Worse than Zika, but Ignored. Why?

January 10, 2017

This is a virus that most of us are exposed to—one that is likely to shorten your life, and that can destroy it. But you may not even have heard of it.
Between 20,000 and 40,000 infants are born with cytomegalovirus (CMV) each year, and the virus kills 400 of those infants annually. These numbers compare with 1,600 babies exposed to Zika in the continental US in 2016. Twenty percent of infants born with CMV develop permanent disabilities such as hearing loss, microcephaly (a condition where the baby’s head is significantly smaller than expected), vision abnormalities, and intellectual deficits. It is the most common congenital viral infection and the leading non-genetic cause of deafness in children.
If you don’t get this virus in utero, you are lucky, but you are not out of the woods. Half of adults have been exposed by age 40. Like all viruses, it remains inside the body even after the illness has passed. Like other herpes viruses, it tries to come back, and challenges the immune system in order to do so. Because it is such a big and damaging virus, all the challenges over the years eventually take their toll. Eventually the immune system is worn down by the constant challenge. It has been estimated that the lives of those exposed are shortened on average by four years.
As bad as this is for adults, the risks for babies is much greater. Conventional doctors are way behind the ball in warning women about the dangers. Less than half of obstetrician-gynecologists tell pregnant patients how to mitigate the risks of CMV, which include hand-washing after diaper-changing, not sharing utensils with children in daycare, and other such measures. Could this negligence be due to the fact that there is no vaccine or drug to treat the virus? You might ask, “If there is no drug to treat it, why bother?” Yet studies have shown that a simple discussion about CMV resulted in fewer women contracting the virus.
It should surprise no one that some in the public health community are recommending antiviral drugs for infected infants. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine seems to endorse that view, finding that infants who took antiviral drugs for six months had “moderately better” hearing than newborns who took the drugs for just six weeks. The CMV antiviral drug, of course, comes with a host of nasty side effects: tremors, nausea, and diarrhea are among those acknowledged. Why let a few nasty side effects and a moderate benefit get in the way of selling more drugs, right? And of course there has been no testing of such drugs on children.
There are natural ways of dealing with CMV and other viruses, including silver and ozone, and also natural supplements to deal with the associated inflammation—which may ultimately be what kills the patient, as it was in the famous Spanish flu epidemic. These include fish oil, resveratrol, curcumin, cherry extract, green tea extract, and many others. Of course, these therapies don’t make money for the drug companies, so don’t expect conventional doctors to discuss them with you.
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20 responses to “Worse than Zika, but Ignored. Why?”

  1. Truth59 says:

    So stop going to doctors unless it’s absolutely necessary. Teach yourself and/or take some holistic nutrition courses on this. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

    • Junior1950 says:

      And that’s the problem we have in our society today. Doctors pushing annual physical exams, and people running to the doctor as soon as their nose starts to drip a little bit!! I know a gentleman who said, and I quote: “You go to the doctor with nothing obviously wrong with you, but it’s a guarantee the doctor WILL FIND SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU (like high cholesterol which isn’t abnormally high to begin with) BEFORE YOU LEAVE HIS OFFICE!!!! In other words, you will be healthy going in, but SICK COMING OUT”!!!!!!!!!!

      • Truth59 says:

        True. That’s why I said what I said (and also do it too).

      • Lisa K. says:

        Insurance companies demand our docs follow the insurance directives or they will fire the docs! Many are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you go to a healthcare provider understand your rights and do not take what you do not want to take. If they get pushy, ask why? BIGGEST Insurance scam: High cholesterol at a ridiculously low range MUST be prescribed statins. Collusion with Big Pharma. We need MEDICARE for all and get Insurance & Big Pharma OUT!

        • Junior1950 says:

          Agreed. IT IS BIG PHARMA (and the FDA approving DANGEROUS new pharmaceuticals) colluding with (pushing??) the doctors to peddle their overpriced poisons to cure ills that we do not have!! I doubt it has much to do with insurance company directives, since insurance companies have been known (still are) to be very tight (some claims denied or highway robbery deductibles) with their money!!

    • Mike G says:

      I am quite fortunate to have a doctor who is “weird” (he describes himself this way). He recommends probiotics, fermented food, and various supplements to me. He told me to avoid proton pump inhibitors (I have GERD and a hiatial hernia). He is an M.D., and probably one of very few who is open minded and agrees that his patients should take ownership of their own health. He does what he can to help facilitate this. Of course, he can’t actually prescribe any of the stuff he recommends to me (which I could then get my insurance to pay for), because he’d loose his license and the insurance company would deny payment for supplements anyway. I can only hope that he rubs off on some of the other doctors in his practice.

    • Boomergirl says:

      I dropped out of mainline medicine 30 years ago and haven’t looked back. My health has improved tremendously. I know my body, and I do breast self exams and other proactive things, and if I need to, there are naturopathic medical doctors one can go to.

  2. Jenna says:

    Just wait, they will invent a vaccine for it. And once they do, everyone will hear about the virus and fear it.

  3. eyesandears says:

    CMV simply doesn’t possess the right qualities to spin it into a pandemic. So why bother with it? The major medical ‘issues’ of the day consistently involve not health and healing but CONTROL, the real name of the game.

  4. Blanche Marie Couture says:

    Cabal and Big Pharma are not telling us any thing that can kill us because that is exactly what they want….making money with sickness…this is so evil and corrupted…it needs to be stop!

  5. Michael Pece says:

    Jenna, I agree with you. Like the bird flu, Swine flu, Zika, Ebola they are really non-starters. The govt. and media keep pushing these very minor viruses to keep the people afraid and to enrich the vaccine makers and Pharmaceutical.

  6. Laurie J. Willberg says:

    The majority of people who died during the Spanish Flu Pandemic died because they took aspirin on the advice of mainstream medical practitioners.

  7. Rene says:

    Praise God that there exist a growing movement that is increasingly informed and vigilant about AVOIDING the practices of the Dangerous and Deadly medical model. We Are ALL so much better off by using our God given wisdom, and sound minds to follow a narrow path of freedom from tyranny and enslavement to this dark and destructive spirit of arrogance, greed, and self worship.
    Using Fraudulent science to peddle this crap for their profit is wicked. All of us fare far better without their ideas, and fear. We do not need their chemicals, ans solvents, and poisonous agents that sacrifice people’s lives in the name of LIES. The Flu vaccine is a sham…..and the drones that push them are hideous.

    • archer says:

      Even the healthiest pets are the ones who have never seen a vet use heartworm and flea and tic rx patents or had a vaccine. Avoid the manufactured pet foods also

  8. archer says:

    Oh no ANH don’t inform the rule makers what naturally works now they will ban all the ingredients listed. Every body here go to Autism Action Network Donald Trump has met with Robert F Kennedy Jr to chair a new commission Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity The announcement has not yet been confirmed by the Trump team, but please go to their site click on action alerts and please send President elect Trump a statement supporting the creation of this commission Thank you

  9. Buddha'smom says:

    Unfortunately, the lab work on my blood showed that I have the CMV and that I had mono within the past year. My doctor told me that “you’re a strong woman!” because I kept pressing on with my duties as my mother’s caregiver. I, like Truth59, have not trusted doctors. But because of the possibility that I may have Lupus and chronic fatigue I was experiencing, I broke down and made the appointment to find out what was going on with me. I think my doctor was afraid to tell me that I may have Lupus because my mother had just passed on the evening before, but she did tell me about the CMV and the mono. I’m blessed that my doctor is a MD and is all about alternatives (supplements, acupunture, etc) also. The bottom line for me is that I need to stick with her. I agree that we need to be the captain of our own health team and learn all we can about natural alternatives; but I learned a big lesson that working with a good doctor is a must. Because I was so fatigued, I feel that I wasn’t there for my mother as much as I would have liked to have been. And now that she has made her transition, I’m living with some regret and guilt feelings.

  10. Kevin says:

    The understanding of viruses is wrong and the current mainstream understanding and so called discovery of viruses is less than 200 years old. Recent discoveries has discovered that our DNA is primarily made up of viruses and that without viruses we could not be born and that it is a major part of our digestive system. Viruses are basically part of the immune system and essential for life. If you look at viruses like sperm you can understand why it is able to attach to cells because that is what it is supposed to do. The tests done to verify if someone has a virus doesn’t actually look for the virus at all. The ability to isolate a virus is extremely difficult and so no one that has had any viral infection ever in the history of testing for viruses has ever been diagnosed with a viral infection by actually having tests that show they had the actual virus. There are always co-factors involved when someone has a so-called viral infection. It is the co-factors that need to be treated and not the so-called viral infection which is in fact the body trying to heal a major infection to the body.

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