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We can’t make good decisions for our health without good information. ANH works to expand the information consumers can access about the many incredible benefits of natural products like dietary supplements. We also expose the forces that try to suppress health information that does not fit the conventional narrative, whether it’s the federal government, Big Pharma, Big Tech, or the mainstream media. 

ANH fights so that consumers can learn about the scientifically-proven benefits of dietary supplements. Supplements are largely shut out of health care because they aren’t allowed to communicate their benefits for disease prevention; only FDA-approved drugs can claim to treat or prevent a disease. Supplements cannot afford the astronomical cost of FDA approval because these products, being natural, are not as strongly patentable as pharmaceutical drugs—meaning the costs of FDA-approval cannot be recouped by supplements like they can be for drugs. We are working with Congress on a proposal to legally permit food and supplements to cite reputable, peer-reviewed studies about their health benefits.

Hidden and suppressed data threatens the health of individuals who are prescribed drugs that are unproven and potentially dangerous. We work to educate the public about the cozy relationship between Big Pharma and the FDA that exposes us to dangerous drugs that often don’t work—except to create drug company monopolies and maximize profits. The FDA is beholden to the companies it is supposed to regulate due to the user fee system, where companies pay the FDA to review their drugs. We advocate for reforming this system, including black box warnings and third-party drug testing, to make the process more transparent and fair.

Genetically modified organisms, both plants and animals, are being forced upon the public without adequate safety testing or disclosure. We work to share the truth behind these living experiments, including their danger to human and planetary health. We fight for clear, meaningful labeling of GMO foods and to ensure that genetic modifications are not permitted in organic agriculture.

Electromagnetic field radiation is a huge threat to the public. Despite assurances from telecom companies, these technologies cause real damage to human health. The advent of 5G only exacerbates the problem. We work to expose the health issues associated with electromagnetic field radiation and the cronyism that keeps the government silent about these pressing health issues. We are pushing for a moratorium on 5G rollout until safety can be confirmed; we fight to ensure that consumers can opt-out of EMF-emitting “smart meters”; and we advocate for schools to hardwire classrooms to limit EMF exposure for children.

We are facing an unprecedented wave of censorship in which “gatekeepers” like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter control what information we are allowed to access. This means that those who challenge established medical orthodoxies can effectively be silenced, making it much harder to educate the public about important scientific information relating to our health. We expose this censorship and advocate for free speech and access to information.

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