life. How’s that for scientific proof? The proof is in the pudding.
      You watch too much TV, Betty Blackburn.

  4. Mark says:

    Did you ever think it may not be the actual vaccine itself, but the stabilizing agents they put in the vaccines?

    • Jabezabella2013 says:

      That is what they call adjuvants, formaldhyde, aluminum, mercury, etc.

      • Mark says:

        Exactly, all of which are toxic. So refuse to sign your rights away protecting the doctor & pharmaceutical company and see if he will still give the vaccine. Read that form they shove in your face b4 you sign it. You know, the one with all the long list of ingredients and side effects possible.

    • Debra says:

      OF COURSE!

  5. marlio says:

    I dont believe any of these one sided studies. More than 100 hollistic physicians have died, or been murdered, this year because they know that the MMR vaccine , causes Autism and now they are trying to eradicate the reports of physicians who know the truth. I have a child who is autistic and I KNOW it was caused by the MMR vaccine given at 6 weeks. The pharmaceutical companies and congressmen get kickbacks from these companies who make the vaccine, so naturally they are NOT going to say one word about it!!!

    • TabBCat says:

      And congress has cooperated by passing a law making it impossible to sue a pharmaceutical company. The fact that the government has set up a special court for children who have been damaged by vaccines tells me a lot.

  6. Counter Culture University says:

    Betty Blackburn = Blithering Idiot: You can’t reason with the unreasonable. Betty should take her own advice and just die.

  7. Abresh Arquah says:

    Bingo. Vaccines are safe in the majority of children (especially past the age of 7 when the chance of becoming autistic due to a severe illness or reaction diminishes almost to the point of being nonexistent) but not in all children.
    I personally have friends who had one identical twin vaccinated by a relative while the other twin was not vaccinated. Guess who turned up autistic and also guess who had a common genetic disorder that contravened vaccination? Yep, both twins.

  8. shortyshappy says:

    Why the silence regarding the safety (or danger) of horsemeat being consumed unknowingly? There are 300 plus chemicals that are BANNED from animals that are for consumption in horses. Anyone with any sense knows that all horses contain chemicals from supplements they have been given over their lifetime. These are poison to humans; yet, they continue to flow in the form of live horses being shipped from the US to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. Approximately 150,000 live horses are shipped each year (that is over 300 per day) for slaughter. Today, we no longer have labels tells us where that steak or burger originated from! And our government is sitting on two bills in congress holding these bills hostage! Not allowing them out of committee! So, the poison meat keeps on flowing and the unsuspecting American consumer is the one being poisoned. Call your congress and demand they get House bill 1942 and Senate bill 1214 out of committee so the American people can have a say. The silence is deafening from our Congress! Again….follow the money.

  9. cityguyusa says:

    I guess I’m wondering why hasn’t any other country proven or disproven this link? We’re not the only country using these vaccines nor are we the only country with Autistic children.

  10. Joe says:

    Bill Gates said in a TED talk that if they do a good job with vaccines it will help with the population problem.. Read about Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet., Nagelase ,and GcMAF…

  11. insightz says:

    the keyword is Nagalase

  12. insightz says:

    Exactly right, ZoeyMO.
    @Abresh Arquah: vaccines that contain Nagalase and weaponized viruses (=all vaccines) are NEVER “safe”. Viral DNA will also spread from person to person and mutate AFTER radiation exposure. Here is one possible answer to your “twin paradox”. I suggest you quit worshiping the gods with syringes, use your brain, do your research, and GET EDUCATED before you sign off your right to CHOOSE TO LIVE.

  13. I have no skin in the vaccine game, but I don’t think that we need to look first to vaccines to find the cause of Autism. One of the reasons I say this is that new genetic evidence shows that between 30 and 45 % of autism is associated with NEW DNA mutations that neither parent had. These mutations were environmentally induced, so its right to be looking for an environmental cause. But its a big leap to suggest that the parents vaccinations may have caused those mutations.

  14. T.H. Ritchie says:

    Apparently, I keep getting marked as spam. TEST.

    • T.H. Ritchie says:

      So much for posting what’s on your mind. It will be marked as spam if you don’t say what they want you to. Former Russian KGB is looking out for dissidence and is squashing it. Best of luck to you, Kommissar.

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