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Dental Mercury Not For FDA Associate Commissioner

From our friends at Consumers for Dental Choice comes news that the Food & Drug Administration, Associate Commissioner Norris Alderson has declared that mercury amalgams are “…not for MY grandchildren.”
Charlie Brown, National Counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice said, “The hypocrisy by top FDA officials on this issue knows no limits.”  Accordingly, Charlie has written a complaint to FDA Commissioner Andrew Von Eschenbach and needs your help.  They are asking that individuals write the FDA officials on the “to” list — all of them, so someone reads it?  Tell them what you think of FDA leadership who wants no mercury fillings for their families but could care less about millions of other American families.
For the complaint and more information, please visit Consumers for Dental Choice.

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4 thoughts on “Dental Mercury Not For FDA Associate Commissioner

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  • Fishteeth

    People with money can always opt out of things like this. But, they still make decisions for the “other people” out there that leave these others with no choices. They know it is dangerous for their families to have mercury implanted in their teeth, but somehow they can still justify having it implanted in the teeth of millions of low income and poor people including young children. Self-serving corporate shills only there to protect the money interests of the large corporations that actually control and run the FDA and much of the rest of our government agencies that were intended to be there for us.

  • Susan D. McLean

    It’s not just the mercury fillings either… low income kids often get needless crowns, too.. nickel etc..

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