Why Bloomberg Is All Wrong about Vaccines

February 19, 2013

flu-shotWe don’t need more crony capitalist solutions.

In the Bloomberg.com editorial, “Got the Flu? The Market Can Fix That” (Jan. 22), the writer says that vaccines are the only game in town for controlling the flu and concludes: “Making a new vaccine typically takes a decade and can cost $1 billion. A project of that size is better suited to large pharmaceutical companies….Given this market reality, the US government should design incentives to get the industry more deeply involved.”

This sounds sensible until you consider what it actually means. Do we really want a world in which the government envisions a vaccine, helps develop it, subsidizes it, then evaluates its effectiveness and safety, and finally mandates it for children? How objective can we expect the government to be in evaluating, approving, and mandating its own product?

We don’t mean to quibble, but we also want to know how the writer can describe this as a market solution. What kind of Orwellian language is this? What is actually being recommended is a government solution working through Big Pharma companies, which is a formula for crony capitalism. If this system leads to out-of-control costs in defense procurement, it is bad enough. If it goes awry in matters pertaining to our children’s health, that is even more serious.

A quick glance at the number of FDA-approved drugs recalled each year because they are later found to be dangerous is shocking. Let’s not make that worse by having the government approve and mandate what are essentially its own products.

The editorial is also too quick to accept widely accepted “facts” that are not facts at all. It begins with: “Influenza…each year kills as many as a half-million people, including 3,000 to 49,000 Americans.” It is true that, as Bloomberg reported in 2010, the CDC estimates the annual toll to be 23,607. But these figures are actually a fabrication: the CDC has used a mathematical estimate based on the assumption that if a death certificate had “respiratory or circulatory disease” listed as a cause of death, then it should be counted as a “flu-related” death. The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons has been highly critical of the CDC’s methodology.

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) show an average of 1,348 actual flu deaths per year—a mere 5.7% of the CDC’s estimate. In fact, 2010 showed only 500 deaths directly attributable to flu.

Nor are flu vaccines “the best weapons we’ve got,” as the editorial states. There are currently three different “epidemics” hitting the US: “true” influenza (type A, type B, or seasonal H1N1 influenza), norovirus (“stomach flu”), and whooping cough. According to a meta-analysis published in the weekly peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, only 2.7% of non-vaccinated adults caught the flu, which means that 97.3% of them did not. Among vaccinated adults, 1.2% caught the flu. This means the big national vaccine drive will possibly keep 1.5 people out of 100 from catching the flu. In addition, there is no evidence that the flu vaccine provides any protection whatsoever for adults 65 and over—even though the elderly are one of the flu vaccine campaign’s target populations, and USA Today reports that so far this flu season, people over 65 are dying from a laboratory-confirmed case of influenza at a rate of 116 per 100,000.

There is also some evidence that the vaccine itself poses health risks. In Canada, researchers found that people who got a flu shot were more likely to get infected with the H1N1 pandemic virus than people who hadn’t received a flu shot—and this has since been verified in animal studies. In addition, the US flu shot usually contains thimerosal, an organomercury compound used as a preservative. Mercury is highly toxic and there is worry that this form of it might be linked to developmental disabilities and abnormalities in the brain similar to those in autistic patients. There are also questions about a possible link to Alzheimer’s. Mercury has been removed from most US vaccines; flu is the exception. Europe does not allow it in any vaccines. Why do we?

Given the uncertain effectiveness and safety questions, it might be better to skip the flu shot, build up your immunity instead with vitamin D3 (there is now a great deal of scientific research supporting this), and if you become infected, take vitamin A (real A, not beta carotene; Dr. Wright recommends 25,000 IU of vitamin A per day). Or use it in conjunction with other tried-and-true natural remedies.

Why aren’t the FDA and the medical establishment interested in these natural preventives and cures? As all of us at ANH know, the problem is a bureaucratic “Catch-22” that is blocking better, safer, preventive and life-saving treatments. All drugs must be FDA-approved. If a substance has not been declared an FDA-approved drug, no health claims may be made about it, regardless of the scientific backing for the claim.

But, as noted in the editorial, taking a product through the FDA drug approval process is extraordinarily expensive. Natural substances generally cannot be patented. Without the protection of a patent, and the extremely high prices that a patent would allow a company to charge, the manufacturer could never hope to make back its investment. Consequently natural products and research languish, with no hope of ever being able to say that anything prevents or treats the flu.

No wonder everyone thinks that vaccines are the only way to prevent the flu. Nothing else can get FDA approval—for purely financial reasons! All of this defies common sense. And it is not just a problem for treating the flu. The same problem exists in cancer research and other medical fields.

Bloomberg is a company that has thrived by selling information to Wall Street. Wall Street has had plenty of money to buy Bloomberg terminals because it gets to distribute masses of new money just printed by the government’s Federal Reserve. Michael Bloomberg, the company’s founder, has used his fortune to win three terms as mayor of New York, despite a two-term limit when he started, and has also used his vast fortune in other ways to win friends and influence people. It is not entirely surprising therefore that Bloomberg recommends a crony capitalist approach to beating the flu epidemic. But no, we don’t need an even deeper government–Big Pharma partnership. That is exactly what we don’t need.


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21 responses to “Why Bloomberg Is All Wrong about Vaccines”

  1. Lisa Kroening says:

    vaccines are a hoax wake up people you are lied to! BIG TIME!

  2. Randie Walton says:

    This is just another arena where there will be No Objectivity. Big Government taking away my Freedoms subtly, one freedom at a time, is OBAMA’S plan. I’m not wanting this at all Mr. Bloomberg

  3. Lou says:

    “It is true that, as Bloomberg reported in 2010, the CDC estimates the annual toll to be 23,607. But these figures are actually a fabrication: the CDC has used a mathematical estimate based on the assumption that if a death certificate had “respiratory or circulatory disease” listed as a cause of death, then it should be counted as a “flu-related” death. The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons has been highly critical of the CDC’s methodology.
    Data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) show an average of 1,348 actual flu deaths per year—a mere 5.7% of the CDC’s estimate. In fact, 2010 showed only 500 deaths directly attributable to flu.”
    We are being way too kind IMO by characterizing this obvious, gross misrepresentation of the facts as anything but ABJECT LIES. The lies are DESIGNED to get the flu needle in your arm by inducing FEAR in you.
    How the heck can we trust such a lying “government” with ANYTHING that results in a NEEDLE going in our arms?

  4. Dave Mitchell says:

    Crony capitalism? It’s called fascism.

  5. Tactical111 says:

    hacks. They’ll never stick that in me and I haven’t been sick for over 5 yrs with anything and NO VACCINES. Clean diet, exercise, fasting, good sleep, vitamins and mineral supplements and GOOD TO GO!

  6. John T. Brennan, D.C. says:

    Eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, not animal products, exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, don’t drink or smoke.

  7. Jill says:

    In the 8th paragraph, can you check if this sentence is correct? “Among vaccinated adults, only 1.2% did not catch the flu.” Based on the previous and following sentences, I’m wondering if that should be “…only 1.2% caught the flu” (i.e., the vaccine provided a very small protection. The way it’s written, it sounds like nearly everyone who got vaccinated got the flu).

  8. Joyce says:

    If more people who got the H1N1 flu vaccine got the H1N1 flu than those who didn’t get the flu shot, then it would appear that the LIVE VIRUS was in the vaccine itself, and it didn’t get there by accident. The fact that they tried to mandate that everyone take the vaccine in 2009 should tell you something about the ones behind the vaccine.
    As for the FDA approval for an effective safe remedy for flu, more people are waking up daily to the fact that it is safer to avoid those things that the FDA approves of, because this agency is no longer working for We the People, but the new world order.

  9. Carmi Hazen says:

    Vaccines cannot possibly work. The concept is a total fraud. vaccine efficacy has never been double-blind studied. The immune system does not need to recognize an antibody to react and, in fact, is far more responsive to substances with which it is unfamiliar. The medical establishment touts the supposed success of the Polio virus vaccines when the disease was on the wane. Europe didn’t vaccinate their children with the Salk vaccine and their Polio rates were nearly the same as in the U.S.
    Polio remains with us today, it did not completely go away and those who get it are those vaccinated for it. Today it is called Aseptic encephalitis. Vaccines contain dangerous substances that do not belong in the living body. Dr. Blalock states that all vaccines cause brain damage.
    Dr. Archie Kalokerenos of Australia found vaccines to be responsible for SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. The vaccines introduced enterococci bacteria in the GI tract causing a rise in the demand for vitamin C. Dr. K wrote a book of his experiences and his instant cure in “Every Second Child.”
    Vaccines are true weapons of mass destruction.

  10. Ann H Csonka says:

    Although we believe in natural health and respect your work, we do think that vaccines help reduce incidence and severity of flu — only informally in our own personal family experience and that of our friends.
    Perhaps you should focus more on the widespread effects of ubiquitous pesticides and toxic substances in our food, water, and cosmetics. We have observed the human condition for nearly 150 years between us (couple). The tremendous increases in allergies, autism spectrum disorders, etc seem obviously associated with the proliferation of untested chemicals in our environment.
    Also, the cultural factors — the more bathrooms we have and the more insidious use of anti-bacterial exposures, the sicker our population has become. No opportunity to develop the natural immune systems.

    • Donna Marquart says:

      I think it is all interconnected – the profitability of things VS the safety of things – like the water, the soil, the air, the food. It is all being “destroyed” by our own complicity and belief that what our health care providers tell us – not to mention the alphabet soup agencies who put their “seal of approval” on drugs that have NOT been adequately tested and soon to be “mandated” by the “health” insurance conglomerates that have sprung up since the Affordable Health Care has been passed – then you will find companies who provide health insurance “mandating” their employees get vaccinated or lose their job. Add to that mix the DSM? whatever version they are at now – I think I have seen 2 versions over the past 20 years – which only allows those working in mental health to “diagnose”, prescribe, and have the health insurance companies pay for it. Bereavement – as a mental illness? Oh, that is rich.
      The use of chemicals to “make things better” have not always proved to do what they were supposed to do. To have politicians and law-makers decide what health care laws we will abide by, is ludicrous. What do they “really” know except that which the corporate owned science research tells them. I believe they are less representative of We the People and more these days of multinational corporations who have no ties to anyone or anything except the bottom line and their own survival.
      And who the heck is this Bloomberg guy – didn’t he mandate that diet soda was to replace high corn syrup sugared sodas – in New York City?

  11. Ze'ev Ben-Dror, C.C.N. says:

    This is pure garbage about vaccines, especially as they can be dangerous. I had the flu 37 years
    ago, but I got rid of it within 12 hours because I began to take one gram vitamin C every hour, I had
    a hot and cold shower (I learned this from the great Finnish naturopath Dr. Paavo Airola.) which is
    5 min. hot and 30 sec. cold 3 times ending on cold, I went on a health fast (I also learned about fasting from Dr. Airola.) with nothing but water and herb teas, and my ex-wife gave me a massage with Tiger Balm. Since then I’ve taken one gram Ester-C twice daily and one gram vitamin C with dihydroquercetin twice daily. As a result, I didn’t have the flu again until about one month ago and it was my own fault. (I live in the desert and the first time in many years we had snow with which I didn’t have any problem even though I hate cold weather. As I can’t sleep without fresh air, I sleep with a livingroom window open about two inches or the door to the laundry room open about two inches and the window shutter was only very slightly open.) The night after the snow storm it was 5 degrees warmer and although when the temperature was zero the night before, that night I awoke in the middle of the night with the flu. Immediately I increased my vitamin C dose and I also took two homeopathic remedies that I use in order to prevent the flu (engystol one sublingual tablet daily and oscillococcinum one vial of pellets sublingually once a week), but with the flu I took one engystol every 15 min. and I intended to take
    oscillococcinum every 12 hours. My temperature was 102 degrees. After two hours all of the symptoms were gone. In other words I’ve only had the flu twice in 37 years.
    Ze’ev Ben-Dror, C.C.N.
    Anti-Aging Agora
    member, Life Extension Foundation
    member, British Longevity Society

    • Margaret Sturman says:

      I agree with you. My Mom is now 96, about 10 years ago she got her flu vaccine and became very ill, with the flu. That was the last time. She has lived with breast cancer for over 8 years, treated with acupuncture, vitamins, diet and chinese herbs. Still going strong, no pain whatsoever and no flu. There is more than the drug company’s answer to everything.

  12. stitchit9 says:

    FDA is not to be trusted in their approvals of food items. They go along with where ever the money comes from. The big corporations pushing GMOs are so rife with lies about their products it is more than shocking and distressing. This stuff can change your DNA. FDA will not approve natural remedies because the corporations can’t make money off of them so FDA is in bed with the wolf! WE are their guinea pigs and the FDA and EPA are going along with it. Most big corporations are not looking out for you . They want power, control and your money. Read “SEEDS of DECEPTION”. IT’s a real eye opener, but not a bedtime book unless you want to stay awake all night in a rage.

  13. Robert Cruder says:

    “Do we really want a world in which the government envisions a vaccine, helps develop it, subsidizes it, then evaluates its effectiveness and safety, and finally mandates it for children?”
    That is exactly what a national center for disease control should be doing and what every other country’s national center is doing.
    Evidence-based medicine can make harsh judgements. It finds that only about two thirds of the population gain enough immunity from a flu shot to avoid passing it on. Robust herd immunity usually requires at least 80% effectiveness. Better vaccines are clearly needed.
    Evidence-based medicine makes harsher judgements against naturopathic, homeopathic, aruvedic, nutritional and Christian Science alternatives. In spite of individual testimonials, the statistics do not show any of those to be more effective than placebo.
    Except for Christian Science, all of those other alternatives have their own costs and their own side effects. Traditional remedies from the far east, especially China, commonly contain undocumented synthetic drugs and heavy metal contaminants.
    Choose whether you want a reasonably-priced intervention that has well-documented side effects but which is effective two thirds of the time or an intervention that is at least as expensive over time but with poorly-documented side effects, that may contain toxins and that is effective zero percent of the time.
    I get a flu shot every year, have had it covered by my insurance or flex plan, have had no side effects other than a few hours of injection site soreness and have not to my knowledge been infected by the flu for at least three decades.
    I may be naturally immune and may not have gotten any benefit at all from the vaccines but have suffered no obvious harm. Statistically the respondents who claim the alternatives are more likely to have benefitted from natural immunity, to have paid more out-of-pocket and to have suffered side effects that they do not admit.

  14. Tyranny says:

    Osterholm and Poland and others need another crisis in a pandemic type flu scare to get their “Manhattan project” better funded. . http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/cidrap/content/influenza/panflu/news/nov0207panvax7.html#list
    Bloomberg knows exactly what he is doing because there is a fortune to be made in the development of the new “Universal flu vaccine” made from GM proteins derived from insect cells that can then better the argument to be able to force the vaccine on all people from the perspective of people like Osterholm and Poland who will of course have a vested interest. Which in turn may create a whole new class of neurodegenerative diseases. It’s the perfect business model for the crony capitalists. Please check out this important research. http://www.prionetcanada.ca/ Thanks.

  15. Heidi says:

    Autism is the result of the body’s inefficient ability to remove heavy metals from the body via the hair. Children who are normal typically have a lot of heavy metals in their hair, whereas autistic children tend to have little to none. This means their bodies become way over toxified with metals from environmental contaminants, and YES VACCINES as they are full of aluminum, in addition to other well documented toxins, have the inability to remove the toxins, and thus the nervous system suffers, as well as other systems in the body. There is no way of knowing if your child has a body that can process all that crap, or if they don’t. I mean, it is the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM after all. Knowingly injecting poisons we know to negatively affect the body is just asinine. OUR CHILDREN DESERVE BETTER! Safer products without disastrous side effects is an order!

  16. Cassandra Roberson, L.Ac, OM says:

    I haven’t had flu or cold in 23 years. I am 62 years old and I am naturally not grey or wrinkled, yet. My strong immune system is due to being a vegetarian, colorful fresh fruits & veggies, filtered H2O, echinacea, Chinese herbs, vitamin & mineral supplements, meditation, yoga, exercise, neti washes, no dairy, no high fructose corn syrups, no white processed foods, no canned foods, no BPAs, no BPAs and by washing my hands, alot. I avoid as many toxins as I possibly can control, in my environment. Health and youngevity is all about lifestyle.

  17. The FDA’s and the CDC’s ‘policy’ of revolving doors between their offices and the offices of Monsanto et al. and Merck et al. is creating an all out Oligarchy in what is passed off as a democracy….WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the Vaccines, the fraud and the deceit…and THEN STOP IT at the polls.
    Dr. Julie Gerberding, who headed the CDC from 2002 through 2009, landed a top job with Merck, one of the largest drug companies in the world. Her job there? She’s the new president of the vaccine division.
    Merck the PharmGiant who has been found fraudulent and fined for fraudulently fiddling with test results that guarantee them a monopoly… their monopoly of the sale of the trivalent MMR [Measles, Mumps and Rubella] Vaccine. What did they do…slip in some rabbit bits to fraudulently pump up the effectiveness in testing of their vaccine. They have been doing this for years and winning the exclusive contract to supply the trash vaccine to the US government. Did anyone go to jail. NO. Why? Because American corporations have all the rights of an individual but NO RESPONSIBILITY…. nor LIABILITY it seems. Ei Lilly took care of that by slipping a bill through to put the government on the hook for anyone hurt, maimed or killed from their crappy vaccines rushed to market without proper clinical trials. They have no risk and no downside no legal liability…the government foots that bill…and puts caps on it…no justice there….BigPharma is just laughing their little hearts out—all the way to the bank. While many are hurt and can not seek redress for their diminished capacity to enjoy life. And the American government uses intimidation and force; and now guns to insure a 100% injection rate of vaccines…why FOR THE COMMON GOOD….NOT…for the crony capitalists’ pleasure.
    Bill Gates said it best…”if we do a really good job with vaccines, we can reduce the world population by 15 to 20 percent”…and here you and I thought it was to keep people alive?…go figure…the masses are suffering from stupidity and medical mavens are suffering from vacuous cupidity….or maybe they really do know what they are doing and are part of the new master plan of a preprogrammed genocide to eliminate the bottom layers of the power pyramid?
    Check out Kim C. Bush (once head of Baxter – one of the World’s biggest vaccine suppliers— who shipped 75 kilos of vaccines with LIVE AVIAN FLU VIRUS to the Czech Republic) When animal testing killed all the animals…they were…

  18. con’t from below:
    Check out Kim C. Bush (once head of Baxter – one of the World’s biggest vaccine suppliers— who shipped 75 kilos of vaccines with LIVE AVIAN FLU VIRUS to the Czech Republic) When animal testing killed all the animals…they were caught with their pants down…and said “oh it was a mistake”….MISTAKE…the mistake?… that it was tested and they were caught with their swords drawn.)….GUESS what Kim C. Bush is doing now—WORKING FOR BILL GATES heading up their GLOBAL HEALTH PROGRAM…hmmmm???
    He is now headed to the World Vaccine Congess in April 17, 2013 as keynote speaker. What will he talk on?….how to bury your mistakes?…or how to control gene pools with genocide?

  19. Lisa says:

    Don’t forget the serious side effects. I almost died from a flu shot I received in Oct 2005. I spent 24 days in the hospital, 6 months in physical therapy to learn to walk again, 4 years with no feeling in my legs, $350,000 in medical bills but the worst was telling my kids that the doctors were saying I was going to die.

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