Vermont Legislature Battles over Vaccines

May 1, 2012

The philosophical exemption will likely be revoked if we don’t take action.

As we reported in March, a bill threatening a parent’s right to refuse vaccination for their child using a philosophical exemption was introduced in Vermont, and it could all be decided this week. Currently, Vermont is one of twenty states in the US that allow a philosophical, personal, or conscientious belief exemption to vaccination, though the pharmaceutical and medical trade association lobbies are mounting a campaign to persuade state legislators to strip philosophical or conscientious belief exemptions to vaccination from state public health laws.
Vermont has one of highest philosophical exemption rates among the states that allow it, and the percentage of vaccinated children is below the national average. Yet Vermont is ranked as the country’s “healthiest” state! Clearly, Vermonters want health freedom on vaccine choice.
Vermont is also the “greenest” state in the US. Vermonters understand that natural health and environmentalism are both about leading a life more in tune with nature, a non-toxic lifestyle in a non-toxic environment. Natural health and environmentalism should be working together.
So why does the philosophical exemption generate such vehement reactions by both the public and the medical community? Most of it is about the concept of “herd immunity,” that by not vaccinating your child you may be putting others at risk. As our colleagues at ANH-Europe note, “herd immunity” is a theory is that if a certain proportion of any population is inoculated against a disease through vaccination, it inhibits the spread of that disease within the population.
Unfortunately, that argument is not internally consistent. On the one hand, the theory goes, people who cannot receive vaccines for whatever reason (say, on religious grounds, or due to a sensitivity to a vaccine’s ingredients) are protected from the disease through a high level of vaccination within the rest of society. On the other hand, parents who don’t vaccinate their children put the health of wider society at risk. How can a handful of people not getting vaccinated be protected from getting sick while at the same time being so disease-ridden that it makes others sick? It doesn’t make sense. Yet health authorities, media commentators, and schools and parent-teacher associations waste no opportunity to bash parents over the head with this message.
The problem is, “herd immunity” is only a theory, and one that developed out of observations of natural immunity, not vaccination effects. Statisticians observed that populations were protected when sufficient members contracted the wild form of a disease, and subsequently acquired lifelong immunity. We simply do not know whether or not the same is true of vaccination in general, or of particular vaccines.
More to the point, the evidence shows that unvaccinated children can catch infectious diseases from vaccinated children! Vaccination does not always provide long-term effects as advertised. During a whooping cough outbreak in California in 2010, immunized children between eight and twelve years of age were more likely to catch the disease than kids of other ages—suggesting that the childhood vaccine wears off as kids get older, according to new research.
In other words, this powerful supporting plank of vaccine theory has no real basis in science. That’s why vaccine manufacturers push the “herd immunity” theory so hard: it sounds plausible until you really dig into the science, it sells more vaccines, and it helps to maintain an environment in which vaccines are considered essential for health.
Then there’s the question of bioindividuality. A number of children have genetic variances that make them unable to detoxify the toxic heavy metals and adjuvants in vaccines. This should be enough to qualify the child for a medical exemption, but because mainstream medicine does not recognize bioindividuality, medical exemptions are usually reserved for more mainstream medical problems.
Of course, the vaccines may be dangerous even to patients who don’t have detoxification issues. A report published this month found that immunoglobulins and vaccines have had more FDA recalls than other drug classes—there were twenty-seven recalls between 2007 and 2010 alone, some for “serious adverse events,” others for quality defects or manufacturing defects. As Dr. Joseph A. Mercola points out, pandemic vaccines are 100 percent risk-free for the vaccine maker, because the pharmaceutical industry lobby made sure that laws were passed by Congress after 9/11 that exempted them from any liability for injuries and deaths caused by government-recommended vaccines used to counter potential pandemics.
Since our last update, the Vermont Senate voted to revoke the exemption, while the House voted to retain it. A look at the bill’s history indicates how contentious the issue has been. The bill is now being discussed in conference committee to negotiate terms. A decision should be reached within the week.
We have updated our Action Alert for Vermont residents. Even if you contacted your legislators on this bill previously, please contact them again immediately and urge the conference committee to uphold a parent’s right to refuse vaccination for their child using a philosophical exemption!

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17 responses to “Vermont Legislature Battles over Vaccines”

  1. Russell Se says:

    Being a Vermonter and listening to this debate the last five months and being in favor of the exemption I am now against it.
    Part of it is those supporting the bill here really came out with erroneous reasons and sited unreliable sources. Which began to give me hesitation.
    Looking further into the bill there are still several options left to opt your child out. It appeared that many (of course not all) parents were using this clause just because and not really for the philosophical reason. Which in the broad spectrum of things would hurt many many other causes that use and need the philosophical difference.

    • Vaccination Choice is a Human Right says:

      Russ Re, really, how much DO they pay you? Or have you moved on to a more lucrative opportunity (CA) ????

    • Lisa says:

      Well Russel,l I didn’t see you in the Committee meetings or hearings or listening to the floor and wonder where you get your information? Or maybe you are just against informed consent or a mole planted by pharma?
      The parents brought the date from the Department of Health to the hearings and legislators. The department of health testified to the accuracy of those numbers.
      Many legislators approached me and other parents to thank us for broadening their perspective on the issue.
      Your post is very suspicious to me.

  2. Jenifer Parker says:

    Ok, I’ve sent this on at LEAST 5 times. How many will they accept from ME? Do all the times I’ve sent this on COUNT?

  3. Roscoe Peace says:

    ” Vermont has one of highest philosophical exemption rates among the states that allow it, and the percentage of vaccinated children is below the national average. Yet Vermont is ranked as the country’s “healthiest” state! ”
    Such a shame the truth gets ignored while Big Pharma knows what’s best for you, and in this case
    ignores your rights as a parent. Shame on the people of Vermont to even consider fixing what’s not broken!

  4. annie steele says:

    It makes me sad that this country of ‘freedom of choice’, a shining beacon
    on a hill for the poor and down trodden has become this
    dictatorship of corporate entities. What are we leaving to the next generation
    in this country.
    Would Ben Franklin recognize this place at all? The old
    fashion notion of rights are gone… marshall law is real, police have the
    right to hold without habeous corpus for any period, still worse they can
    shoot us if they feel threatened! FDA now says 2-4-D is safe in our food
    and oh a little roundup is ok, too, Farmers who sell raw milk can go to jail.
    Armed military can come on a farm and kill all the animals.
    What has,who has made is this country think these laws are needed.

  5. Tyranny says:

    “Boycott The American Academy Of Pediatrics”

  6. Beverly Haynes says:

    I hope Vermont keeps its exemptions…a strong immune system is far more reliable.

  7. EllenDiann says:

    The governors are being pushed around by corporate medicine and drug pushing companies. These Health Officials need to get out of the peoples business and why are they involved with government in the first place. The health care people don’t even have cures and they kill a lot of people and have NO RIGHT to dictate health matters to the people. These criminal health officials are responsible for KILLING competition in health matters and that is why health care is so insanely expensive. Vaccines also DO NOT WORK and they are killing our children and causing the auto immune disorders for cancers to autism. Governors need to be educated on truth about health.

  8. A.D.Q says:

    You do realize that the concept of herd immunity relies on a *sufficient* number of individuals being vaccinated. Right? If the vaccination numbers fall below a certain level, herd immunity is broken, and epidemics nearly always occur, as in the United Kingdom following the publication of the fraudulent Wakefield paper (feel free to look at NHS-England’s charts of MMR vaccine uptake vs. measles incidence if you doubt my claims). In addition, low vaccination rates are not the reason Vermont is the healthiest state, remember, correlation does not imply causation, meaning that there are a variety of third factors (including greater access to healthcare, fewer individuals living in cities, etc.) that are affecting the health of persons living in Vermont. The publication you cite regarding transmission of infectious disease was published by a source that is less than reliable, and for that reason, cannot be trusted to stand against the mounting evidence of the efficacy and safety of vaccination.

    • John639 says:

      “the publication of the fraudulent Wakefield paper ” your using propaganda to make a fake argument.
      Wakefield has already been exonerated! Merck is responsible for the fraud that was perpetrated against Wakefield and it was discovered that Merck was complicit in a conspiracy to defraud everyone by ensuring that Merck vaccines are used worldwide not matter the health risks involved.
      Besides other studies have already been done that prove vaccines contribute to autism, the problem is that drug co.s pay for people to scan the internet and post propaganda to ensure their product remains their biggest money maker.

    • J.D.S. says:

      Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms

  9. wvhillbilly says:

    The real problem: Too many politicians, too many bureaucrats, too many congressmen, too many lawyers all with not enough to do. Fire the whole bunch of them and start over fresh!

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