Block 5G On Your Street


Opposing 5G in the US is a substantial challenge. In the US, local communities are hamstrung from blocking 5G by a provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which prevents the public from blocking the construction of cell phone towers based on health concerns. The FCC has also stepped up to the plate for the industry. The agency recently approved rules that limit the fees local governments can charge telecom companies for use of public utilities and property. The rules also limit cities’ ability to control the look and design of small cells.

However, the cause is not hopeless. In order to limit the harmful effects of 5G from affecting your family, you can engage locally to control how this technology is deployed.


Small cell towers currently operate at levels that are between 15,000 and 75,000 times higher than what is necessary for a five bar mobile connection. In other words, providers are using a blowtorch, when a match is all that is necessary.


HERE is a chart that shows how this excess power affects your health.


GOOD NEWS: Your local municipality has the authority to regulate the amount of power that these towers emit. By placing a simple fuse on these towers, it is possible to drastically limit the harmful health effects, without having to stop 5G deployment completely.

Here is our step by step guide on how to engage with your local municipality:

  1. Go to your municipality website
  2. Print out contact information for local representatives
  3. Call and ask how you can add an item to the next meeting agenda
  4. Follow up with your local reps by sending these files (create pdf handbook)
  5. Be polite but insistent
  6. Engage with your neighbors. Look for allies.
  7. Read the municipal script at your local meeting
  8. Follow up after the meeting. Repeat if necessary.

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